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While on the rooftop of Fusion, Kendall surprises Ryan by admitting to him that she wants to love only him.† He seems baffled by her admission.†

Downstairs, Josh tells Babe that heís never felt this way about anybody ever before.† They kiss.

Ryan tells Kendall that love is all too often complicated and unpredictable and it ends in disaster.† She tells him that he is backing off.† He tells her no.† He is just giving her an out.† She asks him what if she does not want an out.

Josh and Babe are getting really heated in the Fusion office.

Ryan tells Kendall that this is where a cautious man would say something like, ďDonít blame me, Kendall.Ē†

Josh puts Babeís hand on his heart and asks her if she feels this.† He admits that he wasnít certain that he had one but now he knows that his heart is hers.† He tells her that he will never need in this world except for her.

Kendall and Ryan admit that they are feeling something.

Babe gets on the elevator to go home.† Neither she nor Josh can take their eyes off of each other.

Kendall tells Ryan that she believes that the universe has been tweaked out of its orbit and she is afraid that they are going to fall.† He asks her why she believes that they will fall.† She tells him that maybe falling is a good thing.† She admits to Ryan that heís always been her rock.† Ever since heís come back, heís always been there for her and, now, she would like to be his rock.† He tells her that she is Spikeís mom and so, of course, heís always going to be there for her.† She tells him that he has his priorities straight.† He gets it.† He would never put his family at risk or let his secrets or pride get in the way of his future.† He is the real deal.† He is noble and honorable and true.† She declares that she wants to be there for him and give her heart to him because he is the one who deserves it.† He confirms that she wants to love him but he realizes that she still does not love him.† He tells her that wanting something does not make that real, unfortunately.† She asks him why.† He tells her that love is not a cash flow.† You cannot just buy into what you want and invest in your feelings because something looks good.† She then asks him what if she really does have feelings for him.

At the bar, Jamie is concerned that JR is ready to drink again.† He tells JR that although he is not actually drinking, he can tell that JR wants to drink.† JR asks Jamie to say what is on his mind.† Jamie tells JR that he hates Josh as much as JR does but if he drinks, then heís lost everything, including Babe and this will enable Josh to win.

When Babe returns home, Krystal and Winifred hear a noise which, unknown to them, is Colby, who is staying hidden and they assume there are mice.† Winifred goes to look for Sydney.† Alone with her mother, Babe tells Krystal that she is worried about how JR will deal with his sister missing.† Krystal can tell that her daughter has something else on her mind.† Babe says she wants to go up and see JR but Krystal informs Babe that he is not home.

JR tells Jamie that he does not have to worry that he will drink again.† If Josh Madden thinks heís taking Babe away from him, Jamie cannot blame that on JRís drinking.† He says that he does not need Jamie or anybody to lecture or second guess what he is thinking, feeling, or wanting to do right now.

Kendall and Ryan return home and look happy.† She asks him if he would care to join her for some wine.† He finds that Dixie walking around looking in the window and brings her inside.† Kendall asks Dixie if she is spying on her.† She knows that she is a dishonest tramp and asks if she is also a peeping tom.† Dixie asks her what kind of a freak is she.† Dixie tells Kendall she is not spying; she just wanted to come by and see if she could pick up some of Zachís things for him.† Kendall is not ok with that.† Ryan asks Dixie what she intends to prove.

Babe tells Krystal that she is worried about Colby but Krystal knows that her daughter has something else going on.

At the bar, Di notices that JR has some issues.† He snaps at her and Jamie asks him to chill and realize she is just concerned about him.† JR tells them both that he is not going to be interrogated.† They are not his parole officers or his caretakers.† He tells them he is going to leave.† Jamie wants to go with him but he tells them he is out of there, alone.† Heís had enough of the JR rescue team for one day.† As he leaves the bar, he runs into Josh.† He stares at him.† Jamie and Di stare at JR and Josh, afraid that there might be a fight.† JR walks away.† Jamie confirms that JR would not want to cause a scene but that might not mean that heís ok.† Josh makes crude comments about Julia and her young boyfriend, Jamie.† She then asks him if harassing other people is his way of distracting himself from something that is making him crazy.

Krystal tells Babe that she is concerned about what it will mean to Adam if his daughter is found dead.† She admits that she can see that Colby was the sunshine in her fatherís life.† Colby overhears.† Babe tells Krystal that the search team is still looking and wonít give up until they find Colby.† Krystal asks what if they do not find her.† Babe tells her mother that she knows that Adam will get though this.† She has been able to see that underneath this rough exterior and denial of feelings that Adam has, she knows that he has his wife and that they can get through any amount of pain together.† She knows that Adam trusts Krystal with his heart.† Krystal gets a call from Adam.† She asks if heís found Colby, hoping and assuming that he has but he has not.† She tells him at least JR is with him.† She finds out that he is not.† In response to that, she tells her husband that she knows that he needs to have hope, she is there for him, and she loves him.† Babe rushes off, probably to find JR.

