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Written By Jenn
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In Zach’s office, he sits alone and depressed looking over divorce papers.  He can hear the clock ticking

At Fusion, Kendall is eavesdropping as Babe tells Josh that she is willing to tell everybody what really happened between them so that he does not get charged with the statutory rape.  He asks her, however, if this situation was not going on, would she be admitting to JR that she slept with him and get rid of JR.

At school, Colby is upset to see Sean with Sydney.  She asks him why he is not thanking her for saving his ass from her dad and all the cops in town.  He tells her he does not want to see her anymore and prefers to be with Sydney.  He leaves and Colby asks Sydney what she did to make Sean ditch her.

After Dixie approaches Ryan, Annie, and Emma and tells them she knows that Emma is really her daughter, Annie and Ryan do not know what to do.  Tad is also speechless.  David is not far away observing them.  Annie is ready to take her daughter away.  Ryan tries to console her by telling her that Dixie is under a lot of stress and is not thinking rationally.  Annie asks him if she is always like that and with that her friendly and comfortable interaction with Ryan ends and she goes out the door.  David hides and watches while Dixie cries hysterically and urges Tad to tell these people that they cannot take her away and that this little girl is hers.

Di goes to see Zach in his office.  She tells him that she needs him to sign the affidavits to prevent people from cheating in the casino.  She wants to do something about this and protect his business from being compromised.  He does not speak a word or respond.  She tells him if he doesn’t want to say or do anything, then she won’t either.

Sydney tells Colby she cannot blame her for Sean bailing on her.  She reminds Colby that she that she stalked Sean.  Colby denies that.  Sydney reminds Colby that she saved her ass fro her stepmother and sister-in-law.  Colby tells Sydney that she did not need her to protect her from Babe and Krystal.  Sydney rubs Colby’s nose in the fact that that she made herself a slut by sleeping with Sean.  Colby tells her she did not sleep with Sean.  She slept with somebody else.  Sydney tells her whatever she says.

At the Chandler house, JR tells Krystal that he believes that Josh would take advantage of Colby and she is telling the truth about it.  Krystal tells her son-in-law that she seriously doubts that Josh would do that.  She believes that Colby would only be having sex with the Montgomery boy, if anybody and this whole situation where she falsely accuses Josh of statutory rape is a perfect way for her to get the attention of her father.  Right after Colby gets busted with a pregnancy test, she sure doesn’t want the boy she likes to be prevented from seeing her.  She wants to pin something on somebody whom Adam and JR would love to go after.  She knows that JR has many motives to want to hurt Josh.  He then asks his mother-in-law just what she knows about what Josh is doing with his wife.

Kendall overhears Babe telling Josh that she will tell JR and everybody else the truth so that the charges are dropped against him.  He tells her he does not care about Colby’s accusation or prison.  All he cares about is having her.  He asks her if she would be revealing the truth to JR if this were not happening.  She admits to him that she would not be doing it if it were not.  He asks her if she still wants to be with JR after everything that has happened.  She tells him that she knows that she has feelings for him.  He tells her that this is more than just “feelings.”  It’s love.  She tells him that she feels it but she loves her husband, also, and she really does not know what to think or do right now.  She tells him that the main thing is that she protect him from going to jail.  She tells him he does not want to mess with JR or Adam.  If they believe that he did the deed with Colby, he will be in serious trouble.  He tells her that he doesn’t care about any of this.  He needs her to commit to him.  She tells him that she is so sorry.  Kendall enters, faces them, and tells them that Babe is not as sorry as she’s going to be.

Krystal tells JR that it looks like the perfect story for Colby to sell to him and to Adam.  She asks him if he would buy Colby’s story if she accused somebody like Ryan Lavery or Aidan Devane of the same act.  He tells her that he does not care for Ryan Lavery but admits that he would not believe that he’d take advantage of Colby.  He does, however believe that Josh would do that.  She then tells him that he needs to think long and hard before sending an innocent man to prison.

At the restaurant, Dixie approaches Ryan and tells him he must help her get her little girl back.  Tad also tells Ryan that they have good reason to believe that Emma is really Kate.  Hearing that they got the testimony form David Hayward, Ryan asks them why they would believe him.  Dixie asks Ryan if he can prove that that little girl is not hers.  Ryan tells Dixie that this little girl’s name is Emma and her mother is Annie.  Dixie tells him that he must believe her.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to upset Annie.  He wants to believe her.  He tells Dixie he feels for her but when Hayward is her only source he has some trouble believing it.  David hides and listens to their conversation.  Tad tells Dixie that Ryan may have a point about Hayward fabricating it.  He tells her that if they go and pursue Emma, they could scare her.  In response to that, Dixie is emotional and tells them that she would never want to scare that little girl and she is sorry.

Myrtle enters Zach’s office and asks him why he is not talking to anybody, including his wife.  In response to that, he asks Myrtle if she will marry him.

Kendall joins Babe and Josh on the rooftop and tells Babe that she is a lying, cheating slut.  Josh asks Kendall why she is eavesdropping on their conversation and if she has their phones bugged as well.  She tells Babe that maybe she deserves to be with trash like JR.  It’s better than sleeping with her brother and ruining his life.  He tells Kendall that she better not talk that way to Babe and to stay out of their lives.  She confirms with them that she might very well help them to break JR now that she has the perfect ammo to do it.  JR enters and asks them what he just missed.  Kendall acts friendly to JR, telling him they haven’t seen each other nor talked since the day he almost killed her.  She asks him about the wife and kid.  He tells Kendall that her brother is a home-wrecker and a predator.  He goes off on Josh and Kendall looks to be siding with her brother and telling JR he better stop pushing or he will be sorry.  Babe then tells JR they better get out of there and she leads him out the door.  When Kendall and Josh are alone, she tells him that his days of following that lying skank are over.

