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Jack brings Lily home from the hospital.  She enters the house and looks around as if she has never been there before.  Erica and Sean welcome her home.  When Erica mentions Jonathan, Lily screams “No.”

Derek is ready to arrest Tad for perjury, and Zach walks into Tad’s home and confesses to murder.  He informs Derek that he and Dixie dug the hole and buried Greg alive.

Josh sees Babe at ConFusion.  He tells her that they are in love and it’s time to admit to that.  She responds by telling him that she is not there because of him or because of JR.  She is there for business.  She has a lot of work to do.

Outside of Kendall’s home, she tells Ryan that she is tired of Zach’s behavior.  She tells him that maybe she should have trusted him and stayed in denial since that is the easiest place to be.  Instead she had to demand answers that Zach was not ready to give and now she knows the truth.  Her husband is a horrible, ruthless man.  Ryan then asks Kendall if Zach explained what happened the night that Madden was buried and how he got the tape.  She tells Ryan yes he did.  On the up side, Zach did not bury Madden alive.  On the downside he knows who did and covered for them.

Dixie confirms to Derek that Tad has not committed perjury.  She and Zach did kill Greg.  Derek then concludes that this whole thing has been a scam from the beginning.  He questions all of the lies, cover-ups, and the information from the airport security chief.  He tells them congratulations.  They have beaten the system.  They can toast and do high fives or whatever they want but a man was tortured and killed.  He asks them how they will sleep and goes out the door.  Zach answers that he will sleep like a baby.

Kendall is putting Spike down in his crib.  She tells Ryan that she does not know if she can live with a man who is capable of what she’s now found out that Zach is capable of.  She reminds Ryan that he had to show her what Zach was capable of when he caused the power outage.  He turned both of their lives as well as Greenlee’s upside down.  Ryan confirms that if Zach had not pulled the plug on the fertility clinic, then she would not be the mother of this wonderful little guy.  He picks up his son.

In response to Josh cornering her, Babe tells him that she feels like going upstairs and throwing things against the wall.  She tells him that she cannot just chill when he is looking at her like that.  He then tells her that the last thing he wants to do is make her uncomfortable or unhappy.  He will leave if she wants or stay if she wants.  It’s her call.  In response to that, she tells him that maybe that is not fair.  He tells her that he will accept it.  He admits to her that before he met her, he did not care about anybody else’s happiness.  He only cared about himself but she changed that for him.  He leaves and Amanda enters and notices how Babe looks overwhelmed.  She assumes that JR must have done something to Babe and asks what he did now.  Babe replies that JR let her fall in love with another man.  In response to that, Amanda demands that Babe tells her what is going on.  Babe evades the issue but concludes that she may be the stupidest woman in the world.  Jonathan enters and he and Amanda share a look that indicates to Babe that he and Amanda are seeing each other.  Babe seems interested in what is going on with them.  Amanda tells Babe that it is not Babe who is the stupidest woman on the planet, but rather it is she (Amanda).

Lily is still non-responsive while Jack, Erica, and Sean attempt to talk to her.  Sean comes and apologizes to her for being so careless about letting her run off and not knowing that the pervert was after her.  He “consoles” her by telling her at least he is dead now.  He starts to mention Jonathan but Jack tells him he cannot bring that up.  Lily then gets up and tells Sean that she knows he intends to be nice but he makes her head hurt.  Erica then tells Sean that she knows he means well but with Lily, less is more.  Sean tells her, however, that he realizes that, and this was his “less.”  Jack talks on the phone with a specialist for Lily.  Erica overhears him and tells him that she is all for anything that can help Lily but she is not ok with the fact that Jack intends to let Sean stay in their house for the school year.  He tells her that he’s been on the phone with Barbara and she tells him she cannot deal with Sean.  He tells her that he cannot just abandon his nephew.  Erica tells her husband that when the got married, they agreed that as much as they love their children, they have to cut them loose at some point.  She concludes to Jack that this is not working.

Amanda shares with Babe that she is worried that she may not have a future with Jonathan, knowing that he is in love with Lily but she wants to be with him and see him happy and they enjoy being together.  She then notices that Babe looks like she is lost in thought and she asks her what is going on.  Babe informs her that she may be in love with two different men.

Jeff is entering his room at the Valley Inn, which is right next door to Josh’s room.  Josh sees him in the hall and asks if he got tired of the yacht club.  He seems more cordial to his biological father than he has been so far but he keeps his distance.  Jeff confesses to his son that when Erica went to the clinic all those years ago, neither of them had a clue about how to be parents.  Josh then asks his father if he intends to tuck him in and read him a bedtime story.  Jeff tells Josh that maybe they should just go out for a few beers and unwind.

