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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe talks to Josh after the trial.  She tells him she realizes he must have a million questions.  He tells her he only has one; what to do next.

Zach asks Kendall if it is over now.  She tells him he needs to tell her the answer to that question.

Tad tells Dixie that all the lies, crude comments, and outbursts in the courtroom were for her and the only reason she walked out of that courtroom is because he got her acquitted.  She tells him that she’s going to get out of there because she thinks he’s crazy.  Tad reminds her that there was too much evidence incriminating Zach.  He does not care how good a defense attorney Livia is or what other circumstances could have saved her there was too much evidence against her.  She would have gotten put away if somebody had not done something.  She tells him that she would have gotten falsely accused of murder if it were not for the defense.  He tells her that he knew that the only thing that could save her was a lie wrapped up in the truth.  Derek was eating up everything the prosecution gave him.  The only type of testimony against her that would help her was the kind given by a liar.  She then asks him if he really manufactured some sort of strategy to keep her out of prison.  He tells her that that was what he did.  He tells her that nobody had a clue what he was doing but he knew if he showed up in court ready to incriminate Dixie, Livia would discredit his testimony.  She tells Tad that Zach brought her to his (Tad’s) home and told her she should listen to him.  She asks Tad if Zach knew about this thing he’s just told her.  Tad then confirms that Zach helped him.  The fight that the two of them staged for Derek to see and put Zach in jail was part of the plan that they did together.  He reminds her that you do not have to like somebody in order to work with them to find a solution to a common goal.  He hates Zach.  He knows that Zach is not having an affair with her because he would never cheat on Kendall.

Zach tells Kendall that he loves her more than anything and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and Spike.  She tells Zach that even if Tad’s testimony was discredited, he could still be a murderer.  She still does not trust him.

Josh tells Babe that he just wishes that there could be an end to this nightmare and that he could put it behind him.  Now, he has no idea what to do or what comes next.  In response to that, she tells him that she wishes she had an answer to that for him.  He seems to know that she is not talking about the trial.  She is talking about the two of them.

In response to hearing that Tad cooked up this plan with Zach behind her back, Dixie is very angry that he would do that and asks him if he understands how this ruined their children.  H tells her he had to do it.  He knows that she is a lousy liar unless she is lying to him.

In response to Zach’s telling her that he loves her, Kendall asks him to talk and confess the truth.  He asks her why she cannot believe that he did not kill Madden.  She tells him that she is his wife.  She wants honesty from him not more of this “trust me Kendall.”  All he wants to do is talk in riddles.  She tells him if he cannot give her a straight answer, then they must end it.  She can’t deal with this.  She asks him if he is in love with Dixie.  He tells her he is not.  She reminds him that when she was in the hospital and near death, he abandoned her to be with Dixie and she cannot just get past that so easily.  He tells her that he would give anything in order to get back what they once had.  She tells him that she risked her life in order to save Spike.  She knows that he was ready to risk his own life in order to protect her wishes when she was unconscious.  She knows that there are two Zach’s.  There is the one who would do anything for her and there is the one who would sacrifice everything they had just to help Dixie.  She tells him that she still needs an answer about the CD in their closet of Greg’s last words.  She wants to know how he got it.  She demands an answer.  She asks him why he is fighting so hard to evade the truth.  He answers that he does not want her to know who he really is.

Tad tells Dixie that he had Jamie “help” him.  He needed somebody to turn on him whom the jury would really believe and who better than his own son?  The jury bought the whole thing.  She tells him that she really got the idea that Jamie truthfully turned on Tad.  He tells her that he also got some help from Aidan who called in some favors from the security guard at the airport.  She asks if the security guy’s testimony was all lies.  He tells her that he was locked in the security room but not on the night in question.  Kagen helped him by simply altering the date of the video.  She then tells him that she feels like such a fool.  He asks her what she thinks it felt like for him to live with believing for years that she was dead.

Babe tells Josh that he must realize that she is married.  He tells her that he could accept her devotion to her husband if it was true but he does not believe that that is what she is really feeling.  He needs her to tell him what is really going on with her, what is inside her heart, and what will come next.  She tells him that she and JR are working to keep their family together and be the right parents for little A.  She asks him what kind of a message she would be giving her family if she were going to leave right now.  He asks her if she is only staying with JR because of guilt or does she really love the guy.  She tells him he may not want to hear this but JR is more to her than just a charity case and he and JR are not all that different.  They are both selfish and arrogant and want nothing more than to be the apple of their daddy’s eye.  She tells him that she will not to give up on her son’s needs.  He tells her that she can be a good mother without JR.  He tells her that he will leave her alone and go away if she can tell him that she really loves JR and not him but he has to hear her say that first.

Kendall asks Zach why he has a problem with her demanding the truth.  He asks her why she cannot just trust him.  She then reminds him that that is who she is.  She has had a very hard time throughout her life with trust.  She did her part in all of this with him.  She played the cheated-upon wife, and now she has no reason to trust him after all he’s done, and, still, he won’t give her any answers.  He then grabs her arm and asks her how much of this is about her feelings for Ryan Lavery.

