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Jamie walks into the courtroom while Tad is on the stand and declares he has proof Tad is lying.  Jamie tells his father that if he wants to win back a shred of respect from him he'll have to tell the truth.  The district attorney, Mr. Summerhill, stands up to object.  Livia stands up and tells the judge that if Jamie Martin has some pertinent evidence they should hear it.  She asks for a 20-minute recess, which the judge grants.  Tad leaves the witness stand and attempts to go after Jamie but he is interrupted by Joe and Brooke.  Tad and Jamie glare at each other as Jamie leave the courtroom.

Adam and Krystal are at Chandler Mansion talking about Colby.  Adam wants to talk to her but Krystal says she's not home right now.  Krystal is trying to get Adam's attention to tell him something but Adam is too distracted by his concern over Colby.  Sydney walks in and Adam asks her where Colby is.  Sydney informs him Colby went to see Sean.

Sean is lounging on the couch at home with ear buds in his ear and doesn't hear Colby knocking on the door.  Colby is barefoot wearing her blue party dress and is wet all over.  She bangs harder and catches Sean's attention.  She walks in and pretends to be a ghost.  Sean pretends to be scared and orders her to stay back.  He then yells, "boo" and Colby screams.

Jonathan goes to Ryan's office and finds Annie.  During their conversation Jonathan mentions how he is staying at a hotel.  Annie is not happy to hear that and insists that she get her own place so he can stay with Ryan.  Jonathan dismisses the idea.

Back at the courthouse, Jeff and Erica want to approach Josh, but decide to give him a few minutes to soak in what has just occurred.  Kendall tells Ryan that Tad was not rattled at all by being accused of lying in court.  She wonders if Tad could be lying.  Di and Del are talking about Tad as well, and Di says Tad can go straight to hell if he's lying.  Summerhill tells Tad he hopes his son hasn't messed up the case.  Tad, obviously not fond of Summerhill, says if he wants to talk to him he should say thank you; otherwise, shut the hell up.  JR goes to Tad and asks how he could do this to his mother.  Tad tells JR he's amazed he didn't come up with this idea.  Jamie has put reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors, and that's a good move on his part, Tad says.  JR tells Tad that if there's the slightest chance for them being family again, he needs to come clean.  Tad says he's standing by every word.  Meanwhile, Kendall eyes Zach as he talks to Dixie. 

Erica and Jeff approach Josh and offer him a bottle of water and their sympathy.  Josh says he didnít ask for the water or the sympathy and he certainly didnít ask to be born.  He says he owes Greg Madden for his being alive and he's here to do his part.  He wants to make sure the killer is punished now this happens.  Jeff says Jamie is just trying to save his family.  Josh says he just wants to know who did this.  There are enough people here who had a motive.  He won't be able to get it out of his mind until someone is found responsible.  Josh walks into the courtroom and runs into Babe.

Kendall tells Ryan she wants to talk to Jamie to find out what he knows.  Ryan says he knows she wants to believe Tad is lying, but urges her not to jump the gun.  Kendall is worried what would happen if she took Tad's word and he's lying and Zach is telling the truth.  She looks over at Zach and sees him and Dixie huddling together and comforting each other.

Josh tells Babe he thought about leaving the courtroom but he needs to find out who did this to Greg.  Babe says she can't see Tad or Jamie lying.  Josh says he wants someone to pay so he can start over with a new life.  Babe says she hopes something is left of his old life.

David taunts Dixie, telling her she's no longer the sweet innocent Dixie Cooney.  She tells him he's still the manipulative man he was when she left.

At the Miranda Center, Krystal arrives to relieve Erin, who is taking care of Emma and an infant.  Krystal plays patty cake with Emma.

Annie tells Jonathan she's a wuss about being alone.  Emma sleeps with her every night.  Jonathan mentions that he misses Lily being in his bed.  Annie says she'll move Emma in with her and he can have his old room back.  They can all live together at Ryanís penthouse. 

Colby tells Sean she hates his guts right now.  Sean laughs at her and asks her where she has been.  Colby says she heard him tell Sydney that he didn't care if she died.  He wouldn't even have come to her funeral.  Sean says they had an awesome time before the boat crashed and he thinks about it every day.  He says he's glad she's alive but he would have been front and center at her funeral.  He reaches out to her but is stopped by Adam's voice, who warns him to keep his hands off his daughter.  Colby tells her father that Sean did nothing wrong.  She thinks Adam is pulling a gun out of his jacket pocket but Adam hands Sean an airline ticket to Barcelona.  Sean says he'll pass, as he's allergic to coach.  He'll talk if it's first class.  Adam warns Sean that if he catches him with his hands on Colby again he'll be the one coming back from the grave.

Annie arrives at the Miranda Center to pick up Emma.  She says she's the luckiest woman to have Emma.  After Annie leaves, Krystal turns her attention to the baby in the room.  She asks herself what she has done.

Court resumes with Livia requesting to call a rebuttal witness, the head of security at the airport.  The witness is asked if he saw Tad Martin at the airport the night of June 5 when Madden was buried.  The witness testifies that Tad was accidentally locked in a room at the airport all night and could not have seen anything.  A security video is turned on showing Tad locked in the room.  The tape is fast-forwarded to show he was in the room all night.  Summerhill requests a mistrial but is denied.  Livia recalls Tad, who has been out of the room during the playing of the tape.  The spectators watch intently as Tad takes the stand again.  The judge warns Tad there is a severe penalty for perjury.  Livia asks Tad about where he was the night of June 5.  Tad repeats he was at the airport wandering around for about an hour.  Livia shows Tad a photo of the security guard but Tad says he has never seen the man.  She asks that the tape start playing.  She asks Tad if the tape looks familiar and he says it doesn't.  Livia asks if he's saying the man in the tape is not him.  Tad declares it's a very convincing fake.  He can understand why his son would fall for it.  He asks Livia if she thinks he would be in that room all night the night the man who stole his daughter disappeared.  Over Summerhill's objections, Livia asks him if he even wanted his daughter and if he mourned her.  Tad testifies that he didn't want Dixie to jeopardize her life when she got pregnant but after she was safe he wanted the baby.  Livia asks Tad how he felt when he thought Dixie had died.  He testifies that he had loved her and wanted her back as his wife even after he thought she had died.  Livia asks if he felt the same way when he learned Dixie had returned to Pine Valley.  Tad says he did not after learning Dixie had stayed away intentionally.  He declares that Dixie and her lover killed a man.  He knows what he saw that night and his conscience is clear.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam tells Colby that he'll make Sean sorry he ever messed with him.  He says he doesn't want Colby out of his sight until after the hearing.  He wants her to stay home and spend time with him.  Colby hugs him and says she loves him.  Krystal calls Adam from the next room, saying she has a surprise.  Adam and Colby walk into the next room and see Krystal standing in front of a big sign that reads "Congrats daddy 2B."

Tad's testimony grows more heated as he and Livia begin arguing.  Livia tells Tad he was locked in the room and couldn't have seen Zach and Dixie that night.  Tad insists that Dixie buried Madden.  He also says she buried himself.  His voice raising and quivering, he says Dixie chose to do this to him.  She chose to be Zach Slater's whore.  He says he'll never know anything about his daughter because Dixie is a selfish bitch.  He says Greg Madden is nothing to him but a useless sack of meat.  He tells Dixie she is a murderer who killed him.  He'll make her pay. 

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