Ryan holds Spike while Kendall tells him that there is no guarantee that she and Zach will work things out.  He tells her that he is ok with that and so is Spike.  She tells him it’s not that simple when she admits that she is nowhere near done with Zach.  She tells him that the problem is that she cannot deny that she still loves Zach.  She knows the terrible tings he can do and that he can play by his own rules but up until now, she always believed that Zach had good reasons for doing what he did.  Now however, he made her sick when she realized what he is really and truly capable of and there is no love in that.  There is only pure hate.  It scares her.  She tells Ryan she does not know if she can handle it or if she should even try.  She goes on to say that when Zach looks at her like he always does, she concludes that that is what she wants to hang onto; the man she loves.  A part of her wants to just keep that and wrap it up with a cute little bow and not face the grim reality and another part of her just wants to run and forget everything.  Ryan tells her that whatever she decides to do is her own decision.  She tells Ryan that she loves Zach.  She hates what he’s done but she loves him.  She has to get herself to acknowledge that he could do it again because it’s not just a one-time deal.  Somebody could tick him off, and he could do it again.  She cannot figure out what to do or what is right for her.  Ryan tells her that she will.  He goes toward the door.  She asks Ryan where he is going.  He tells her he has to go.

After Derek has left the three of them alone and given up on arresting them, Tad tells Zach that he has saved Zach’s hide.  Zach asks Tad what kind of spiteful tricks he has up his sleeve to ruin both his and Dixie’s lives.  Dixie tells the two men that they have to stop arguing.  Zach leaves and Dixie tells Tad thank you for everything including saving her and Zach as well as for trusting her and believing what she said about the whole situation.  He tells her you’re welcome but he lets her go out the door and looks sad.

Jeff and Josh have some beers and Jeff talks about how Tad was the bad boy when they were growing up but he was the do-right.  He tells his son that he wishes he had taken more chances.  Josh reminds Jeff that he took a major chance when he married Erica Kane.  Josh then asks Jeff if he can answer a question for him.  It may be out of Jeff’s field of expertise, he realizes.  Jeff asks his son to spill it.  Josh asks Jeff what he would do if he were in love with a married woman.

Babe tells Amanda that Josh tells her what he is thinking and feeling and there are no games but she loves JR.  Amanda reminds Babe that JR tried to kill her and the best thing he’s ever done for her, besides giving her little A, was to sign the papers that would give her full custody of Little A if they were to divorce.  She tells Babe that she should just take the kid, divorce him, and be rid of him.  Babe tells Amanda that it’s not that simple.  JR has committed to her and asks how she can walk away from that.  Amanda tells Babe there’d be nothing wrong with admitting that she is in love with another man.  Babe concludes that she is in love with both of them and asks how she can choose.

At Kendall’s, Ryan brings in some bags of food.  She tells him he is crazy.  He tells her maybe but he knows that she is obsessing over what to do with Zach.  He announces that he has Chinese, and pizza and all kinds of food.  He asks her if she’s going to let him eat it all alone or if she will help him.

Jack tells Erica that he loves her.  He knows that they have had a rough patch but their marriage means a lot to him.  She tells him she loves him and that it means a lot to her, also, but having all of this chaos is not working.  She knows what a big heart Jack has always had.  That is why she loves him so much.  He would never turn his back on Lily or on Sean.  There’s also been so much going on with her family that she feels as though she is being swallowed up, one crisis at a time.  She has no time for her marriage or for her professional life.  The past few months, she’s felt so distracted that she does not feel like herself and that scares her.  He consoles her that she will always be Erica Kane.  She reminds him that she has a new launch party for New Beginnings.  He admits that he cannot attend her party because he has to take care of Lily.  She tells him she understands that but she needs him to understand that she needs some time away.  He asks her what kind of time away.  She tells him she means a business trip.  She needs to take care of business and it’s impossible to do that around here.  He asks her just where she is going.

In response to Josh’s question about what he would do if he was in love with a married woman, Jeff tells him that the first thing he’d want to know is about her husband.  Does he treat her well or is he a jerk?  If he believed that she does not have a worthwhile husband, then there is nothing wrong with refusing to give up on her.  Josh tells his father that that was good advice.

Babe is still mulling over her situation while talking to Amanda.

Jamie goes to see Tad in his home.  He asks his father if he is alright.  Tad responds that he is sober and Dixie is free.  Jamie asks him if he is alright.  Tad tells his son he is not certain how he feels but knows he must move on.  Jamie admits that it’s a lot to handle.  Tad asks Jamie if he thinks he can handle it.  Jamie says yes and tells his father if he ever needs him, he is right there.

Jeff goes outside of Josh’s door and notices Erica.  She appears to be coming out of her own room.

Tad and Jamie are sitting in the dark watching some program about a critter that only comes out in the dark.  They both look to be deep in though.

Zach walks with Dixie back to her room.  She asks him if he could come in, telling him it will just take a minute.  She asks him what type of involvement he had with the tape of Madden’s confession.  He tells her he knew all about it but confirms that he did not plant it on JR.  She tells him that is good.  He tells her that she needs to get some sleep but she tells him that she’s been staying at the hotel for too long.  It’s time to get a job and get out of the casino.  She’s already disrupted his and Kendall’s lives enough.  He tells her there is no reason for her to leave.

Kendall and Ryan are eating and talking, looking totally happy to be together.  They talk about their son’s future.  He leaves and Kendall watches him walk off with a smile on her face. 

Josh goes to ConFusion and finds Babe right after Jeff encouraged him.  He tells her he’s going to fight for her.

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