Annie gets Emma home and gets her ready to go to the Miranda Center.

Dixie tells Tad and Ryan that she has to go find her daughter.  She is very worried that she will never see her again and she knows that nobody believes her and they all think she is crazy.  She goes out the door.  David suddenly shows himself to her.  This is now his perfect opportunity to play the hero and console her for Tad’s terrible behavior of disbelieving her.

Annie takes Emma to the Miranda Center and asks Krystal to look for signs that Emma might be having anxiety issues.

Dixie tells David that she did a terrible thing to terrorize a strange woman and her daughter.  He tells her that she must believe her instincts.  She tells him he better stop getting her hopes up.  He asks her what it was that she saw in that little girl’s face and in her eyes.  Dixie then admits that she saw Kate.  He then tells her that that means that she did not let “them” get to her.  He tells her he will not let her give up hope on finding Kate and she must come with him.

Ryan asks Tad if he is giving Dixie false hopes about finding Kate.  Tad asks Ryan if he really believes that he would do something like that.  Ryan admits to Tad that he would have never figured him for being capable of that but he knows that Tad wanted to put Dixie away for murder and has been very angry at her for the loss of Kate.  In addition, he just saw Tad and Dixie accosting an innocent woman and her child.

Myrtle asks Zach just why he is drowning his sorrows and if he has been cutting Kendall out of his life.  He tells her that he just told Kendall everything she wanted to hear and he does not believe that “until death do us part” are lies anymore.  She then tells him Kendall is dealing with a lot for any young mother to be facing.  He tells her that Kendall wants him gone.  She tells him she believes what is best is for them to be putting their arms around each other and refusing to let go.  She tells him that she can help them but he tells her that it’s all up to Kendall now.

Kendall asks Josh how he can be sleeping with JR Chandler’s wife.  Josh tells Kendall that is none of her business.  She tells him that it’s sick and twisted for him to be with Babe.  He reminds her that Dixie and Zach was no less twisted but she asks him just what is up with him and JR and Babe.  He tells her that she does not care about him.  She only wants to stick it to JR and Babe.  She tells him that is not true.  She does want to protect him from a lying sleaze ball like Babe.

At the Fusion office, Babe tells JR that she cannot believe that he would be so malicious and so heartless that he would take down an innocent man for something that he has not done.  JR then asks her if it would be alright if he took Josh down for something that he DID do.

At school, Colby finds Sydney and tells her that she has made her decision.  She tells Sydney that she is a fake blond and she is hounding Colby’s boyfriend.  She then tells her that she can officially have her life.  Sydney tells Colby that she does not want it.  She tells Colby that she must get over herself.  Her mom has an important career so she has been booted from her home and is now living the life.  She loves being herself.  Colby can keep her own life.  She does not want it.

At the Miranda Center, Krystal is watching Emma when Dixie and David enter.  Dixie tells her that she may have Tad’s child.  She tells Krystal that she needs to find out.

Tad tells Ryan if he knows anything about Emma, then he (Tad) must know it too.  Ryan asks Tad why he would trust Hayward.  Tad asks Ryan if Annie has ever spoken about adoption or about Emma’s real father.  Ryan admits that that does seem to be a big mystery.  Tad then shows Ryan a picture that David took of Emma.  He also informs him that Dixie got pictures out of Greg Madden’s secret files.  He asks Ryan if he can help him get any information on his little girl.

In response to Dixie’s allegation, Krystal tells her that this is not Kate.  This is Annie McDermott’s daughter.  Dixie urges Krystal to let her talk to the little girl.  Krystal agrees but tells Dixie she must not scare her.  Dixie goes to talk to Emma.  Alone with David, Krystal asks him what is going on with him.  She asks if he is trying to help Dixie or if he thinks that this will enable him to take Dixie away from Tad.  He tells Krystal that whatever happens with this, whether or not Dixie ever loves him again, he will at least know that she will have only him to credit for this: not Tad or Slater or anybody else.  Dixie then talks to Emma who talks about her mommy.  Dixie tells Emma that her mommy is the luckiest person in the whole world.

Tad tells Ryan that he has to forgive Dixie.  She was already obsessed about the first picture she saw of Kate and now he knows that Hayward has been working on her.  He tells Ryan he realizes how protective he is of Annie and of Emma but he needs Ryan’s help.  He has to ask Ryan to do a DNA test.  Ryan tells Tad he is willing to help him with that but they are going to do it his way and Tad has to make certain that Dixie stays away from Annie and Emma.

Dixie is talking to Emma about her puzzle and her favorite colors which are orange and yellow.  She then informs Emma that she is a mommy.  She has a son named JR who is all grown up.  She also has a little girl whom she loves very much.  Emma tells Dixie that she has a mommy but not a daddy.  Dixie asks her how she knows she does not have a daddy.  Emma then tells her it’s because her mommy told her so.  Dixie moves to the “next level” of conversation with the little girl by asking her if she’s ever heard the word “adoption.”  Annie walks in the door with Ryan and demands that Dixie gets away from her daughter.

At the Fusion office, Babe tells JR that she is tired of talking about futile issues.  They are done there but he tells her they are not done.  She tells him to leave and he does.

Zach is standing by the door of his office and turns out the lights.  He sits back down at his desk, drinks his water, and stares at the divorce decree that Kendall has served him.

Kendall asks Josh how long he has been a sap, or if did Babe do that to him.  She asks how he could let the Chandlers rake him over the coals.  He tells her that this is from a woman who is married to a killer.  She tells him that she wants what is best for him and so she is urging him to back off from the Chandlers while he still can.  He argues and they hear a voice asking them if this is a “brother-sister” thing.  They turn and are surprised to see Bianca.

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