Josh asks Julia what one does with roadblocks.† She tells him that some roadblocks you can overcome and some you canít.† The worst kind is when you love someone who does not love you back.† He tells her the worst is when you love someone who loves someone else.

Dixie tells Kendall that she can love two men.† Itís kind of messy but it is legal.† Kendall cannot, however, have two husbands and she believes that that is what Kendall wants.† Kendall tells Dixie what she wants is Dixieís face out of her home.† Dixie asks Kendall if she hasnít gotten tired of shifting between Ryan and Zach.† Kendall tells Dixie if she (Dixie) wants her (Kendallís) husband, she may have him.† She tells them she is going out and when she comes back, she wants this burglarizing bitch out of her home.† Alone with Ryan, Dixie asks him what Kendallís problem is.† He informs her that Kendall has done nothing wrong.† She has been completely faithful to Zach and has not lied to him about anything.† He will vouch for that if she does not believe it.

At the Chandler house, Krystal goes and finds Sydney and tells her she realizes that Sydney has good reason not to miss or mourn the loss of Colby.† She realizes that Colby has not treated her very nicely.† Sydney tells Krystal that she wonders what she ever did to Colby.† Is she toxic or ugly or something?† Krystal tells Sydney she is certainly not ugly.† Krystal hears JR enter and tells Sydney to hold that thought and they can continue this conversation in a second.† She goes and asks JR where heís been and what is up with him.

Babe goes to ConFusion and when she cannot find JR, she drinks.† Amanda talks to her about how men have this terrible problem trusting and allow themselves to be vulnerable.† She tells her that guys do need women but they will never admit that they do.† Babe is not listening and has something or somebody else on the brain.

Upstairs, in the Fusion office, alone, Josh is attempting to clean out his desk and straighten up some things.† He seems unable to concentrate, as he continues to stare at a picture of Babe.

Krystal tells Sydney that she believes the reason for Colbyís behaviors and her inability to share is because she is insecure.† Sydney tells Krystal that she does not understand why she would say that.† Colby has everything she could ever dream of.† She has an adoring family and all the money and attention she could ever want.† Krystal tells Sydney that up until very recently, Colby did not have any of this.†

Jamie asks Di why Dixie is so angry and untrusting of Tad.† She tells him itís because his father made up some horrible accusations about her sister.† He asks her how she knows that Tad is lying.† She tells him that her sister is not a murderer.† What she does know is that after all that both she and Dixie have put his father through, Tad is a thoroughly messed up guy.

In response to Krystal asking him what is going on, JR tells his mother-in-law that he will tell her the same thing he just told Babe. †He does not need a babysitter.

Erin comes to talk to Jonathan at the bar and asks her brother what is going on.† He is tending bar and tells her that he is doing as well as he can under the present situation.† She tells him that maybe he should take some time off and get away for a while.† He tells her that he is ok right where he is.† He no longer has to talk to people pretending that he is brain damaged or that he is a homicidal psychopath.† He sounds somewhat sarcastic and in response to that, she tells him that he must deal with the fact that he shot Terry McDermott and realize that he had no choice.† Terry was a dangerous threat to society.† Jonathan reaches for his wedding ring and realizes that itís gone.† Noticing that his sister is worrying about him, he asks her if she can do him a favor by being the funny and cool Erin whom he can have fun with.†

Colby overhears JR and Krystal arguing.† He tells her that he does not need any woman.† All he needs is to find Colby.† She asks him what is wrong with a man needing a woman.† He asks her what kinds of magazines and psychology she and Babe have been filling their heads with.† He tells her even if he did have needs, he knows that needs are pointless.† Itís just one big waste of time.

Babe is at the bar waiting for JR.† She cannot find him, and she has somebody else on the brain.

JR tells Krystal that there is no point in needing Babe or believing that she could ever need him.† She tells him that she happens to know that when her daughter first met him, she was completely alone and he was there for her to open his heart to her.† That is why she fell in love with him and now she wants to open her heart for him.† Babe now needs him to need her.† JR tells Krystal he doesnít want to hear any more psychobabble.† She tells him that itís true.† Itís not psychobabble.† Her daughter needs him to need her just like he once needed her to need him.

Babe goes upstairs to Fusion and finds Josh again.† Once again, they cannot tear themselves away from each other.

Kendall and Ryan are sitting by the fireplace drinking wine.† She tells him that he was wrong that she does not feel love for him.† She does.† Then she kisses him.

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