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Written By Jenn
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At the sweet-sixteen party, JR announces Jesse McCartney, the singer.  Jesse walks over and talks to Colby in front of the crowd.  Sydney looks on and is unhappy that she is no longer the center of attention.  Jesse then calls for an intermission.

Amanda kisses Jonathan.  He does not stop her for a while but he pulls away, asking her what she is doing and reminds her that they are just friends.  He then continues to kiss her and does not prevent her from kissing him.

Back at the marina at the party, Ryan rushes in to find Sean after being given the word that Lily left the party.  He asks Sean where his date is.  Sean seems very casual about the whole thing and, while looking at Colby and Sydney, asks him which one.  Ryan tells him that he means the one he brought to the party.  He asks Sean where Lily is.  Sean does not seem to have a clue.

Lily goes to the woods to meet “Asperger boy” but all she sees is a disguised person with a hood hiding his face.  He text messages her that he cannot talk to her.  He is afraid and uncomfortable.  She tells him that she has found that this place can make him feel safe, like it has her and she encourages him to show himself and not be afraid.

Tad awakens on his couch in the dark and sees Zach standing over him and not looking happy.  He turns on the lights and tells Zach that he assumes that Zach has heard the news.  Zach tells Tad that maybe he should lock his door because he never knows who could walk in.  Tad asks Zach if he is scared.  Zach reminds Tad that his (Tad’s) testimony could put him (Zach) away for a long time.  Tad tells Zach that he could lose many things if he gets convicted including his wife, his stepson, Tad’s ex-wife, as well as his freedom.  Zach tells Tad that they both know what happened the night Madden disappeared.  Tad tells Zach he suggests that Zach get himself a good lawyer.  Zach tells Tad that he knows what he is doing.  Tad tells Zach that he’s already come too far to risk what will happen if he does not testify against him in court.  He asks Zach what he plans to do to stop him.

At the party, Jesse McCartney kisses Colby and wishes her a happy sixteenth birthday.  Ryan tells the guards that he wants them to check out all the clubs, the yacht that Jack or Erica, and anywhere Lily might have gone to be alone.  He tells them that Lily does not go to crowded places and is probably somewhere where it’s quiet.  The guys leave to attempt to find Lily.  Babe and JR appear and ask Ryan what is wrong.  He asks them if they’ve seen Lily.  They admit that they have not but will keep their eyes open.

In the woods, by her favorite tree, Lily continues to text message “Asperger boy” and assures him that she understands and does not judge him for his social inhibitions.  She tells him that she understands all too well what it’s like to be uncomfortable in crowds and with loud noises.  He texts to her that he has liked girls in the past but is afraid that no girl would like him.  Lily then assures him that he must trust her and believe that she can like him.  She asks him to please come out and talk to her.

At ConFusion, Amanda and Jonathan keep kissing passionately.  She tells him that she knows he’s missing Lily and she doesn’t want him to be alone, now.  She tells him they can talk if he wants but she doesn’t want to talk or think, right now.  She just wants him.  She continues to kiss him and he doesn’t stop her.  He lifts her up and carries her to the wall and it looks like they start to undress each other and go at it.

At the party, Jesse announces that he’s going to sing a song for the prettiest girl in town.  He sings to Colby.  When he’s done, Colby rushes to her father, hugs him, tells him she loves him, and thanks him for this totally awesome party.  A woman comes and asks her what it’s like to be Pine Valley’s hottest young woman and where she got her dress from.  Colby loves the attention.  JR introduces his father and Krystal to Jesse McCartney.  Adam shakes Jesse’s hand and notices that he looks familiar.  He asks if they’ve ever met.  JR also notices that Jesse looks familiar.  Not far away, Colby and Sydney are fighting over Sean.

At Ryan’s empty house, Annie tells Jamal that she is tired of being a coward but she does not tell him what her plan is.  He tells her that she can’t keep living in fear of Terry.  He tells her that she cannot keep worrying and wondering who is at the door every time she hears footsteps.  He asks her if she wants to live in fear, every time Emma is late coming home from dance lessons or a play date.  This is no way to live, he tells her.  There is no harm in running.  She tells him she wants to stay in Pine Valley.  He asks her why she is stuck on staying in this town.  Ryan rushes in and tells them that he is looking for Terry and is afraid that Terry has found Lily.  He asks Annie if she has anything on her ex-husband in the way of hobbies or family or some clue where he might be.  She informs Ryan that Terry’s parents live in Ohio and he has a brother in Pownal, VT named Neal McDermott who sells insurance.  Ryan gets on his cell, calls information for Neil McDermott, gets his number, and calls.  He gets Neil’s wife on the phone and tells her that her husband has been recommended to him as an insurance agent and asks if he can speak with him.  She informs Ryan that her husband is out of the country.  He’s in Ireland on family business.

Jonathan and Amanda sleep together but when they are done, he tells her that he is still not over Lily and he cannot promise her anything.  She tells him she has no expectations of him.  He asks her if she’s sure that she is ok with this because he doesn’t want to use her.  She tells him that she can accept whatever decision he makes.

