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Written By Jenn
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The teens are still partying and carousing on the yacht.

Jack goes looking for Lily in the woods near her favorite hiding spot.  He calls to her but cannot find her.  Jonathan appears and informs Jack that she is not there.  She has been there, however.  He shows Jack the earplugs that Sean gave her that he found on the ground nearby.

Lily is not moving or speaking and completely non-responsive and Terry slowly unties her dress.  He tells her that there is no reason to freak out.  He tells her that she wants to be an adult and this is what adults do.

After Annie has accidentally shot Ryan believing that he was Terry, Jamal and Kendall rush to help him and call an ambulance.  Annie is very worried for what she mistakenly did and tells Ryan she thought he was Terry.

In the cabin, Terry touches Lily’s shoulders and her face.  She does not respond.

Jack takes the earplugs out of Jonathan’s hand and remembers that Sean gave them to her before the party.  He tells Jonathan that he needs to go away and leave this whole situation alone.  Jonathan protests to Jack that he knows Terry is back in town and he must have Lily.  Jack grabs Jonathan by his collar and demands that he stay away from Lily because he is no longer a part of her life.  Jack looks like he’s ready to cry.  Jonathan is just as emotional and tells Jack that Lily needs both of their help, Jack goes off on his own and calls for his daughter.

While Lily is non-responsive, she has a vision of herself and Jonathan wearing white and surrounded by white light.  She tells him all about her mathematical equations.  She notices that he is the slow Jonathan whom she knew and loved.  He tells her how impressed he is by her mathematical skills.  Terry stares at her blank expression and smirks but he changes his expression and appears afraid of something.

At the marina, Adam tells Krystal that he cannot believe that his daughter could do this.  She tells him maybe he should have some patience that the boat will be located soon.  He reminds her that patience is not a trait he possesses.  He asks her what his daughter is trying to prove.  Krystal tells him that Colby is just being a kid albeit a spoiled, ungrateful, self-absorbed kid.  Adam worries that she has been drinking and Krystal she reminds him that that is exactly how they got married.

Ryan is rushed to the hospital.  Kendall confronts Annie.  She demands to know what she was doing.  Jamal tells her to lay off Annie because she does not know everything.  He holds Emma who is silent.  Kendall tells him she knows that the father of her child is shot because of Annie.

At the party, Colby and Sean are kissing.

Adam tells Krystal that he’s just come to the realization that his daughter is out of control.  Krystal reminds her husband that this has been going on for a long time.  It’s nothing out of the ordinary for her.  He reflects that he’s spent more money on this party than most people spend on their homes.  Krystal tells Adam she remembers when Babe was a teenager and she went drinking under the overpass with kids she should not have been with.  She came back at 4 in the morning and threw up all over her mother’s shoes and had the gall to tell her mother that there was only water in the bottle she was carrying.  However, she learned.  Adam asks Krystal how she dealt with an out of control teenager.  Krystal informs him that the next morning she woke Babe up at 7:00 with a vacuum cleaner, made her the entire trailer from top to bottom.  She never did it again.  Adam tells Krystal that he will see how Colby likes boarding school and how Sean Montgomery likes prison.  Krystal asks him if he’s ever thought that Colby was just trying to get her father’s attention.

Colby and Sean are kissing and undressing.  They have sex, finish, and then get dressed.  He tells her it was awesome and wishes her a happy birthday.  He then encourages her to go and get a drink with him.  She asks him to give her a minute.  He leaves and when she is alone, she listens to the party and may be having second thoughts about what she just did.

At the hospital, after Ryan has been admitted, a police detective tells the people that there are questions he can ask before Mrs. Cudahy gets there.  Nobody wants to talk but he tells the group that any time there is a shooting the department must ask questions.  He asks the name of the shooter.  Kendall replies that her name is Annie McDermott.  Julia then takes Emma away.  Annie explains to the cop that she thought that Ryan was her ex-husband.  Jamal urges Annie not to talk and tells the cop she does not have to answer his questions.  The cop asks Annie why she wanted to shoot her ex-husband.  Jamal again tells her she does not have to answer.  She replies that the reason she had to shoot him is because the cops refused to do their job.  That’s why.  She and her daughter and many other people live in fear because the police refuse to put him away.  She asks the cop if he has children and just what he would do if somebody like Terry was on the loose and his children were in danger.  Nobody speaks.  She tells the cop if he does not believe what she is saying he should ask Jackson Montgomery.  Terry has harmed his daughter and until somebody stops him, everybody’s children will be in danger.

