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Written By Jenn
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Lily is startled when “Asperger boy” removes his hood to reveal his face and show her that he is Terry the predator.  He tells her he wants to be her friend.  She should not be afraid of anything.  She is safe with him.

Ryan goes to Jack’s to inform him that Lily is missing.  Jack asks Ryan why those guards were unable to prevent that from happening.  He tells Ryan that he made a big mistake to trust him and Aidan to protect his daughter.  He also reminds Ryan that he had the mistaken idea that Terry McDermott was back in Ireland.  Ryan admits to Jack that he and his friends had a plan to lure Terry back into town so that they could get him arrested.  Jack tells Ryan that Terry McDermott is Lily’s worst nightmare.  He remembers that he entrusted Sean to take her to the party but Sean obviously failed to do as he asked.  Erica enters and asks if she can help find Lily but Jack and Ryan are out the door before they answer her.

At the party, Babe and JR try and fail to find Colby.  Krystal gets on her phone to ask someone to get back to her if they find Colby.  Adam finds an employee and tells him that he must find his daughter primarily because she is wearing very expensive jewelry.  The guy informs Adam that Colby and her friends chose to leave on a boat and admitted that that was their choice.  Krystal then concludes to Adam that his daughter is misbehaving again.

Jonathan goes to Jack and Erica’s looking for Lily.  Erica is there alone and informs him that Jack and Ryan went to find her.  He tells Erica that he knows that Lily must have gone to meet somebody.  Erica asks Jonathan just whom she went to meet.

After Lily gets the big shock from Terry, she freaks and attempts to move furniture but he tells her to relax and have fun and he lets her know that they have not yet begun.  She tries to move the dresser from the door so that she can get out but she cannot move it by herself.  She tells Terry that he lied to her when he said he wanted to be her friend.  He tells her she lied to him when she did not believe that he was her friend.  He was going to teach her many things.  She tells him he is a bad man.  He tells her he is not a bad man.  He is a lonely man and he wants to talk.  She tells him no talk.  He then concludes to her if she does not want to talk, then he will do the communicating for both of them.  He moves toward her and she yells no touching.

Jonathan gets on a laptop and informs Erica that Lily changes her password every few weeks and it’s too complicated for him to figure out or guess what it might be.  She tells him she wishes she could help but has no clue what Lily would choose for a password.  Jonathan brainstorms, remembering that she has used his name and her name and many numbers.  Erica protests to him that she heard that Lily and Sean went to a party together.  It seemed harmless.  She mentioned that she heard that Lily met somebody new and she saw no cause for alarm.  Jonathan tells her that he’s not worried about Sean and his friends at the party.  Lily is not in danger with them but he knows that there is foul play waiting where she went afterward.

Colby, Sydney, and tons of other young people are on a yacht, drinking and partying.  Colby and Sean are kissing.  She tells him that he had a brilliant idea to blow the scene and get away in the yacht even if they have to be stranded with rejects.  Sydney and a boy enter.  Colby tells her that this party is for the upper class and not for losers like her.  Sydney tells her that she is the one who is a loser.

Adam calls and leaves a message for Colby that daddy will save her.  Jack and Ryan appear and Adam informs Jack that his nephew took Adam’s daughter somewhere.  Jack and Ryan tell Adam that they are not so concerned about Sean right now.  Lily is missing and Jack asks Adam if he believes that there is any chance that Lily is on that yacht with those kids.

Lily is stranded in the cabin with Terry, panicking because she cannot get out.

Jonathan gets through on his laptop and finds out what Terry has done.  He tells Erica he knows that that pervert set Lily up and he goes out the door.  Alone, Erica remembers herself talking about how she was violated when she was raped and she asks God not to let this happy to Lily.  She asks God not to let Lily suffer this hell.

 While freaking in regard to Terry, Lily attempts to calm herself down with the visions of tulips that she used before but he asks her to turn around.  He shows her a picture of two people.  She asks who they are.  He informs her that they are his parents.

Annie is alone in Ryan’s house when Jamal comes downstairs with.  Annie does not know what to tell her young daughter.

Stuart and Marion are staying with little A while everybody else is at Colby’s party.  He secretly tells his nephew that they need to keep it a secret from Marion that he’s letting little A stay up late.

Jack instantly tells Ryan he suspects Jonathan for Lily’s disappearance.  Ryan tells Jack that when Jonathan found out what happened, he freaked and he is determined to save her.

Krystal tells Babe that she’s worried about how it will affect Adam if something happens to Colby.  It will devastate him if his daughter gets hurt.  Adam confronts Jack about his nephew being responsible for Adam’s daughter missing.  Jack tells Adam that he has no business judging his nephew.  Adam must remember that Jack’s brother was an accomplished sailor and Adam better hope that Colby is with Sean and not with somebody else.  Jack tells the guards that he is very worried about his own daughter.

Jonathan goes to his and Lily’s secret place but cannot find her.  He does, however, come across a blue string that she may have left.