Dixie tells Tad that maybe she does not deserve a party and a cake for coming back to her family the way she did but he has gone too far in making it clear that he hates her.  He replies by telling her that he hates all of the things that she has done.  She abandoned him and her family, and wasted all of the years that they were apart.  He hates the fact that she gave Kate away and what he hates more than anything is that when she had a problem and needed help finding their daughter, she turned to Zach Slater instead of to him.  He admits to her that he does not hate that as much as he hates himself.  In response to that she asks him what he did.

Zach asks Kendall why she cannot just accept the fact that there are some things about him that are better left unknown.  She tells him she wants to know the truth right now.  He admits to her that he does not have any happy explanations.  He can go to places that are so dark, she could not even imagine.  He tells her that she is not going to like what he is about to say.  She tells him that it would not be the first time but if it’s as bad as how he’s making it sound, it might be the last.  He turns and walks away.

Dixie tells Tad if he hates her so much, why did he not just let her go to prison.  He tells her it was not that simple.  He could not let her go to prison for a crime she did not commit.  He happens to know that she did not do it because it was he who killed Greg Madden.  She tells him that it’s impossible that he could have killed Madden.  He reminds her that the whole town was looking for Greg Madden but he was the only one lucky enough to find him before he left town.  He just happened to find Greg as he put Erica on his private jet.  He was there to prevent Greg from leaving and taking Erica away and preventing them from ever finding Kate.  He bopped him over the head in the nick of time.  He thought all about the terrible things Greg did and he buried Greg alive.

Josh asks Babe if she knows why he did not confront JR when he almost caught them together.  She asks if it was in order to protect her.  He tells her it was in order to protect himself.  He knew if he blew her cover with JR the night they slept together, then he would have lost her forever.  She tells him that she loves her husband.  He tells her that he loves her and until she tells him that it’s over, he won’t believe that she does not want him.  He tells her if she really wants this to end, then she will have to do it.

Tad tells Dixie that he knew he had to find a way to motivate Greg to tell him where their daughter was so the only thing he could think to do was to drug him and carry his unconscious body on a dolly.  He found a way to hide him and put him in the first car that he found that was unlocked.  He put Erica in the front seat and Madden in the trunk.  He saved Erica and he got away with hiding Madden.  She then concludes that that would just happen to be the very same car that she has been renting.  He explains how everything happened that night.  He knew that he had to find a place that was quiet so he went to the park.  He remembered that the park was the very same spot where his biological father left him many years ago, with a broken arm.  He had not thought about that for all those years but he was there again, with another monster.  Now he finally knew of a way to fight back.  He noticed that there were a number of ditches dug in the park for some kind of new drainage system and all he needed to do was to pick one of the holes and deposit Madden in the ground.  He tore the car stereo out of the vehicle and set up the sound system so that he could hear and speak to Greg.  He put Erica on a park bench nearby, knowing she would wake up soon.  He drove away.  He left some choice messages asking the good doctor to spill his guts and he waited for that pile of crap to wake up.

Zach explains to Kendall that he and Dixie were ready to find Madden but could not.  However, one of his men struck gold.  The man had been using a scanning device and found a frequency that was not a cell phone.  He listened in and realized that someone had kidnapped Madden and was waiting for information about Kate’s whereabouts.  He knew where the device was and where Greg was buried but before that person could get the goods on Greg, he was dead.  Kendall then asks Zach if he knew all along that Greg was being tortured but did nothing about it.  He tells her he knew all about it and did nothing because he did not care.  That bastard got what he deserved.  He tells her that his father was no better than that lunatic.  His father took his son away from him.  He did not even know that Ethan existed until it was too late.  That sick-o took hundreds and hundreds of children from their parents and he was not going to do anything about what had happened to him.  He tells Kendall that he is sorry.  He’s sorry that he was not the one to bury Greg and leave him there to die.

Tad tells Dixie that he swears to her that he never meant to kill anybody.  All he wanted to do was break him.  He knows that he was so close, that Greg was going to talk.  He knew he was going to.  He then tells her that she knows the rest.  For a long time, he considered running away but realized that Madden had already taken too much from him so he decided not to do anything.  That was until she got arrested.  Then he had to do something and could not leave town.  He panicked and decided that he would take the rap.  All he had to do was move a few pieces around and he found out how resourceful one can be after they commit murder.  The fact is, they have to keep paying for it because Kate is nowhere to be found.  Madden is dead and there is no way they are ever going to find her.  He concludes to Dixie that after all she has done, it was he who lost their little girl.

Josh asks Babe to tell him that their affair is over and she says that she cannot do that.  He kisses her passionately, and she does not stop him.

Kendall looks very depressed.  Zach reaches out to her.  She tells him not to touch her.

Tad breaks a glass.  Dixie knows he is very emotionally rattled.  She wants to hold him and cradle him in her arms.  He tells her he is so sorry.  He cries and she comforts him.

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