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David goes to Tad's PI office to talk about the alleged Kate.  Tad claims the DNA test David took isn't worth the paper it's printed on.  He says this little girl likely isn't Kate.  David claims that Tad doesn't want him to be right because he'll get credit and Dixie will come back to him.  Tad calls him pathetic for thinking Dixie would go back to him after all the things he has done.  David says this little girl will be calling him daddy.  Tad says David is forgetting that Dixie is in love with Zach Slater.  David asks Tad how he thinks Dixie will feel when he returns her daughter to her arms.  He tells Tad about Emma's own words where she said her daddy is not her real daddy.  David calls it a direct quote from his soon-to-be stepdaughter.

Ryan is with Annie at his place and is asking her for a DNA test on Emma.  She wonders why he won't take her at her word that Emma is her biological daughter.  Ryan says his friends want proof.  Annie asks what other mother has to prove her child is hers.  Ryan says Tad and Dixie will think she's hiding something if she doesn't consent to a DNA test.  Annie says they can think what they want.  She insists Emma is not adopted and she orders Ryan to keep his friends away from her.  Ryan says he'll make sure they understand Emma is not Kate. 

At Chandler Mansion, Babe claims this family has heard enough lies.  JR says he's ready to hear what she has to say.  Babe asks for privacy, and Adam and Krystal walk out of the room with Colby, who says she wants to stay because it's just "getting good."  Babe tells JR that she loves him and he says he loves her more than he thought possible.  Babe wonders how everything went so wrong.  She declares their marriage is broken and has been for a while.  JR asks her if she's ending their marriage.

Zach is at his office with Dixie and tells her she needs to protect herself from him.  He says he almost got her sent to prison and her family thinks she is a home wrecker.  Dixie tells Zach he saved her life and brought her closer to Kate.  Dixie thinks Zach's mood is about Kendall.  She says Kendall may have walked away from him but she won't.  She cares about him too much.  Zach takes her hand and says there's room in his heart for just one woman.

At Fusion, Erica tells Kendall that Zach has caused her too much pain.  Bianca tells her that the fact that Zach signed the divorce papers doesn't mean it has to be over.  Kendall doesn't know what to think, but wonders why Zach isn't there professing his love for her if he doesn't want a divorce.  Josh tells her she should consider herself lucky that she can walk out breathing instead of rolling out on a slab.  Erica tells Kendall that divorce is like a death but she'll get over it.  Kendall thinks her mother wants her to run into Ryan's arms, but she insists she's not ready for romance with anyone.  Erica changes the subject and talks about a party for New Beginnings she is throwing.  A skeptical Josh tells her she's just looking for publicity.  Erica suggests Josh bring Bianca to the party, but he says he would bring Babe.  He asks what the dress code is because he wants Babe to fit into the family picture.  Kendall keeps having thoughts of Zach.

Winifred has brought little Adam into see JR and Babe.  After they leave, JR says their son represents their union.  Before Babe has a chance to tell JR the truth, he says he has something to say.  He brings in Adam, Krystal, and Colby to hear.  He says he wants the truth out.  JR proclaims that Josh never touched Colby and that she's lying.  He says it's a lie he almost let ruin him and Babe.  JR says Babe knows people deep down.  He says he wanted Josh out of their lives and he almost let Colby get away with this.  He says he wants to be a better man and not let her down again.  He wants to be the husband Babe wants.  Adam, Krystal, and Colby leave the room and Babe hugs JR.  JR says no more Josh and no more lies.  Outside the room, Krystal asks Colby what she was thinking.  Adam calls Derek to report the news.  Colby yells that Josh has been banging babe.  Adam tells her that's enough and she walks out.

At Fusion, Erica asks Josh how JR will feel about him taking Babe to the party.  Josh says JR is taken care of.  Erica talks to Bianca about her party, saying Rosie O'Donnell will be there.  A distracted Kendall shouts "enough already."

Ryan goes to Tad's office and tells him that Emma is not Kate.  Tad asks how he knows Annie is telling the truth.  Ryan says because she swore to him.  He says he's going on faith.  Tad says they need more than faith.  Tad asks Ryan to explain Emma's comment that her daddy isn't her daddy.  He realizes Ryan knew about Emma's father and wonders what else he's holding back.  He asks Ryan if he even asked Annie about Greg Madden.  Ryan says she doesn't know Madden.  A fax has just arrived and Tad shows it to Ryan.  It's Emma's birth certificate.  The attending physician is Greg Madden.

Jonathan walks in and finds Annie appearing worried.  He tells her she looks nervous and wonders if everything is all right.  David arrives and tells Annie they need to talk.  Jonathan tells David to get lost but Annie says it's OK.  David apologizes for letting Dixie get too close so soon, but he says science is science and the DNA test proves Emma belongs to Tad.  Annie says he's a liar, thinking that he didn't do a DNA test.  Emma comes into the room to show Annie a picture she drew.  She sees David and asks if she can have another lollipop.  Annie is aghast to think David was alone with her daughter.  David says she gave him a DNA sample.  Jonathan orders David to leave.  Annie says this is too much and she asks for Jonathan's help.

Kendall goes to the roof of Fusion and angrily kicks a chair.  She sees Zach again in her head and tells him to stay out of her head and her heart.  She says she doesn't need Zach and doesn't want him.  She'll forget about him like he forgot her.  She won't miss him.  She shouts out that she doesn't love him.

JR tells Babe they need to get back to what really matters, their marriage.  She hugs him and tells him she loves him.  They'll make their marriage work, she says.  At Fusion, Josh gets a call and learns he is off the hook from Colby's charges.  He wonders if Babe is paying for his freedom.

Kendall goes to Zach's office.

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