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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

David goes walking through Tad’s house wearing gloves, with a plan in mind.  He stashes what looks like the swab with the DNA sample inside Tad’s bookcase.  Tad enters and David smirks.  He knows he’s done what he intends to do.

Kendall tells Annie that she is sick to death of all the damsels in distress and all the men who want to help them.  Annie asks her if they are talking about her (Annie) and Ryan or Dixie and Zach.

Zach is awaiting his court hearing.  He asks the people there if they know when or if his lawyer will be there.  They don’t know.  Ryan enters and stares at Zach.  Zach tells Ryan that he knows he wants to frame him for murder.

Kendall tells Annie that Zach’s trial is today and the world is going to “pig out” on what a murdering, cheating menace to society he is.  She says that he did and is doing it all in order to help somebody so, hopefully, Annie can understand why Kendall has had enough of it.  She realizes that Ryan helped her with something she needed help with.  She understands that he would be a much better catch for Annie than her sick-o ex-husband but she no longer needs protection from Terry and needs to realize that Ryan has a life of his own.

At the courthouse, Zach tells Ryan that he assumes Ryan is there to help have him (Zach) put away so that he (Ryan) can have Kendall all to himself.  Ryan sets Zach straight telling him that he does not intend to do that.  He never did anything to double-cross Zach.  He intended to set only JR up for the murder of Greg and although Zach has been a total ass to Kendall, Ryan is sick of Zach, but he would never do anything like that to him.  He realizes were it not for Zach, Spike would not be there.  He has a clear conscience knowing that if something happened to Kendall or to himself, Spike would have Zach as a father figure.  He is there in order to help Zach beat the charges for that reason.  He tells Zach if his marriage with Kendall fails, then nobody can be blamed for that except Zach himself.  Zach then asks Ryan if he gets acquitted, can he have Kendall back.

Kendall tells Annie that she is not possessive of Ryan.  If he wants to date Annie, that’s his business.  Annie asks her if she would not prefer that she was not around.  Each asks the other if she really does not have feelings for Ryan.

Tad asks David just what kind of trick he has up his sleeve.  He asks if  he wants to get Tad out of the way so that he can have a clear shot at Dixie.  David tells Tad that he’s got the goods on him and Tad doesn’t even know what he is up to.

After Josh and Babe have discovered that Colby has been hiding the whole time, they ask her to explain.  She acts as though she’s terribly scared and was cold and hurt and may have amnesia.  They don’t buy it and they know that Sydney is helping her.  Babe warns Colby that she has really gone too far having her father distraught and believing she’s died.  She tells Colby that they are in the other room planning her funeral.  Colby protests that everybody hates her so she had good reason not to stick around and have everybody believe that she is dead.  Josh asks her why she thought it would be better to have everybody believing she was dead.  Babe tells Colby that she caused her father and the entire coast guard to be searching for her.  Adam and JR have been devastated looking for her.  In response to that, Colby tells Babe and Josh that in that case, maybe she should go away.  If they can just give her some money, she can go away and leave them all alone and bow out gracefully.  Babe asks Colby if she is serious and just why she thinks she’s in any position to ask any of them for favors after what she has done.  In response to that, Colby tells Babe and Josh that they are the last two people who are in any position not to want to “cooperate” with her after what she knows.  She tells them if she has to explain where she was last night, so will Babe.  She will have to tell JR where she was last night.  Assuming that Colby could not have a clue that she slept with Josh, she tells her that she was with JR the whole time.  Colby tells Babe she knows better.

In the other room, JR, Adam, Krystal and Dixie are all planning Colby’s funeral.  Sydney walks in and tells them that she has great news.  They tell her now is not the time for this.  She tells them that “she” is back.

Back in the den, Colby tells Babe if she wants to stay married to her brother, she will do as Colby says.  Before Babe or JR can say or do anything, Adam rushes into the room, hugs his daughter, and is not even angry with her.  Knowing there is no reason to stick around and that she has a court hearing to go to, Dixie leaves.  Nobody else is as forgiving of Colby as Adam is.  Babe tells Colby that she’s been playing enough games and now is the time to tell the truth.  Adam asks what she is talking about.

Annie tells Kendall that she and Ryan are nothing more than friends and she can clearly see that Ryan is in love with Kendall.  Kendall tells her that she remembers that Dixie was able to make Zach’s supposed love for her totally null and void.

Zach asks Ryan why he is there.  Ryan tells Zach he is there for Kendall.  He needs Zach to have the courtesy to not pull any stunts with Dixie when Kendall has been nothing but loyal to him.

Annie tells Kendall that she must realize that she (Annie) is nothing like Dixie Martin.  Kendall tells Annie she may believe that but if somebody who was known as the saint of the town like Dixie was can pull a stunt like this, so can she (Annie).  Annie is able to see that Kendall might still be in love with Zach.  She tells her that she is disappointed in that because she does not think Zach is worth it for Kendall.  She asks Kendall how she could let Zack stay in the same house with Spike if he really did tortured and killed Dr. Madden.  She concludes that Kendall must still be in love with Zach.  She was hoping that Kendall’s future would be with Ryan.  Annie walks out the door.

After Ryan lectures him about his issues with Kendall and Dixie, he leaves.  Zach finds Dixie and asks her if she knows what is up with Ryan.

