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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At ConFusion, Kendall and Ryan enter.† She tells him that she is definitely up for a night out but she has some reservations.† He asks her if she means Spike and assures her that he is in good hands.† She tells him she agrees that their son is living the high life but she is concerned about his father who got a gunshot wound not long ago.† He tells her he is not worried.† Jonathan enters tells them he agrees with his brother that things are good and he is for living in the moment.† They raise their glasses and call cheers.† Not far away, Amanda watches them, alone.† Di and Julia enter and talk about their social dilemmas. Jamie enters and pulls Julia up so that he can dance with her.† She is surprised to see him and tells him she thought he was headed for Europe.† He tells her that he has reconsidered and has concluded that there is no point in leaving Pine Valley when everything he has is right there and he kisses her.

At the Fusion office, after Babe announces to Josh that she will have to let him go after their project is finished he asks her if she means that she will merely let him go home early or if she is firing him.† She tells him that she thinks it will be best if he moves on soon.† He asks her why as the reason walks into the room.† JR appears.

Jonathan tells Ryan and Kendall that he is ready to celebrate with some champagne and asks them what they are celebrating.† Kendall tells him that they are celebrating the fact that Ryan is not dead.† Ryan tells her also the fact that Annie got her daughter back.† Kendall assumes that Annie and Emma are leaving town and is not content when Ryan informs her that Annie plans to stay in town and work with him.† Amanda is still watching them wishing that she could be with Jonathan.

Jamie admits to Julia that that he really misses her and he suggests that they celebrate with margaritas.† He tells her that he will buy both her and Di this round.

JR informs Babe that he and his dad are still trying and failing to find Colby.† She tells him that she can leave and let Josh finish up without her if JR needs her help.† Once again, JR does not communicate with her and sounds like he has really disappointed her.† She tells him that she has work to finish and she leaves.† Alone with Josh, JR confronts him telling him he knows that Josh wants JRís wife.

At the Chandler house, Colby hides and overhears Krystal angrily telling Tad that he really crossed the line by trying to get JRís mother nailed for murder.† She admits to him that she does not personally want whoever killed Greg Madden to be punished and she wonders why he has this information that could incriminate Dixie.† She tells him that she realizes that Tad has his issues with Dixie and is not ok with what she did to him.† She asks him why he would want to take away the mother JR has known for all these years and asks if he is filled with that much hate.†

Ryan tells Kendall that he wants to relax and not worry about anything tonight.† She tells him that now that she is a mother, she has to exercise caution.† Amanda enters and gives them some hors díoeuvres.† Kendall asks Amanda if sheís seen any of Spikeís pictures.† She pulls out some pictures and indicates that she has her son on the brain. †Not far away, some women surround Jonathan and ask if he is still married.† He admits he is not any more.† They ask if he is available.† He tells them maybe they could say he is.† He still seems not to notice Amanda.† Del is tending bar and asks her why all the women are around Jonathan.† Amanda sarcastically tells Del that she knows he wishes they were all around him.† Jamie has plans to reunite with Julia but she tells him she is sorry.† She wants to end their relationship.

Kendall tells the people in the bar that she can show them how she can pick up an olive without touching it and she picks it up with a bar glass.† She looks like she is ready to enjoy the night.† Jonathan goes to the bar and Del tells him that heís sorry about Jonathanís break up and realizes that Jonathan and Lily had something good.† He instantly assumes that Jonathan is ready to move on and get hooked up with some hot twins whose number he wants to give him.† Jonathan tells Del no thank you and leaves.† Amanda then enters and tells Del that he really does not understand if he thinks that Jonathan is ready for that type of lifestyle.† His heart is in a million pieces.† Del tells her she just doesnít understand the male mind.† They all move on and play the field after a break up.† She lectures him that he really does not understand and needs to change his attitude.† Jonathan is not a typical shallow man like he is.† She finds Jonathan and tells him that she realizes it will take time for him to heal from the loss of Lily.† Jonathan tells Amanda that heíd prefer she not talk about Lily.† He realizes he has to get over her.† Ryan tells his brother that he knows it might not be that easy for him.† Jonathan tells them that he intends to try to get over Lily.†

Julia tells Jamie that it may be difficult for them to split but she thinks itís for the best and deep down, he must know that she is right.† He asks her if there are no hard feelings.† She confirms none at all.

JR tells Josh that he knows Josh planned on having a future with JRís wife and now, itís all blown up in Joshís face.† He asks Josh if he thinks he knows Babe and tells him he does not have a clue.† If Josh thinks heís really made a difference with this job she gave him that will soon end, he does not realize that she really doesnít think heís that great.† Babe enters and JR leaves.† She asks him if he can tell her what they were discussing.† Josh then tells her that he wishes she would realize that JR is not worth it and does not deserve her.† She asks him if heís just saying that so that she will give him his job back.† He tells her it has nothing to do with that.† He just wishes she would see the light.† Right then, there is tension between them.

