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Josh lets Babe into his room to see his “construction”. It looks like he’s building a box to bury somebody in the way Greg was buried. He talks to her, casually about it as though he has a “hobby”. But when she looks at it, she admits she is horrified.

JR, Jamie and Tad go to Derek’s office when they discover that Dixie has confessed.

Kendall asks Zach if he buried Greg in order to get him to confess where he took Dixie’s little girl. He does not answer. Kendall demands that he tells her the answer to that question or they are through.

JR tells Derek that he must drop the charges against his mother and realize that Zach killed Greg Madden. But Derek tells him he cannot do that.

Babe asks Josh just whom the coffin is for. He informs her it’s for himself. She asks him how he could do that. She is very worried about him. He tells her she need not worry. She admits that worrying does not even begin to cover it. She asks him to tell her what is going on with him. He then confesses to her that he keeps seeing Greg in that box and wonders what he was thinking and feeling and doing before he died. He knows it was hell. But he has to know what that hell was like.

Ryan enters Zach’s office and concludes that he better let Kendall and Zach talk alone. Kendall invites him to join them and informs him that he is part of this “act” that Zach is covering up. But Ryan goes out the door and runs into Annie. Kendall asks Zach why privacy does not help and why he cannot answer her question. He tells her that he did not bury Madden. She tells him that he can say that he did not. But he must prove that to her.

JR reminds Derek that he must know that Slater took the tape out of his office. Derek tells JR that he does not believe that. Tad asks Derek just what he is planning. Dixie then reminds Derek that he hates her and hates Zach. So why is he stalling?

Josh tells Babe that many people have asked his father what it is like to do so many things. And Greg would answer that the only way to find out is to do it. She acknowledges that his father died a hideous death that nobody deserves. He tells her that is true. But he knows of the terrible things that he has done to all of those women. She tells him that is true. But it’s not his fault or his problem. He did not cause that. He tells her that Greg “manufactured” him to be his father’s prototype. So he has to find out what it is like to feel what Greg was feeling in this coffin. And he admits to her that he feels this need to know. She tells him he does not have to. But Josh tells her that maybe if he could feel what Greg felt, then it would help Josh to heal and understand what it is like to feel his feelings again. Hearing that, she takes his hand and tells him there must be another way. He tells her she must go home to her son. But she tells him she is not leaving.

JR tells Derek that he stole the evidence tape and Jamie helped him. And Derek may lock them both up. But Tad tells them that he will testify to what he saw. He saw Dixie and Slater carrying a dead body in a car. That infuriates Dixie, JR and Jamie. They cannot understand how he could do that.

Kendall tells Zach that she has accepted his decision to help Dixie and look for clues about her daughter and pretend that he cheated on her with Dixie. And now she is tired of this. And it’ his turn to make a sacrifice for her. She tells him that she will drop this whole subject. She will stop asking him about the CD and the secret that he has if he stops helping Dixie and walks away from her. He tells her he cannot do that. She tells him she cannot believe that. She tells him she is sorry that Greg took Dixie’s child from her. She is glad that he wants to help Dixie. But this goes way beyond his simply being a good Samaritan. She is very concerned about how he can get charged with murder alongside Dixie.. In response to that, he tells her that maybe she should let Ryan do her thinking for her. She asks him what Ryan has to do with this. Right outside the office, Ryan and Annie are attempting to focus on business. But his mind is somewhere else.

Kendall tells Zach that Ryan has not “influenced” her in any way. She tells him he should not be an idiot. She does not have “feelings” for Ryan. He’s been the best friend she’s ever had. But Zach, on the other hand, has allowed himself to be manipulated by Dixie. She reminds him that because of his feelings for Dixie, he could be locked up in prison for the rest of his life. She asks him if there was not something in their marriage vows involving forsaking all others. And he looks to be ready to sacrifice their marriage vows for Dixie. He tells her that is not true. She tells him he must open up his eyes and realize that Dixie wants him. He tells her that Dixie is not the issue here. The issue is that she(Kendall)does not trust him. She tells him if it’s a matter of trust, then should she never ask questions? Should she just skip along and sing a song and accept everything he’s done.? She asks who would do that. She tells him that he has lied to her before and justified it because he believed he was protecting her. But he’s been keeping all these secrets from her. She sounds like she’s going to cry when she asks how he can do that when he says he loves her. She tells him that he promised her that he would not put their future together at risk. It was all a lie. He is risking it all for that stupid little slut, Dixie. She yells at him to get out and go to Dixie. He obviously cares more about her(Dixie) than he does about her(Kendall). She demands that he goes to Dixie. Zach then goes out the door. Ryan and Annie are hearing everything from outside the door and notice Kendall walking away.

