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All My Children Update Friday 10/6/06


Written By Jen
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Adam notices that Krystal did not eat much of her dinner.  He’s wondering if she’s been taking her prenatal vitamins.  She is very surprised at how he is fussing over her.  He talks about how her ankles might be swelling.  Colby listens, them, and tells them she is totally grossed out by their conversation.  Adam reminds his daughter that this is about the miracle of giving life.  Colby is not happy and she seems to be very upset about something more than her father and stepmother’s current situation.  Something has hit home for her.

Sean is lying on Jack’s couch watching television.  He seems to be getting very comfortable not working and having others wait on him.  He asks his uncle if he would get him a drink.  Then, he asks if they could go out together and have a few drinks.  Jack reminds his nephew that he cannot drink.  First, he’s underage, and second, he’s grounded for life.  Sean reminds Jack that Erica is gone and asks if it is was he who may have tanked Jack’s marriage.  Jack tells his nephew no.  He and Erica have their own issues.  He reminds Sean that he did tank Jack’s ship.

Erica checks into the hotel.  She goes looking for Josh.  She runs into Jeff who informs her that their biological son is not there.  He is with the one person who means something to him.

At ConFusion, Babe tells Josh that he needs to promise her that he will not ruin her marriage.  He must promise not to tell JR that they slept together.  Not far away, JR stands and observes them together.  He walks through the door.  Amanda tells him welcome to temptation.  He does not want to talk to her but she tells him he better not be drinking or anywhere near a bar.  He tells her that he is there looking for his wife.  Noticing JR, Babe goes to her husband.  She kisses him and acts as if everything is ok.  Josh enters and greets JR.  JR asks him what he is doing there.  He tells them that he has some great news that he wants to share with them. 

Jeff and Erica go down to the bar and talk.  He asks her why she is there.  She tells him that she has a huge launch party to plan for New Beginnings and she is way behind so she has to stay somewhere away from her house where there are no distractions.  She tells him that a change of scenery is good for creativity.  He asks her if she is alone.  She tells him that Jack is staying at home because Lily needs him.  She tells him that it’s very complicated.  He then reminds her that once upon a time the two of them were married and that he understands complicated.  She tells him that whether he buys it or not, there is a lot of commotion.  There is nothing wrong with her marriage.  She tells him that she needs to go and check on her room now but he urges her to talk to him.

At Jack’s house, he tells Sean that he needs to join the real world.  He collects some trash that Sean has refused to pick up and tells him he’s being very lazy.  Jack tells Sean that there will be some rules in this house.  Sean asks his uncle of he’s going to make him clean his room and treat him like a child.  Jack then tells Sean that he can’t just go around expecting a free ride.  Maybe Barbara let him do whatever he wanted but he cannot push his boundaries around here.  Sean apologizes for crashing Jack’s boats and reminds his uncle that teenagers go through a phase of partying and pushing boundaries.  Jack asks his nephew what he may have done in that boat besides drinking.  He asks if there sex was also involved.  If so, he hopes that Sean would have the good sense to use protection.

At the Chandler house, Colby goes into the bedroom and finds Sydney.  She reveals that something terrible has happened and it’s more serious than a bad hair day.  Sydney asks her what is up.  Colby then informs Sydney that she thinks she might be pregnant.

Downstairs, while Adam fusses over her, Krystal asks her husband if he feels guilty.  He tells her no.  He is just happy.  Last night, when he was lying in bed, he thought about how different this experience will be than the first experience she had.  He reflects that she was young, all alone in a trailer with nothing to eat during her pregnancy except ketchup soup, wondering of Hayward’s child would grow a tail and horns.  She tells him that the result (Babe) turned out pretty good, tail, and all.  Sydney asks Colby how she could have gotten pregnant.  Colby then asks her if she has to spell it out for her.  Sydney asks her if she was too drunk to use protection.  She suggests the morning after pill but Colby know that it’s too late for that.  She asks what she is supposed to tell her dad and moans that this is such a tragic mistake.  Feeling sorry for her, Sydney hugs Colby.

