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All My Children Update Thursday 8/31/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Zach is playing with a pair of “loaded” dice that always come up a seven or an eleven.  Kendall comes into Zach’s office and greets him coldly.  He has no idea what she has decided to do.  A woman enters.  Zach notices that he has never met her.  Kendall informs him that this is her lawyer and she is filing for divorce.

At the Chandler house, Krystal is arguing with Colby about her (Colby) wanting to pose for an ice sculpture when Babe gets on the phone to ask where her husband is since JR has been out all night.

JR and Jamie are at the station after Derek has discovered that the tape of Tad confessing what he knows about Zach and Dixie is missing form his office.  They keep telling him he can keep them there as long as he wants but he won’t find the tape.

Dixie is on her phone leaving a message for Tad telling him she knows he may hate her but she wishes he would just call her.  Before she hangs up, she remembers to leave a message for Derek, just in case he is still bugging Tad’s phone.  She tells Derek that she and Zach are not guilty of the murder of Greg Madden.

At the station, Derek tells JR and Jamie that they could get into serious trouble for stealing the missing tape.  They tell him they did not commit the murder and do not know who did.  He informs them that Tad didn’t make it home last night and asks if they have any idea where he is.

Tad awakens to find himself in a box, very much like the one Greg was buried in.

After Colby finds out that JR may have gotten arrested, she tells Babe and Krystal that JR should know how to cover his tracks better so as not to embarrass her before her birthday party if he is going to go around killing people.  Krystal tells her stepdaughter that nobody has committed murder but she might if Colby does not stop her annoying behavior.  Adam walks in and asks them what is going on.  Krystal informs her husband that his son is missing.  He leaves to go find him and Colby tells Krystal that she is tired of being burdened with everybody else’s problems.  Krystal reminds her stepdaughter that enough people have been burdened with her problems.  Her daddy has pulled string to get her off the hook for car theft and she’s been a total pain for everybody.  She asks Colby why she can’t understand that Adam needs to take some time to help JR after all that he has done for her. 

Derek questions JR and Jamie and tells them that it’s a little too convenient that they disappeared the night when Greg got buried and taped his dying words.  The CD player was found in JR’s dresser drawer shortly thereafter and he knows that they took the tape of Tad’s confession.  Babe comes in and finds JR.  She tells him she’s been worried and asks if he’s under arrest.  Derek tells her not yet but they are obstructing justice in a murder investigation and she should attempt to talk some sense into them or else they will be under arrest.  He leaves.  Babe asks her husband why he did not call, much less come home last night.  He makes jokes about how he and Jamie did not have anything to write home about.  They didn’t drink or go to a strip joint or misbehave.  She tells him that this is not funny.  She was worried.  He should care about his family and realize he is hurting his son if he gets into trouble.  She asks him if she has any say in what he does.  He tells her that she has given up her right to know anything about him.

Josh goes to the Chandler house.  He tells Colby that he has some work documents that Babe needs to see and asks if he can leave them for her.  Krystal enters and suggests that he stay for a bit because she wants to talk with him.

JR reminds Babe that she stayed out all night with Josh and did not tell him.  Hearing that, she tells him he has no idea how much he owes Josh.  In response to that, he asks her what she is talking about.  She tells him he is a jerk and walks out the door.

Kendall tells Zach that he can keep his casino and what is rightfully his but as far as clearing him from murder charges, she has washed her hands of that.  He and Dixie can fry for all she cares and suggests they split town together.  She tells him that she needs him to sign some papers so that they can be done.  Her lawyer approaches Zach with papers for him to sign but he tells them he will not sign anything until he has a chance to talk with his wife alone.

Tad struggles to get out of the darkened tiny compartment where somebody has put him.  He has a flashlight pen.  He tries to kick to get out but cannot.  He acknowledges that this is exactly how Madden died.

