AMC Update Wednesday 10/4/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/4/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and Josh are kissing on the rooftop. He tells her that he knows that she feels what he feels and she loves him. He kisses her again and she does not stop him. He tells her she must admit that she loves him. She says yes. She does.

At ConFusion, Di gets an unexpected visit from Aidan. He kisses her but she pulls away.

Tad gets very upset after revealing to Dixie that he killed Greg. He cries. She tells him it’s alright. He tells her no. All the hope they had for getting their daughter back is gone. It died with Madden in the box. And he had to blame her. But she’s right. It was him. He’s as guilty as she is. More so. He is the one to blame for losing their daughter. Not her. Right then, she turns his face to look at her and tells him no.

Outside Kendall’s home, Erica comes and notices Ryan. At first she assumes and hopes that he is there for her Kendall while she is ready to dump Zach. But she’s not ok to notice that her daughter is inside with Zach. She tells Ryan she’s going to go onside and put a stop to it. But Ryan tells her she cannot do that.

Inside the house, Zach is ready to confess to his part in the crime. Kendall tells him she doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him it’s too late. But he tells her she’s going to listen to all of it.

Erica tells Ryan that he cannot prevent her from going inside. They both must help Kendall. But he tells her that Kendall has to make her own decision. It’s not for either of them to make for her. She must stay out of that. But Erica tells Ryan if he loves Kendall then he has to go in there and get through to her. He tells her no. Erica then concludes that she will do it herself. At that point, Ryan picks her up and carries her away from the house.

Kendall tells Zach that by not turning in the people who buried and killed Greg, he is just as guilty as they are. Why didn’t he save Greg? He tells her that some men do not deserve to be saved. She then concludes that this is about his father. This must all be about revenge. He then tells her she must stop. She cannot analyze him. She cannot make excuses for him. He did what he did because he’s cold. He’s calculated. And he wanted Madden dead.

After Aidan approaches Di, she tells him that he wished that he could have been there for her while her sister almost got charged with murder. He then tells her that he wished he could have been there. But he had his hands full. She asks him what was so important that he could not even check in with her. It could not have been Terry McDermott. He’s dead. She does not believe he has any valid excuse to avoid her and she tells him to go to hell. He walks away. Right then, Jamie walks in. Di tells him that she would like to thank him for what he did in court. He saved both Tad and Dixie. He tells her he wants her to drop it and he does not look happy. Aidan tells Jamie that he did a great thing. Jamie tells Tad he did what he had to do and compliments Aidan for his part in that with the surveillance tape. Aidan asks Jamie how Tad is doing. Jamie admits that he does not know.

Tad tells Dixie that he could have realized that he cannot play God with Madden’s life the way he did with Kate. But he could not stop himself. He enjoyed it too much. He admits to Dixie that he does not know himself anymore and is scared. She tells him he cannot beat himself up. He must realize that they need to focus all of their time and energy upon finding their daughter. But he tells her that he does not know how he can live for the rest of his life with knowing what he did. She tells him that he felt weak. He felt lost. He did not think. She understands. She knows what that is like. You do not think about the consequences or the future. All you think about is what you need to do in order to take care of your situation. He then asks her if that is what she did when Kate was born. She did what she thought she had to do. She took care of their little girl as she saw fit.

Babe and Josh are still on the roof top. They are ready to undress each other. He tells her that he loves her. It gets more heated. But before they are completely undressed, she pulls away, tell him she has to go back to her family and she asks him to please not stop her.

Tad tells Dixie that she did what she had to do at the time for Kate. She did not think about the consequences down the road. And he was there. He understands. He knew what happened. And all this time, he blamed and hated her for everything. He was wrong. And he’s no longer going to judge her anymore. He is sorry.

Zach tells Kendall if anybody messes with him or the people he cares about, he will make them pay. No exceptions. Even his father. He could have very easily walked away from his father. But he did not. Instead, he staged his own death. And the reason why is because he wanted him to suffer. He then reflects that he did not think there was anything wrong with Maria. She was a good woman. But she had no faith in him. So he did not care if she believed that he killed her husband. And he bailed upon Ethan in the same manner. She protests that he did not even know that Ethan was his son until it was too late and she knows he loved his son. But he tells her that he got his revenge upon Ethan by marrying her. And he developed his relationship with Dixie in order to stick it to Tad. She protests that she knows he is not a terrible person. But he reminds her that he has always hurt the people he cares for most. And he’s hurt her. He looks at her while she cries and he asks her why she is so surprised to hear that.

Ryan takes Erica back to her office. She tells him he cannot hold her prisoner. He tells her he can until she gets a grip. She asks him if he wants for Kendall to allow Zach to manipulate her again. He tells her he knows that she wants what is best for her daughter. And he loves her for it. But they both must realize that Kendall needs to make her own decision for herself. Erica admits that that is too passive for her. She cannot sit by and let her daughter get back with Zach. She believes that he killed Madden with Dixie. And he slept with her and cheated on Kendall. He tells her he happens to know for a fact that Zach never slept with Dixie. It was all an act. But Erica asks Ryan if he really wants for the woman he loves to get back with Zach. He admits that he does not want that.

