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All My Children Update Thursday 10/19/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Aidan is in his office ready to play pool with Tad when Di comes by.  It looks like he’s called her.  She notices Tad and realizes that he probably asked Aidan to call her.  He awkwardly tells her that he may need her help.  She tells him he has a lot of gall to consider asking her for help after what he almost did to her sister.  He tells her that this is in regard to Annie McDermott leaving town with her daughter.  Di tells him that Annie is her friend and she won’t sell Annie out to Tad either.  Tad tells Di that he is almost positive that Annie’s daughter Emma is really Kate and he must find that out.

Josh finds Julia on the beach.  She is not ok with him being there.  She asks him why he is there.  He tells her that he is “trolling.”  Jamie appears and notices them together.

Bianca goes to Fusion to talk to Babe.  Babe seems a bit uncomfortable, not knowing why Bianca wants to talk.  She attempts to “make conversation” with Bianca about Miranda but Bianca gets straight to the point and tells Babe that she knows about her and Josh.  She asks Babe whom she intends to “screw over,” Babe’s husband or Bianca’s brother.

David goes to talk to JR about what he knows his daughter is doing in regard to both him and to Josh.  JR tells David he needs to leave him alone and realize that Babe has never been “happier.”  In response to that, David asks if JR means with him or with Josh Madden.

Adam takes Krystal to the hospital and dotes on her after she’s had some issue in her pregnancy.  She tells him that she is fine and he does not need to fuss.  She realizes that she is over 35 and there are statistical risks but she is fine.  She is going to have this baby no matter what and love him or her no matter what.  She then asks him if he will also love the baby no matter what.  Adam does not answer that question and tells her he will be right back.  He gets up to leave and Krystal looks a little worried about finding out what his answer to that question will be.

When Josh notices Jamie standing and observing Julia with him, Josh kisses her so that Jamie can see that.  She pulls away, asks him what his problem is, and tells him he is a selfish jerk.

In response to Bianca’s inquiry about her situation with both JR and Josh, Babe tells Bianca that she had to make a choice and decided that she will commit to her husband and is no longer seeing Josh.  She admits to Bianca that she and Josh have become friends.  They’ve spent a lot of time together talking, getting to know one another, and helped each other with many things.  She informs Bianca that when Josh got the “bombshell” about Erica and Jeff conceiving him and JR let him “find out” in a way that hurt him, she was there for him.  He’s also been there for her.  They’ve been through so much together.  When she talks about her relationship with Josh, she starts to cry.  Bianca can then clearly see that Babe is in love with her brother.

David tells JR that he may not know it but David has found his sister, Kate.

Tad and Aidan show Di the papers about how Madden arranged for Kate to be adopted out by Greg but they’ve come up with nothing in the way of where she got shipped off to or if Annie has adopted her or anything else.  DNA tests have proven that she is Tad and Dixie’s and they need whatever information Di would have about Annie’s pregnancy.  Di tells them that she has no interesting information about that.  As far as she knows, the pregnancy and birth was normal.  Di tells Tad and Aidan that it may very well be another one of David’s scams to make them believe that Emma is not Annie’s biological child and is in fact Kate.  In response to that, Tad admits that he is very discouraged and upset to know that he keeps coming up with nothing in finding his daughter.

JR tells David he does not buy for a moment that David has found Kate.  David better stop this garbage or he will throw him out.  He asks him just where he got that information.  David replies that JR must remember the night when they found each other in Dixie’s hotel room.  JR replies that he does not remember much when he had a bump on his head.  David tells JR that when he was out, David went through some pictures of little girls in Dixie’s room.  He came across one whom he now knows is named Emma.  He found Emma and ran the DNA on her and discovered that she is Kate.  JR tells David that that is bull.  David tells JR he will soon see that he is telling the truth.  David leaves and goes to work at the hospital.

At the hospital, Jamie notices Krystal.  They talk about Tad and she tells him about Tad’s belief that he’s found Kate, assuming that Jamie knew.  Jamie is really surprised to find out that his father never told him about finding Kate.  He goes off to find his father.

