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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

The trial of Dixie and Zach is underway.  Out at the airport, Di and Jamie are looking for clues that they may have been falsely accused of the murder of Greg Madden.

In the courthouse before the trial, Palmer Cortland is there to wish Dixie luck.  David follows her into the courtroom and tells her that he knows that Tad is going to have her ruined.  She tells him he better leave her alone.  Zach and Livia are going to confront him.  He leaves.  Livia tells them that David is legally entitled to be there until a judge throws him out.  She also warns them that they are going to hear worse accusations than what they just heard from David.  She warns them that they are going to have to control their anger and rage or they will convict themselves. 

Palmer goes to find Tad in the witness room.  Tad tells him whether he believes him or not, he doesn’t like this any more that Palmer does.  Palmer tells Tad that he has a “way out” right there.  He shows Tad a concealed gun he’s been carrying and tells him he has an idea.  Dead men don’t have to testify.  Tad tells Palmer he may go ahead and shoot him but asks how he managed to get a gun through the metal detector.  Palmer tells Tad that he has his ways.  Tad tells Palmer if he fires this thing in there, that there are cameras and he could get into lots of trouble.  He tells Palmer that a smoking hole in his jacket will not look like a fashion statement.  He clutches at Palmer and wrestles the gun away from him.  Palmer tells Tad that he deserves all of this.  It’s because of Tad that Dixie had to go to Europe.  He tells him that she and Kate would have been very comfortable staying right there but because of Tad, his niece was forced to go away and have her baby, and turn her over to a mad man.  Tad reminds Palmer that his son is Tad’s half brother and he does not think that Palmer’s son would want his father to spend the rest of his life in prison.  Palmer then tells Tad that he hopes he gets struck dead on the witness stand because Tad has never had any decency.

Jamie tells Di that Tad is lying and they must get the proof.  She sounds like she is ready to give up on helping Dixie.  He tells her it’s her choice.  They can help her or give up.

The prosecutor talks to Josh before the trial and tells him that it looks as though the two people accused of killing his adoptive father are as good as convicted.  Josh is happy to hear that.  He notices JR and Babe walk in.  JR then tells Josh that he has a “favor” to ask of him before he incriminates JR’s mother and sends her way to prison.  Babe urges JR not to do this now but he tells her he must talk to Josh.  There is never a “good time.”  JR tells Josh that he wants Josh not to turn Colby in for doing what she did.  He tells Josh he realizes that Josh hates his family, including JR’s mother and brother and only cares for Babe.  He tells Josh he knows that he caught Colby hiding.  Josh then tells JR that he does not wish to hurt Colby.  The secret is safe.  He will keep his mouth shut.  All he wants today is to bring Greg Madden’s killers to justice.  JR thanks him for that.  Zach notices Ryan walk into the courtroom and tells him he can take his “good luck” speech and stick it.  He does not believe that Ryan cares about him.  Ryan only wants to see him Frye so that he can get a shot at Zach’s wife.  Ryan does not respond to that comment.

At Fusion, Simone, Dani, and Erin gather around Kendall knowing how upset and unable to think about work she must be.  Kendall tells them that they cannot dwell in this.  They still have work to do and life goes on.  She tells them that she is not some desperate grieving woman.  She then notices that she is still wearing her wedding and engagement rings and tells them that if that is confusing them, she will set them straight.  She takes them off and tosses them in the trashcan.  She tells them that the whole subject of Zach Slater is off limits and not open for discussion.  She tells them not to even mention his name.  Myrtle enters and says “Zach Slater.”  She reminds Kendall that she does not work there and Kendall cannot fire her.  She tells Kendall to get her rings out of the trash and come over to talk to her. 

