AMC Update Friday 9/1/06

All My Children Update Friday 9/1/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Babe meet unintentionally on the roof of Fusion. Both are crying. Babe says she has something in her eye. She asks Kendall what her excuse is. Kendall tells Babe she just gave her husband divorce papers. Babe says she's sorry. Kendall tells her she's not sorry. She loves watching her suffer just like she want Kendall to suffer. Josh walks in and tells Kendall to get off Babe's case. Josh tells babe that Kendall is a control freak just like her mother. Josh sees Babe is upset and asks her if there's a problem with JR. Babe says her marriage is fine. When Josh leaves, Kendall asks Babe how she could forgive a man who has hurt her. Babe gets defensive but Kendall insists she is not criticizing. She truly wants to know how to forgive. Babe says she doesn't know if she is past it or if she ever will be. She says she doesn't know how to forgive the unforgivable. Kendall says she needs an answer as she needs to know if there's hope. Kendall asks why she lied in court to protect JR if she didn't forgive him. Babe says she did it because she loves him. She believed it was the only chance to protect her family and marriage.

Zach goes to his office and finds JR and Jamie there waiting for him. He tells them to get out. Jamie demands to know where his father is. Jamie says they're not leaving until he tells them. Zach says he doesn't know anything about where Tad is. Jamie grabs Zach by the arm and Zach tells them this is their final warning.

Tad sees the person who put him in a sealed tomb. He asks him if he is the evil genius behind this scheme. Del is shown standing over Tad, telling him that he won't ever hurt his sister again. Tad asks Del if he has any idea how badly he screwed things up. He says if Del had not interfered Tad would be on his way to Timbucktu. He calls Del a doofus who stuck him in here for no reason. Tad gets up to walk out when Del pulls a gun him. Del tells him he's not going to testify against Dixie. Di walks in and Tad asks her to talk some sense into Del. Del asks Di to tie Tad up, and she grabs some rope and tells him to put his hands behind his back. After being tied up, Tad insists that they want the same thing. He says he was planning on leaving. Di tells him he can't be trusted. He's been going around telling everyone that Dixie is a murdering tramp. Tad says he would not hurt his boys by sending Dixie to prison. He says he has a better way. He will be out of Pine Valley in an hour and will stay away until the trial is over. Di asks if he would just walk away from his life. Tad says he would do it in a minute to protect his boys. Del tells Di not to go soft on him.

Dixie is in Derek's office telling him that she killed Greg Madden. Derek doesn't believe she killed Madden by herself even though Dixie insists she did. She tells Derek to lock her up. Derek asks her what she wants in return. Dixie says she wants charges dropped against JR, Jamie and Zach. Derek says there's no judge or jury who believes she acted alone. Dixie doesn't understand because she thinks this is what Derek wants – someone to pay for Madden's death. Derek says he wants the right person to pay. He holds up a mug shot of Zach and says someone needs to tell this joker that it's all over. Derek tells her if she gives up Slater he'll drop the charges against JR and Jamie.

Ryan is at his office yelling at an employee. Annie is listening. Later, Zach barges in despite efforts by guards to stop him. Zach tells Ryan he's gone too far. He orders Ryan not to hurt his wife again. Ryan questions Zach about why he left Kendall's bedside when she was dying to be with Dixie. Zach says he doesn't answer to Ryan. He doesn't answer to anyone. Ryan tells Zach he could have hired an army of men to help Dixie. Was it more important to help Dixie than be with his dying wife? Zach says he needed to help Dixie because he knows what it's like to lose a child. Zach chastises Ryan for questioning his love for his wife. He says if Kendall thinks there's a problem with Dixie it's Ryan's fault. Ryan tells Zach it's his fault. Ryan says Kendall's head is messed up. He started this in motion by leaving Kendall's bedside to go to Dixie.

JR and Jamie are at ConFusion when JR gets a phone call from Tad. Tad asks them to meet him at the jet as he's still leaving town. Di thanks Tad for what he's doing for Dixie. Tad leaves.

Kendall tells Babe her motto is "hurt me, I hate you." Every time she turns the other cheek it gets slapped with a fresh lie. She wonders how many time she needs to forgive before she makes a fool of herself. Babe says JR is the love of her life, but why doesn't it feel right. Kendall says she thought she learned to trust, understand and forgive. She was happy for 10 minutes but things aren't good anymore. She says she thought taking the high road would make things easier, but life sucks. Babe says she thought she could forgive JR and get past it, but every time he ticks her off she goes back to him wanting her dead. She says so much of JR's life is a mystery because he shuts down. Babe says she and JR have some great moments and then she's back to reality. She says maybe she should imagine a different life. Babe leaves Kendall alone. Kendall sits on the roof and tears roll down her face.

Zach tells Ryan he's going to beat the charges and he and Kendall will have a wonderful life. Kendall, who has just walked in, tells him not to be so sure.

Dixie says Zach didn't help her kill Madden. Derek says then this conversation is over. Dixie says no one cares that Greg Madden is dead, why does he. Derek gives Dixie some photos and says this is why. He gets a phone call and has to leave the room. Dixie stares at a photo of the dead Greg Madden. Other photos show mug shots of JR and Jamie.

Tad gets on the plane and is greeted by JR and Jamie. JR tells him the recording has been destroyed and his mother is in the clear. Tad goes to tell the pilot he's ready to leave. He runs into Derek, who tells him he's not going anywhere. He takes Tad to his office, where Dixie still is. Tad says he doesn't remember seeing Dixie the night Madden disappeared. Derek tells him if he doesn't testify against Dixie he'll send his sons to prison.

Josh is in his room furiously hammering, sawing and sanding some wood. Babe comes to his room. She hesitates, but eventually knocks on the door. Josh opens it and tells her that her timing is rotten. Babe says that's too bad. She walks in and sees he is building a coffin.

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