Babe goes to confront Dixie after finding out what happened to Tad.  She asks Dixie if she will ever stop until she’s racked up her last victim.  Dixie asks her what she is talking about.  Babe tells her she has managed to break up Tad’s engagement to Di, Zach’s marriage to Kendall and is now trying to break up her marriage to JR.  She goes on to tell her that Tad has had to go missing in order to protect her and JR and Jamie have gotten in trouble for attempting to save her.  Dixie sounds surprised that Tad has left town.  Babe tells her that it’s enough that she cares so little about him but asks if she cares at all about her own son.  Babe tells her that JR could be ruined for his attempt to save her from a trial for murder.  Dixie reminds Babe that she is not guilty of murder and that she has an alibi for that evening.  Babe tells Dixie she is not so certain of that.  She also tells Dixie that there is a witness who knows that her “affair” with Zach is total bull.

While Josh is at the Chandler house waiting for Babe, Colby talks to him about what a loser JR is and how Babe deserves him.  She cuts down Sydney in front of him and goes on about how hot she is and how great her party will be.  Krystal comes in and demands that Colby get out of there and keep her mouth shut or she will be sorry.  Colby leaves and Krystal asks Josh why he came.  She asks if he wants to get in JR’s face. 

Derek asks JR and Jamie if Amanda had anything to do with the missing tape.  He wants to know if they threw the tape out the window to an accomplice and is hoping that the accomplice isn’t Amanda. 

Kendall’s lawyer tells Kendall and Zach that it might not be a good idea for them to talk alone without legal counsel.  Kendall tells her it’s ok and that she feels comfortable talking to Zach alone.  Zach hands her the dice that he had been playing with and tells her to go to the casino and play at table five.  The lawyer leaves and Kendall tells him that she knows that Tad has evidence that he probably killed Greg and now Tad is missing and nobody has heard from him.  She asks Zach if he put Tad in a coffin too.

Tad discovers, while buried in the box that the last person he saw before he was knocked unconscious was Zach Slater.  He yells for Zach to let him out.

Kendall informs Zach that Ryan found the CD of Greg’s last dying words in Zach’s closet.  She asks him how he killed Greg.  He asks her if Ryan was snooping through his closet.  She tells him that Ryan was not snooping but was taking care of her and her son since her husband was charged with murder and has taken up with his accused accomplice.  While her husband was keeping this secret, Ryan came clean about the CD.  Now she knows that her husband is a killer and he did not even have the courage to let her know that.  One of the floor managers from the casino comes in and tells Zach that there is a woman cleaning up in the casino at table five.  Zach asks him to leave and pushes him out the door.  Kendall asks Zach why he doesn’t want everybody to hear her yell at him.  If anyone were to come into the room, all that they would see or hear is a woman asking her husband for a divorce which supports his alibi.  She reminds him that she has played along and done her part, even though it was a total public embarrassment to her.  She now realizes he may be capable of murder.  She tells him that she knows that he is capable of putting Greg into that box and burying him, but she didn’t think that he would lie to her again.  She asks him if he is lying to her now. 

Tad is banging and yelling for Slater to let him out of the box.

Babe informs Dixie that all the while she was gone, everybody had been talking about how if only Dixie were there things would be better.  They all thought that JR’s life would be right when she’s back and it was all a crock.  She informs her that she and JR finally got things right.  They were going to have a future together with their son but now everything has gone to hell and she wishes that Dixie never come back.  Dixie tells Babe that she knows that JR is totally devoted to her.  Babe tells Dixie that it goes both ways.  If she is so completely in love with JR, Dixie asks Babe what she is doing with Josh Madden.

At the Chandler house, Krystal asks Josh what he wants with her daughter.  She tells him that her daughter has been there to support him and be a shoulder to cry on.  She feels sorry for him and he should not make it more than it is.  Krystal tells him to back off from Babe and JR’s marriage.