Tad asks Aidan and Di if he is supposed to keep trying and failing, and keep getting his hopes up about finding Kate and assuming that one day he will get lucky.  He asks if he should just give up.  He tells them that he keeps having the same recurring dream every night that he’s found her and she keeps telling her daddy that he cannot let her go.  He wakes up and realizes that he still has not found her.  Tad sounds emotional.  Di realizes she must leave so that Tad an Aidan can talk alone.  Aidan tells Tad he knows all about what it’s like to be out looking for something or somebody all across the world.  He remembers watching his partners dying when he was in the military or on a stake out.  Tad asks him what his point is.  Aidan then tells him that when you plan an operation, you do your best with what you know at the time.  He tells Tad that he must accept what has happened and let it go.  If he does not, then he will never be able to move on.  He assures Tad that they will keep looking, search every lead, and not give up until they find Kate.

Adam returns to Krystal in the hospital lobby and admits to her that when she asked if he could love their child no matter what, he had some difficulty answering that so he took a walk.  He remembered that as a child, he had difficulty with his brother, Stuart, being “special” and not like other kids.  He did not like the fact that people made fun of Stuart but he later realized that Stuart is not “normal” because he is pure and loving and willing and able to see and understand what so many other people cannot understand.  He tells her that he really appreciates all that Stuart has done for him and for many other people.  He believes that the world would be a sadder, lonelier, and poorer place if it were not for Stuart.  He then tells her that if their child is “special,” he will love him or her no matter what, with all his heart.  Krystal cries, hugs her husband, and tells him she could not love him any more than she already does.  She is worried, however, just how much he will love the baby if he finds out that it’s Tad’s.  He leaves.  When Krystal is alone, David comes by and tells her that Adam really looks happy.  He asks Krystal how Tad feels about the “happy news.”

JR goes to Tad and Aidan’s office.  He demands to know if they believe David’s lies.  Tad tells JR that his mother is on board with the belief that they have found Kate.  He asks if Dixie has also believed Hayward’s lies.  He asks Tad if his mother has not already been through enough.

Babe cries and tells Bianca that Josh has been so good to her and good for her.  Bianca listens while Babe tells her that she and JR have both made efforts to get their marriage to work.  They have promised each other so many times that they would work through their issues.  Josh was always there for her to talk to, empower her, and make everything good for her, and now she feels as though she’s ruined everything in all three of their lives.

Josh asks Julia if she is there to mope over Jamie.  She tells him that she intends to get over Jamie.  He admits to her that maybe he has a similar problem in “getting over” somebody.  Hearing that, Julia is fascinated to find out that Josh might be smitten by a woman.  She asks if Josh Madden is actually in love with somebody besides his own shadow.  She smiles and seems fascinated to find out but he tells her to forget it.

Babe tells Bianca that she knows that JR has made many mistakes but so has she.  She asks Bianca who would know that better than she would.  She lied to JR that their son was dead, ran off with his brother, and she lied and cheated on him again.  Bianca tells Babe that right now, JR is on his “best behavior” but it’s only a matter of time before something triggers another “relapse” for JR.  Babe tells Bianca that she really believes that JR has genuinely changed.  Bianca asks her why she buys that.  Babe tells Bianca that when Colby tempted JR to help her frame Josh, JR could have done it very easily, but he did not.  The old JR would have relished the opportunity to hurt Josh.  Bianca again tells Babe that maybe JR did the “right thing” this time but she advises her to give him time.  Babe smiles and tells Bianca that she really believes that JR has potential for love.

JR grills Tad about all of the terrible things he’s done to Dixie and how despicable it would be if he gets her hopes up about Kate one more time for nothing.  Jamie walks in and demands that JR shut up and stop blaming his father.  He reminds him that were it not for Tad, Dixie would have gotten into trouble.  Aidan confirms to JR, that Tad fixed the surveillance tape that falsely proved that he was unable to know what Dixie did the night in question, so that Dixie got acquitted for the murder of Greg.  In response to that, JR realizes he had no clue.  He is shocked and he turns and faces Tad.

