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All My Children Update Friday 9/15/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Teens that were on Colby's party ship are being brought into the hospital with minor injuries after Colby crashed the yacht.  One girl is crying about an injury to the new nose she got for her birthday.  Other drunken teens are staggering around.  Adam asks Krystal where the devil Colby is.  He's blaming Sean for this turn of events and vows revenge against him.  Sean enters in a wheelchair and is obviously drunk.

Julia is talking softly to Lily in a hospital room while Jack and Erica watch, looking concerned.  Julia gives Lily a sedative and leaves.  Lily focuses her vision on Jack and Erica.  Jack leaves Erica alone with Lily.

Outside the room, Jack sees the drunken Sean, who is raving about what a great party it was.  Jack tells him when he sobers up they'll have a long talk.

Jeff asks Julia how Lily is doing.  She tells him that she gave her a sedative and she's probably sleeping.

Inside Lily's room, Erica is trying to comfort her.  She puts a blanket over her which is blue, a color Lily likes.  Erica tells Lily that she wishes she could protect her forever.  She brushes Lily's hair and tells her that her mother Laurel loved her and will always love her, as does her father.  Jeff watches from the doorway.  Erica also says that the same is true with Jonathan.  The kind of love she and Jonathan have doesn't change, she says.

Ryan wakes up in his hospital room to find Kendall holding Spike.  Kendall says they are so glad he's alive.  A nurse arrives and Ryan tells her he is fine.  She says if he follows orders he'll be close to perfect in a few weeks.  Kendall tells Ryan that Jamal took Annie to the police station and that Jonathan killed Terry.  Ryan packs to leave and Kendall warns him not to try to be a hero.

Zach is sitting in his jail cell when Myrtle arrives for a visit.  Myrtle wants to know the truth.  Zach says he doesn't have anything to say to anyone, even her.  Myrtle asks if he likes being here.  Zach says it works for now.  She asks how he would feel to lose another woman he loves.  She reminds him he didn't tell Maria the truth about Edmund's murder and he lost her.  Now he's doing the same thing.  Zach tells her Kendall doesn't believe him.  She asks how he will convince her when he's sitting in jail.  Zach says Tad is lying.  He says Tad could not have seen him and Dixie with Madden's body.

At the police station, a police detective is questioning Annie about her shooting Ryan while Derek questions Jonathan about killing Terry.  Derek starts by telling Jonathan that he only did what police could not do – he took out a predator.  Jonathan says everyone in Pine Valley was trying to keep Terry away from Lily.  Derek suggests that Lily went with Terry willingly for a date.  They were both found half-naked.  Derek says it's natural to do what he did after seeing the girl he loved with some sick-o.  Jonathan says Terry was a predator who made Lily think he had a development disorder.  Derek tells Jonathan that worked for him.  He lied to Lily about his own mental capacity.  Jonathan says he did it because he loves her and wanted to make her happy.  Derek suggests a jury might view a lie like Jonathan's like the lie told by McDermott.  Jonathan says Terry was trying to rape Lily.  Derek says that it will be hard to sell that to a jury in a murder trial.  Derek says Terry was Lily's online boyfriend and maybe she undressed for him.  Maybe their actions were consensual.  Jonathan says he wasn't jealous of Terry.  He asks him what part of rape he doesn’t understand.  Derek asks if the shooting unplanned and spur of the moment and Jonathan says it was.  Derek asks, then, why he booked a flight to Ireland and bought a gun three days before he killed him.  Annie questions how authorities could consider giving joint custody of Emma to Terry.  She says her life would be nothing without Emma.  She thought Terry was coming for her.  She heard a noise and could not let Terry take Emma.  She was sure it was Terry walking in the door.  Shooting Ryan was an accident.

Ryan, Kendall and Livia walk in and Ryan asks Derek why he's interrogating Jonathan without an attorney.  Ryan orders Jonathan not to say anything more.  Livia tells Derek that sometimes she thinks he belongs on the other side.  Derek informs Kendall her husband's bail was revoked for assaulting Tad and he is in jail.

Kendall goes to the jail to see Zach and tells him he's in as deep as he can get.  Zach says Tad had it coming.  Zach says Tad could not have seen him and Dixie with a body.  Kendall mentions the disc with Madden's voice found in their home.  Zach asks what he wants her to say.  She says he doesn't answer to anyone, not even her.  She begins to cry, saying he could be in prison for a long time.  She says if only he had stayed away from Dixie and stayed with her.  Zach says he'll tell her anything she wants to know.  Kendall says he's asked him before and asks what will change this time.  She says she can't do this again.  She asks if beating up Tad was going to change his story.  She says she knows what she needs to know and leaves.

Ryan informs the police that his shooting was an accident.  He says he was cleaning his gun.  Derek stops him and threatens him with obstruction charges.  Ryan says he's not pressing charges against Annie and she's free to go.  Derek informs them that Annie is wanted on a New York warrant over the child custody and she has to be taken into custody.  Derek says her daughter will be placed in foster care.  Annie says they can't take Emma away from her. 

Adam tells Sean he's going to pay for the pain and suffering he's caused.  Sean says Colby was piloting the boat.  Sydney is brought in on a stretcher and shouts out that Colby is so busted for crashing the boat.

Erica comes out of Lily's room and tells Jack the rape exam is over and Lily wasn't raped.  Jack is relieved and says she'll be all right.  Erica tells him that Jonathan saved Lily.  Jack loses his smile and goes into Lily's room.

Jeff sits down with Erica and says he still sees her as selfish and stubborn but she's deeper than before.  Something else has changed; something inside her.  He says he'd like to get to know the mother of his child.  He asks if she'll have an occasional cup of coffee with him.  She says she would like that.

In Lily's room, Jack talks to his sleeping daughter, telling her that he thought he was protecting her and that he knew best, but he sees he was wrong.  He says he'll be the father she needs and deserves, starting right now.

A rescue worker tells Adam that all the kids from the boat have been found.  Adam says his daughter is still missing.  The rescue worker gets on his radio and informs someone that Colby Chandler is missing.

Livia tells Annie she can't hide her daughter from social services.  She could do some serious time.  Annie says her daughter is her priority.  Livia asks Jamal how deep he's into this.  Jamal says he wants to be on the right side.

Police are arresting Jonathan and Ryan tells his brother not to say anything until he gets a lawyer.  Jack arrives and says Jonathan has a lawyer.  He'll represent him.

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