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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Babe gets her mother out of bed to tell her that she is very worried about what Colby has done to Josh.  She knows that Colby is lying.  Josh would never sleep with her, much less “take advantage of her” and she’s very worried that Colby’s lie will get Josh in a lot of trouble.

Josh is at the police station telling the cops what happened on the night in question.  He tells them that he is very clear about what happened.  He was nowhere near Colby.  He was with somebody else.  Meanwhile, Colby is telling them about her “encounter” with Dr.  Josh.

Erica and Jeff rush to the station after finding out that their son is in trouble.  JR and Adam are there to greet them.  JR tells Erica that her son is so lonely and desperate that he had to reach out a touch a minor, his sister.  Erica demands to know what has happened.  Adam informs her and Jeff that their son has committed statutory rape with his daughter.  Erica tells Adam and JR that they have gone too far in their malicious accusations of her son.  She knows that he has been set up and falsely accused.

Krystal tells Babe that she would like to believe that Josh is not capable of doing something like that.  She knows that her daughter only wants to see the good in him and could not imagine such a thing, but she tells Babe that men can be snakes.

David goes to see Dixie.  He has a smirk on his face.  He tells her that he knows how she can find Kate.  She is so close to them right now that Dixie will not believe it.

We see Emma (Kate) having breakfast at a restaurant with her mother and Ryan.

Dixie tells David that she is not as excited as he is.  She has gotten her hopes up too many times before and she cannot go through it again.  He assures her that it won’t be like that again.  This time, her hopes will not be raised for nothing.  He has proof.  He asks what they are waiting for.  Tad shows up at the door to the room and replies that they are not going anywhere without him.

At the restaurant, Ryan tells Emma some silly riddles and knock-knock jokes to Emma.  She laughs.  Annie is having fun with her new friend and daughter.  Kendall, Rachel, and Spike enter.  Annie informs Kendall that she is just in time.  There is good news.  They are all going to be one big happy family.

After Tad arrives at Dixie’s hotel room, she tells David if he has really found Kate, then Tad has the right to know.  David reminds her that she has been aching to find her little girl for too long.  He asks her if she really wants this jerk to be a part of it, now that the opportunity to find Kate has presented itself.  He reminds Dixie that Tad almost got her falsely accused of murder.  She protests that she has kept Kate away from Tad before.  David asks her how many more chances she plans on giving his jackass.  Tad tells David that he better stay out of their business.  David reminds Tad that he must know that he (himself) is the only person in this room who knows where Kate is.  He asks Tad how many times he’s asked David to keep his mouth shut.  He tells Tad this might be his lucky day.  If Tad pushes him any farther, David might keep quiet about where Kate really is.

At the restaurant, Ryan tells Kendall that he knows that Emma can show Spike the ropes and be a mentor for him.  Annie asks if they might sow their wild oats when they get older.  He makes jokes about their kingdom of marshmallows and hot chocolate.  He jokes but notices that Kendall is not comfortable.  She tells Ryan, without a smile or laugh, that Spike will be the best catch and will not have to be desperate for friends or girlfriends or anything else.  Ryan can clearly tell that she is not comfortable with his friendship with Annie and Emma.

Josh tells the cops that he left Fusion alone and drove to the Valley Inn alone.  He went to his room and to bed alone.  That is how he spent his night.

In the other room, Colby is telling a different story about how Josh picked her up and took her to his room.  He offered her a drink.  She told him she could not drink because she was underage but he told her that brandy would calm her down.  She considered that he might know something since he was a doctor.  He then told her she could take a shower and hide herself from her family.  He told her that he could protect her although she was a little scared, and then he took off his clothes.  He told her that he would take care of her and keep her safe but she later found out that all he wanted to do was have sex with her.  He was drifting in and out of consciousness and mumbling Babe.  She concluded that he just wanted to sleep with her and pretended that she was Babe because he could not have Babe.  She insists it really happened that way.  She tells the people she confesses to that she is telling the truth and she will sign anything they want her to sign.

Not far away, Adam and JR tell Erica and Jeff that their son raped Colby.  Erica tells them that she knows that Colby is nasty and would make up a story like that.  She is sorry if anything happened to her but if her son would be foolish enough to sleep with a Chandler, both Adam and JR knows which one that would be.

