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Zach is sitting alone in his jail cell while Kendall is at the police station. Kendall sees Dixie talking to an officer. Kendall goes to Dixie and tells her she takes and takes until there's nothing left. She wonders if Dixie pushed Zach into assaulting Tad. Dixie says she didn't know anything about it. Dixie tells Kendall she doesn't deserve a man like Zach.

Sydney arrives back at Chandler mansion. She is wrapped in a blanket and crying. Sean, meanwhile, is somewhere staring into space.

At the yacht club, Adam and Krystal are trying to get some news about Colby. Adam tells a rescue worker that he'll pay whatever it takes to find his daughter. JR and Babe are at home worrying about Colby. JR gets on the phone and when he realizes Colby has not been found, he shouts into the phone that rescue workers are incompetent. Meanwhile, Colby has arrived home undetected. She is dirty and tattered and is able to hear JR and Babe. She hears JR talk about how stupid Colby is for what she did and if he finds her, he'll kill her himself. Babe defends Colby, saying she's just a teenager. A police officer arrives to talk about the boating accident. He says it hurt several people and preliminary reports say Colby ran the boat aground. She is already facing a hearing for resisting arrest. He says she could spend every birthday until she's 21 in jail. Colby is listening.

Jack is with Jonathan, Ryan, and Derek at the police station, where Jack has offered to be Jonathan's attorney. Derek leaves so Ryan and Jonathan can talk to Jack alone. Ryan asks Jack what kind of a stunt this is. Jack says it's not a stunt. Ryan tells him he has 10 seconds to explain why he's here.

Derek tells Kendall if she helps incriminate Jack and Dixie this case will be over. Dixie tells Kendall to go ahead so she can get rid of her and Zach. Dixie tells Kendall to tell Derek what he wants to hear. Derek tells Kendall that Slater let her down. Kendall says he's making it hard to say no. Derek says if she doesn't assist she could be open to aiding and abetting charges. He urges her to seek revenge. Kendall says her life is different now. She's a mom and she won't subject herself to hate.

Jack tells Ryan and Jonathan that Jonathan saved Lily. Jonathan wants to know if Lily was raped, but Jack says he got there in time and she was not raped. A relieved Jonathan starts to cry. Jack says he was wrong about Jonathan and Lily and so many other things. He held onto his anger about Braden and put it on Jonathan. He says he's hurt many people and he can't undo the damage, but he wants to help if Jonathan will let him. Ryan stands up and tells Jack they don't need his help. Jack nods in reluctant acceptance.

Julia is with Lily and another nurse, saying that Lily needs a quiet controlled environment with very few visitors. A catatonic Lily has her eyes open but otherwise is still. She has a dream where she's doing a math equation while hearing nurses talk in the background.

Dixie goes to Zach's jail cell to see how he's doing. He tells her she shouldn't be there. Zach yells out to Derek and when he gets no response he tells Dixie she can't fix this. It's over. The good guys won.

Colby looks at a photo of Adam with Krystal and says that she loves her father. She hears a noise and hides in the next room. Sydney and Sean walk in and Sydney says she hurts everywhere. She says Colby could be dead. She asks Sean why he let Colby take the wheel. Sean says Colby just grabbed it. Sydney asks what if she's dead. Sean says if Colby is found dead they have to deal with it. Death is a part of life and is nature's way of saying, "see you. Sydney asks how he could be so cold.

Adam tells a rescue worker at the yacht club to bring in helicopters and boats and he'll pay for it. The worker says every available one is already out looking. Krystal tells Adam that they'll find her alive. Adam says he promised Colby he would always rescue her. He says this is his fault. He spoiled her and gave her everything she wanted. JR and Babe are at the club, where JR demands that rescue workers crank up the manpower to find his sister. Babe watches as JR rants and raves and basically ignores her. Meanwhile, she sees Krystal comforting Adam and watches as they hug each other.

Ryan tells Jack that he'll mess up the case and get a life sentence for Jonathan, which is what he wants. He can't gamble with his brother's life. Jonathan wants to listen to Jack, so Ryan leaves them alone. Jonathan starts by telling Jack that he made his life miserable. He harassed and threatened him and no matter what he did to prove he changed Jack refused to believe it. He broke him and Lily up but now he gets it? Jack nods. Jonathan questions whether he can trust Jack. Jack says he knows saying he's sorry isn't enough. Jonathan says that maybe they all need a second chance.

Amanda goes to see Lily. She tells Lily she'll be OK and that Jonathan is still in love with her. She urges her to please come back.

At the police station, Kendall tells Ryan he needs to go home. Ryan, looking in at Jonathan, says he's not going anywhere. Ryan asks how Kendall is doing. Kendall says her husband may be in prison forever and the slut who wants him is with him now.

Dixie tells Zach it's not over but he says it is. An angry Zach starts trashing his cell, picking items up and tossing them. He yells out for Derek. Derek arrives with the jailers, Kendall, and Ryan. Derek tells Zach to ease up or he'll be sorry. Zach asks what more can be done to him. Kendall shouts at Dixie, asking her what she said to Zach to set him off. Zach refers to Kendall as his wife, or is it ex-wife, and now she's with Ryan. He tosses a chair then reaches out of the cell asking Ryan if he wants a piece of him. A jailer touches Zach's back with a stun gun and he falls unconscious. A worried Kendall rushes to him and asks the jailer what he did to him.

Sydney figures out that Sean and Colby hooked up. Sean asks so what. Colby, who is listening, has a flashback to her and Sean having sex. Sydney tells Sean that Colby could be dead and he doesn't care. Sean simply says he has to go. Sean leaves and Sydney goes upstairs. Colby comes from around the corner, crying. She leans against a wall, which opens and reveals the tunnels.

JR tells Babe he's going with his dad to look for Colby. Babe wants to come with him but he doesn't want her to go. He says it could be bad. It's changing from a rescue to a recovery operation at noon. He tells Babe he'll notify her if anything changes.

Zach wakes up handcuffed in his cell with Kendall kneeling over him. He tells Kendall to get off her knees and orders everyone in the cell out of his house. He tells Ryan that he won. Ryan says there are no winners. Zach says he has the lady on his arm. It's only a matter of time before she's back in his bed. Kendall asks Ryan to get her out of there now.

Jack gets Jonathan out on bail and Jonathan expresses his appreciation. Jack asks Jonathan if he'll go see Lily. She's unresponsive and Jonathan might get through to her.

At the police station, a crying Kendall hugs Ryan. Before Dixie leaves Zach's cell, she bends down and rubs his shoulder. He touches her hand.

Babe arrives at Fusion. She sees Josh and rushes to hug him.

Sean, on crutches, goes to the yacht club. He sees a photo of Colby on the floor and hits it with his crutch. He starts to cry.

Colby stands in the tunnel, and then shuts the door. She cries.

Amanda is still with Lily when Jonathan walks into the room.

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