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Adam is surprised by Krystal's surprise.  She is pregnant.  She asks if he is OK with that.  He tells her he's ecstatic and he embraces her.  Colby, who is standing in the room at the mansion, seems less than enthused.  Krystal says she thought her days of 2 a.m. feedings were behind her.  Now she'll have to get as much sleep as she can.  Colby suggests it could be a false alarm and asks why Krystal isn't in menopause.  Krystal informs her she still has a couple of good weeks in her.  Krystal tells Adam this baby is meant to be.  Adam kisses and hugs her.

In court, Livia asks Tad why he is here testifying today.  He says he was subpoenaed, but it is his civic duty to tell the truth.  Livia asks the court reporter to read back Tad's last few sentences, where he blasted Dixie and called her a bitch.  Tad admits he is angry that Dixie gave their child to Greg Madden, but that is not the reason for his testimony.  Livia asks if he doesn't want the jury to believe he's acting out of jealous and bitterness.  She reminds him about the security video showing him locked up all night.  Tad says it's a fake.  It can be made with the stroke of a computer key.  Livia wonders why a security officer would fabricate the tape.  Tad suggests it's for money and says there are a lot of reasons people lie.  He says Zach and Dixie are lying to save their lives.  Livia thinks it's odd that everyone is lying except Tad.  Tad says he saw them putting Zach Slater's body into the trunk of a car.  Livia concludes her questioning and DA Summerhill rests the prosecution's case.  Livia calls the clerk at the Pine Cone Motel to testify about Zach and Dixie being there the night of the murder.  Kendall pictures in her mind Zach in bed with Dixie.

In the witness room, Jamie tells Tad he needs to retract his testimony.  JR says Tad believes his sick lies.  Tad says he said what he had to say.  JR tells Tad he had the whole town believing he was a good guy.  He tells Tad to get out of their lives.  JR says he forgave Tad once when Babe stole his son but not this time.  He's done.  Jamie turns on JR, telling him what's really getting to him is that Tad is as vindictive as JR is.

Adam tells Krystal he believes their child will be a girl.  He wonders how they got so lucky.  He asks if she can imagine the kind of daughter they'll have.  She'll be the most excellent human being on the planet.

Colby goes into the foyer and finds Sean knocking at the door.  She tells him to keep it down because her father, Krystal and their unborn child are in the next room.  Sean is surprised to hear Krystal is pregnant.  Colby is unhappy and wonders what's up with the Carey women.  She has to find a way to take the trailer trash women down.  She is worried about losing her status in the family.  Sean tells her about his own conception, that he was conceived by his parents while they were married to other people in order to be a bone marrow donor for his sister Molly.  He tells Colby about Molly and how successful she is in life.  Adam calls to Colby and Sean hides.  Adam tells Colby to join him and Krystal as they celebrate.  Colby promises to join them right away.  Sean leaves.

Livia is delivering her closing arguments to the jurors, telling them that she's sorry for Tad Martin's disappointments in his life but appalled that he is using them to take out his vendetta.  Summerhill tells the jury that the state has proved its case.  The physical evidence alone proves guilt, he says.  We hear Dixie's thoughts as she wonders to herself whether they will be acquitted and whether she has a chance with Zach.  She thinks that Kendall is not right for him.  Kendall is thinking that she could not take Zach being locked up even if he is guilty.  If he had the disc, he must be guilty, she thinks.  Guilty or not, she wonders if they have any future together.  Ryan thinks to himself that Dixie and Zach have to be acquitted.  He doesn't want Kendall to be heartbroken.  He wants her to be happy.  Zach looks at Kendall and wonders why she doesn't believe him.  He wonders if she has fallen for Lavery and whether he'll be free to fight for her.  Dixie thinks she and Zach could be together.  Ryan says he wants Kendall and Spike in his life.  They all wonder whether they have a chance.

Tad walks in just in time to see the jury leave to deliberate.  Kendall asks Ryan to take her home.  She watches as Zach kisses Dixie.  Erica hugs Kendall.  Zach watches as Kendall walks out.  Erica asks Josh if they can go somewhere.  An agitated Josh can only think of the case, stating that Zach and Dixie can't walk.  Joe tries to calm Josh.  Babe and Josh look at each other as Josh leaves the courtroom.

Zach is taken to his jail cell while Tad goes home.  JR, Babe, and Dixie arrive at Chandler mansion.  JR tells his mother that if the jury finds her guilty they'll appeal.  Babe finds her mother and the sign about Adam being a father-to-be.  She hugs her mother when she learns she is pregnant.  Jamie arrives at Tad's house and embraces him.  Dixie goes to Zach's cell, arriving just before Kendall, who watches her husband and Dixie.

As a song plays in the background, a scared-looking Krystal looks at the sign she made as Adam tenderly touches her shoulder.  They hug.  Ryan is with Spike when Kendall arrives, looking sad.  Ryan takes her hand.  Josh goes into the empty courtroom and stares into space.  Babe is shown staring out a window.  Jamie and Tad are shown lying on couches and relaxing.  Ryan finds Kendall sleeping.

The calm is interrupted by ringing phones to JR, Tad, and Ryan.  The jury is back.  Once in court, the jury verdict is announced.  Dixie and Zach are not guilty on all counts.  Dixie is relieved that it's over.  Kendall watches as Dixie and Zach embrace.  Kendall walks out and Zach watches her.  Tad approaches Dixie and congratulates her.  He hopes she has a wonderful life.  Summerhill tells Derek that thanks to his shoddy investigative work, no one will be held accountable for Madden's death.  Dixie hugs Jamie and Di and thanks them for helping.  Jeff, Joe, and Erica want Josh to leave with them.  Josh can only wonder who really killed Madden.  He glances around the room, looking at Del, David, and JR.  JR hugs his mother.

JR arrives home and tells Colby that he has good news.  Colby already knows and says life will march on.  She tells JR that Babe and Josh are fooling around.  JR tells her to quit before he sends her back to Liza.  He has had it with her causing trouble for him and Babe.

Zach takes Dixie to Tad's house.  She says she doesn't want to be here, but Zach ignores her.  Zach knocks on the door and leaves when Tad answers, telling Dixie to trust him.  Dixie tells Tad she doesn't have anything to say to him.  Tad tells her to listen.  Dixie says she already heard him say he hates her and wants her to go to prison.  She asks that he have some consideration for their children.  She asks him what's wrong with him.  Tad says it's his turn to tell the truth.

Ryan and Kendall arrive back home and Ryan says he'll take the day off to be with her.  She tells him she's fine and asks him to go to work.  After Ryan leaves, there is a knock on the door.  It is Zach.

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