Tad tells Krystal that he wishes she would understand his position with Dixie.† She keeps telling him that he is being spiteful toward his ex-wife.† He tells her that he has not yet done anything.† He reminds her that he intended to leave the country so that he would not have to testify against Dixie.† She reminds him that if he had not been trotting around with all of his accusations of Dixie and Zach, then Derek never would had the opportunity to bug his house and subpoena him in the first place.† Colby listens to their entire conversation.† Krystal tells Tad that it will destroy JR if Tad does this to JRís mother.† She tells him she is worried that this might motivate Dixie not only to turn on Tad but on her also.† She tells Tad that Adam cannot learn her secret.† Colby is fascinated to find out what kind of secret her stepmother is keeping from her father.†

At ConFusion, Jonathan talks to Di.† He tells her that heís lost the tumor, heís lost the stutter, and now heís lost Lily and heís still not entirely certain how to start over.† She acknowledges to him that she is all too familiar with how difficult and confusing starting over is.

Kendall is attempting to make contact with many people in the bar and show them pictures of her son.† JR confronts her and tells her that her husband has ruined his motherís freedom.† She tells him that his mother seduced her husband.† She tells him that sheís seen dogs in heat who behave just like that little tramp he calls his mommy.† He asks her what she just said and gets in her face.† Ryan confronts JR and tells him he better leave Kendall alone.† JR asks Ryan if he really wants to waste his precious partying time by having a confrontation with him.† He reminds them that he knows that having Zach in jail is the only way he and Kendall can be together.† He tells them that if Zach drags his (JRís) mother down into this, they will all regret it.† Kendall asks JR if he plans to throw more construction material on them or hide CDís in their closets.† He talks to them about their conjugal visits.† They get up and leave.† Amanda asks JR what his problem is.† He tells her that his problem is that his mother could be facing a murder charge.† She could have helped them by distracting Derek.† It was her one chance to do something right in her life and she blew it.† Jamie then tells JR not to blame Amanda for this mess.† Jonathan comes in and confronts JR and tells him he better stop verbally abusing Amanda.† Not far away, Julia informs Di that she has her reasons for breaking up with Jamie.

Babe and Josh are together, working on a plan, trying to hide their feelings for each other but cannot.† She moves away and tries to busy herself in work but she cannot.†

Colby concludes, from eavesdropping, that Dixie must have a secret on Krystal.† Krystal tells Tad that when Dixie gets 25 years to life because of Tad, she wonít think twice about telling Adam that Krystal and Tad slept together.† Colby is unable to hear the secret and wishes they would talk louder.† She has no clue that Krystal cheated on her father with Tad.† Krystal concludes to Tad that Adam cannot find out about them.† Tad tells Krystal that her entire marriage with Adam was only a manipulation ploy.† She tells him that she really truly loves her husband and if Tad hurts Adam, his life wonít be worth living.† He asks her if she is serious about being in love with Adam.† She tells him itís true.† She loves the stuffing out of him.† Yes, they have their differences and their arguments but he is the man for her.† She tells Tad that regardless of what anybody says about Adam, nobody has more loyalty to their family than he does.† She admits that neither she nor Adam wanted to fall in love nor planned it but loving him is the best thing that has ever happened in their lives.† It sounds like Colby can hear all of this.† Tad then concludes to Krystal that he can accept and believe that but he knows that something is going on.† He asks her if sheís sure there isnít something she hasnít told him.

After Jonathan defends Amanda to JR, she tells him she is fine.† She can handle ďjunior.Ē† He tells her he knows that but if she needs anything, he is there for her.† She thanks him and goes to find JR and Jamie.† She thanks Jamie for preventing his jerk brother from going too far.† He tells her that they owe her debt of gratitude for helping them but JR tells Jamie that he should not defend Amanda to him.† JR can tell that Jamie has something else on his mind.† Jamie then admits that Julia dumped him for no good reason.

Di asks Julia why it is that she broke up with Jamie.† Julia tells Di that when she first broke up with him, she was devastated and cried for a long time but she realized that Jamie does not have such strong feelings.† Brooke was right.† Jamie is not ready for a commitment.† Di tells her that maybe he is.† He did come back to her.† Julia tells Di that Jamie just wants to have fun.† Di asks her what is wrong with fun and maybe Julia should not assume that Jamie is not committed to her.† Julia tells Di to trust her.† Itís best this way.

JR tells Jamie that itís not such a loss that Julia broke up with him.† He was not in love with her or anything.† Jamie tells his brother that he did feel something for her.

Kendall and Ryan go up on the roof and she tells him that she must face up to the truth.† Her husband chose another woman over her.† He lied to her, betrayed her, and abandoned her and Spike all because of Dixie.† She asks Ryan how she could be so stupid as to trust him.† Ryan tells her she is not stupid.† She is beautiful, trusting, loving, and worth it and if Zach cannot see that then maybe he does not deserve her.† He acknowledges to Kendall that she does not deserve what Zach has done to her.† What she deserves is somebody who loves and respects her.† She turns to face him and admits that she wants to love him.

Meanwhile, an unseen person is lurking around Kendallís empty condo.

Krystal tells Tad that their discussion is over.† He goes out the door and asks her to tell JR that he stopped by.† She agrees to tell him as soon as she sees him.† Colby is very disappointed that they have not spilled the big secret so she can overhear.

JR asks Del to make a strong drink for his brother because he just broke up with his girlfriend.† While he waits for Del to mix the drink, JR stares at a bottle of booze.† Jamie tells JR if he so much as thinks about touching booze again, he will break both of JRís hands.

At the Fusion offices, Babe is again amazed by Joshís brilliance.† He kisses her and she does not stop him.

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