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At the station, Kendall expresses to Ryan that she is very worried about Zach.  When she saw him in jail, he exhibited hate toward her.  He tells her that Zach also had hate toward him and Dixie and many others but she is very worried that her husband has turned on her.

In the interrogation room, Jack, Ryan, and Livia tell Derek and the prosecutors that they need to drop their case against Annie McDermott.  She accidentally shot Ryan, believing he was Terry.  Ryan is ok and Jonathan saved Lily from a sick predator.

In Lily’s hospital room, Erica and Amanda observe Jonathan talking to a still catatonic Lily, telling her that he won’t give up on her or on them.  They are in awe of his love for her.  Jonathan assures Lily that Terry is dead now and can no longer hurt her or anyone else now.  She is completely safe.  It’s just like the equations she’s had to do.  This problem is completely solved.  He’s found the answer.  Erica leaves and Amanda stays and listens to them at the door.

At Fusion, Josh tells Babe that he believes he can give it his best shot and come up with what she needs for their next marketing idea.  Not far away, they hear Simone telling Danielle that she is glad she has to work.  Nobody cares about anybody’s personal issues.  You have to get on with your life.  She notices Babe and tells her she did not mean to imply anything about her.  She knows Babe has to deal with her own personal issues involving JR.  Danielle reminds Simone that they were just talking about work and not personal issues.  They go off together to get some coffee and food.

At the station, Annie tells Kendall that she did not intend to shoot Ryan and she did not intend for Jonathan to be arrested.  Kendall acknowledges that she knows and is glad that Terry is gone.  She realizes that he was Annie’s husband and her little girl’s father but she can see that Annie agrees that the world is a better place without him.  She then informs Kendall that she is facing her own struggle.  Social services wants to take her daughter from her.  Kendall tells her she mustn’t lose hope that Livia can help her and so can Ryan.  Yet, Kendall indicates that she is not entirely ok about Ryan’s friendship with Annie.

Derek tells Ryan, Jack, and Livia that Annie violated a court order by leaving the state of New York with her daughter when her daughter’s father had visitation rights.  She plotted a plan to murder her ex-husband and the others imply that maybe Annie set up a plan with Jonathan to lure Terry to Pine Valley and kill him.  Jack pulls Derek outside and asks if he does not believe that Terry was after Jack’s daughter and Jonathan acted to save her.  Derek tells Jack he must do his job and warn Annie and Jonathan that a jury and prosecution might not buy their stories.  Ryan is worried that maybe Jonathan cannot trust Jack to help him but Jack reminds him that his brother agreed to let Jack represent him.  Ryan gets on his phone with an idea.

At Fusion, Simone makes nice with Babe and Josh.  She leaves and Josh tells Babe that she did something incredible for him to help him process his issues with the coffin.  He notices that she is burying herself in work when she and her family are worried about Colby being missing.  He tells her that he let her help him and she must let him do the same for her.  He tells her that he had to experience facing the man who raised him and what he did.  He admits to her that he cannot stop loving her.  She was there when he needed her.  She was the only friend who was there when he was completely alone.  She tells him that it has to stop but he tells her he wishes he could be there for her.  She lets him put his arms around her and Kendall walks in and sees them.  Simone and Danielle return with lattes and food for their colleagues.  Josh and Babe are silent and attempting to bury themselves in work.  Babe cuts her finger and everybody fusses but she tells them she is fine.  Kendall stares at Josh.  He asks her what is on her mind.  She tells him that Babe is really the center of his universe.  He asks her what she is going to do about it.

Amanda stands at the door of Lily’s hospital room while Jonathan sits by her bed, reminding her of their experiences of planting and saving daisies in their tree house.  He tells her that he wishes he could still be in the tree house with her but she still does not respond.  He then tells her that he needs to go but will be right back.  Amanda tells him if anybody can reach Lily, it is he.  Lily needs him right now and she doesn’t want him to think that she does not understand.  She believes what the two of them have is beautiful.  When Jonathan leaves, Amanda comes inside and talks to Lily.

Outside, in the waiting room, Jeff talks to Erica.  She tells him that Jonathan is in there talking to Lily but she is completely non-responsive to the man she loves.  She just hates that Lily is completely alone.  Jeff tells Erica that Lily has her and the purple shawl that Erica gave her.  He admits to her that when they were married, he really failed to “get” her.  She admits that many people don’t get her.  Many times even she didn’t get herself.  He tells her that he is really, just now, beginning to understand and appreciate the person she is.

In Lily’s room, Jonathan reminds her of the music they used to listen to in order to chase away bad dreams and he brings in his boom box and plays the music for her.  Erica and Jeff are outside drinking coffee and talking.

While the music plays, we see the Fusion crew, all working together and it is obvious that Babe and Josh have feelings for each other.

