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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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After Dixie and David go to find Emma at the Miranda Center, and Dixie goes to talk to her, Annie catches them and is very upset that she is talking her daughter.  Krystal has been watching Emma and does not know what to do or what David is up to.  Annie demands to know why Dixie and this crazy man are claiming that they know this little girl and that she is Dixie’s.  She wants to know what would make them believe that.

On the Fusion rooftop, when Kendall and Josh are debating what he should do in regard to Babe and the recent situation, they hear a voice asking if this is a brother and sister thing and if she has a vote in the matter.  They turn and see Bianca.  She goes up and hugs Josh and welcomes him to the family of Kane women.

At the Chandler house, Adam tells JR that he wishes he could get Josh nailed for what he “did” to Colby.  JR informs his father that Babe and Krystal believe that she is lying about Josh.  Adam tells JR that either it is true, in which case, he wants to kill Josh, or she is lying about sleeping with Josh.  If she had reason to believe that she was pregnant due to somebody else, she’s doing that in order to protect some high school moron.

Sean is in school, opening his locker, when Babe approaches him, smiles at him, and tells him she needs him.  As she says and does this, a group of high school boys are ogling her. 

Adam tells JR that he cannot understand why a grown man would have sexual interest in a teenager.  JR tells his father that this is not about Colby.  It’s about Josh’s’ hate for the Chandlers.  He wants to hurt them.  He tells his father that he hopes to God that Colby is lying because if she is not, then she is paying for all kinds of stuff that she has nothing to do with.  Josh is in love with Babe, and he wants to stick it to JR so he goes after his sister.  Adam tells JR that Colby alleged that Josh called her Babe and asks why would he do that.  JR then concludes that Josh may have gone after Colby but who he really wants is Babe.

After Babe asks Sean if he will to somewhere with her to talk about something, the high school boys line up to watch her talking to him.  She tells him they can go somewhere or they can talk right there.  She asks him what happened the night of Colby’s sweet sixteen party.  He tells her that everybody partied and they had an accident.  She tells him she’s not concerned about that.  She wants to know about Colby, what she did, and with whom she was spent her time.  He then asks the boys to let him talk to Babe alone.  They walk in front of her, gawk at her and leave.  He then tells her that he cannot help her.  She tells him that she just wants to have private conversation with him...just the two of them.  No cops.  The specifics she is concerned about is that Colby said she had sex with somebody and the person whom she is naming is not somebody that she believes would have slept with Colby.  She believes that there would be somebody else who was with Colby, whom she thought could have gotten her pregnant.  Sean evades the issue and does not answer whether he slept with Colby or not.  Babe then tells him if he is afraid of something, he doesn’t need to be, and that whoever slept with Colby just needs to come forward.  If they do not, they can get an innocent man in big trouble.  She then tells him if he can help her friend who is facing serious charges for something he did not do, then she can cover his butt.  Not far away, Colby enters and listens to their conversation.

Bianca tells Josh that she has heard a lot about him and she returns to hear her sister lecturing him.  In order for Kendall to be so impassioned, she must really care about him.  Kendall then asks Bianca if she can please warn their brother about Babe Chandler.  In response to that, Josh tells them this is the end of the conversation.  Bianca tells Kendall that she and Babe may not be buddies but they are not mortal enemies either.  Kendall asks Bianca if she wants their brother to be sleeping with that skank.

Annie demands that Krystal tell her why she let Dixie in the day care facility.  Krystal tells her that she knows Dixie and does not believe that she would ever hurt a child so she just let her talk to Emma.  Erin comes and asks what is going on.  Annie asks Erin to take Emma home and they leave.  Ryan asks Dixie what is going on.  She tells him that this is her daughter.  Annie tells her that that is insane.  Dixie tells them that she picked her child because she had reason to think that she is Kate.  Ryan tells them that Hayward did that.  David stands by Dixie and tells Annie and Ryan that they are the ones who are lying and not Dixie.  Dixie then asks Annie if she can tell them about her involvement with Dr. Madden and Emma.

Babe asks Sean if he can help her to unravel the mystery about what Colby did the night in question.  He replies that Sydney is the answer to that.  She tells him that Sydney has not provided any information about the situation.  He tells her that he and Sydney are dating and he walks away.  Colby approaches Babe and asks her if she is crazy to be going to the high school and asking questions of Sean.  Babe tells her she would not have to be doing that if she (Colby) were not making up lies about Josh.  Colby tells Babe that she realizes that Babe knows that she did not sleep with Josh because she (Babe) did.  She tells Babe that she is a slut and a liar.