In the cabin, Terry talks to Lily about all of the young girls he’s become “friends” with, who he helped to develop social and sexual skills and how great it was.  He asks Lily if she’d like to become his “friend” and let him help her to feel good about herself.  She responds to that with a no.  He tells her that was the wrong answer.

At the marina, Josh enters and Babe tells him that she knows that he came to see him.  He admits to her that she is a big part of his life.  He cannot explain it.  He cannot seem to get along without her and maybe that is because he does not want to.  She tells him he will have to.  He tells her he knows and walks off.  Adam tells Babe he needs her help.  He admits that he cannot get through to Colby right now but she likes Babe.  Babe tells her father-in-law she does not know where he would get that idea or how she’d have any better luck than he’s had with Colby.  He tells her she might have better luck and asks her if she would just try by calling Colby.

At the party on the yacht, they are all playing poker on a mattress.  Sydney grabs Colby’s cell phone when she hears it ringing.  It’s Babe.  She asks Sydney were Colby is.  Sydney does not answer where they are.  Babe tells her that people are worried sick about them.  She asks Sydney if Lily Montgomery is there.  Sydney asks the crowd if there is anyone named Lily on board.  They reply no.  Babe asks Sydney if she can put Colby on the phone so that she can talk to her father.  Colby talks to her father on the phone, slurring her speech from drinking.  Adam decides to put his foot down by telling her she will be grounded for a long time and the car he bought her will go back to the dealership.  Of course, this motivates Colby to hang up before giving her father a clue where she is or what has happened.

Lily struggles to get out of the cabin but Terry stops her and he strikes her hard.

Erica goes to find Josh and tells him that she needs to talk to him.  He tells her that he does not want to talk right now.  She admits to her son that some very terrible things have happened to her in her life, at the hands of many people but she needs him to know that he is not one of those terrible things.  She thinks he is great.  He is talented and beautiful and wonderful.  She tells him she realizes he may not want her to be a part of his life and she understands that, but she encourages him to enjoy, embrace, and live his life.  She touches his face and then she walks off.  He calls to her asking her to wait.

After Emma has asked her mom about her dad, Annie asks Jamal how she can possibly answer that question to her little girl.  Should she tell her that daddy is staying away because he’s a sick pervert who hurts children?  He tells her she mustn’t fear that Terry will get away with his crimes anymore.  She tells Jamal that Terry is extremely clever.  He has fooled judges and gotten them to rule in his favor.  He’s been able to split town.  He’s found Lily.  He’s found her and Emma and that is why he is so dangerous.  Jamal tells her that Terry will make a mistake sooner or later because he must surface eventually.  He leaves and as soon as Annie is alone, she gets her gun from the shelf.

After Terry has slapped Lily, she is still and non-responsive.  It’s like it has shut down all of her senses.  He apologizes now that he sees she is no longer struggling and fighting him.  He reaches out to touch her and she does not even respond to that.

Josh invites Erica into his room.  She tells him she hardly expected that.  He offers her a drink but she cannot accept.  He asks her if she is thinking about Lily.  He admits to her that he was just at the marina and discovered that she was gone and Jack was very upset.  She tells him that maybe she needs to leave and not burden him with her problems.  He tells her that he does not hate her and he hopes that Lily will be all right.  She goes out the door.

Stuart is playing hide and seek with little A and Marion calls to her husband, still unaware of what he is doing.  He tells little A that he has to pretend to be asleep.  Marion knows immediately what they are up to.  When she sees them, she plays along with them that she has not found them and that she’s just going to take a nap and let them continue their little game.  They seem to be having a lot of fun together.

Babe and JR propose a toast and drink to many happy years together.  They also agree never to have another sweet-sixteen birthday party.  Noticing that he is watching her drink wine, she asks him if he is uncomfortable watching others drink.  She also remarks to him that she thinks it was very honorable of him to welcome Josh there and to react without jealousy towards him.  She assures him that he need not worry about Josh.  Right now, Fusion really needs him on the job but that might not last forever.  He will always be her friend but he might find that working at ConFusion is not for him.

Adam is still attempting to track down all the rowdy teenagers.

They are all partying and carousing on the boat.  Colby and Sydney fight over all the guys.

Erica returns home and sees Jack is back and working on a laptop.  She informs him that Jonathan was just there and pulled up some info about Lily’s password.  Jack gets an idea about something that startles him and he goes out the door without saying anything.

Jonathan is in the woods, frantically trying to find Lily and calling for her.

In the cabin, while Lily is completely still and non-responsive, Terry is slowly untying her dress.

Annie is reliving all of the taunting that Terry did to her.  He told her that she is a total loser, and that nobody will ever believe anything she says, reminding her that even the judge believed his word over hers.  He tells her that the best thing that ever happened to Emma was him and he’s going to keep her away from Annie.  She will always be daddy’s little girl.  She hears him laughing and taunting and the door opens.  Totally freaked and not thinking, she aims the gun and fires.  Unfortunately, she shoots Ryan instead of Terry.

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