Ryan admits to Zach that he wants Kendall but not by default.  Josh is sitting in the courtroom remembering his father talk to him in the hospital after he was poisoned by Erica.  He hears him saying that he is honored that he came to visit him in the hospital.  Josh looks up as Jeff slips into the row of chairs beside him, and Erica slips into the chair on the other side.  They tell him that if he is uncomfortable with them being there, they will leave.  They only want what is best for him.  He looks at them both and tells them they may stay and it’s ok.  Not far away, Babe sits with JR but watches Josh, concerned about what he may be thinking or feeling.  The bailiff calls everybody to rise.  The judge tells everybody that this is a very serious matter and must be treated as such.  He tells them that they must remember that Dr.  Madden lost his life and the futures of Mr. Slater and Ms. Martin hang in the balance.

At Fusion, Myrtle tells Kendall that she needs to set her straight on one thing.  She tells her that she happens to know that Zach did not bury Dr. Madden so she must go to the court to be there for her husband.  Kendall asks her how she can be so certain of that.  Myrtle tells her that Zach told her that he didn’t do it and that she trusts him because she knows him.  Kendall admits that she thought she knew Zach but Greg Madden’s murder changed everything.  She concludes that Zach did it.  He did it for Dixie and Tad Martin had tangible evidence and saw them.  Myrtle takes Kendall’s wedding and engagement rings from her, holds in her hand.  She then opens her had to reveal that the rings are gone.  She shows them in her other hand and tells Kendall that sometimes we think we know something when we do not.

In the courtroom, the prosecutor tells everybody that he would not waste time prosecuting or wasting taxpayer’s money on something that is not correct.  He admits that Dr. Greg Madden obviously had some problems.  He was a criminal who did terrible things and gave people good reason to hate him and want him dead but the court must realize that Dr. Madden is not on trial here.  The people who murdered him are and Greg Madden did not deserve the inhumane treatment that he endured nor did her deserve to die in the manner in which he did.  He instructs the jury to leave their personal opinion of him and their sympathy for Mrs. Martin’s hardship aside in rendering their verdict.  The people who killed Greg deserve to be punished no differently than any other murderer would.  We see Erica and Jeff sitting alongside Josh.

Livia speaks in defense of Zach and Dixie.  She agrees that Greg’s murderer should be punished but she does not believe that either Zach or Dixie did it.  She tells the courtroom that the prosecutor will give evidence of blood and hair samples of Greg found in the car that Zach let Dixie drive temporarily.  She was only one of many people who drove it.  The prosecutor will also ask Tad Martin for an “eye witness”” testimony but this testimony is obviously biased.  It’s that of a jealous ex-husband going after his ex and her lover.

Outside, Brooke finds Tad and tells him that she cannot find Jamie.  He informs her that their son believes he is guilty of perjury and doesn’t want to be anywhere near there.

Di and Jamie are looking around the cargo area looking for evidence that will exonerate Dixie.  She is ready to give up and says that they will not be able to get the evidence that they need.  Jamie refuses to give up.  He tells her that they have been asking the wrong people.  They have only asked people who know nothing about it and would not have seen anything.  They need to talk to the employees at the airport who would have been behind the scenes and have actually seen and known what really happened.

While Livia talks about how biased and angry Tad Martin was at his ex-wife for the fact that she allowed herself to be tricked into giving up their child, Kendall walks in and sits in the courtroom by Ryan.  Livia tells the court that the prosecution will attempt to build a case to prove that Mr. Slater and Mrs. Martin had very strong motives to murder Dr. Greg Madden but she will show that there are many others with equally strong motives to kill Greg.  The doctor who examined Greg in the autopsy testifies what he found.  As he is testifying, we see a black and white scenario of Julia Kiefer karate kicking Greg on a private jet and injecting him with a needle to knock him out when he is on the floor.  She tells him he deserves to pay for what he did to her and to Kate Martin.  The pathologist goes on to describe the wounds that Madden had to his hands and fingernails as he tried to claw his way out of the coffin.  We also see a scenario of Del and Di planning to dig a hole in the ground and bury him. 

