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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

We see many pictures at the start.  There are pictures of Colby’s party.  We see Tad and Dixie, then Jonathan and Lily together.  Then we see a picture of Kendall with Ryan and Spike. 

Kendall returns home and wonders why Zach is holding Spike and behaving as though he loves her baby.  He tells her it should be obvious to her that he loves Spike.

Jamie tells Tad that he has to split town.  He cannot sit by and support what Tad is doing to Dixie.

Adam, JR, Krystal, and Babe accompany Colby to her party that is supposed to be held at the marina but it has not started yet.  Immediately, Colby expresses her discontent and tantrums.  Adam tells his daughter that they could just wait a while.

Sean accompanies Lily to the party.

Jonathan busts into Ryan’s office and demands that he do something to prevent Terry from going near Lily.  Ryan tells his brother that he can relax.  He and Aidan and others are on that and Terry won’t go near Lily.  Jonathan tells his brother that they cannot guarantee that.

Terry sends a text message to Lily that he is presently at the tree waiting for her.  She still has no idea who “Asrberger Boy” is and is ready to bolt from Sean the first chance she gets, in order to be with him.

Colby tells her family that she is finished.  She is done.  Everything is ruined.  The whole reason she came to Pine valley and initiated this party was to make friends.  JR tells Babe that if he had a daughter turning 16, he would take a long vacation.  Marina employees inform Adam that the plans are delayed.  They bring in an ice sculpture but it does not meet with Colby’s satisfaction.  Krystal attempts to convince her stepdaughter that she can make due with the situation.  Colby tantrums and tells them that they did this in order to humiliate her and ruin her life.  Adam takes an employee aside and has a talk with him.

Jamie tells Tad that he does not intend to turn his back on Dixie or JR, and he does not want to turn his back on his father.  In response to that, Tad tells his son that he wants to get out of there.  He will take Jamie out to dinner and will treat.  Jamie then goes with his father.

In response to Jonathan’s concerns that Terry might find Lily, Ryan concludes that this is about Jonathan missing her.  Jonathan admits that Ryan is right.  He does miss her.  He realizes, however, that she wants nothing to do with him.  The woman he loves could be in danger and he can do nothing about it, he tells Ryan.  He asks Ryan if he has any idea what he is feeling.  Ryan informs his brother that he really does know exactly what that feels like.

Kendall holds Spike and gives him his bottle.  She tells Zach that Tad informed her that he saw Zach and Dixie together transporting and disposing of a body.  He tells her that Tad told her that because he wants to hurt Dixie.  She tells him that she looked right into Tad’s eyes and did not see anger or vengeance or any lie.  Zach then goes out the door.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he and his security team intend to do anything and everything they can in order to prevent Terry from going near Lily.  Jonathan tells his brother that is not good enough.  They must realize that Terry is an obsessed and very crafty pervert and pedophile.  Jonathan declares that he cannot trust any situation where Terry is in Pine Valley and where he (Jonathan) cannot protect Lily.  Ryan replies that he and Aidan lured Terry to come to Pine Valley so that they can nail him and he will never be able to hurt any young girl ever again.

While text messaging, Lily tells Sean that she can sense that she is being followed.  The guards enter and inform Lily and Sean that it is their job to protect her but she protests that she wants them to leave her alone.  They leave.  When she is alone with Sean, he tells her that she can think of this as a party where she is famous.  She is getting the star treatment.  She then asks him if that means that he does not believe that she is incompetent.  He tells her that their parents do not understand many things.  He gives her examples of teenagers with pierced tongues who listen to heavy metal music.  She asks why people do that.  He tells her if she sticks with him, he will help her get integrated in the party.  Not far away, music plays and some hunks wearing only tight trunks come in and are ready to be there for Colby.  At that point, she hugs her father, praises him, and tells him he did it.  Adam is very happy to have gotten his daughter’s approval.  Yet, JR, Babe, Krystal and Sydney are not ok with her behavior and not ok with the fact that she’s arrived to see what is about to happen next.  A young woman enters and announces Sydney as the birthday queen.  The crowd cheers.  The hunks carry Colby, on her “stretcher” and move toward the crowd.  She looks disappointed to see the attention everybody is giving Sydney.

Kendall puts Spike in his crib and she takes off her wedding ring.  She looks at it and is not certain what to do with it.  In her head, she hears Zach telling her that he will always commit to her.

Zach goes to meet Dixie at his office.  She tells him that she met with his staff and found them intimidating.  He reminds her that he did that for her protection and so that Tad could not ruin their alibi.

At the party, the young woman who announced Sydney begins to sing.  Everybody looks happy.  Lily enters wearing her sunglasses.  Colby appears behind Lily.  The lyrics of the song are:”You don’t know what it’s like to be left out of a crowd or to be on the outside looking in.”  When the singer finishes her song, everybody claps and cheers.  She then speaks and asks everybody to give it up for Sydney.  They all cheer.  Sydney finds Sean and he seems happy to see her.  Babe talks to the singer and thanks her for her great song.  It’s obvious that she asked her to come and sing but did not tell anybody beforehand.  JR tells Babe that he knows what she did.  She tells him it’s true, but she did not know that Colby would enter early and hear her surprise for Sydney.  Obviously Colby is having a tantrum and telling Adam and Krystal that this party did not go the way she wanted it when it was supposed to be all about her.  They try to console her but she demands that they get out of there and she sits by herself crying.  Sydney enters and notices her.  She tries to console Colby but Colby tells Sydney she should prepare for her sweet sixteen nightmare.