Adam asks her when they conceived this baby and makes some suggestions that have Krystal blushing and giggling at the thought.  He asks if it’s the night when he trapped her in the bath or the night when she slept in and Winifred walked in on them.  She relives all of the fun as they whisper in each other’s ears about all of the fun they had.  He realizes that it only takes once.  He also tells her that this is the first time that he’s had a child when he was happily married to the mother.  Hailey was a surprise and he did not even know that she existed.  He remembers that he broke laws and vows to conceive JR and Colby.  He says that he never thought about being a father in the right way but this is about them and love and their future.  He tells her that she was right that this was meant to be.  This child will be a testament to a love that will never end.

Sydney gets on the computer and reads all the data about how and when condoms fail.  Colby admits that she had no clue if Sean put it on right or not because she wasn’t looking and has no experience with this.  It was her first time.  It was the only time and she’s very worried that once her father finds out, he will completely disown her.  Now that Krystal is having is baby, he will get rid of Colby and replace her and her baby with the new baby.  Sydney tells her that there has to be way to find a solution.  Colby tells Sydney that she will no longer be able to wear belly shirts, mini skirts, or skinny jeans.  That will ruin her life.  Sydney asks her how she can be entirely certain that she is pregnant.  She asks if she has taken a home pregnancy test.  Colby admits that she has not and that she is afraid to find out for sure. 

Adam tells Krystal that she is such an incredible woman with the perfect glow.  In response to that, Krystal tells her husband she’s glad that he’s giving her all this attention but maybe he should pay more attention to his daughter.  Krystal can see how upset Colby is to have found out that her father is having a new baby.  Adam reminds his wife that he does not need to give Colby so much attention.  She is not having the next Chandler heir (so he assumes).  Colby is 16.  He gave her the most extravagant party and she’s still being a pain.  He tells Krystal that Colby is just going to have to share his attention.  Krystal reminds Adam that sharing is not Colby’s strong suit.

Sydney tells Colby that she needs buy a pregnancy test and find out if she is really pregnant.  Colby tells her she cannot go and make it public.  Too many people know who she is and will expose her picture and violate her privacy.  Colby tells Sydney that no one knows or cares about her and she can go and get the test without anyone recognizing her.  Sydney asks what she will get out of doing this.  Colby tells her that she will have her gratitude.  Sydney holds out for some new outfits for school.  Colby tells her don’t get caught.

Jack lays down the law to Sean about being responsible with alcohol and with sex.

In the hotel bar, Erica tells Jeff that she now feels as though she has some confusion about what she wants.  She’s concluded that she’s gotten to be good at living alone.  He then reminds her that she has so much now.  She tells him she knows.  She loves her family.  She has loved Jack for more than twenty years, but it’s hard to hold onto “me” when she is so busy working on “us.”  She tells him that when she is doing that, she does not define herself very well.  She loses Erica Kane and sometimes she believes that she is not cut out for marriage.

Josh goes downstairs and informs Babe, JR, and Amanda that he plans to stay at Fusion.  Babe tells him that he cannot.  She has fired him.  He reminds her that Simone has hired him back and there is nothing anybody can do about it.  He tells JR that he will be “working under” his wife.  He leaves.  Amanda follows him.  JR angrily tells Babe that she cannot let Josh get away with this crap.  She must lay down the law but she tells him that she cannot.  She tells him that she wishes she could fire Josh but she cannot.  He asks why not since she’s part owner.  She tells him that she’s finally won the respect of her colleagues and getting rid of Josh is going to ruin things.  He tells her that she can do her job without Josh and the others must realize that.  He tells her that Josh does not want to be there to work.  He wants to be there to get her.  She rationalizes to JR that she is outnumbered by Simone and Kendall and it’s not worth it.  He tells her that maybe Babe can fire Josh and let Simone fire Amanda and they can call it even.  Babe tells JR that she cannot do that to Amanda.  JR asks her what good Amanda is.  Jonathan overhears him trashing Amanda and demands that he stop.  JR asks Jonathan if anybody was talking to him.

Jeff tells Erica that he knows she can figure things out.  She tells him that one thing that has not changed about her is that she is no less ambitious than she ever was.  She still wants to be better and better all the time.  Family life is not for somebody who cannot be ordinary.  He tells her that he could never see her as ordinary.

