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At ConFusion, Babe enters alone.  Amanda finds her and tells her if she’s looking for J.R., he was just there.  She assures Babe that he was not drinking but he was just looking for Babe.  She tells Babe that she did not intend to get J.R. arrested.  She had no idea what Tad and Derek were going to do.  In response to that, Babe tells Amanda that she (Amanda) really screwed up.  She got Amanda that job and cared about her when nobody else did and what does Amanda do?  She gets Babe’s husband arrested.

J.R. returns home to hear Colby and Sydney yelling and playing tug of war with a dress.  He tells them both that they are behaving like idiots.  Colby lashes out at him and tells him she doesn’t have to listen to opinions about how to behave appropriately from the likes of him.  She continues to struggle with Sydney until J.R. steps in and tells them they need not fight anymore about a dress and he tears it in half.

Jeff goes to see Josh but Josh is not about to be friendly or welcome Jeff’s attempt to bond with him.

At ConFusion, Amanda talks to Babe about how easy it is for someone to want and need to be close to somebody.  She is staring at Jonathan all the while.  Babe concludes that Amanda might have Jonathan on the brain.  Amanda tells her that she saw the profound love that Jonathan and Lily shared and that this whole thing would have been easier when she was a selfish shallow person but it’s not so easy now.  She asks Babe what you do when you cannot stop wanting to be with somebody when you know you cannot.  Babe does not respond to that but she seems to relate to it.

J.R. is at home reading a bedtime story to little A.  Adam comes in and asks his son if he wants to “talk.”  J.R. tells his father all is cool.  He is just reading the little guy a story.  Adam informs J.R. that Babe was there for a while when he was out but then she left again.  Adam then leaves and J.R. tries to act like everything is ok and continues reading the story but he’s having doubts.

Sean goes to talk to Lily in her room after Jonathan asked him to.  She asks him if he thinks she is pretty.  He tells her yes.  She talks to him about how sometimes it’s uncertain whether people are right for each other.  He tells her he understands that all too well.  She then informs him that she made a new friend on line.  He has Asperger's and understands the way she thinks.  Having no clue what is really happening, Sean concludes to Lily that he’s glad she’s made a new friend.  He leaves.

Sydney gloats to Colby that everybody will think she is so hot when she’s wearing her dress but they will look at Colby, see what a loser she is, and only feel sorry for her.  Colby tells her to shut up.  Colby gets a call from Sean who tells her that he can help her find a job and she can start tomorrow.  Sydney then comes in and tells Colby that she won’t be blackmailed.  She tells Colby that she knows how to motivate her by blowing up the cell phone picture she took of Colby and her underage friends drinking in a bar.  Krystal comes in and reminds them that she can help Sydney blow it up so that everybody will know what Colby has been doing.

Livia talks to Jamal about how he could get into a lot of trouble by aiding and abetting somebody who is in trouble.  She asks what has changed.  First, he was gone and no one could contact him, and now that he’s back in town, he’s playing vigilante and putting his own freedom on the line to help somebody.  Jamal tells his mother that he was gone because had to protect a woman.  A restraining order was not enough to save this woman’s life so there is nothing he can do about it but Annie and her daughter are still here.  Hearing that, Livia hugs her son.

Ryan and Annie are talking about what her options are.

Jamie and Julia talk at ConFusion.  He tells her that he has a real dilemma about whether to practice medicine and he cannot sit back and watch his father railroad his stepmother so he must stay in Pine Valley although he’d like to get out of there and travel the world.  He asks her what she wants.  She tells him she wants another drink and she will be right back.  She goes to get a drink and runs into Josh.  He says nothing to her.  She tells him if he has a snide comment to make, he should just make it.  He tells her he just wants to drink in peace.  She gets her drink and sits with Jamie.  She then asks him where they were in their conversation.  He tells her he wants to leave town and have her come with him to Paris.

Babe tells Amanda that everybody thinks she’s making a big mistake by being friends with Josh and that it will ruin her marriage.  She wonders why she cannot be friends with him and spend time with him just because of what people think so maybe she is just as screwed up in her personal life as Amanda is.

Sean comes to talk to Jonathan about his “findings” of what Lily is now doing.  He informs him that it looks like Lily is happy when she talks to this guy she met online.  Jonathan however, knows that something is not ok.