The prosecutor calls Derek to the witness stand and he gives his evidence about what he saw or may have assumed about the way Greg was killed.  As he testifies, we see a black and white scenario of David Hayward digging the hole in the ground and getting ready to bury Greg if he does not tell Dixie where Kate is.  David tells Greg that he does not want him to die.  He wants him to live so that he can tell them where Kate is.  When he does that, he tells Greg, he is free.  Derek gives evidence about the hole that was dug and the fingerprint that was found on the wood inside the coffin.  Derek implicates Zach Slater for the prosecution.  Livia asks the witnesses more questions.  As he is talking we see a scenario of JR and Jamie digging a deep hole and happily planning on letting Greg suffer in order to scare him into telling them where Kate is.  Livia asks Derek if he and the DA have not been biased about Zach Slater’s guilt in regard to many things before this and had personal motive to incriminate him in order to make themselves look good.  The prosecution objects when Livia asks Derek if he has never known of a police officer to manufacture evidence in order to accuse somebody of a crime falsely.

Tad gets called the witness stand.  He gets sworn in while everybody stares coldly at him.

At the airport, a guy comes and asks Di and Jamie for IDs and tells them that they cannot be in this area.  They ask him if he can give them any information he may have about what happened on the day of June 5.  Jamie then gives the guy a picture of Tad and asks if he has seen this man.

The prosecutor asks Tad how the police discovered that he would have information that would help them.  Tad answers that they overheard his conversation with Mr. Slater about what Zach and Dixie were doing.  He asks Tad when he presented this information to the police.  Tad admits that he hadn’t and that the police had bugged his house.  Then we see a scenario where Zach and Dixie stand over the place where they’ve buried Greg.  Zach is talking to him through the sound system telling Greg he will die a hideous death if he does not tell them where Kate is. 

The prosecutor asks Tad what he knows about Dixie’s relationship with Zach.  Tad admits he does not know much about it but does know that while everybody believed that Dixie was dead, Zach was hiding her and keeping her secret.  The prosecutor asks Tad what he saw the night that Greg Madden disappeared.  Tad admits that he saw the two of them putting what appeared to be a body in the back of a car.  Livia asks Tad if he knows where the tape of the alleged conversation between Mr. Slater and Dr. Greg Madden is.  Tad admits that he does not know where it is and that last he heard it was taken from Chief Frye’s office.  She asks how such an important source of information could have disappeared from the police chief’s possession.  She asks him whom Derek suspects of taking it.  Tad replies it would be his son and stepson.  She also asks Tad if Chief Frye did threatened to have JR and Jamie charged with evidence tampering if he did not testify against Zach and Dixie and reveal what he knew about that tape.  Tad admits that that is true and he confirms, when she asks, that that is the only reason he is there today.  Tad also confirms to Livia that Dixie went away from him when she was ready to have their child and she was seeing David Hayward at the time.  He also confirms that Dixie did call and attempt to reconcile with Tad before the baby was born but there was a car accident.  It is in this car accident that he was lead to believe Dixie died and lost their baby.  When she returned to Pine Valley to reveal she was alive and well, she revealed that their daughter was alive and well and she had given her to Dr. Greg Madden.  Livia confirms that although Tad is a PI, Dixie did not ask him for any help in finding their daughter when she came back to town after all this time.  She only asked for Zach Slater’s help.  Livia points out that this was the woman he loved.  Tad sounds like he accepts the fact that he and Dixie are over when Livia pushes him to admit that he was very upset and angry with Dixie for her choices.

The prosecutor talks to Tad about the same issue and he asks him if any of his anger or resentment toward his ex and Zach has affected his testimony.  Tad says no.  The prosecutor asks Tad if everything he has said in this testimony is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Tad says he’s only told the truth.  Jamie busts into the courtroom and declares that his father is lying.  He has committed perjury under oath and Jamie says he can prove it.

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