At the Chandler house, Adam asks JR why Krystal and Babe believe, unequivocally, that Colby did not sleep with Josh.  He says he believes it might have been a high school boy whom she thought could have gotten her pregnant.  JR tells his father that even if it is some pizza face high school punk, he will still have to pound somebody’s face in.  Adam then reminds his son that if he’s worried about Josh seducing Babe, it could be difficult for him to do that from behind prison bars.

Dixie tells Annie that Greg Madden took her daughter from her and gave her to another family and she asks Annie if she has any idea how that feels.  Annie then tells Dixie she is sorry for her loss but it’s not her problem and has nothing to do with her.  She goes out the door and tells Dixie she better stay away from them or they will have her arrested.  Annie leaves.  Ryan asks Dixie what she thinks she is doing and tells her that this is not Kate.  Her name is Emma.  Her mom is Annie.  He tells Dixie that he knows a terrible thing happened to her and he will help her with whatever she needs in order to find Emma.  David then tells Ryan that he’s done a great job so far.  Ryan asks David if he is so desperate to have Dixie that he will torment a young mother and her little girl.  David tells Ryan he would if it is because Annie took another woman’s child from her.  David then tells Ryan that he is right.  He is evil and vicious and he has had a score to settle with the people of this town for a long time.  He tells Ryan that he happens to know that this little girl’s picture was with Greg Madden’s stuff, she is the same age as Kate and has admitted that her daddy isn’t her daddy.  He asks Ryan if he is going to deny that she is Kate and assume that she is Annie’s child just because he believes that David is a jerk.

On the rooftop, Bianca attempts to convince Josh that Kendall does not intend to interfere in his business with Babe just because she hates her.  Josh tells Bianca that she must be jet lagged in order to believe that about Kendall.  Bianca then asks Kendall if she will agree to back off and stay out of Josh’s business with Babe.  Kendall tells Bianca that she believes Bianca is jet lagged to ask for that.  She tells them that she wants to protect their brother form that slimy, terrible Babe Carey.  Any person who cares about him would want to protect him from her.  Knowing that neither Josh nor Bianca is going to agree with her, she tells Josh that the thought of him sleeping with Babe makes her want to throw up but if he chooses to be with her and trust her, then he gets what he deserves.  She leaves, indirectly admitting that she needs to stay out of Josh’s business.  Alone with Bianca, Josh smirks and tells her that he is very impressed by her brilliance in getting through to Kendall.  He’s never before seen anybody do that.

Adam tells JR that they need to keep their mouth shut and back off and let this jailbait monger get what is coming to him.

At the high school, Colby tells Babe that she knows she’s been cheating on Colby’s brother, doing Josh.  Babe asks Colby just how demented she is to say something like that.  Colby tells Babe that she knows all about her cheating on JR with Jamie and keeping JR’s child from him.  She tells Babe that she knows that she is messing around with all of these guys, kept Bianca’s child from her, and has no morals and yet Babe still thinks she is better than Colby.  In response to that, Babe tells Colby that she remembers dressing up with her and playing with her and recalls Colby as a nice little girl whom she always got along with but she can clearly see that Colby hates her.  She asks her why.  Colby admits to Babe that she hates her for taking her family away from her.  She then tells Babe that she and her momma are going to stay away from Adam and JR or else, Babe’s lover, Josh, is going to pay.  Either way, she (Colby) will win.

At the Miranda Center, Ryan asks David if this is the way to slink back into Dixie’s life, by getting her hopes up and then scraping her off the ground when she’s devastated after finding out that she falsely believed that she found Kate.  David tells Ryan that what disgusts him is how he can act like he cares about Annie or any woman.

Dixie talks to Krystal, admitting to her that maybe she’s been taken in by David’s lies again and she got Krystal in the middle of the situation.  Krystal tells her that she understands what she is feeling.  Dixie asks Krystal what if this isn’t Kate.  She tells Krystal that she is feeling obsession and guilt for what she did.  She wants to have her baby back and raise her and never let her go.  She tells her that Tad did not ask for this.  He did not sign her away like she (Dixie) did.  Krystal tells Dixie that she simply made a mistake.  Dixie tells Krystal that maybe if Tad knew that their daughter was safe and nearby, he might be able to breathe and relax.