Lily writes to “Asperger Boy” that she still misses Jonathan and misses what it was like when Jonathan was “like her.”  She misses being married.  “Asperger boy” asks her if she’s ever had sex.  She replies that she is not ready for sex.  He tells her that he has not either.  His mom is protective of him.  She tells him that her dad is like that also.  He informs Lily that he will not tell his mom that they are meeting and asks her if she will tell her dad about their meeting.  Lily replies that she doesn’t intend to tell her dad.  On the other computer, the sick-o Terry smirks when he confirms plans to meet Lily alone somewhere.  He has a picture of her right by his computer.

Josh finds Babe at the bar and tells her about new ideas he has for Fusion.  He has some ideas on a napkin and asks her if she wants to go upstairs and “brainstorm.”  She tells him it sounds great.  She’d love to but she has to get home.  She goes out the door and runs into Jeff.  He tells her that he is worried about his son and wonders if she could reach him.  She tells him that she does not know how to help him.  Maybe Jeff should talk to his own son because she needs to get back to her own family.  Josh observes them and stares coldly at his biological father.

J.R. puts his son to bed alone without Babe.

Downstairs, in the Chandler house, Krystal asks Colby what will happen if people find out that Adam’s under-age daughter has been going out drinking.  She asks her if Adam has not been through enough already with J.R. and does he need more problems with her.  She concludes to both Colby and Sydney that maybe the only way to deal with this is to cancel the party.  In response to that, Sydney begs Krystal not to ruin things for her.  Krystal then concludes that she doesn’t want to disappoint all of the other people who plan to be there.  She tells them if they can agree to change some things they are doing, she will arrange for them to have their party dresses.

Julia tells Jamie that she cannot run away with him.  He asks her if she wants to prevent him from leaving.  She tells him no.  He has to do what he has to do.  She tells him what the two of them had was great but if it has to end, tomorrow, it has to end tomorrow.

Livia asks Jamal if he’s had some “experiences” helping women escape from abusive situations even if it’s in violation of the law.  He confirms that he has and that the only law he cares about is the one that helps people.  She tells him that’s ok but he should just make some efforts not to get caught.  He tells his mother if he does get caught, he has the best lawyer in town.  She then goes to find Ryan and Annie and tells them, unfortunately, she cannot get any of the other women to testify against Terry.  None of them want to get involved but her son has considered some “options” about how to protect Annie that she’d rather not discuss with them.  She leaves.  Knowing that she may have no choice except to take the law into her own hands, Annie asks Ryan if he can find her a gun.  He asks her if she really wants to do that.  She tells him that Terry has already taken enough of her life from her and she’s not going to be a victim and live in fear anymore.

Krystal tells Colby and Sydney that she will buy them the dresses if they are willing to donate them.  They don’t like that idea.  She then suggests that they could do some community service at the Miranda Center.  Colby does not like that idea but Sydney tells Colby that maybe the two of them could just see themselves stuck on a farm like Paris and Nicole.  Krystal tells Colby that maybe she needs to learn some responsibility by taking care of children.  Colby tells her that she does not want to be around snotty noses, whining and poopy diapers.  Adam comes downstairs and asks what all of this yelling is about.  The two girls leave Adam and Krystal alone.  Adam and Krystal reveal that they have a secret plan about how to motivate Colby to toe the line.

At ConFusion, Jamie is very disappointed to find out that Julia is content to break up with him.

Babe returns home and notices J.R. sitting on the chair silently.  She says nothing but goes over to him.  She tells him she loves him.  He moves closer to her and kisses her.  They take off their clothes and sleep together.

Josh is all alone in his hotel room with nothing but the broken pieces of the coffin.

Lily tells “Asperger boy” that she knows of a secret place where they can meet.  She used to meet her husband there all the time.  It won’t be the same but she can meet a new person there.

In response to hearing from Sean that Lily may have found somebody else, Jonathan talks to Amanda.  He sounds depressed but tells her he just hopes that Lily can find what she needs.  Amanda tells him what Lily needs is him.  She hugs him and looks like she wants more than he is willing to offer her.  He separates from her, tells her she’s very sweet, and departs.  She looks very hurt that Jonathan has left her alone and doesn’t seem to return her feelings.

Ryan takes Annie to the shooting range for some target practice.  She aims the gun and remembers hearing Terry’s threats and how she’s lived in fear of him too long.  She fires shots right at the heart of the drawing of the target person.

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