Julia goes to Jamie’s apartment to hear loud music. He is pumping iron in an attempt to relieve stress. She asks him what happened. He tells her that everything is going straight to hell.

Josh makes a joke to Babe about preparing a hearty breakfast and eating it on this “table” that is the coffin. She tells him he does not find that funny. He tells her she can stay or she can go. But he has to go through with this.

JR goes to ConFuison and runs into Amanda. She asks how his and Jamie’s “plan” went. He tells her she need not worry about it. She’s not in any trouble. She tells him that she is involved in this. She helped them with their “plan”. JR then goes to find Del. He yells at him that he is a stupid moron. It is he who sent his(JR’s) mother to prison.

Dixie goes to Zach’s office and knows he is upset. She asks him what is up. He tells her that Kendall has decided that he’s a killer.

Right then, Jamie gets upset in his apartment and throws things.

Josh throws things in his hotel room.

Kendall goes and tells Tad she needs the truth. Did Zach kill Greg Madden.

Josh lifts the top of the coffin up and climbs inside. Babe watches him looking worried. He stares at her. And he tells her he “needs” her. She needs to nail him inside this thing. He looks at her and admits that he cannot do this himself. She walks over to him and attempts to grab a hammer but cannot do what he is asking. She asks if he is sure he wants to do this. He admits that he does not. But he does not have a choice. HE tells her that he is asking her to help him. He cannot learn what his father went through if he can just walk away, forget about it and have a beer. He needs to come to terms about who Greg was, what he did and how he died. Babe then picks up the hammer and nails.

JR tells Del that his little plan to “prevent” Tad from implicating Dixie has now enabled him to have her put away. He then gets on the phone to call Babe but finds out she is not there.

Jamie tells Julia that he has been watching people that he cares about getting ruined and there is nothing he can do about it.

Kendall asks Tad to tell her what he knows. She tells him that she would appreciate a preview about what he’s going to say in court. He does not respond. But she urges him to know that her husband and his ex wife have been charged with murder. So he to tell her whether he saw Zach and Dixie transporting Greg’s dead body the night he was murdered. Tad then turns to face Kendall and replies that yes he did.

Zach tells Dixie that he is really getting tired of Kendall’s demands that he talks. No amount of talking is going to prevent you from doing what you need to do. She then concludes to him that people like herself and himself have been forced to make decisions in order to get through their lives. And people who have never done what they have done, like Kendall, may never understand.

At Ryan’s office, he and Annie are trying to think about work. But she keeps staring at his picture of Kendall and his son. She tells him she can see that things are not good between Kendall and her husband. He tells her that he will not “take advantage” of their problems. He concludes that the only way he would get back with Kendall would be because they both want it and not because she got hurt by somebody else.

After Tad answers Kendall’s question, she breaks down crying and saying that she cannot believe that Zach would do that and betray her.

Josh lies down in the coffin and tells Babe that he is ready. She then puts the lid down and starts to pound the nails. He gasps as he hears the pounding but encourages her to seal it shut.

Julia comforts Jamie and he manages to calm down.

Tad comforts Kendall while she cries.

Babe is standing over the coffin where Josh has asked her to seal him, unable to walk away and leave him there.

Zach and Dixie are alone, looking into each other’s eyes. It’s very obvious what they want to do. And they start kissing. Right then, he suddenly breaks away and rushes out the door.

Noticing how devastated Kendall is, tad tells her that maybe she should not be alone. She does not have to go. She looks at him and tells him yes, she does. He watches her going out the door.

Ryan leaves a message for Kendall on her answering machine and stares at the picture of her and Spike.

Julia and Jamie are on the floor after making love. But she can see that he is a million miles away. She asks if there is anything she can do.

At ConFusion, JR tries and fails to reach Babe. Her cell phone is off. She seems to notice that he’s called but she is not answering when Josh is in the coffin. Right then, Josh starts gasping, panicking, telling her he is suffocating, cannot breathe, and she must let him out. She rushes to remove the top of the coffin and she rescues him. He cries and says his father did not deserve that and he loved him. She holds him in her arms.

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