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Ryan goes to Kendall’s home and wonders why she is taking the day off from work.  He informs her that he will be looking for Annie today so if she needs to reach him, she should call him on his cell.  He assumes that she is alone and might need his help.  As he starts to enter the bedroom, he finds out that Kendall is not alone.  Zach comes out of her bedroom. 

Bianca goes looking for her mother at the hotel, where she is now staying and notices that Erica has “spent time” with Jeff Martin.  Bianca hears her mother telling Jeff that “he was right” and something was “just what she needed.”  Bianca appears shocked and assumes what has just happened.

Julia and Jamie find each other on the beach.

David comes to Fusion to talk to Josh.  Knowing that he is Babe’s father and hearing that David wants to keep him away from his daughter, Josh asks what kind of a father he is.  Little does he know the trick that David has up his sleeve.

At the Chandler house, JR and Babe look like they are rekindling with little A by their side.  Adam and Krystal enter and seem just as happy together.  Adam affirms that his son and daughter-in-law should get busy so that little Adam has a sibling and so that he and Krystal can have another grandchild.  They all joke and play with little A.  Adam and JR take him away.  Alone, Krystal tells her daughter that she and JR seem happy and she asks Babe if they plan to stay that way.  Babe informs her mother that she told Josh that it’s over between them and that she and JR are going to make it work.  Krystal tells her daughter she believes that she made the right choice.  Babe tells her mother that she knows that JR is a good man and can be even better and thank God he need never know about Josh and her.

Josh tells David that JR tried to kill Babe and that even Greg Madden would have protected him from a murderer unlike David.  David tells Josh that he wholeheartedly agrees that both the Chandlers and Martins are unworthy trash and he’s on the same page as Josh about wanting Babe to dump JR.  David tells Josh that he (Josh) is Babe’s champion.  He has a chance with her.  She might not listen to her father but Josh means something to her.  He asks Josh why he is wallowing in self-pity instead of doing whatever it takes to get back with her.

It looks like Jamie and Julia might want to get back together.

After Bianca assumes that she might be getting back with Jeff, Erica tells her daughter that that is absurd.  Bianca tells her mother that it looks kind of suspicious that she’s moved out of her and Jack’s home, into the hotel so near Jeff and she finds her leaving his hotel room at the crack of dawn all happy and glowing.  Erica tells Bianca she wants a chance to explain and that Bianca should not be jumping to conclusions.  Bianca then asks Erica just whose daughter she is and if jumping to conclusions is not in her blood as well as in her nurturing.

In response to Kendall telling him that she is getting back with Zach, Ryan tells Kendall that he only wants what is best for her and for their son.  She tells him thank you and departs.  It looks, however, as though Kendall and Ryan might have some unfinished business.  Right then, Zach comes out of Kendall’s home as Ryan is about to leave and tells him that “they” (himself and Ryan) are not done.  In response to that, Ryan asks Zach why he says that.  He tells Zach that he and Dixie have beaten the murder charge and now Zach is back with Kendall.  Ryan asks if Zach does not realize how he hurt Kendall by that charade with Dixie.  He also remembers the black out.  He asks Zach why he wants him to stay away from Kendall after the trial and all that has happened.  Zach tells Ryan that what he intends to do is apologize.

Bianca inquires of her mother what is going on.  Erica explains that she and Jeff are just living in close quarters so that they can brainstorm about what to do with Josh.  Bianca asks her mother if Josh was with them or anywhere nearby last night and what warranted Erica to be spending the entire night with Jeff.  Erica tells her daughter it was just business between them but Bianca notices that her mother is blushing and assumes that she has feelings for Jeff.

David tells Josh that he needs him to not give up on Babe.  He tells him that he’s observed him and seen him in action.  He knows that Josh is bright, talented, and driven.  He’s able to succeed on his own terms without anybody helping him.  By comparison, JR has had everything handed to him and never had to make his own way in the world.  Whenever he screws up, somebody bails him out.  Josh agrees but it only makes him upset and ready to give up.  David tells Josh that if he loved a woman the way that Josh loves Babe, he would light the fuse just like that.  He indicates that he may be talking about his own issue with Dixie.

Zach reminds Ryan that they both love Kendall.  Ryan affirms that she is the mother of their child.  Zach tells Ryan that he’s had many opportunities to “rescue” Kendall and interfere in their marriage and he owes Ryan an apology for misjudging him.  He concludes that Ryan is the good guy and he wants to be a good stepfather to Ryan’s son.  He then asks Ryan what he should do in regard to Dixie’s belief that her daughter is right in Pine Valley.  Kendall appears at the window and overhears their conversation.  Ryan tells Zach that he believes he should give up on the quest to help Dixie find Kate.

Bianca reminds Erica that Jack is her uncle and stepfather and she cares about him.  Erica tells her daughter that she loves Jack and that will never change.  Bianca tells Erica she knows she once loved Jeff Martin also.  Erica tells her daughter that the reason she had to move to the hotel is because there is never a moment of peace with Sean at the house.  Bianca tells Erica she knows that that is just an excuse.  She tells her mother that she’s seen her completely willing and able to deal with far more commotion than Sean in her life and be able to juggle many things under pressure.  She knows that there is another reason why her mother is staying at the hotel.

Jamie tells Julia that she obviously knows that he has decided not to continue in med school.  He tells her that he is keeping busy and has bought a new car.  They attempt to “make conversation” but it’s awkward.  She tells him that when she made her decision about how they cannot continue seeing each other, she may not have been very clear.

