AMC Update Friday 10/13/06

All My Children Update Friday 10/13/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Kendall is at Fusion looking at a card Zach once wrote to her.  Inside the card is a faded rose.  Meanwhile, Zach is at his office staring at the divorce papers.  He can't bring himself to sign them.  They both think about each other, and a variety of flashbacks are shown.  Suddenly Zach sees his father Alex standing in front of him.  Alex asks if he's waiting for inspiration from above.  Alex says he doesn't look surprised and he thinks he always sees him in his wife's heartbroken eyes.  Alex encourages Zach to let Kendall go or he will cause her more pain.

Ryan has just arrived home to see Annie preparing to leave town.  He tells her she can't just take off.  Annie says no one will ever take her child.  Ryan says Emma is safe.  There is another way to handle this.  She agrees to talk.  Erin leaves the room to tend to Emma.  Ryan asks Annie why she didn't want him to help find Emma's biological father.  What's the story?  Annie says she gave birth to Emma.  Ryan wonders why Greg Madden had Emma's photo.  Annie says he probably was out of his mind.  Maybe he took a picture of her on the street.  She asks if Dixie and David have any proof or evidence about Emma.  Ryan asks her to tell him the whole story about Emma's birth and her biological father.  Annie accuses Ryan of turning on her and not being on her side anymore.  Ryan says that is not true and asks why she is saying this.

Dixie is at the Miranda Center and has just learned Krystal is pregnant.  She is stunned.  She tells them their child will be beautiful.  Krystal announces she feels warm and asks for a few minutes to rest.  Adam leaves, giving Krystal a chance to talk to Dixie alone.  Krystal knows what Dixie is thinking.  Dixie saw Krystal and Tad together and wants to know if the baby is Tad's.  She says the baby is not Tad's.  She says what happened between Tad and her was a one-night thing and it will never happen again.  Tad knows how much she loves Adam.  Dixie asks why she's telling her this.  Krystal says she wants Dixie to understand how she feels about Adam so she won't destroy her marriage.  Dixie says she doesn't want to hurt Krystal's marriage, she just wants her daughter.  Adam returns with a blanket and puts it around Krystal.  They leave.  David walks in. 

Josh asks Bianca for help in breaking up Babe's marriage.  Bianca says he shouldn't ask his relatives to do his dirty work.  She asks if Babe loves him and he says she does, but she still claims to love JR as well.  He thinks she just feels sorry for JR.  Bianca encourages Josh to give it time.  Josh says he knows what he has to do. 

At Chandler mansion, Babe tells Colby that her lying about Josh ends now.  Colby tells her to go ahead and end it.  She made this mess, she should clean it up.  JR says Babe is not involved in this.  Colby says Babe knows what she did.  She led Josh on so much that his only desire was to get into her pants.  Since he couldn't, he got into Colby's pants instead, Colby says.  JR asks Colby to leave so he can talk to Babe alone.  After Colby leaves the room, Babe tells him he can't keep supporting Colby's story and leading her on.  JR tells her she has led Josh on.  Babe tells JR he can't ruin another man's life.  She says Josh does not deserve to go to prison.  She asks JR to help her save Josh as she saved him.  She says it's the right thing to do.

Josh goes to Chandler mansion and before he can knock on the door he is approached by Colby.  Colby tells him it took him long enough.  She tells him to tell everyone how he can prove she's a liar and Babe will be all his.  He asks her what scheme she's pulling.  Colby admits she made it up because she knows Babe cheated on her brother with him.  She says Krystal and Babe make her sick and she wants them gone.  She tells him he needs to walk in there and tell JR the truth and she'll confess he never touched her.

Bianca goes into the Fusion office and tells Kendall that her brother asked her for help and she wouldn't give it to him.  Kendall asks Bianca why she fell for such a monster.  Bianca admits that she told her it was a good idea.  Kendall says Zach knew a man was being tortured and didn't lift a finger to help and didn't care.  Bianca says she knows Zach's love is strong.  She asks Kendall if she'd feel differently if Greg Madden had stolen Spike or Miranda.  Kendall says this situation is different because Dixie gave her daughter to Madden.  Kendall says Zach has changed and she can't reach him.

Alex tells Zach that burying him alive isn't an option.  Zach tells him to rot in hell.

Dixie tells David she doesn't need his help because she's going to take Ryan up on his offer to help her.  David says Ryan is emotionally connected to Annie and he's not going to help Dixie against Annie.  David says Annie is prepared to run so Dixie has to beat her to it.  Dixie is appalled, asking if he is suggesting she kidnap the child.  She doesn't even know for sure that she is her child.  She asks David what would happen if he's lying.  He asks what if he's not.

Ryan asks Annie when she stopped trusting him.  Annie says she's told him everything he needs to know.  Annie is her child.  She swears that on Annie's life.  Erin brings Emma into the room, saying Emma is talking about Christopher.  Annie takes off a St. Christopher necklace from around her neck and gives it to Emma.  Ryan tells Annie he believes her and won't let anyone take Emma from her.

Babe tells JR that all she has wanted is a real marriage.  JR tells her she has a funny way of showing it.  Babe says they both have made mistakes but they don't need to let them destroy what they have.  She says they need to decide not to lash out and seek revenge, and then their marriage can survive.

Colby tells Josh he can destroy Babe's marriage now.  Josh turns to leave and Colby screams, pretending that Josh has attacked her.  Adam arrives and grabs Josh and brings him into the house, and Colby claims that Josh grabbed her.  Josh says Colby came at him.  JR asks Josh if he likes harassing little girls.  He suggests they let the cops handle this.  Babe says she's ending this right now. 

Kendall tells Bianca no one can help her out of this mess.  A deliveryman arrives with a paper.  Kendall sees it is the signed divorce document.  Kendall tells Bianca that Zach just gave her an answer.

Babe tells Josh to leave.  When he does, she announces that Josh did not touch Colby and she can prove it.  Krystal suggests Babe take a breather.  JR asks Babe how she's going to prove it.

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