Jack is walking all around and searching for Lily.  He hears shots and rushes in the direction of the sound.  He finds the cabin, walks in, and notices that Jonathan has already gotten there and shot Terry.  They discover that Terry is dead.  Jonathan admits that he does not know if he made it in time.  They notice that Lily is stripped down to her bra.  Jonathan informs Jack that he walked in and noticed Terry standing over Lily smiling and he shot and killed him.  Jack gets on his cell phone and calls for an ambulance.  Lily is still completely non-responsive.

Jeff Martin brings Ryan out of surgery and informs the people that he should be ok.  Kendall asks if she can see him.  Jeff tells her ok but not to stay too long.  David finds Julia interacting with Emma.  He tells Julia that he would like her to help by finding the tests and X-rays performed on Ryan.  She reminds him that he has legs.  He tells her of course he has legs but he also has nurses.  He tells her that he will stay with Emma while she does her job and reminds her that he is Dr. Hayward and she is a nurse and it is his job to give her instructions.  She leaves and he greets Emma, knowing whom she really is.

Kendall goes to see Ryan while he sleeps.  She touches his face but he does not awaken right away.  Then suddenly moves his head and opens his eyes.  She tells him she’s glad he’s ok and he scared the hell out of her.  She reminds him that he is the one she depends on these days.  He is the one who is there to change Spike’s diapers and calm her down when something overwhelms her.  She tells him that Spike needs him.  She needs him.  She never knew how much she did.  They thought they’d lost him.  He reminds her that there is no way she will get rid of him.  She takes his hand and thanks him.  He asks why she is thanking him.  She says for being the father of her child.

At the marina, Adam tells Krystal that she has accused him of going overboard at the party and spoiling Colby and now Krystal is defending her.  She tells him that maybe he is just overreacting and not realizing Colby is just being a teenager.  She asks what the point would be in sending Colby to boarding school.  He tells her that maybe it would give him a good night’s sleep and she will learn that she’s gone too far.  Running off as she did, he says, is totally disrespectful to him after all he’s done for her.  Krystal tells Adam that maybe this will enable him to bring Colby to the realization that there is a line and she better not cross it again.

Colby is sitting by herself in the wheelhouse of the yacht, looking like she’s crying and regretting what she just did.

David offers Emma a lollypop and he obviously has a trick up his sleeves.  He pulls out a plastic bag and offers her a swab stick that he tells her is an “invisible lollypop.”  He asks her if she’s ever had an invisible lollypop before.  She shakes her head but looks interested.  He then encourages her test out this really cool invisible lollypop with an invisible flavor.  She smiles and puts it in her mouth.  He does not need her to do any more.  He’s already gotten his DNA sample.  Then he gives her a real lollypop and wraps the cotton swab in the plastic bag and hides it before Julia returns so that nobody is the wiser about what he’s just done.

Derek enters the hospital and Kendall tells him that she doesn’t want this woman to get away with shooting Ryan.  He tells her he’s not there because of that.  He’s there for only one reason.  There’s been an accident involving Lily Montgomery.  Kendall asks him if Lily is ok.  He informs her that she has been attacked.  Kendall then looks at him really worried.

Krystal tells Adam that she really understands how tough it is to be a parent nowadays even more so than it was only a few short years ago when she had a teenager.  Now they want everything to be bigger and better and cooler than the last generation.  Adam’s contact tells them that he may have spotted the yacht.

The harbor patrol pulls up alongside the yacht and announces that they are there to take the yacht back to shore.  Colby is steering the boat.  Sean finds her and tells her that they have to go because they have been busted.  She decides that they are not going to take them in and she steers toward the harbor.

Jack goes with Lily to the hospital.  Jeff Martin attends to her.  She is still non-responsive.  Having no idea if she’s been raped or not, he instructs the staff to get a rape kit.  Julia stares at them horrified, remembering all the things Lily shared with her and what it would mean if she were raped.  Kendall and Annie stare, horrified, fearing the worst.  Jonathan enters and tells them they no longer need to worry about Terry.  He won’t be able to hurt anybody ever again.  Annie approaches him and puts her arms around him.  Derek tells him he needs to come down to the station and tell him what happened.  Jonathan goes with Derek.  Kendall goes in to see Ryan.  She takes his hand and she cries.

Colby is steering the yacht too fast.  Sean attempts to grab the wheel from her, knowing she’s headed for a crash.  Suddenly, Sean yells to Colby to look out and they crash.

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