After Adam, Krystal, and JR have found out that Colby is alive and well and has been hiding, they tell her that her behavior is inexcusable.  They ask her if she has any idea as to how they have worried themselves about her and all the trouble that the rescue team has gone to in order to attempt to find her.  Colby puts on the apologetic act to her father and milks the sympathy from him about how she was afraid that he’d be angry with her if he knew all the things that she’d done.  She reminds him that she thought he didn’t want her.  He threatened to have her grounded for the rest of her life for what she did.  She was afraid and did not know what to do.  She gets him to tell her that he can forgive her for stealing the yacht, getting drunk, and almost having everybody killed.  He’s just happy that she is alive.  Krystal is not as easy to manipulate as Adam but she hugs Colby and welcomes her home.  Adam tells his daughter that he is going to call her mom and tell her the good news.  Alone with JR and Babe, Colby tells the two of them that she knows all about their secrets and they are in no position to judge her.  She knows what Babe and Josh have been doing.  She’s overheard Babe admitting that to her mother.  JR tells her that it’s not possible that Babe could be sleeping with Josh.  He asks her how she can be trashing his wife after all they have all done for her.  Colby tells her brother that she is telling the truth.  JR tells her he believes his wife.  She fired Josh and has made the choice to stay with him instead.  He tells Colby she had better stop slamming Babe.  In response to that, Colby tells JR that it’s Josh Madden who has been “slamming” Babe.  JR does not buy that and reminds Colby that she has been lying and scamming and he has no reason to believe a word she says.  He tells her that he loves and trusts his wife and if she says one more derogatory thing about Babe, she will regret it.

At the Fusion office, Josh notices that Kendall has many paper dolls on her desk that she is using as characters in a scenario.  She asks him if he is ready to break up Babe and JR, indicating that she would not fault him if he did.  She does, however, admit that she is not going to get upset over the behaviors of others or allow herself to have feelings for them.  She has her own issues with both Zach and Ryan but she’s going to be smart and act like an adult.  He then tells her when she is done playing with her dollies maybe she should let him take her to the trial since it might be better if she did not go alone.  She tells him she is not about to go.  She’s washed her hands of the whole thing. 

Before the trial, Dixie reveals to Zach that she has been spying on Kendall because she thought maybe she would double-cross Zach.  He sounds like he is worried that she will hurt Kendall.  She asks Zach why he believes that Kendall loves him.  She asks him where Kendall is now and why she isn’t with him offering him comfort or support.  She tells him the last time she saw Kendall, she was with Ryan and didn’t seem to want to depart from him.

Annie and Ryan are watching Emma play hopscotch.  They get into a discussion about whether she should find Emma’s biological father.

At Tad’s, David asks Tad if he’s found any information about his daughter.  Tad admits no.  David then gloats about Tad being a clueless PI who was not about to find his own daughter and indicates that he knows some secret that he is not revealing.  Tad tells David he has an annoying habit of talking in circles and implying that he knows something.  David does not reveal what he knows but smirks, tells Tad that one day he will know it all.  As he walks out the door, he pulls out the plastic bag with Emma’s DNA sample.

At Fusion, Kendall tells Josh that Zach has made it very clear how he feels about her and she’s concluded that she knows what to do with him.  She is done with him.  She asks him why she is going to the trial.  He tells her that he believes that he owes it to Greg Madden.  He may have been a freak but he was a good father to Josh.  He tells her maybe she should consider going.  It might help enable her to put Zach Slater into proper perspective.  She tells him she has already done that.  She knows that she cannot trust Zach.

At the courthouse, Dixie tells Zach that he has been good to her.  She knows she made many mistakes and gave many people good reason to judge her.  Nobody cared about her except him.  He did not judge her.  She believes she owes him the same kind of help that he offered her.  She tells him she thinks she knows what he is doing and it’s difficult to watch him sit back and let him get his heart stomped on by Kendall.

At Fusion, Kendall tells Josh that she realizes that maybe he has good reason to be at the trial in order to have some sort of closure but she does not need to be there.

Ryan tells Annie that he can help her just in case she has a need to find Emma’s real father.  He just wants to put it out there.  She asks if that is because of how he discovered he could be a good dad to Spike.  He admits that has something to do with it.  He asks her if “this guy” even knows that he is a father.  She does not answer.

We see Tad alone in his house, obviously unsettled about something.  He knows that David knows something he does not know.  He leaves for the courthouse.

JR tells Colby that she has had it in for Babe ever since they caught her trying to rip them off.  He tells her that she cannot con Babe and she cannot con him so she better stop trying.  Having no way to get in the last word, Colby tells them they both suck and she goes out the door.  Alone with Babe, JR tells his wife she mustn’t let Colby get to her.  He apologizes for his sister’s behavior, tells his wife she does not deserve that and he holds her.  She is clearly non-responsive and looks as though she feels guilty.

Kendall admits to Josh that she is choosing to no longer care about Zach. 

Dixie asks Zach if he still loves Kendall.  He replies that he does.  The bailiff enters and informs them that it’s time.  Dixie gets up and goes into the courtroom where she comes face to face with Tad.  David appears and makes a sarcastic comment about how their relationship is ruined and she might have a life sentence, all because Tad is missing his daughter.

In response to Ryan’s inquiry about Emma’s real father, Annie admits to Ryan that Emma's real father has no clue that he is a father.  He tells her that maybe they can track him down at some point without ever letting him know that they know who he is.  She tells him she is not ready for that right now.

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