Babe tells her mother that it’s obvious that Colby has a reason to get revenge on her and Josh and she is using that threat to blackmail them.  She admits to Krystal that she and Josh were together on the night in question.  They slept together and there is no way that he could have slept with Colby.  He was with her the whole time.  Krystal asks her daughter if there is any way to find out the truth without ruining her marriage.  In order to provide him with an alibi, Babe realizes that she might indeed be ruining her marriage by admitting that she slept with Josh that night.  Then she gets and idea and goes to find Sydney.

At the station, JR tells Erica that he knows that her son has had the hots for his wife from day one.  Some of “us” see Josh for the smarmy trash that he is, he tells her.  Babe had compassion and befriended him but he didn’t seem to understand that she would not want a loser like him.  Erica tells JR that he is delusional to be defending his worthless wife and that she knows that Babe is after Josh.  If he had any interest in her, she’d be all over him.  Josh asks his biological mother to shut up about Babe but he confronts JR about how malicious and hateful he is to turn his little sister on him just because of his personal attitude about him.  Colby comes out of the room and looks like she’s crying and vulnerable.  Derek enters and Erica asks him if this could really happen.  He tells her unfortunately Josh could be in trouble.  Erica tells Adam that Colby is delusional and needs psychiatric help.  JR asks her how she dare speak that way about his sister.  Her son is a predator.  They continue to blast each other until Derek demands that they all shut up.

Babe and Krystal get Sydney out of bed and ask her what she knows about the situation.  She is not certain what to tell them.

Tad tells David that he knows that he only wants to get Dixie in bed.  David tells Tad he has a lot of nerve to be judging him.  He heard Tad in the courtroom, making vicious accusations about Dixie because he would never forgive her for the loss of their little girl.  The two men blast each other until Dixie breaks them up.  She then gives Tad the picture of the little girl whom David claims is Kate.  Tad asks David where he got these.  She admits that she and Zach found one of them when they went through Madden’s things.  The other picture is a recent one that David says he took of her.

Meanwhile, Ryan is with Emma and Annie.  Kendall and Spike depart. 

Dixie tells Tad that she really believes that the little girl in the picture bears a striking resemblance to both of them as well as Jamie and JR as children.  She believes that this time, David may very well be telling the truth and this really is their little girl.  In response to that, Tad concludes that David must have gotten a DNA test.  David confirms that that is exactly what happened.  He informs Tad that the time he wandered into his house, he was there to steal his toothbrush.  He also got DNA from the little girl.  Tad does not want to believe it.  David tells Dixie that this is not a lie.  She tells him he needs to prove it to them and let her and Tad go to their mutual daughter on their own.  David tells her he does want that to happen.  He wanted to go with her to find her daughter.  It was going to be his gift to her.  It would be his way of making up for the pain he’s caused her and could have been the way for them to start fresh.  He concludes if the only way he can prove to her that he does not want to hurt her is to simply tell her where Kate is, then he will tell her.

At the Chandler house, Krystal and Babe ask Sydney what she might remember about the night when she discovered that Colby has been hiding and letting everybody believing she died in the boat.  Sydney tells them she doesn’t remember much.  She tells them that she is not very clear about the details.  Babe reminds her of the snacks that she had organized that night when she and JR came into the house.  She asks Sydney if they were really for Colby to eat in the tunnels rather than the story that she told them that night having to do with cleaning the house for her aunt Winifred.  Krystal then asks her if she can remember Colby’s pregnancy scare.  Babe asks her if Colby slept with Sean on the boat.  She then informs Sydney that Colby is accusing Josh Madden of statutory rape and they are both at the police station giving statements right now.  Hearing that, Sydney reveals to Babe and Krystal that this is the first she’s heard that Colby has done that and she is just as shocked as they are.  In response to that, Krystal tells Sydney she knows that she would not want to let an innocent man get falsely accused of such a crime so she must do whatever she can to prevent that from happening.  Babe urges Sydney to realize that she cannot cover for Colby after the way Colby has treated her.  Adam, JR, and Colby walk in and are grimly satisfied that Josh is going to pay for what he “did.”  Obviously, they can see that Babe, Krystal, and Sydney do not share their glee.  Babe asks JR if he is just doing this in order to hurt Josh and if Colby is doing this in order to hurt her.  JR puts his arm around his sister and asks Babe if she does not believe Colby.

