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Written By Lori & Boo
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Adam goes to BJ's to get some cheese fries for Krystal and finds Sean there. He grabs the boy and tells him that he hasn't forgotten what Sean did to his daughter. Bianca comes in and demands that Adam take his hands off her brother.

David orders a DNA test ran on Krystal's baby. The medical technician objects, thinking that her Doctor would never order this. David tells him that he has been brought in as a consultant and demands that Eric run the tests. He wants to know if the baby is Tad's.

Tad goes to visit Krystal in her hospital room and tells her that if there is the smallest chance that he is the baby's father, he wants to know.

At the detective's office, Di tells Aidan that she is willing to help him prove that Emma is Kate. She also tells him that if that is true, she is going to help Dixie take that child as far away from Tad as she can. Aidan isn't happy to hear that.

J.R. and Dixie show up at Jonathan's looking for Annie. Jonathan informs them that Annie has moved out and will not be returning.

Annie tells Ryan that if they take a DNA test, Emma will not match her. Ryan is confused and asks her to tell him how she knows that Emma is her biological daughter. Annie tells him that she knows because of all the little things about Emma that are like her. Her smile, her eyes, the way her nose turns up at the tip, the fact that her middle toes are longer than the rest. All of those little things let her know that Emma is her child.

Dixie can't believe that Annie is gone and she may have lost her child again. She pleads with Jonathan to tell them where Annie has gone. Jonathan will tell them nothing. He knows that Dixie is trying to take Annie's child away from her. J.R. threatens to get physical with Jonathan but Dixie pulls him from the room.

Di and Aidan argue about whether Tad has a right to be in Kate's life. Di can not forgive him for everything he did to Dixie. Aidan feels just as strong that Tad should be a part of his daughter's life. He tells Di that they are wasting their time arguing about this.  While in her hospital bed, Krystal informs Tad that she knows he would take some comfort in thinking her unborn child is his, but the baby is Adam's.  She tells him she's sorry.  Tad tells Krystal he's happy for her.  Krystal says Adam is so excited about the baby.  She asks Tad what is going on with Emma.  Tad says Annie took off with Emma.

Adam is ripping on Sean for getting Colby drunk and molesting her.  Bianca is there with her half-brother and defends him.  She asks Adam if "you're going to pay" is imprinted on his family crest.  She says his threats are getting old and tells him to back off.  Before he leaves, Adam tells Sean to stay away from his daughter.

Annie tells Ryan she is tired of explaining herself.  Ryan asks her how it can be that her DNA doesn't match Emma's.  Annie says she and Terry wanted a child but Terry was concerned about some genetic defects in his family.  They went to Dr. Madden, who promised to deliver a child to them.  She says she followed all of Madden's instructions and got pregnant.  She says she decided to have the DNA test to show that Emma was biologically hers and not Terry's so she could use that against him in a custody battle.  She says she should have never had the DNA test done.

Krystal tells Tad that Annie's running lends credence to David's claims that Emma is Kate.  Julia pops in and asks to talk to Tad.  Julia gives Tad a medical file on Annie.  Tad looks through the file and finds the DNA test Annie had done that shows Annie and Emma do not match.  Tad says this means that Emma could be his daughter.

Dixie is at JR's apologizing for not telling him about Emma possibly being Kate.  She tells him that she understands Annie's behavior.  If she were in Annie’s position, she would run, too.  After all, Annie raised this child and wants to protect her.  She says they can't expect a mother to be logical when it comes to their children.  Annie is doing what any mother would do.  Dixie tells JR she remembers when the doctor placed him in her arms for the first time.  She says nothing will ever break the bond between them.  She says that magnetic connection she felt for him was the same thing she felt with Kate.

Bianca asks Sean what is going on between him and Colby.  Sean says he and Colby hooked up, but she got drunk on her own.  He says she lied about having sex with Josh and now is trying to get him in trouble.  He suggests he go to France with her, but she says she's going to be here awhile.  She wants to get to know both her brothers.  Sean mentions that he wouldn't exist if it wasn't for his bone marrow.  Colby, who is standing behind him, tells him he doesn't exist.

Adam returns to Krystal's room and tells her that she is not his baby.  Krystal gets worried, thinking he is questioning his paternity of their child.  Adam says Colby is not his baby anymore.  Krystal says Colby is not a little girl anymore.  She's 16 going on 25.  Adam says Sean is to blame, but Krystal says she probably got drunk on her own and gave up her virginity willingly.  She says he has to accept his daughter is sexually active.

Tad says it appears for the first time that Hayward may be telling the truth.  Julia says there is something wrong.  She questions why Annie would get a DNA test if Emma had been adopted.  David sees Julia and Tad talking and hides, spying on them.

Annie tells Ryan she heard that Dr. Madden was in Pine Valley so came here looking for an explanation about the DNA, but he was already gone.  Ryan asks her if she lost consciousness during the birth, but Annie says she did not and even held Emma before the umbilical cord was cut.  There is no way the baby could have been switched, she says.  Ryan tells her he believes her and won't let anyone take Emma from her.  He thinks they'll be in for a fight, though.  Tad is a good investigator.  Annie says they can't let them find her.  Ryan suggests another DNA test to prove that Tad and Dixie aren't her parents.

Dixie tells JR that she sympathizes with Annie but won't back off.  She says maybe she should have taken Emma and run the first time she was able.  Now maybe she's lost a chance to get her daughter.  JR says kidnapping is not the way to get Emma.  If she is Kate, Dixie shouldn't get locked up for snatching a child.

Jonathan goes into Aidan's office and tells him to back off Annie.  Aidan says he can't do that.  Jonathan says he's buying into Hayward's lies.  Di walks in and says there is a real chance that Emma is Kate and if so Tad and Dixie have the right to be her parents.  Jonathan says Annie is the only mother Emma knows and this could ruin that little girl.  Aidan says he's doing this for Tad.  Jonathan tells Aidan he was his friend but no more if he ruins the lives of the people he cares about.  He walks out.  Di tells Aidan not to listen to Jonathan.  She says if Emma is Kate she wants to help Dixie and Tad get her back.  Aidan says he has a hunch Annie is in town.

Tad gets a call from Aidan and hears something important.  He tells Julia he has to leave, and she hands him a copy of the DNA results.  David approaches Julia and asks what that was about.  Julia shows him the DNA results and asks what he makes of these.  He appears surprised.  She asks him why he would be surprised if he already did a DNA test and it showed the same thing.  David walks away without speaking.

Colby accuses Sean of going after older women.  Bianca introduces herself as Sean's sister and says she's also gay.  Colby is surprised to realize this is Bianca.  After Bianca leaves, Sean blasts Colby for accusing him of attacking her.  Colby asks how she could have been so wrong about him.  Sean says he thought they were just looking for a good time with no strings that night.  Colby admits she was a virgin and chose him for her first time.  Sean says Colby told him this wasn't her first time.  She says she lied.  Colby tells Bianca to take Sean on a road trip and never come back.

Adam asks how he can deal with his daughter being sexually active.  Krystal says he needs to talk to her and tell her that he loves her because she is insecure.  Krystal says she used to be like Colby.  She threw herself at a random guy at a party and it turned out to be David.  She says she wishes she had a daddy who loved her so that when she got drunk she might not have given herself to a stranger.  Adam says Colby knows that he loves her, but Krystal says that is not enough.  Adam says he'll do his best.

Annie tells Ryan she doesn't want another DNA test because she can't take a chance.  Ryan asks if she's afraid Emma might be Kate.  Tad and Aidan walk in. 

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