Kendall attempts to convince Zach that she knows of all the good things he’s done for many people and that he is a good man. He then tells her that she can tell herself that. But in the end, she must realize that it’s a falsehood. She asks him if he wants her to love and trust a man who does not exist. Have they just been living out some crazy, whacked out fantasy? He tells her no. He loves her and knows that she loved him, so deeply that she only saw the good in him and tried to fix him and save him. But some men don’t want to be saved. He tells her that he is what he is and he’s ok with it. He then asks her how about her. Is she ok with it? Or does she want Ryan? He tells her if she does want Ryan, she should go and get him.

Babe returns home alone and notices Colby tearing up the “happy father 2B” that Krystal put up for Adam. And of course, Colby starts in on Babe by telling her that she’s been shacking up with Josh.

At ConFusion, Aidan gets a call on his cell phone and goes away to talk alone. Josh comes and approaches Jamie.

Dixie concludes to Tad that she never thought they’d get there. He tells her that they’ve also put half the town through hell in order to do it. She then tells him that she doesn’t want JR to hate Tad. But he tells her that he doesn’t want her getting involved in his issues with JR. He will handle JR. But he wonders what they are going to do. She tells him that they can help each other. But she does not know where to start anymore. He tells her he does. He will start right there. He then pulls out a box. He tells her that this is every scrap of information that he has on Madden. It’s the only thing they have going for them. He is trying to identify every child in that box. But what if he can’t? She tells him that he will. He then tells her that he will see their child. He will hold her and kiss her and welcome her. And when she’s old enough to understand, he will tell her how lucky she is to have Dixie for a mom. Dixie hugs him. Right then, Derek walks in and acknowledges that they have kissed and made up and he believes that the two of them have plotted a plan. He tells them he knows what they did and they are not going to get away with it. Derek tells Dixie that he knows that she and Tad have faked their hate for each other. He tells them that he knows that Dixie and Zach buried Madden and got away with it. But Tad is not so lucky. Right then, he pulls out his hand cuffs and places Tad under arrest.

Babe tells Colby that she knows why Colby hates her. It’s because she knows that Babe is onto her. Colby tells Babe that she is a slut. She is slamming on her when she’s cheating on her husband with Josh. She tells Babe that she is a hypocrite to be judging her. Babe asks Colby why she hates JR. Is she jealous that he got to grow up with Adam when she did not? She asks Colby why she is pushing this . She’s going to be sorry when it goes too far. Right then, Krystal comes in and breaks up their argument.

Alone at the New Beginnings office, Erica and Ryan talk. She asks him how Spike is. He tells her that he loves his son and can barely tear himself away from him to go to the office. She tells him that’s good and asks Ryan how he would feel he lost not only Kendall, but Spike as well, to Zach. She tells Ryan that she does not believe or accept that Ryan would be ok with just being Kendall’s friend and no mare.

Kendall reminds Zach that he made love to her night after night and professed his love to her and to Spike. When all along, he’s been knowing that a man has been buried in the ground yet did nothing about it. She cries and asks him if he feels no remorse and no regret. He admits that is true. She asks him if she is supposed to just accept the fact that she’s been living with a man who could not care about that. He tells her that she must make her own decision. At that point, she tells him he must go. He must get out of her house. She holds the door open. He walks toward the door. But he stops. She asks him if he knows who buried Greg. He replies yes. She asks him if he will tell her. He tells her no and he goes out the door.

Colby trashes Krystal, telling her that she is desperate to get Adam to give her attention and money. But she must realize that Colby is his daughter and she will always come first. She tells Krsytal that she is jealous. That must be the reason why she got pregnant. But Krystal tells Colby that she is totally ok with the fact that her father loves her. And Colby mustn’t be threatened by the baby nor believe that it will change how much she means to her father. She tells Colby that when the baby is born, she wants them all to be a family together. And she hopes that some day, she and Colby can be friends. Babe sits silently but when she hears her mother encouraging Colby, she tells Krystal she must be hormonal.

Del asks Di why she is wasting time. Whey doesn’t she get Aidan back? Di tells her brother that she cannot. She hates him. He tells her that there is a fine line between love and hate. Di tells him to save his clichés. Right then, Aidan approaches Di and tells her that he knows that she has feelings for him. She tells him that all she was thinking about is saving her sister’s life. He asks her if she never gave a thought to all the fun they have had together. She tells him she is in no mood to have any fun or relive anything. He tells her that is too bad because he’s found a way for them to learn more bungee jumping and have more fun.

Josh ask Jamie what else he knows. Does he know who dug the grave? Jamie sounds like he does not care to share even if he did not know. Josh asks Jamie if his father were buried alive, would he not care?

Right when Derek is reading Tad his rights and laying all the charges on him, Zach unexpectedly appears and tells Derek that he cannot take Tad.

Josh asks Jamie if he’s going to hold out on him and tells him fine, it wouldn’t be the first time. Jamie tells Josh that he will never find out who buried Greg.

After Krystal is making nice to Coly, Babe tells her mother that she is wasting her breath. But Krystal tells her daughter and stepdaughter that maybe they can all be a family and live in harmony some day. Colby tell Krystal that she is not stupid. Krystal is just playing her. She can play fake all she wants. She is still not forgiving what Babe is doing to her brother. Colby leaves. Babe asks Krystal if she can believe Colby’s attitude. Krystal asks Babe if Colby is right. Is she sleeping with Josh? Babe tells her mother she does not want to talk about that. She just wants to talk about the baby. But Krystal insists that her daughter answers the question. Was she with Josh? Babe tells her mother she cannot do this and she goes out the door.

Zach tells Derek that he cannot arrest Tad. Tad did seem Dixie and him with Madden’s body, the night they buried him

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