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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
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David goes to Dixie's room at the casino to tell her he knows where Kate is.  He says Kate looks just like Dixie.  Dixie tells David to get out as she doesn't believe a word he's saying.  David shows her the photo of Emma that he took from Dixie's room and tells her this is her little girl.  Dixie tells him he stole the photo from her.  She claims it doesn't mean anything as it's one of hundreds of little girls that Madden was keeping track of.  David says he saw this child.  He tested her and she is a DNA match with Tad.  He shows her the document with the DNA results.  Dixie looks at it and says, "Oh my God, it's a match."

Ryan goes to Annie's place, which used to be his place, and looks around for a book.  She offers him some hot chocolate.  Annie admits she's still on high alert even though Terry is dead.  Ryan asks how she can reduce that high alert level.  She says by relaxing with a spa day or reading.  She says his sister Erin taught her that.

At ConFusion, Amanda walks over to Josh and offers him a beer on the house.  She tells him she wants him to convince her he's not going to hurt Babe.  She asks if he's going after Babe to get back at JR.  She says if he's playing Babe he'll regret it.  Josh says he loves her and will do anything to get her away from JR.  Josh tells Amanda he hates JR for playing the CD of his father's last words in front of the crowd at ConFusion. 

Erin goes to ConFusion and sits down.  Aidan and Di arrive right behind her and sit down, laughing and snuggling together.  Erin walks over to them and asks to talk to Aidan alone.  Di leaves to get some drinks.  Erin sits down and Aidan asks her what's on her mind.  She says "you and me."

Colby is confronted by her father at Chandler mansion.  Before anyone says anything to her, Colby proclaims, "I didn't do it.  Adam shows her the directions for the pregnancy test and asks her to say it isn't hers.  Colby says there's no way she could be pregnant.  The test is Sydney's, she says.  Sydney, who is just around the corner, walks into the room calling Colby a liar.  She says Colby asked her to buy the test for her because she thinks she's pregnant.  Adam asks Winifred to take Sydney into the next room, and they leave.  Adam shuts the door and turns to Colby.  He tells her she's barely 16.  How could she have done this?  Colby says it wasn't her fault.  Krystal asks if she was forced to have sex.  Colby says no, but it's not her fault.  Adam and JR demand to know why the guy is.  Krystal asks Colby if she's pregnant.  Colby says she doesn't know yet as she hasn't taken the test.  They go into Colby's room and wait while she is in the bathroom taking the test.  Adam asks through the door if she knows anything yet.  Krystal decides Colby needs more privacy and shuffles Adam and JR out the door.  Babe asks Colby how everything is going.  Colby comes out of the bathroom and tells Babe she doesn't care.  She's cheating on her brother.  Colby looks at the results of the test in her hand and cries "oh, no.  She gets on the bed and Babe tells her she's not alone.  Colby is upset that she's pregnant.  Krystal examines the test and tells Colby she misread it.  She is really not pregnant.  Colby is gleeful and hugs Krystal.  She runs out of the room and declares to her father and JR that it's a false alarm.  Adam orders her downstairs.

Josh tells Amanda he's feeling things he's never felt before with a woman.  Before it was all about having as much fun and as much sex as he could.  He asks if any of this makes sense.  Amanda looks over at Jonathan and tells Josh it does make sense.  Jonathan is preparing drinks for Di.  Erin meanwhile tells Aidan she had no excuse for the way she handled their breakup.  She should have trusted him to help her through this.  She's sorry she hurt him.

David tells Dixie she will never know anything about her daughter.  Dixie asks him to have some compassion.  This is her child.  David is silent.  Dixie gets a knife, gives it to David, and tells him to kill her now and get it over with.  If that's too messy, he can strangle her.  She takes his hands and puts them around her neck.  She says he has to tell her where her child is.  David says she has no idea how much he cared for her.  She in turn rejected him over and over.  He asks if she had any idea how that feels.  Now he thinks that maybe she'll get it.

Ryan and Annie are drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace and talking.  Annie talks about when Emma saw a sunflower and how much detail she saw in it.  She says kids teach us to see the world in a different way.  She wonders how she can teach Emma not to distrust every man.

Adam tells Colby he suspects Sean Montgomery is the culprit.  He got her drunk and took advantage of her.  Colby says he has it all wrong.  It wasn't Sean, she says, it was Josh Madden.  Babe tells her she's lying.  Colby says it's all Josh's fault.  Krystal suggests Colby is tired and confused.  Colby says it happened the night of the boat wreck.  Babe says Josh was with her that night.  JR says Josh wasn't with Babe the whole night.  He picked her up that night and she was alone.  Colby says she made it back to the house and heard JR saying he would kill her if he found her, so she ran away.  She ran into Josh and he made her get into his car.  They went to his place and he took care of her and gave her brandy.  She took a shower and when she got out he was there.  He told her she was beautiful and said she could trust him.  The next thing she knew they were in bed.  She says she was terrified, but one thing she remembers is he called her Babe.  Babe asks Colby how long it took her to make up that crock of a story.  JR asks Babe why she's defending Josh.  Colby says Josh fell asleep and she ran out and hid in the tunnel.  That is why Josh knew about the tunnel because she had mentioned it.  Colby tells her father that if he loves her he will make Josh pay.  Adam says he'll take care of Josh.  JR proclaims that Josh is a dead man.  Adam and JR walk out.

Erin thanks Di for allowing her to talk to Aidan.  Di says she's glad she worked things out.  Di returns to Aidan's table but he is distracted.  She asks if everything is OK and he says not really.

Annie asks Ryan how she can tell Emma about her father.  Ryan tells Annie to think about her new life and new friends.  Annie says she has decided not to try to find Emma's biological father.

David tells Dixie he loved her very much.  He would have given her a chance at happiness but she blew him off.  Dixie says she wishes she could have been the person he wanted and wishes she could fix his pain.  She asks him if he really knows where Kate is.

Emma comes downstairs to her mother.  Ryan starts telling her a story about Princess Emma, Prince Spike, and a mean man.  Ryan's voice is heard telling the story as David is shown with Dixie.

David tells Dixie he wanted her to hurt.  He wanted her to never find Kate.  He says he never expected to find Kate but when he did he wanted to keep her from Dixie forever.  Now he knows he can't do it.  He gives Dixie a photo of Kate that he took in Pine Valley.  He tells her this is her daughter and he'll take her to her.  Dixie smiles in gratitude.  Meanwhile, Annie and Emma lie down together by the fireplace.

At ConFusion, Aidan grabs a man who is attempting to give a woman a date rape drug.

Babe, now alone with Colby, calls her a lying bitch.  Colby tells her to prove it by telling the truth.  She says Josh never laid a hand on her because he was too busy laying Babe.

Two police officers arrive at ConFusion.  Jonathan points out the man with the date rape drug but the officers aren't interested in him.  They say they're looking for Josh Madden.  Josh identifies himself and the police put handcuffs on him and arrest him for statutory rape.

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