Then we see Ryan talking to Annie at the station.  He reaches out and holds her hand.  He gets up.

The music plays while we see all the people in their daily interactions.

Jonathan asks Lily to please talk to him and show him that she knows he is there.  She remains non-responsive.

At the station, Erin comes to meet with Annie and Ryan and it looks like she has a laptop in an envelope.  Ryan then asks everybody to hear his solution.  He says he realizes that many people believe that there has been a “plan” to kill an innocent man but he believes that he can shed some light on the situation for everybody.  Jack asks him what he has found.  He replies that he’s found a laptop that belonged to Terry McDermott that should enlighten everybody to what kind of a person he was.  Derek then reads the very intimate and personal messages that Terry wrote to many teenage girls.  He notices the message Terry wrote to Lily where he disguised himself as Asperger boy with social problems so that Lily would believe he was a boy her own age whom she could understand and be safe with.  We see a picture of Lily on his screen.  Jack concludes that Terry obviously tricked Lily.  The prosecutors say that that has nothing to do with Annie’s legal problems.  Jack tells them that they better not think that they are going to harass or prosecute Jonathan Lavery after he saved Jack’s daughter from a dangerous predator.  He owes Lily’s, as well as his own life to Jonathan and he knows how to bring them all up on charges if they want to punish Jonathan Lavery or Annie McDermott for protecting society from the irreparable damage Terry McDermott has caused.  He reminds them that the law has failed to protect society from Terry.  He speaks very eloquently and passionately in making his point.  Everybody listens and nobody argues.

Jonathan is still sitting by Lily’s side, urging her to come back.

Erica informs Jeff that Josh made a small gesture to prove to her that he does not hate her.  Jeff is fascinated to find that out and wants to know more about it.  She tells him that she went to talk to their son after Lily went missing and he seemed supportive.  She seemed to be able to get through to Josh that she cares for him and does not believe that his life is a mistake regardless of his conception or birth.

At Fusion, Josh is still friendly only to Babe.  When Babe is alone, Kendall tells her that she believes she’s come up with an answer.  When they were on the roof talking about how they forgive their respective partners who have betrayed then, and neither she nor Babe came up with any answers, she now thinks she has found an answer.  You never forgive them nor give them a chance to betray you again.  Kendall tells Babe that she has a dilemma about whether to stand by the guy who loves her and who will be there for her or to keep blindly trusting the dishonest creep who cannot be trusted.  Babe asks Kendall about whom she is talking.  Simone and Danielle overhear their conversation and add in their two cents.  They all talk about how it’s all too easy for women to fool themselves into believing in the wrong men.  Kendall indicates that sometimes a man whom you’d never thought of comes into your life.  She then talks about how a man whom one has known for a long and with whom you’ve thought it’s all over, suddenly comes back into your life.  Is she talking about herself with Ryan?  Simone then talks about how Ethan came out of nowhere to be the right man for her and if she ever meets another man like him, she intends never to let him go.  Ryan and Josh enter together and overhear the women’s’ conversation.

Livia and Derek talk alone in his office.  She tells him that she does not mess with the chief of police but she thinks that maybe she can persuade her baby brother to understand some things.  He confirms to his sister that he does not ask for much.  He realizes he has a lot to be grateful for.  At least his daughter is safe.  Emma runs up and hugs her mom and they confirm that Annie can keep her daughter as they’ve dropped the charges against her.

Jack joins Jonathan in Lily’s room while she still cannot speak.  He tells her that they are both there for her now and she is safe.  Meanwhile, she has a nightmare that she is running all around, unable to escape from red.  She remembers the mean girls who used to taunt her, and would have her falsely believe that they want to be her friends.  She runs away from them hearing their laughing.  She hears and sees Terry, wearing shades, telling her that she is safe with him because he is different like her.  She runs away and then sees Jonathan.  She hears his mentally challenged speech when he promises to commit until death do them part.  She knows that that is a lie, sees more red and runs again.  She goes though another door and only sees white.  Jack is there and confirms to her that he is her daddy.  He loves her and she is safe with him.  At that point, she believes him and awakens to see her dad.  She trusts Jack but somehow does not trust Jonathan and demands that he leave.  He goes out the door.  Erica enters and wants to talk to Lily.  Jack confirms that she needs to be alone with him.

Kendall and Ryan go out on the Fusion rooftop.  She asks him what is going on, noticing that he looks happy.  Something good must be going on, she tells him.  He confirms to her that Jonathan and Annie have both beat the charges.  She is happy about that.  They confirm that it’s a good start.  They talk about the perfectly aligned planets and stars and how they might be able to help her as well as him.  He confirms that maybe he can be in her life. 

Downstairs, in the Fusion office, Babe knows that her feelings for Josh are too much to deal with.  She confirms to him that when this project is over, she has to let him go.

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