After David tells Josh that he really wants to encourage him to go after Babe, he becomes interested and asks David what he knows.  David reveals to Josh how he’s had the same experience when he’s loved a woman so passionately that he would not give up on her.  He seems to be referring to himself and Dixie.  He talks about seeing the woman he loves with another man and reminds Josh that when that man is JR and he’s dangerous, desperate times call for desperate measures.  Josh tells David that he has tried and failed to get Babe to dump JR but she told him it’s over.  Now he must heed Babe’s decision and get out of her life.  David asks Josh if Babe would not reconsider if he saved her life.  Josh does not seem to like what David is suggesting and he walks away.

At the Chandler house, Adam tells JR that if he and Babe had another baby, she would never give Josh Madden another thought.

Babe walks into the Fusion office and sees Josh.  They stare at each other.  Simone comes in and talks to Josh about the job she has for him.  He tells her that he cannot accept the job offer and she seems to know that Babe is the reason why he won’t.  She asks babe what she has done to him.

David goes to find Krystal and tells her that even if she believes that Babe’s issues are none of his business, they are because he is Babe’s father.  He tells Krystal that Josh has it bad for their daughter and he asks her if she wants to encourage Babe to get over JR and hook up with Josh instead.  He asks Krystal what their daughter plans to do.  Krystal replies that Babe intends to be Mrs. JR Chandler and get back with her family.  David then informs Krystal that Colby just provided some very interesting information that Krystal and Adam, and Babe and JR might like to know.  Colby overheard many conversations when she was hiding, that nobody knew she was overhearing which she shared with David.

Julia looks like she is considering getting back with Jamie.  As she attempts to explain, a girl arrives, finds Jamie, and indicates that he is seeing her.

Erica asks Bianca how it is that she’s suddenly decided to come back to the states.  Bianca tells her mother that she just kind of decided on the spur of the moment to book a flight.  Erica asks her how Maggie felt about that.  Bianca tells her mother that she “left” Maggie simply because she needed a break.  She tells Bianca that that is what she is doing in her situation.  Bianca tells her mother that she (herself) left to be with her family.  She goes on to say that if she and her daughter are not wanted there, then she will take Miranda and go back to Paris.  Erica tells her daughter she does not want that.  For one thing, her sister, Kendall, needs her.

Ryan tells Zach that his “relationship” with Dixie has really caused serious damage to his marriage and he should not brush it under the rug.  Zach tells Ryan that he believes that Dixie deserves another shot with her daughter.  He asks Ryan if he does not agree.  He tells Ryan that he must know that Dixie has never been a “threat” to Kendall.  Ryan tells him that he realizes that he had a need to help Dixie but she has many other people who can help her.  Zach must forget Dixie and commit to Kendall.  Kendall is listening to everything.  Zach asks her if she’s gotten all of that.  She reminds Zach that she did not hear him say that he would stay away from Dixie forever.  She asks him if he will.

When Jamie’s new “lady friend” appears, he introduces her to Julia and tells her that Julia is a nurse where he used to work.  The girl (Linda) tells Jamie that she’s happy that Jamie is no longer working around germs and nasty medical issues.  They go off together and Julia is not happy.

Erica tells Bianca that she is really sorry that they got off on the wrong foot this morning and that she is happy that Bianca and Miranda are there.  She wants to visit with them.  Josh enters.  Erica can tell that he is upset about something.  Josh asks his mother if she and Jeff are stalking him.  He tells her that whatever is going on in his life is none of her business.  She protests that she was merely asking and is just concerned.  He tells her that his life is none of anybody’s business and he needs to find another place to live.  He leaves.  Bianca then concludes that it’s unlikely to expect Josh to come to the party.  He is very upset; he has Babe on the brain, and is devastated over having lost her.

Simone confronts Babe about why she’s driven Josh out of Fusion.  Babe tells Simone that she needs to stay out of her business and realize that she is not with Josh.  She is married to JR.  Simone tells Babe that somebody needs to “lure Josh” back and maybe that means that “one of them” needs to get him into bed.  In response to that, Babe reminds Simone that she (Simone) is a partner.  She can make her own decisions and maybe she (Simone) should “go for it” with Josh.

Krystal tells David that he is not doing Babe any good.  Adam tells David that he must not be upsetting Krystal in “her condition.”  Hearing that, David asks her who the lucky father is.

Ryan is on the phone attempting to track down Annie.

Outside, Zach tells Kendall that he was living in fear of losing her.  She tells him he must never worry about that again.  He tells her from now on, it will be only her.  They kiss.

While Julia is sitting alone on the beach, after being “rejected” by Jamie, “somebody” comes up behind her and puts a coat over her.  She assumes and hopes that it’s Jamie but when she turns around, she sees Josh instead.

After David finds out that Krystal is pregnant, he assumes that she and Adam had an accident.  When he finds out that they did not, he smirks.  JR demands that David get out.  David tells them that he only came by to see his daughter and knowing that she is at Fusion, he will go and find her there.

Bianca goes to the Fusion office and sees Babe.  Babe assumes that she is there to see Kendall.  Bianca tells Babe she is there to see her to talk about what is going on between Babe and her (Bianca’s) brother.

Before David leaves the Chandler house, he tells JR that he almost forgot.  There is one more thing he needs to tell him.

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