Ryan tells some stories to Emma about the princess Emma who lives in Pine Valley.  Tad and Dixie enter the restaurant.  Dixie takes one look at Emma and concludes that she knows that is Kate.  She freaks.  Tad has her sit down and orders them some food but she cannot take her eyes off of Emma (Kate?).

Sydney goes to find Sean and asks him about the night in question.

Colby asks Babe why she would accuse her of lying about this.  Babe tells Colby that she knows she’s lying.  She realizes that Colby has been though a lot but setting Josh up to be falsely accused of a sex crime is going too far.  Adam tells Babe she must back off from Colby.  Krystal reminds Adam that Babe is concerned about Josh because he is her friend.  Adam and JR remind Babe and Krystal that Josh drugged his biological mother, been abandoned by his biological parents, and raised by a raving lunatic.  JR tells Babe she must realize how sick Josh was to be taking advantage of Colby and pretending she was Babe.  He asks why Babe and Krystal can’t see that Josh has not exactly had a stellar record and asks why they would believe his word over Colby’s.

At the station, Erica and Jeff assure Josh that they believe that he is being framed.  Alone with Jeff, Erica tells him that this is all the fault of Babe Chandler.  Had their son not gotten mixed up with her, this would not have happened.  He must know that Babe is toxic.  Jeff firmly tells Erica that she must lay off Babe.  She is not out to hurt their son.

JR asks Babe why she would believe Josh.  She tells him that she knows that Josh would not do this.  He is her friend.  Yes, he has a dark side, he has his problems, but he would never seduce a minor.  Colby tells Babe she does not expect her to believe her.  All that matters is that her daddy believes her.  She runs up and hugs Adam.  He tells his daughter he believes her.  She tells Babe that she is falsely accusing her of lying.  Alone with JR, Babe tells him that she knows that Josh did not sleep with Colby.  She probably slept with Sean Montgomery.  That’s why she thought she could be pregnant or wanted people to believe it but Josh is being set up.

Sydney talks to Sean about all the lies she’s been helping Colby with.  He asks her if he is off the hook.  She tells him that for now, Colby’s dad is not going to get him into any trouble.  Another guy is going to pay because of Colby’s lies.

At the restaurant, Annie notices that Dixie and Tad Martin are at the other table not far away.  She remarks to Ryan that it’s very weird that the two of them would be together after Tad almost got Dixie convicted of murder.  She sends Emma to go and put some money in the jukebox while she talks to Ryan alone.  As Emma passes them, Dixie and Tad stare at her.  Dixie instantly tells Tad that this woman is neglecting their daughter to let her wander away alone.  He tells her that she’s only letting her use the jukebox, not go out and play in freeway traffic.  Dixie tells Tad that she knows this is their daughter.  She can feel it and she’s going to do something.  Emma then returns and Ryan and Annie suspect nothing.

Kendall returns to Fusion and the others there remark that she is all alone and ask where she left Spike and Ryan.  Dani and Erin ask Kendall what her plans are.  She obviously doesn’t want to answer their questions and is not ok with Ryan’s relationship with Annie and Emma.

Babe tells JR that she may not know everything that Josh has been doing since the first time he met Colby and cannot account of all of his whereabouts but she knows that he did not do that.  He asks her why she would accuse his sister of making up a rape story.  She asks him if he cannot see that Colby has had it in for both her and Josh and would be capable of doing something like that.  JR then tells his wife that he loves her and loves that she can always see the good in people.  He wishes he could see the good in others also, even Josh Madden, but he cannot.

Sydney talks to Sean about how she can clearly see that Colby is whacked.  He asks her how he can “help” with what they need.  She tells him that maybe they can make it look as though they have hooked up.

At the restaurant, Dixie comes face to face with Emma, stares and remarks on what a beautiful little girl she is.

Adam tells Krystal that he’s going to make certain that Josh Madden’s name is on every sex offender and predator list in the nation.  She tells him she realizes Josh may not be a saint but Colby is the person who has done something terribly wrong here.

Babe finds Josh and tells him that she is going to tell everybody including the cops, Adam, and her husband what really happened on the night in question.  She won’t let him get framed for a crime he did not commit.  Not far away, Kendall is eavesdropping on their conversation.

At the restaurant, Dixie cannot restrain herself any longer.  She tells Annie and Ryan that this is her child.

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