Not far away, Lily tells Sean that she would like to leave but is not ready to leave yet.  He asks her what she plans to do.  She tells him she wants to meet somebody.  He tells her that’s ok with him but she has to return to the party later so he can return home with her as Jack expects.  He tells her he will cover for her and not disclose her secret if she can help him with some “variables.”

After Ryan has insisted to Jonathan that they must lure Terry to Pine Valley in order to catch him, he concludes that he understands and he assures his brother that he will back off.  Ryan reaches in Jonathan’s coat pocket and discovers a passport.  He concludes that Jonathan has no intention of backing off but intends to go to Ireland to “take care” of Terry.  Jonathan admits to his brother that he intends to do more than “take care” of Terry.  He intends to kill him.

Everybody is dancing at the party.  JR and Babe talk about what would have happened if they’d met as teenagers.  They dance.  The bodyguards find Sean and demand to know where Lily is.  He tells them they can chill.  She is fine.  Not far away, they hear a scream.  It’s Colby and Sydney going off on each other.  Krystal and Adam enter.  Krystal tells them that is enough.

Ryan asks Jonathan why he is doing this.  He can’t understand all of the vigilantes around here and is sick of it all.  When there is a problem, they kill it.  He tells Jonathan that is not going to let him do this because he does not need any more legal trouble right after he’s finally gotten his life back.  Jonathan tells his brother that his life is not “back” when he does not have Lily.  He tells Ryan he cannot accept that he has lost her forever.  He will never forget the look in her eyes when he admitted to her that he was faking it.  The light in her eyes was gone and he’s not going to give up until he knows that Lily is safe.

Meanwhile, Terry is standing by the tree house probably naked.  He sees the text message Lily has sent him that she is on her way, right on schedule. 

Ryan tells Jonathan that Lily is safe and Jonathan must trust him and swear to him that he will cancel his plans to go after Terry in Ireland.  Jonathan agrees to his brother’s wishes.

Dixie tells Zach that Tad has no choice except to testify against them.  Derek has backed him up against a wall and even if that were not the case, she cannot leave JR.

Tad tells Jamie that it’s an “age old dilemma” for guys to figure out what types of foreign girls are the best.  He confirms that he’s ok with his son leaving the country.  He will even take him to the airport the following morning.  He tells Jamie to keep in touch.  He hugs his son and tells him how much he will miss him.  Jamie, then, surprises his father by telling him that he is not going.  Tad tells him he realizes that he cannot prevent him when his mind is made up.  Jamie tells his father that he is not going anywhere.  Tad is stuck with him.

Ryan comes by Kendall’s and tells her she should not distrust and assume the worst about Zach.  She asks him if he is defending the liar and murderer.  She informs Ryan that according to Tad, Zach and Dixie disposed of a dead body.  She also reminds Ryan that he found a CD player hidden in her closet with Greg Madden’s last words on it that he brought to her attention to prove Zach’s guilt.  She asks Ryan what he expects her to do with that.  He does not have an answer for her.

Jonathan goes to the Fusion office and sees Amanda.  It looks like she wants to be alone with him but he obviously has only Lily on the brain.

JR tells Adam that if Colby does not chill out, he is going to have to put her on some medication.  Babe goes to find Sydney to tell her that she should not let Colby upset her.  Krystal tells Colby that she is an embarrassment to herself with her tantrums and total lack of respect for everybody and everything.  Colby tells her stepmother that does not matter.  She just wants to make friends.  Krystal notices that Colby has gotten a text message and asks her to read it.  Colby is suddenly happy when it looks as though the boy she wanted has arrived.  An announcer informs her, in front of the crowd that her special birthday surprise has arrived.  Everybody cheers on the boy who is there for Colby.  He asks her for this dance.  They dance while the crowd watches.  Sean looks at her and gives her the thumbs up.

Kendall tells Ryan that Spike is their perfect little angel.  He proposes a toast with her to their beautiful baby boy.

Tad is sleeping alone on a chair in his home.  An unidentified person enters whom he does not see.  It’s Zach.

Jonathan tells Amanda that he is trying and failing to find the way to program the computer but he can’t find the numbers without Lily and thanks to him, she will never be there again.  Amanda turns to him and kisses him.  He does not stop her.

Ryan gets a call from an informant that Lily Montgomery has left the party.  They lost her and have no clue when she left or where she went.  He then tells Kendall he has to leave.  She seems to know that this is an emergency.

Lily appears by her favorite tree and asks “Asperger boy” where he is.  Suddenly, the pervert appears disguised in a hooded jacket.

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