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All My Children Update Friday 9/22/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

A romantic scene between Kendall and Ryan is juxtaposed with one with Babe and Josh.  At Kendall's condo, Ryan draws her close and tells her he loves her.  He wants to make love to her.  He tells her if they do this he can't stand back.  He'll have to fight to have her in his life forever.  Babe and Josh are kissing at Fusion.  She tells him she wants him and asks him to make love to her.

Kendall gets up off the floor and walks outside, deep in thought.  Ryan stays inside by himself.  Kendall breathes deeply, sits down, and rubs the wedding ring still on her hand.  Ryan looks at a photo of himself, Kendall, and Zach and watches Kendall from the window.  At Fusion, Josh lays a blanket on the floor and he and Babe kneel on it.  They kiss as he undresses her.

JR is at home looking frustrated.  He checks his cell phone and notices Babe's number on it.  He puts his hand on a bottle of liquor but instead pours a glass of water.  The phone rings and it is Adam.  He tells JR that authorities are dragging the ocean in search of Colby's body.  JR wants to come to Adam but Adam insists he remain home with his family.  Meanwhile, Colby is hiding in the tunnels listening.

At ConFusion, Dixie is having a drink with Di.  Jamie comes over and asks to talk to Dixie.  Jamie sits down and says that Di believes his dad is lying about seeing Dixie and Zach with Greg Madden's body.  Jamie wants to know what Dixie has to say about that.  Dixie says she and Zach did not bury Madden.  Jamie asks how she explains the evidence against them but she has no answer.  Tad approaches and tells Jamie to stay out of this.  Jamie tells his dad he's not a little kid anymore.  This is his family too.  Tad tells him again to back off.  Jamie stands up and angrily tells his father to go to hell.  Tad accuses Dixie of turning his son against him.  Dixie says it's not her fault.  Di and Del are right there to defend Dixie.

Julia and Di witness the incident with Jamie.  Julia expresses concern over Jamie.  Di says she thought Julia was done with Jamie.  Julia says she still cares.  Di says that's obvious.

Annie arrives at ConFusion and talks to Jamal about how good it feels to be able to get out again.  She spots Jonathan and walks over to him.  She hugs him and thanks him for saving her and her daughter.  She's happy Jonathan was there to protect Lily.  She asks how Lily is doing.  Jonathan changes the subject and offers to buy her a drink then walks away.  Erin spots this and walks over to Jonathan, who insists everything is OK.  Erin says she's worried about how he is handling everything.  Jonathan tells her to leave it the hell alone.

Kendall goes back into her condo and apologizes to Ryan for walking out.  Ryan tells her it's OK.  She says she shouldn't have done that.  She wants to tell him where she stands with them.  Ryan says he already knows.  Kendall tells Ryan that she does love him.  She doesn't know how or when, but right now in this space she wanted to be with him.  Ryan reminds her that, instead, she ran off.  Kendall says she had to clear her mind.  She says she's a mess.  Ryan tells her she's a beautiful mess.  He says he completely understands.  Kendall says she ran out to think about what is the right thing to do.  If it was a year ago that wouldn't have mattered, but now everything matters.  She says she can't do this to herself or to him, Zach or Spike.  She says if it's truly not the real deal between them she can't do this to their son.  She says Dixie was right.  She wants and loves both Ryan and Zach, but she knows that is wrong.  She admits part of her still has hopes for a future with Zach.  She says if she gives herself to Ryan it just has to be the two of them and no one else.  She doesn't know if she'll ever be there.  She says a part of her still loves Zach.  Ryan says he doesn't want to pressure her if she's not ready.  He doesn't want her if it's due to confusion or revenge.  He says if it doesn't happen at all, he'll deal.  He prepares to leave and she asks if he can bring Spike back to her place so he can sleep with her tonight.  Ryan goes to get Spike and he and Kendall kiss him goodnight.  Ryan goes back home.  She watches as he walks into his condo across the sidewalk.

Jamie angrily walks outside of ConFusion and starts to take a swig from a bottle when JR stops him.  JR tells him he shouldn't be drinking out of anger.  Tad later approaches and tells Jamie he's sorry.  Jamie claims that Dixie can't lie about a hamster.  There's no way she would be lying about burying a man.  JR goes to Dixie and asks what Tad did to her.  She tells him he has to let her handle that and he needs to concentrate on his own family.

Colby opens the door of the tunnels and lights up when she sees a tray of food in the living room.  She hears someone coming and closes the door.  It is Winifred and Sydney, who claims she can't stay at Chandler Mansion.  She says the Chandlers look at her and are reminded that Colby is dead.  They don't want her here.  She asks why she hasn't been sent home since school has started.  Winifred informs her that her mother got a new job and is going to be traveling a lot, so Sydney is going to stay here and go to school at Pine Valley High.  Sydney complains that her mother doesn't want her and she doesn't want to say here.  They leave the room and Winifred takes the food.  Colby opens the door again but finds the tray of food gone.  She comes out and picks up the newspaper, which has a blaring headline announcing "Chandler daughter lost at sea."

Josh and Babe have passionate sex on the floor of Fusion.  Afterward, Babe tells Josh she dreams of them being on a hilltop and falling into a pool of cold water.  Soon, Josh gets up, tells Babe it's time, and leaves the room.  He later comes back, picks her up, and carries her to the rooftop, where he pours cold water over her head.  She finds she is standing in a kiddie swimming pool.  He tells her this is like her dream.

At ConFusion, Jamal tells Erin she has to trust Jonathan.  Erin agrees and laments that she wants to be happy.  Annie tells Jonathan she can't stop calling home to check on Emma, even though she is soundly sleeping.  Jonathan tells her she's a wonderful mom.  Annie asks Jonathan how long he was married to Lily.  He says they got married on June 2.  He says he wants to help Lily but he can't.  Annie says he already has helped her.  He gave her the rest of her life. 

Dixie asks JR about Babe and he informs her that she's upstairs at Fusion.  Dixie says he should go and get her.

Colby comes out of the tunnel long enough to grab some food.  She is carrying it back into the tunnels when Sydney spots her.

Kendall tells Spike that she misses his daddy and wishes he were here.  She says someday he'll meet a lucky little girl and she'll give him the love he deserves.  At ConFusion, Ryan is sitting with Annie.  She tells him he looks like he needs a drink.

Tad tells Jamie that Dixie has changed and has become desperate.  Desperation makes you do crazy things, he says.  Dixie walks by and snaps at him.

Josh wants to get some more water for the pool but Babe says everything they need is here.  They kiss.  Downstairs, JR arrives at Fusion and calls out for Babe.  He is confused when he can't find her.  He finds her dress and wonders where she is.

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