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All My Children Update Thursday 9/7/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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At Fusion, Kendall walks in and Josh notices that she is tired.  He asks her if she’s been up all night with a screaming infant or has she come to the realization that she’s married to a murderer.

Di goes to Zach’s office.  He does not speak and is engrossed in paperwork.  She asks him if he does not see a way out of this mess nor believe he can beat the charges what he is doing there.

Colby awakens in her room to see her father and Winifred and balloons all over her room.  She is elated when her dad gives her keys to a car.  Winifred records her elation on camera.  It sounds like they are going to give her everything she wants for her birthday.  She is complaining that she doesn’t have her new dress to wear when Krystal enters with a box. 

Lily asks “Asperger boy” if he still intends to meet her today.  He replies that he thinks the tree in the forest is a great place to meet.  It’s seems very quiet and secluded and that’s the way he prefers it.  She seems happy and suspects nothing.  Jack enters her room and asks if she has seen Sean.  She makes certain that he does not see her IM conversation with Asperger boy and tells her father she has not but remembers that Sean has told her that his name and morning should not be used in the same sentence.  Jack tells her if she sees him, she should tell him to talk to his uncle so that he can explain the concept of moderation to him.  He leaves and she gets back to her online conversation.

JR and Babe awaken in bed.  They seem happy until he reminds her that something might dampen their spirits.  Today is Colby’s sweet sixteen-birthday party.  She tells him that nothing will ruin her happiness while his spoiled little sister struts around like a holy terror.  Suddenly, they hear Colby scream.

In her room, Colby is outraged to see the dress that Krystal gave her and asks if she thinks she would be caught dead in this worthless dress.  JR comes into the room and asks her if she can keep the noise down because it sounded like somebody has been killed.  Babe leans close to JR and asks him if there is somewhere he’d prefer to be.  He asks if she means anywhere besides here.  Krystal tells Colby that maybe there can be ways to alter the dress.  Colby immediately says that they need to lower the neckline and shorten the length of the dress.  JR asks her if she wants to look all grown up or if she wants to look like a Las Vegas hooker.

At Fusion, Kendall asks Josh if he’s been having a “thing” with Babe.  He asks her if she is not aware that Babe saved her.  He was very close to going to the cops with what he knows about Zach and his alibi but Babe talked him out of that.  She asks him what he is talking about.  He informs her that he saw her and Zach kissing on the rooftop and since that blows Zach’s story that he is having an affair with Dixie, if he gave the evidence to Chief Frye, Zach would be going to prison for murdering Greg Madden.  In response to that, Kendall tells Josh she could care less what happens to Zach.  She is done with Zach and she is not “acting” at this point.  She really does intend to divorce him.

Del comes to Zach’s office and tells him that he plans to do anything he can in order to prevent Tad from talking and incriminating him.  If Zach can cover him, he will help Zach.  In response to that, Zach tells Di that she is welcome to stay but wants her to show her brother out of his casino.

Adam tells JR and Babe that he hopes he will see them at the marina tonight.  JR tells his father they will be there.  Adam then tells JR that he realizes he has not been getting along well with his sister but maybe he can show Colby some “love” on her birthday.  Hearing that, Krystal does not seem to expect JR to cut her any slack.  Colby goes on about the terrible thing that was done to her.  No way is she going to wear that geeky dress.  She tells them that she has to walk on a red carpet at an exclusive club and she cannot look like a commoner.  She has to be carried in by several of the guys of her choice.  Adam then asks Krystal if she can help them with that.  JR and Babe wash their hands to the whole thing, and Babe departs.  Krystal tells Adam that he is on his own with his daughter and leaves.  Colby tells her father that she had the perfect dress until JR “thrashed” it because he totally hates her so Adam and JR have to compensate her for the damages and help her to have all the luxuries she wants for her birthday party.  JR tells her that she is a selfish spoiled brat and she has no right to be demanding all these things.  She leaves and JR asks his father why he is letting Colby walk all over him.  Adam tells his son that he wants to have one chance to be the apple of his daughter’s eye.  He loves her and wants her to love him.  He has lost too much time with his daughter and can never get it back so now, he has to do something for her.  Money is no object.  For this one night, he wants them all to indulge her and make her feel special.  She is his baby and JR must understand what it is like to want his child to have the world.  He asks JR to share Colby’s fantasy, just for tonight.

Lily goes to inform her father that she plans to leave the house for a while to go shopping for a new dress.  In response to that, Jack tells her he’s happy that she is ready to get out of the house but that he does not want her to go anywhere by herself.  She tells him that she is going to go to the mall to a shop that only sells women’s clothes and that she can go alone.  He tells her he cannot let her leave without accompanying her.  She asks him if he plans to go everywhere with her forever.  He tells her until he feels more comfortable with the situation, the answer to that is yes.

Colby and Sydney are getting ready for the birthday party, by having manicures, pedicures, opening  presents, having spa treatments, and getting photographed.

Di tells Zach that Dixie has told her that she is willing to risk prison time in order not to hurt Zach.  Since she is Dixie’s sister, Di would like to know if Dixie has a chance with him or if he is still in love with Kendall.  Zach replies to Di that it does not matter what he thinks or feels about Kendall, she is done with him.