Jack tells Sean that he spoke to Sean’s mother.  She decided that since she is seldom home and Jack is usually home, then there is only one thing for Jack to do.  Sean then assumes that they want to ship him off somewhere.  Jack tells his nephew no.  Barbara wants to appoint Jack as his legal guardian.  Sean is not happy with that because he knows that there will be discipline in Jack’s house.  Jack reminds Sean that maybe Sean should trust him and be grateful.  Jack let Sean live in his house and provide for him.  He let Sean crash his boat, almost get people killed, and almost get Jack’s daughter raped.  Sean tells Jack he’s sorry and did not mean that.  Jack tells Sean that his father loved him and wanted to be the perfect father for him but he died.  He is concerned about the memory of Sean’s’ father and he realizes that Sean’s mother has not provided a stable environment for him.  Sean concedes that his mother has had a lot of boyfriends.  Jack tells Sean that he is going to be the stable influence that Sean needs in his life.

JR and Jonathan argue at ConFusion.  Jonathan tells JR that he better stop insulting Amanda and being disruptive.  JR then asks Amanda if she is so desperate that she wants to sleep with a psycho.  At that point, Jonathan takes JR aside and tells him that’s it.  He tells JR that he has all his brain cells back and suggests that JR remember Jonathan did the last time he was fully functional.  When people pushed him, he killed them.  He knows how to play dirty and get away with murder just as JR does.  Babe enters and asks what she missed.  Jonathan informs her that JR just learned some manners.

Sydney returns with the pregnancy test and Colby snatches it from her hands, and rips it open just as Adam and Krystal walk into the room.  Adam asks his daughter to sit down while he tells her that Krystal’s having a baby will never change things.  Colby is still his little girl.  He loves her.  He may not like her behaviors but she can stay with him for a long time and he does not intend to send her anywhere.  He just wants her to change some things.  No more surprises and no more Sean Montgomery.  Colby then collects her pregnancy test and walks away, confirming to her daddy that she heard what he said.  She drops the instructions to the pregnancy test on the floor where anybody will notice it when she walks off.

At ConFusion, Jonathan asks Amanda if she’s ever thought about falling in love and just what happens when she feels that.  She describes a guy who is generous and will do anything he can possibly do for his woman.  He tells her that is amazing and asks her if she thinks that this guy even exists.  She tells him yes.  He is himself.  Jonathan looks at her stunned.

At the Chandler house, Krystal tells Adam that she knows how to be a good stepmother to Colby and handle the whole situation involving the baby.  He asks her how she ever got to be so wise.

Upstairs, Colby notices that she cannot find the instructions to the pregnancy test.

Downstairs, Adam notices the papers on the floor, picks them up.  He reads that the papers are the instructions to a pregnancy test and tells Krystal that they must be hers.  She looks totally baffled without a clue where it could have come from.

After realizing she’s caught herself off guard by revealing to Jonathan that she sees him as the perfect guy, she “edits” what she said to him by telling him that she has noticed that he is the perfect guy for Lily.  He then tells her that he hopes that their little “arrangement” is not preventing her from finding the right guy, indicating that he does not want to commit to her.

In the bar at the Valley Inn, Erica reveals to Jeff that not only is Jack not staying with her there, he cannot attend her launch party for New Beginnings.  He has too much on his plate with Lily and Sean.  In response to that, Jeff tells her that he does not intend to cut in but he would be happy to take her to her party.  She smiles and tells him that she would like that.

At Jack’s, he tells Sean that he will set up some rules and lay down the law to him.  Sean agrees to some of his terms.  Sean makes what sounds like a joke about them drinking together.  Jack does not seem to find that funny.

Colby and Sydney search the room frantically for the instructions to the pregnancy test.  It’s nowhere to be found and she concludes that she dropped them downstairs when she was talking to her dad.

Downstairs, Adam tells Krystal that he wonders who it would be if it’s not her.  He considers Winifred but rules her out, then assumes that it’s Babe.  He tells Krystal it would be so awesome if there was another Chandler baby.  Babe and JR walk in.  Adam asks her if she is going to have another baby.  She tells him no.  He asks who else in this house would be pregnant.  Colby comes rushing in just as the question leaves Adam’s mouth. 

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