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Zach is at home with Spike. He poses him with a hockey stick and takes pictures of him for their Christmas card. Erica arrives and orders him to give her the baby and get out of her daughter's home. Erica gets on her phone and calls 911. Zach grabs the phone and tells the dispatcher that the call was a joke. Zach tells her that he and Kendall have reconciled. Erica says he must be delusional and orders him out of this home. If this is true, she says, Kendall must have lost her mind.

Kendall is greeted at Fusion by Babe, who tells her that she and Josh are through and the charges against him have been dropped. Kendall tells her she's as dumb as a box of rocks. She says Josh cares for her and would not try to kill her, yet she chooses the man who tried to kill her. She asks about JR and Babe says he doesn't know about her and Josh. Kendall asks if she ever has thought objectively about the two candidates. Then Kendall realizes she has no room to talk because she did the same thing.

Bianca goes to Josh's room. He is sitting on the bed surrounded by a bunch of documents. He informs Bianca that he has been left a lot of money by his father. He says he's trying to find a way to screw the Chandlers. He says he has knowledge of the markets and he could topple their empire. They would be reporting to him before they knew their company was in trouble. Bianca tells him she talked to Babe and is sorry for what happened. Bianca says she doesn't want him to be hurt. Josh says Babe deserves someone who puts her first. Bianca asks how destroying JR would help Babe. She suggests he back off and let Babe make her own decisions.

Adam and Krystal are preparing for Krystal's sonogram at the hospital. In the hospital lobby, Tad is surprised to learn from David that Krystal is pregnant. David tells him he doesn't look too happy. Tad tells him this is none of his business. David brings up the subject of Tad's father killing his daughter Leora in surgery. He says now Tad might know how it feels to lose a daughter. He hopes Tad suffers as much as he has.

Annie is with Jonathan in a cabin and shows him a photo of Emma. Jonathan talks about hitting the road. Ryan walks in at that moment and tells them they're not going anywhere until he gets answers. Ryan says one of his men followed them. Jonathan apologizes to Annie and says he didn't know. Annie tells him it's all right but says she's not going back to Pine Valley and will not let anyone take Emma. Ryan says if she sneaks away Tad will find her. He asks her why she thinks someone could take Emma from her. Jonathan defends Annie, telling Ryan that she does not have to prove anything. He says he didn't kill a man so someone else could run off with Annie's child. Ryan asks Annie for some time alone with Jonathan. When Annie leaves, Ryan says he knows this is where Jonathan shot Terry. Jonathan says Annie doesn't know that. Ryan suggests Jonathan find someone to talk to about what happened. Jonathan says he doesn't need a shrink. He says he will do everything he can to protect Annie. Ryan tells Jonathan he's sorry he had to kill Terry to protect Lily and asks him to trust him. He'll take care of this.

Josh is looking through sympathy letters sent to him by Greg Madden's former patients, all of whom praise the doctor for helping them get their children. He tells Bianca that all these people deserve to know the truth about Greg Madden. He says the children of these people were probably fathered by Greg Madden and should receive condolence letters from him. He says he'll answer all of these letters and let them know what Greg Madden was like. Bianca tells him he's angry about Babe and is going to take it out on these people. Bianca says all these parents were willing to accept an anonymous sperm donor so Josh should just let it be. She suggests he use his money and go on a spending spree. Josh says he has a better idea.

Ryan tells Annie he doesn't understand why she needs to run. Annie says protecting her daughter is her only priority. She would die before she gave her up. Ryan asks why she would need to give her up and what she is not telling him. Ryan says he knows that Greg Madden's name is on Emma's birth certificate. He asks why that is. Annie says Madden was a respected doctor, at least she thought he was. Ryan says there must have been someone else in the room when Annie gave birth that can prove she's Emma's natural mother. He asks Annie what has her so freaked out.

Tad congratulates Adam and Krystal. Krystal is obviously uncomfortable seeing Tad and keeps looking down. Tad bends down to hug her and she shows him the sonogram. Adam and Krystal leave and Tad sees Julia and asks for her help.

Babe realizes Kendall is back with Zach and asks if she loves him. Kendall says she's crazy about him. She says she doesn't regret being with Zach and Babe says staying with JR was the right decision for her. Babe acknowledges, however, if Kendall feels like her she's scared spitless. Kendall says all they can do is love them until they do something so heinous they can't forget. Kendall says she's not big on giving people second chances but she can't give up on Zach. A love like theirs is worth the risk.

Erica asks Zach if he has any idea how much pain he has caused Kendall. She says it's just a matter of time before he hurts her again. She says if he is any kind of man he would leave now. Zach says he wants to spend all his time with Kendall. He says he won't hurt Kendall again. The police arrive and ask Erica if this man is causing trouble. She takes the officer outside, signs an autograph for him and sends him on his way. She tells Zach that he is still a free man for now. She gives Spike a stuffed bunny and prepares to leave. She asks Zach if he needs her to stay, but he says they'll be fine. Erica tells him to keep it that way.

Tad and Julia are at a hospital computer looking up Emma's DNA results. They type in Tad's name and Julia says based on these results Emma and Tad are a genetic match.

Annie tells Ryan that he knows everything. Ryan says they need to get DNA proof then Tad and Dixie will apologize to her. Annie says she can't do that. Ryan doesn't understand. Ryan tells her to make him understand.

Krystal rests in a hospital bed waiting for the results of the test. She tells Adam she thought of a name for their child Charlotte. Adam is so touched he nearly cries. Krystal tells him that Stuart told her stories about their sister Charlotte and she thinks it's a beautiful name. They hug.

David bumps into a nurse, Sarah, who is on her way to the lab with an envelope. David says he's already going to the lab so he'll take it for her. She hands the envelope over. It has Krystal's name and CVS (the test that was just taken) on it.

Simone arrives at Fusion and is angry. She asks who's going to dig her out of this research and development hole. Kendall suggests Josh will, but Simone says Josh is no longer working here. Babe admits to Kendall that Josh quit. Kendall tells her that if she had kept her hands to herself Josh would still be here.

Josh wants to give his money to Bianca for the Miranda Center. He says it should help children and mothers. Bianca is touched.

Krystal tells Adam she is craving cheesy fries from BJ's and he leaves to get her some. Tad walks in and asks if the baby is his.

Annie tells Ryan that she wants to leave because she wants a fresh start. Ryan presses her to tell her what she is hiding. Annie reluctantly tells him that if she takes that DNA test her DNA will not match Emma's.

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