Bianca talks to Babe about how she is protective of her brother and believes that Babe should consider him.

Julia smirks and demands to know who this “mystery woman” is in Josh’s life.

Babe tells Bianca that it’s over between her and Josh.  That’s the choice she’s made.  Bianca asks Babe what she will do if her choice destroys her (Bianca’s) brother.  Babe tells Bianca that she wishes to God that she did not have to hurt Bianca’s brother but she believes he will deal.  She knows all of the things that Josh has survived in his life.  She knows that he has the Kane survival genes and Bianca must know that.  Bianca is interested to hear Babe talk about how Josh crashed a plane with both of them in it, saved both of their lives, and was able to make a home for them on an island.  She then asks Babe to tell her more about her brother.

Josh tells Julia that Jamie’s new girlfriend may be more “age appropriate” but she won’t rock his world as Julia did.  She doesn’t want to hear that, however.  She wants to find out who Josh’s mystery woman is.

In response to finding out how Tad finagled to save Dixie in the courtroom, JR tells his stepfather that he is sorry to have doubted him and blamed him for hurting Dixie.  Tad explains to JR that he had to make JR extremely angry with him in the courtroom in order for the jury to believe that it was real.  Jamie then asks Tad and Aidan what they know about this little girl whom they assume is his and JR’s sister, Kate.  Tad and Aidan leave so that JR and Jamie can talk alone.  JR then asks his brother if the person who really killed Greg Madden is whom he thought it was.

In response to David’s question about her pregnancy, Krystal tells him that they are keeping everything about it “in the family.”  He asks her if that means Adam’s family or Tad’s.  Adam returns and demands that David leave Krystal alone.  He leaves and the doctor asks Krystal if she is ready for her procedure.  She then tells them that she is not ready.  Whatever the tests prove, this baby is going to be born and loved so she chooses no tests.  Adam then confirms that there will be no tests for Baby Chandler.  The doctor tells Mrs. Chandler that it’s up to her but they strongly advise her to get the test done so that the baby has the best chance to be healthy.  She then asks them to talk to Adam alone.  She tells her husband that if there is something they can do now that would prevent a problem for the baby, and she refuses to do it, she will never forgive herself knowing she could have done something.  Adam confirms that it’s her choice.  She then tells the doctor that she will do the test.

Babe talks to Bianca about all of the adventures she’s had with Josh.  They spent an all-nighter at work, that one time, and closed a deal with a rock star.  He knew of the perfect breakfast for them after they got hung over on jell-o shots.  She also tells her about this security devise that he installed on her computer at Fusion so that her co-workers could not delete her work.  She goes on to tell Bianca that when they were stranded on that island, Josh knew how to cook and build a house and showed her all kinds of fascinating things.

On the beach, Julia tells Josh (sarcastically) that she knows that he can detach his feelings for this woman.  In a short amount of time, he will be back to “trolling” and forget all about it and move on.  Hearing that, he admits to her it is not that simple, that’s not the way it works.

After Babe tells Bianca, again, that she believes that Josh will get over her and she-him, Bianca asks her if she can really believe that.  She asks if she will be able to accept never knowing what could have happened if she never gives Josh a chance.  Babe concludes to Bianca that Josh is tough but he will need somebody to talk to.  She tells Bianca that it would be great if she’d stick around and get to know her brother.  She tells Bianca that Josh does not open up to too many people and may not really trust anybody in his biological family, but she thinks that he will bond well with Bianca.

Jamie and JR discuss what their next plan will be in regard to Kate.

Tad goes to the hospital to talk to David about his DNA test of Emma.  David asks Tad if he believes him now.  Tad tells David he needs whatever DNA evidence he may have.  Tad tells David he will regret it if he is lying to Tad.  David replies that he is not lying.  He then tells Tad that he should stick around because Krystal is pregnant.  Tad does not seem to know that David knows the circumstances surrounding the paternity of her pregnancy and his possible part in it.

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