Josh tells Babe that he had a chance to deal with some stuff that he did not want to face when she helped him get trapped in that box.  He tells her that it helped him to work through a lot of negativity that he had not had a chance to resolve before.  He feels a lot lighter and he owes that to her.

JR goes to see Colby and attempts to be nice to her.  She does not seem to buy that.  He asks her where her “buddy” is.  She tells him that Sydney is not her buddy, and neither is he so he doesn’t have to do the phony act.  He tells her he’s just attempting to be nice.  She tells him that she knows he gets away with killing people and asks why he does not realize that Adam is her father, too.  He tells her he realizes that.  She tells him that he’s had a long time to make up for the time he lost with their father and she wishes she had half the time with him as JR has had.  JR asks her if she really does love Adam.  She tells him that he may never understand, and she knows that he hates her.  He sits down and tells her he does not hate her.  She tells him she knows that he thinks her party is stupid but he must realize that she does not have a lot of friends.  She has not had much of a chance to have friends, have a life, or have a father and that’s why this party is so important to her.  She wants people to know that she matters and that she is a Chandler.  She tells him that may not be important to JR, but it is important to her.  Adam is standing out in the foyer listening to this whole conversation and he looks very sad to hear that Colby worries that she has no friends and missed having him in her life as she was growing up. 

Sean goes to talk to Lily in her room after she tells him she wants to go shopping.  She then reminds him that her father wanted her to talk to him about moderation before he goes to Colby Chandler’s party.  She informs Sean that her dad does not want her to leave the house by herself although he didn’t seem to have a problem with that before.  She gets on the computer and informs “Asperger boy” that her father does not want her to leave the house alone and asks him if it would be ok with him if her father accompanied them.  He tells her he would prefer to meet alone by the tree house.  Lily then concludes that she is excellent at coming up with plans and sneaking away so she will meet him alone and her father will be none the wiser.

Kendall asks Babe why she talked Josh out of blowing Zach’s alibi.  She asks if it is in order for her to protect her worthless husband, or is it for something else.  Babe tells Kendall that she does care for Josh and wishes that Kendall would realize that he is not a terrible person.  She informs Kendall that she knows that Josh has lost enough people in his life and does not need to lose anymore so he listened to her when she talked him out of turning over the evidence she had against Zach.  Whether Kendall believes it or not, Josh might want to bond with his sister so Babe suggested that he think twice before he hurt her (Kendall’s) husband.  Josh enters and suggests that they work late that evening.  .  Babe tells them she must go back to her family and she leaves.  Kendall and Josh are alone.

At the Chandler house, Sydney gets her hair done but is horrified by how she looks.  She tells the others that she is not going to the party because she looks like a sausage freak.  Winifred tells apologizes to her niece and tells her that she thought that Sydney would like the style because that is how Winnie had her hair done for her prom.  Krystal tries to console Sydney, but Sydney tells them she is not going to that party looking like that.  In response to that, Colby happily concludes that that is just what she wanted all along.  She wants her party to be all about her.

After Sean finds out that Jack will not let Lily go anywhere by herself, he asks him if he is not being a bit overprotective.  He asks Jack if he will at least consider letting him (Sean) escort Lily.  Jack tells them that he will try to work something out and he leaves.  She is happy, knowing that Sean might be easier to deal with than her father.  The minute Jack is alone, he gets on his phone to call Aidan and demand to know everything he’s found out about the predator who might be after Lily.

Di attempts to get some answers out of Zach but he evades her questions.

Adam asks Colby to come downstairs.  He gives her some diamond-encrusted jewelry and she is ecstatic.  Krystal tells Adam that maybe he should not let her wear this without exercising care because she loses everything.  He tells Colby that she can wear them tonight but Krystal may be right.  After the party, they will go into a safe deposit box.  JR tells his father he hopes he’s paid for top security to protect those rocks.  Babe enters and notices Sydney, off by herself and looking self-conscious about her hair.

Lily gets ready to go out.  She puts on a beautiful dress and makes certain to wear her earmuffs and dark glasses.  Sean is dressed formally and ready to accompany her.  He tells Lily that her earmuffs are nice, but that he thought that he has something better to help her with the loud noises.  He hands her a pair of earplugs that fit inside the ears. 

Kendall asks Josh if he could give her a straight answer about the nature of his relationship with Babe.  She asks why they both have such a need to cover for each other.  He tells her that he doubts that she would understand what friendship is like.  She admits that she does not understand a friendship like what he says he has with Babe.

Babe takes Sydney upstairs and attempts to fix her hair for her.  She tells her she really knows what she is thinking and feeling about being the poor girl and the high profile ball.  Sydney tells her that she feels that she is going to fade into the background while Colby grabs the entire spotlight with her exotic entrance and all of her scenes that she has planned.  Babe tells her she mustn’t be so depressed.  She gets on her cell phone and tells Sydney that she has an idea for her.  Meanwhile, Adam, Krystal, Winifred, JR, and Babe all get ready to see Colby and Sydney off to the party.  They are all wearing their formalwear and ready to support them in their pursuit of happiness.

Jack watches as Lily and Sean get ready to go out together.  He tells them that he appreciates their willingness to compromise.  All is ok with him but he tells them he wants them to be careful not to have “too much fun.”  In response to that, Lily asks Sean what would be considered “too much fun.”

Kendall returns home and is shocked by what she sees.

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