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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Kendall is feeding and talking to Spike.  She tells him has to have had good dreams unlike his momma who did not.  Ryan walks in with a bag.  He admits that he is now seeing his two favorite people in the world.  He opens up his bag and tells Kendall he has breakfast.  She then asks him if this is how it’s going to be, where he acts as if nothing happened between them.

Jonathan and Amanda have spent the night together and return to work and it looks like he’s happy with her and getting over Lily.  They kiss just as Jack walks in.  He is not the person they want to be seen by.

Josh is alone, thinking about his romantic encounter with Babe the night before and how it was so rudely interrupted and cut short by JR.

Babe awakens on the couch at the Chandler house after refusing to sleep with JR.  He wakes her and tells her he loves her, misses her and to please not stay away from him again.  She is not happy or even smiling at her husband.  He offers to get her some coffee.  Krystal enters and is surprised to see that her daughter has slept on the sofa.  Babe confirms to her mother that she has chosen the couch over an 800-thread count and her husband.  Krystal knows that something is going on that caused that to happen and she asks her to spill it.  Babe tells her mother that she just had a lot on her mind but is not about to tell her that she slept with Josh.  Somehow, Krystal already knows without being told.  Adam walks in and is very upset after spending the entire night trying and failing to find Colby.  He announces that the search party has given up trying to find her.  Krystal puts her arms around her husband and tells him that she loves him and they will get through this together.  They go off together.  Babe and JR are also grieving for Adam but not about to be close to each other the way their respective parents are.

At the Fusion office, Josh is very bummed out and keeping to himself.  Simone remarks to him that Babe was correct that he is awesome at the job.  He informs her that he won’t be there much longer.  Simone is very surprised that Babe would let him go and then concludes that it has nothing to do with work.  It’s personal.  She has chosen JR over Josh.

At the Chandler house, after finding out that Colby is gone, JR puts his arms around Babe, tells her he loves her and that he does not know what he would do without her.  She does not respond.

Simone, Danielle, and Erin are together realizing that something happened between Josh and Babe the previous night.  They ask what exactly happened.  He replies that they had some great ideas and launched a campaign, and then she fired him.  They seem to know exactly what happened that caused her to fire him.  Simone tells Josh that she needs him.  She doesn’t want him going anywhere and since she is a partner, she is going to hire him back officially.  He asks her if she is only doing that in order to stick it to Babe.  She tells him it has nothing to do with that.  She’s already been there and done that.  Danielle tells him she knows what really happened.

Krystal, JR, and Babe gather around Adam as he tells them that the search has been called off to find Colby.  She has not been declared dead but he knows she’s gone.  Not far away, Sydney overhears and finds Colby.  She tells her that her (Colby’s) dad is devastated and she cannot keep playing dead.  Colby tells Sydney she needs her to keep the secret for her.  She needs Sydney to find her money in the safe.  She tells Sydney she cannot bail on her after she’s offered Sydney a lot of money in order to help.  She tells her that she gave it to her because she expects results.  Sydney, however, does not like this whole idea.

After Jack has caught him with Amanda, Jonathan tells Jack he knows he is judging him.  Jack tells Jonathon that he is in no position to be judging Jonathan’s personal lifestyle choices.  He tells Jonathan that he wishes him all the happiness he can have.  He also shows Jonathan that there is a tabloid with his picture on the front cover and a big headline that says a murderer got away with murder once again.  Jack does not sound comfortable, only guilty, as he tells Jonathan that he feels responsible for the bad publicity Jonathan has gotten and that he believes he owes him something.  Jonathan does not seem to trust Jack and asks just what his agenda is there.

Kendall and Ryan are trying to figure out just what is the nature of their relationship.  Jamie walks in and tells them that something really bugs him about the upcoming trial of Dixie and Zach.  Ryan then asks Jamie what is bugging him about it.  Jamie replies that he believes that somebody is setting up his stepmother and Slater and he bets that it’s his father.

Tad goes to the Chandler house.  Winifred lets him in and he hugs her, knowing that everybody is upset over the loss of Colby.  He tells Adam, Krystal, Babe, JR, and Sydney that he is so sorry for what has happened.  He asks if there is anything he can do in order to make this easier for them.  He tells them he can take care of things for them.  Not far away, Colby is hiding, crying, and apologizing to her father for what has happened.

Babe is grieving for the loss of Colby with JR but she doesn’t seem to want it to be any more than that.  JR goes to find Tad, knowing that Dixie’s trial is today and asks him if he’s really going to testify against JR’s mother and sentence her to 25 years to life.  Alone with Babe, Krystal tells her daughter that she knows how good she is at stuffing away her feelings from everybody else but she cannot hide from her mother.  She knows that there is a lot more going on than Adam and Colby.  She tells Babe that her mother has always been there for her and will be there if she needs to talk and wishes that Babe would tell her what is going on.

Tad tells JR that this has nothing to do with his personal anger toward Dixie.  No matter how he feels about JR’s mother, he would never use that in order to put her away.  JR tells Tad that his mother has been dying inside ever since she lost Kate and asks if that isn’t enough.  Tad tells JR that he must realize that he does not have a choice.

At Kendall’s, after Jamie has implied that he knows that his father lied and falsely accused Zach of murder, Kendall urges Jamie to tell her what he knows about Tad’s lie.  He pulls away, telling Kendall that he won’t double-cross his own father.  Ryan reminds Kendall that Jamie is not the enemy here but she tells Jamie that he must help her with this so that she will know whether she can have a future with her husband. 