Dixie tells Babe that she happens to know that the night of the grand opening of ConFusion, Babe ran after Josh after JR played the tape of Greg’s last words.  Babe protests it was because JR did a cruel and terrible thing to Josh.  Dixie asks Babe why she abandoned her husband and then took off with Josh.  She implies that something went on between them.  Babe insists that nothing happened.  She goes on to tell Dixie that she can continue to “slam” on her, but the only reason that the cops haven’t taken her away again is because she talked Josh out of going to the police with the information that he has.  Josh saw Kendall and Zach kissing and being very “friendly” and knows that the “affair” between Zach and Dixie is a sham.  Dixie continues to tell her that she doesn’t know the whole story.  Babe tells her that is she had let Josh share the information that he had, JR would not be facing possible jail time for protecting her….again.  She concludes to Dixie that if she really loves her son, she will stop being selfish, step up to the plate, and make this all go away by pleading guilty.

Alone with Sydney, Colby asks her if she thinks that Josh is totally hot.  Sydney tells her he is ok but nothing special and she knows that Josh has no interest in Colby.  Colby tells Sydney that she “slept with” Josh at the hospital.  Sydney tells her she’s totally making that up.  Colby tells her that Jamie and JR walked in on them.  Sydney reminds Colby that if Josh were to sleep with a minor while on duty at the hospital, he’d be arrested.  Suddenly, Colby changes her story and admits that they just “fooled around” and nothing happened. 

Krystal tells Josh if he really cares about her daughter, then he will do what is best by taking ten giant steps back.  He then asks her why it is that she believes she knows what is best for her daughter.  She tells him that her daughter’s marriage is a complicated one and he is a distraction.  He tells her that she may think that she knows what is best, but asks if being married to someone who tried to kill her really best for Babe.  He asks if keeping Babe married to JR is a good thing for Babe or is Krystal doing it so that she can keep holding onto “big daddy.”  Krystal cannot say anything in response to that.  Josh then goes out the door after having the last word.

At the station, Adam tells Derek if he does not let his son go, he can get him charged with harassment.  Derek then tells Adam he will let JR and Jamie go this time but he will keep those cots ready.  Jamie realizes that they have made an enemy of Derek again and says that they might need to use the Chandler jet themselves.  Adam mentions that the pilot called and said that someone had made a reservation for a flight but that no one showed up. Jamie and JR now know that something has gone very wrong. 

Zach tells Kendall that he did not bury Greg.  She then asks how it was that he ended up with the CD.  He tells her that he put it there.  She urges him to talk to her and help her to make sense of this.  He asks her to trust him.  She then asks him not to do that.  She tells him he cannot hide behind this “man of few words” thing.  She has made great efforts to help him beat the charges.  She’s hid the truth from family and friends and the media and he owes her.  In response to that, he tells her he loves her and nothing and nobody will get in the way of their future.  In response to that, she concludes that all she gets is a bunch of empty promises that she must have blind faith in.  She then concludes to Zach that for all the good this is, he might as well sign the divorce papers.

Babe tells Dixie she knows that she is a victim.  Greg Madden stole her little girl.  If she told her story to the jury, they would eat it up and she’d get the lightest sentence possible in a murder charge.  Babe reminds Dixie that she urged her to help her son beat the charges after he tried to kill her so she’d like to know what Dixie will do in order to keep her son out of prison.

Krystal tells Colby that after her behavior, nobody will have a party.  At that point, Colby begs her to reconsider.  Colby tells Krystal that her daddy wants her to be able to have the party and have more dresses.  Krystal tells her that Adam might very well reconsider when he finds out that she attempted to ruin JR’s marriage.  Adam walks in and Krystal informs him that Colby has ordered many more dresses, an ice sculpture, and ordered 12 limos.  In addition, she tried to ruin JR.  She tells Adam that his daughter is completely out of control.  Adam is torn between siding with his wife or his daughter.

Dixie knocks on Derek’s door.  He tells her if she is looking for Jamie and JR, it’s too late.  They already made bail and got out.  She tells him she is not there because of that.  She is there to confess to the murder.

Jamie and JR go to the casino and are looking for Zach.

Tad hears noises nearby and someone opens the end of the enclosure.  He is relieved to be rescued until he sees who it is. 

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