By the tree, Lily continues to text message “Asperger boy” who does not reveal his voice or face to her.  He text messages that he is lonely and has never had a girlfriend before.  She tells him that she can be his girlfriend.

Ryan contacts Aidan and asks him to check on Neal’s passport and they find out that his passport was used to get him back into the United States a week ago.  Ryan tells Aidan that Neal’s wife told him that Neal was still in Ireland.  Ryan tells Aidan that they someone needs to get into the flat in Ireland to determine if it is Neal or Terry who is still in Ireland. 

At the Fusion office, Jonathan and Amanda are having fun when the phone rings.  Amanda gets it and Ryan asks her if she’s seen Lily.  Amanda informs Ryan that Lily hasn’t been back to work at Fusion since the hearing and asks Ryan what is up.  As soon as Jonathan hears that Lily is missing, he grabs the phone and asks Ryan what is up and what has happened to Lily.

Lily talks to Asperger boy about her “history” of dating.  She talks about all the things she helped Jonathan with and the things that he helped her with.  Then she talks about her first boyfriend, Sam showing her how to kiss.  She tells him that she can practice with him or go somewhere if he wants.  He still says nothing and does not reveal his face to her but texts to her that he would like to go somewhere with her.  He mentions a cabin that he saw nearby and suggests that they go there to practice kissing to avoid being surprised by anyone who might show up.  He keeps sounding, to her, as though he is shy, introverted, and totally harmless.  He walks ahead and she follows him.  She tells him she can go to the cabin with him but she is not in love with him.  She reminds him that love takes time.  Terry’s facial expression looks like he is not ok with this sudden indication of unwillingness from Lily.

At the party at the marina, Colby and Sydney fight over Sean.  He decides to go off with Colby.  Sydney is offended that he chose Colby instead of her and asks if he chose Colby because she is rich.  Sean tries to tell her that he can dance with both of them but Sydney storms off in a fit of pique. 

Derek and another cop go to Tad’s home.  Tad tells Zach that he’s a criminal and he should be locked up.  Zach says it’s obvious that Tad cannot accept the fact that Zach has slept with Tad’s wife.  At that point, Derek instructs the uniform cop to arrest “him.”  The cop asks which one.  Derek tells him to arrest the guilty one.  He stills seems unsure as to which one that is.

After Jonathan has found out that Lily is missing, Ryan tells his brother that things are not good.  Terry has been using his brother as a double and has been in town for longer than they’d thought.  Amanda hears the phone conversation and asks if she can help with anything as Jonathan rushes out the door to save Lily.  She calls to him but he seems to have no thoughts about her and only has Lily on his mind.

Lily and “Asperger boy” go to a cabin.  It’s still dark so that she cannot see him.  He hides.  She wants to turn on the light but he hisses and reveals his voice for the first time (although disguised), that he cannot allow there to be light.  He texts to her that with no light, there is no looking.  He then pushes a dresser against the door.  She asks what he is doing.  He texts to her that he does this in order to “feel safe.”  She tells him she totally understands that.  She does many things while alone in her room, in order to be safe.  She asks that he let her help him so that they can be safe together.  She walks over to help him move the dresser.

At the party, Sydney dances with Sean and asks him if he can tell her what is up with Colby.  He refuses to talk about it and departs.  Colby approaches Sydney and starts in on her again.  She tells Sydney that the only reason anybody would give her a thought is because they feel sorry for her and she is nothing more than a charity case.  It sounds as though Sydney is getting tired of Colby’s mouth.

In Ryan’s house, he goes out the door while Annie and Jamal stay there and keep watch.  Annie asks Jamal if he would “camp out” in Emma’s room and he agrees.  As soon as she is alone, Annie grabs the gun that she’s hidden on the top of Ryan’s bookcase.  It looks like she’s kept this gun very secretive and doesn’t intend to tell anybody about it.

After Zach assaults Tad, the cops take him away in hand cuffs.  Derek tells him that his bail is revoked and he will be a guest of Pine Valley’s finest until after the trial. 

Annie hears the voice of a young girl informing her that she really trusted her (Annie’s) husband and thought it would be ok if he helped her learn about sex and touching.  He seemed to want to teach her how to satisfy her boyfriend and be a good lover but he forced himself on her when she said no.

Meanwhile, at the party, Colby and Sydney engage in a battle with the cake.  Jonathan rushes into the party and demands that Sean tell him where Lily is.  Sean tells Jonathan to relax.  There is nothing to worry about.  Lily told him she had to leave to meet a guy.  Sean suspects nothing but Jonathan knows Lily is in danger.

Ryan rushes to Jack’s home and tells him there is an emergency.  They have no time to argue and must act quickly.

Lily is in the cabin making plans about what to do and she’s on the floor attempting to light a candle.  Terry comes up to her and reveals himself to her.  He has a big grin on his face and she looks at him in shock.

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