Jack tells Jonathan that he owes him for saving Jack’s daughter and realizes that Jonathan blames him for many things.  Jonathan agrees but he acknowledges that he has to take responsibility for his relationship with Lily ending.  He lied to her and made a choice to assume that she would not accept the truth about his mental state.  Jack tells Jonathan that he doubted his daughter’s judgment and did not trust what was in her heart.  Jonathan concludes to Jack that they have both made mistakes but that’s spilled milk at this point.  The main thing now for them both to be concerned about is that Lily heals and is able to get her life back.  Jack agrees, thanks Jonathan, and holds out his hand.  Jonathan takes a while to respond but shakes Jack’s hand.  Jack leaves.

Kendall tells Jamie that she knows that Dixie was after her husband and that could be one reason why Tad would be lying.  Ryan urges her not to belabor this issue.  He reminds her about the CD player that was found in the closet that incriminates Zach.  Jamie knows that they have a secret that they are not telling him and asks them what is going on.

Brooke goes to the Chandler house and tells them that she is there for them after the loss of Colby.

Josh tells Danielle that he has to do what he has to do.  She tells him that although most people think he is an arrogant jackass, she knows what has really happened and is ok with it.  He tells her that it is true that he is an arrogant jackass.  She tells him that personally, she believes that JR is trash and Babe is a fool to put up with him. 

After Krystal refuses to give up on getting her daughter to confirm whether she slept with Josh, Babe admits that she did.  Colby overhears their conversation from within the tunnels.  Krystal then asks her daughter what she now plans to do after the “deed.”  Babe admits that she really does not know.  Krystal tells her that it is common for a woman to love two different men.  Babe admits to her mother that she wishes she could have a marriage like hers (Krystal) with Adam.  Krystal tells her daughter that she can get things back with JR.  Babe reminds her mother that JR tried to kill her.  Throughout their entire relationship, he’s had a terrible problem admitting to his feelings, but, last night, JR opened up to her more than he ever has before.  She tells her mother that she loves JR but Josh has given her something that she has never before gotten from JR.  Josh means more to her than she wants to admit.  She asks if it is possible to be in love with two men.  She knows that she has cheated on her husband and now is not the time to admit to JR what has happened. 

Brooke admits to Adam and to JR that she remembers that the day that she lost her daughter was the worst day of her entire life.  Adam listens intently and asks her how she got through it.  She sounds like she really wants to help him.  JR then finds Tad and tells him he needs to leave.  He is not welcome there and JR does not believe that he cares.

At Fusion, Josh runs into Jack and asks how Lily is.  Jack tells his “stepson” that his daughter is getting better day by day and thanks Josh for asking.  He tells Josh that he needs to talk about Erica.  He tells him that he understands Josh’s reservations about bonding with his real mother but he does not want to interfere or get in the way of what could potentially develop.  Josh then asks Jack a question.  He confirms with him that he also did not want Josh to know who his real parents are.  Jack admits that that is true.  The reason he did not disclose the secret was because of his own family.  He tells Josh that Erica and Jeff did it for a different reason.  They did it in order to protect Josh.

Brooke finds Tad and tells him that if he really knows the truth about the murder, that’s one thing but if he’s merely doing it in order to get revenge on Dixie, he needs to realize that he cannot go through with this.  He will regret it for the rest of his life.

At Kendall’s, Jamie urges Ryan and Kendall to tell him anything they know involving whether his dad is lying about Dixie and Zach murdering Greg.  Kendall walks away and Ryan tells Jamie that he must believe them that they do not know and if they did, they’d tell him.  He goes out the door.

Brooke tells Tad that if he’s doing this because of his grudge against Dixie, he must know that it will hurt JR and Jamie more than anything.  Tad tells her that he would give anything for JR to have had a mother like her, instead of Dixie.

At the Chandler house, Sydney is observing the conversation of all the people who are grieving the loss of Colby and she goes to find Winifred.  She tells her aunt that she does not belong there.  She’s not comfortable with “something.”  These people don’t want her in their house.  It’s time for her to go home.  Winifred tells her niece that she mustn’t feel that way.  Little does she know the real reason why Sydney believes she has to leave.  Hearing their conversation, Adam takes Sydney aside, asks her to sit down while his family hears him tell her that she mustn’t believe for a moment that she is not welcome there.  Her aunt has been a part of their family for many years and they all want her to stay there as long as she wants.  She smiles at him but is still not ok with the situation that Colby has put her in.  Colby still hides and overhears.

After Amanda sees the tabloid slander about Jonathan, she tells him that she won’t let the media get away with that.  He tells her that there is nothing anybody can do about it.

At Kendall’s, she tells Ryan that she had a momentary doubt about her marriage.  He tells her she needn’t worry.  As long as they can be straight with each other everything will be ok.  Annie enters and is ready to go over some papers with Ryan and it’s clear that Kendall is not ok with her being there.  She overhears their conversation about all the fun they had the previous night and how he’s convinced her not to leave town.  Kendall is clearly discontent with Ryan and Annie’s friendship.

Josh goes to the Chandler house.  Babe answers the door and demands to know what he is doing there.

Annie notices Kendall with Spike and remarks that he is adorable.  Kendall acts friendly and asks her if she has really decided to stay in town.  She asks her just who persuaded her to do that, knowing that it’s Ryan.  She obviously suspects that Annie is ready to move in on Ryan.

At the Chandler house, Josh tells Babe that what he is there for cannot wait.  She tells him that now is not a good time.  Not far away, Sydney and Colby are having a conversation and they are talking loud enough for Josh and Babe to overhear.  They go in and find the two girls.  Josh tells Colby that for somebody who has everybody believing she is dead, she sure has a mouth on her.

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