Erin and Annie return to Ryan’s penthouse and Annie starts packing to take Emma away.  Annie tells Erin she will need the help of her and Jamal and asks how much money she has.

Josh asks Bianca if underneath Kendall’s strong personality, she is really a pushover.  Bianca smiles and laughs and tells her brother that Kendall must never hear him calling her a pushover.  He asks her if she, Kendall and Erica all gossip about him.  She tells him that they communicate.  They are a close family.  He tells her that he won’t ask her for any help.  He asks her if she thinks he’s a jackass for loving Babe.  She admits to him that loving Babe is easy to do.  She knows that first hand and Babe knows how to love back, but sometimes Babe’s common sense escapes her and she ends up hurting people.  She tells him that she’s had enough hassles in her own life about whom to love, that she is not about to dish out advice to him.  She does, however, warn Josh that if JR finds out that Josh is sleeping with his wife, Josh will not have an easy time.

Babe rushes into the Fusion office.  Kendall asks Babe if she’s about to sleep with her brother and if she realizes that he is being falsely accused of a crime.  Babe tells Kendall that she will not let Josh go to prison for something he did not do.  She urges Kendall to let her handle this her own way.

At the Chandler house, Colby runs and hugs JR.  He asks her when they started to hug.  She tells him that Babe had the gall to go and humiliate her and insult her at school.  He tells her he seriously doubts that Babe did anything to hurt her.  She must be overreacting.  She then tells him that she escaped from her mom because she believes that she would have a better family with him and with Adam and now she knows that it’s a big waste of time.  At that point, he asks her to stop and he hugs her.  She asks him if he is going to tell her that he cares.  He tells her that he is not their dad.  He happens to know that she is lying.  He tells her that he knows she wanted to accuse him of Greg Madden’s murder.  She also falsely accused Babe of sleeping with Josh.  Colby has a pattern of lying in order to get attention and get what she wants.  Colby then tells JR that she is not lying about this.  At first he sounds like he is lecturing her but when she attempts to justify herself, he interrupts her and tells her he does not want to hear any excuses.  What he wants to do instead is thank her.

Babe tells Kendall that she knows he can get Josh out of this.  Kendall tells her she better and that she owes all of the Kane’s a big favor.  Kendall says that if she blows this, she’s had it.  Babe tells Kendall that she need not threaten her.  Kendall tells Babe that she disgusts her but she has no control over Josh’s feelings for her.  She goes on to say that if she (Babe) hurts Josh, she will pay for it.  Babe then asks Kendall if she has been bonding with her brother.  In response to that, Kendall refuses to talk and tells her she is stupid.  Babe gets up to leave.

Krystal asks Dixie if she is now trusting Tad after he almost got her sent up for murder.  Dixie tells Krystal this may be very complicated if that little girl is Emma.  She’s ready to attempt to explain the situation to Krystal when Adam comes in and interrupts the two women to ask how “his little mother” is today.  Dixie stares at him, unaware of which one he is speaking to.  Krystal tells her husband that he did not have to pick her up, but she will leave with him.  He tells her and Dixie that he intends to be one of those fathers who will pamper the mother of his child from conception to birth.  Dixie stares at them coldly and asks if Krystal is pregnant.

Annie tells Erin that she has to leave.  Erin must realize that when somebody wants to take her child from her, that it should be her (Erin’s) mission in life to help them.  They get ready for Annie to leave but Ryan enters and tells her he does not want her going anywhere.

Josh tells Bianca JR Chandler is a punk.  He tried to kill Babe, almost killed Kendall, and he’s done countless other despicable things.  He won’t be intimidated by him or put up with JR ever again.  She then asks him if he wants to do this in order to go after JR.  He asks her to help him talk Babe into leaving JR in order to be with him.

JR tells Colby that he owes her big.  She tells him she does not get it.  He tells her that it’s obvious that Josh is all over Babe.  It’s as if his little sister read his mind.  She might turn into a real Chandler after all.  She can get Josh put away so he will never go near Babe again.  They smirk and act all happy.  Babe enters, notices them together and knows they are up to something that she will never forgive them for.  They turn to face her.

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