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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

David is talking with an elderly patient, who thinks he is flirting with her.  The patient informs David she is happily married.  David tells her to rest and get some fluids.  When they’re alone, Julia says she hates to say it but David was actually charming with this patient.  She wants to know who he really is – an SOB or someone who is warm and fuzzy.  She wants to get a handle on him.  David says she had a handle on him and let go.  He says in a nutshell, he is someone who doesn’t believe in a higher power.  He doesn’t care if people live or die unless they are his patients, then he’ll fight like hell for them.  Julia says that’s because he cares.  He says no, it’s because he hates to lose.  Julia tells him he’s full of it.  He really cares for this patient.  David says it’s a transaction.  You give and you get.  He keeps her alive and she and her insurance company pay him well.  He says that is the truth, but Julia and her relationship with Jamie is a big fat lie.  Julia tells David he doesn’t even know Jamie.  He calls her an idiot, seeing that she has fallen in love with Jamie.  David says she made a huge mistake when she dumped meaningless sex with him for something truly distasteful with Martin.  David says the heart is just an organ meant to pump blood, nothing more.  He dismisses emotions, and says as far as his own emotions go, they toughened when he saw his father swallow the barrel of a gun.

Jamie is at home when Joe arrives.  Joe asks if he’s too late.  Joe comes in and apologizes to Jamie for giving preferential treatment to Josh.  He admits to making a mistake and tells Jamie that he’s important to him.  He doesn’t want to lose him as a grandson and doesn’t want him to leave town because he did something stupid.  Jamie informs Joe he has decided he’s not leaving town.  Joe asks why he let him go on like he did.  Jamie tells him he owed him.  They hug.  They sit down and begin drinking beers.  Joe toasts to health, happiness, and optimism.  Joe asks why he decided to stay.  Jamie says it was because of his dad.  Joe asks if that’s the only reason.  Jamie asks if he means Julia.  He says he told Julia he was leaving but he’ll just tell her he’s staying and she’ll be cool with that.  Joe tells him he needs his rest if he’s going to medical school.  Jamie says he’s not sure about medical school anymore.  Joe isn’t concerned, saying family is what matters.

Danni, Simone, and Erin are at ConFusion.  Simone opens a bottle of champagne, which is nixed by an underage Danni as well as Erin, who says she is too tired to drink.  Simone wonders what a girl has to do to find someone to drink with.  The share some girl-talk while making S’mores at their table.  Erin and Danni talk about their past regrets.  Simone talks about missing Ethan.  She says they’ve all been through horrible things and they’re still here.  That’s life.  They talk about family and decide they are each other’s family.

Palmer and Myrtle are at the Valley Inn lounge and discover they responded to each other’s personal ad.  Myrtle says she asked for someone who was upbeat and full of adventure, not someone cranky like Palmer.  Myrtle gets out her cell phone and says she’ll call Opal and ask her to join them.  Palmer asks how many drinks he has to buy her to get her to drop her phone.  A waiter asks if she wants another drink and she says yes, telling him to add it to Palmer’s tab.

Josh goes to the Valley Inn lounge and sees Jeff.  Josh asks “what?”  Jeff says he didn’t say anything.  Josh informs him he was screaming in his head.  Josh bickers, and Jeff asks if he really wants to do this today, of all days.  He asks Josh to sit down and have a drink with him, which Josh does.  Jeff tries to make small talk, asking Josh how he likes his job at Fusion, but Josh snaps at him.  Jeff asks Josh to cut him a break.  He wonders what topics of conversation won’t set him off.  Jeff suggests he email him a list of topics.  Jeff says they are connected and they share a past neither of them knew about.  They have to figure out what they want from each other.  Josh says he doesn’t want anything from him.

Erin, Danni, and Simone continue to chat at ConFusion.  They decide that they are “one of those urban tribes that the media drools over” as Danni termed it.  They determine that they are family in the best sense of the word and acknowledge that they can rely on each other as family members would.

Erica goes to Kendall’s condo.  She says she’s not sure why she’s there.  Kendall says she knows why she is there.  She invites Erica in and they begin to fold a pile of Spike’s clean clothes.  Kendall says she can’t believe she is folding clothes and mixing formula.  She’s even fantasizing about getting Spike a puppy.  Erica says after calling her son Spike she can’t imagine what she would name a puppy.  Kendall is glad her mother is there, especially after she once had so much hate.  Erica says Kendall gave her practice for Josh.  Kendall thinks Josh doesn’t hate Erica.  She thinks he really wants Erica’s love, just like she did.  They admire Spike, and Kendall says it feels like Spike has always been a part of her.  She asks if she even deserves him.  Erica tells Kendall of course she does.  Kendall says she doesn’t know if she’s up to this.  Erica tells her she’s a wonderful mother.  Kendall laments that Spike was used to having Zach around and now Zach is not here anymore.  Erica tells Kendall her world is upside down right now but that will change.  Kendall half seriously suggests she should make a safe room to put Spike in to protect him until he’s 20 or 30.  Erica says Spike is a Kane baby.  He will be beyond strong.  He will want to conquer the world.  Kendall says if anything happens to him she will die.  Erica says Spike will get hurt.  He will skin his knee.  Kendall says if that’s the worst that happens she can handle it but she’s worried about the future.  She hates watching the news and reading the newspaper.  She says if anyone hurts Spike she doesn’t know what she would do.  Erica tells Kendall she needs to love Spike but not smother him.  She needs to teach him to see the danger in life and work through it.  She says there is always light and hope and he has to find it, as does Kendall.  Erica tells Kendall she loves her and Spike and thanks God they are in her life.  Kendall says she knows how much her mother loves her and realizes she loves her as much as Bianca.  Kendall says if ever things are bad and they say bad things to each other in anger, they need to remember how much they love each other.  Kendall gives Erica a photo of herself with Spike and refers to Kane women being strong.  Kendall says she almost feels guilty having a boy.  Erica says Mona gave Kendall her boy.  Kendall mentions Josh, and Erica talks of strong Kane women and the men they create.

Josh sees Jeff chewing ice and says it’s weird because he does the same thing.  Jeff says he’ll buy another round, and Josh takes him up on the offer.

Julia finds David in the hospital hallway and asks if that was the truth about his father.  David mocks her, saying he called her an idiot and now she wants to feel his pain.  He tells her life is ugly and you have to be ugly with it or become emotional road kill.  He says you can’t care.  If you do, you are emotional road kill.

Myrtle asks Palmer if he’s so unpleasant to prove he is still alive.  Palmer toasts to them still being here.

Julia is alone in a hospital room, crying.

Joe and Jamie wonder how the Eagles will do this season.  Joe says he thinks they’ll go all the way.  With a new year comes a new season and new hope, he says.

Kendall cradles Spike, telling him that he’s going to take on the world and his mommy will be with him all the way.

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