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Jonathan walks into ConFusion alone.  Not far away, Colby is with Sean and some other teens.  She orders some drinks.  The bar waitress tells them she needs to see some IDs.  Colby pulls out some IDs.  The waitress notices that something looks odd but apparently confirms that they are of legal age and she tells them she will come back with their drinks.  In response to that, Colby cheers and tells Sean that he is so awesome because his plan worked.

Annie goes to Jack’s home.  She tells him that she wants to apologize to him for what happened to his daughter.  Jack asks who she is.  She informs him that her ex-husband was the predator whom Lily met in New York and they are all afraid that he’s in town again.  Upstairs, in her room, Lily is online talking to Asperger boy, unaware of who he is.

Kendall tells Ryan that she happens to know that her husband did not kill Greg Madden and she believes him.  She demands that Ryan tell her what he knows.

Derek is listening to a tape that sounds like Tad’s voice.

JR, Jamie and Amanda go to the police station.  She asks them why they brought her there and what they want her to do.  Jamie reminds her that she can help him and help Babe by talking to Derek.

Josh asks Babe if she thinks he should do nothing when he finds out who nailed his father’s coffin.  She admits that that is exactly what she wants him to do for the man she loves.  He tells her if she thinks he’s going to help JR, she’s sadly mistaken.  She tells him this is not for JR but it’s for her.  She looks him in the eye and asks him if he can do this to her.  He tells her that she must have heard that he is the most selfish guy on earth.  She reminds him that he was the guy who backed up all her computer files and who always has her back.  He reminds her that he got her stranded on an island and she could have been killed.  He drugged Erica.  He ruined Jamie’s and Julia’s careers.  He tells her that he does not have a kind and generous soul and he does not do things out of the goodness of his heart.  He asks her if they are done there and will she stop asking him to help JR.

At the station, while waiting for Derek, JR announces that he has places to go.  He asks if anybody wants to take his AA attendance sheet while he misses his meeting.

Amanda goes inside Derek’s office to talk to him.  JR and Jamie have a plan in motion involving a tape.  Amanda tells Derek that she remembers that he was her father’s good friend and she will understand if he’s too busy but she really needs to talk to him.  He tells her that he’s never too busy for her and they can go and get some coffee together.  He puts the tape in his desk.  While he and Amanda go off to the coffee shop, JR and Jamie sneak into his office.

Jack tells Annie that he is perfectly capable of taking care of his own daughter.  She tells him she does not mean any disrespect but she needs for him to know what Ryan and Jonathan and Aidan are doing in order to protect Lily.  Jack tells her that because of Jonathan, Lily’s life is ruined and she is stuck in her room and he does not appreciate Ryan defending his brother.  She tells him that his opinion of Ryan and Jonathan are none of her business but that Terry is real and Jack needs to be able to protect Lily as well as many other young girls from him.

Lily is still in her room talking to Asperger boy online, not knowing who he is.

While Colby and her underage friends are at the bar, Jonathan comes up and snatches their fake IDs.  Colby tells him this is a private party.  He tells them he knows that they are breaking the law with these fake IDs.

Kendall tells Ryan that she won’t let the man she loves be falsely accused of murder.  He tells her if she believes that then she can just take Zach at his word, and that’s all she needs to know.  She tells him that she wants to know what he is refusing to tell her.  He indicates that he knows something and she wants him to tell her.  In response to that, he tells her that he thinks that Zach killed Madden because he has proof.  He tells her that he was in her place last month and found a humidifier that he thought he’d turn it on for Spike.  Behind it, he found a CD player that implicates Zach and that is why he is certain that Tad will have a lot of information that Derek can use to nail Zach for murder.

JR and Jamie are attempting to pick the lock on Derek’s desk and reliving old memories about how they got into trouble.  They believe that Derek will not find them and the door must be locked but just as they get the desk drawer open, they get caught.

After Colby’s friends have left her, Sydney appears and asks her what happened to her friends and if they refused to spend time with her even after she bribed them with daddy’s money.  Colby asks Sydney if she should not go back and scrub the floor and pray for her fairy god-mother.  Sydney then informs her that she already found her fairy god mother.  Not far away, Jonathan tells Sean that it’s illegal to be using fake IDs and that doing that could have caused the bar to be shut down.  Sean tells Jonathan he is new in town and just wants to get to know some people.  Jonathan asks him if this is his idea of a “good time” with his friends.  Sean then reminds Jonathan that they are kind of related.  He is Lily’s cousin and he knows that Jonathan has a real problem getting through to Jack with some important issues involving Lily.  Sean tells Jonathan that maybe they can work together.  Hearing that, Jonathan begins to listen to Sean.

Annie explains to Jack that she felt like a fool not to be able to see what kind of person Terry was.  He seemed like the perfect husband and father.  He fools a lot of people.  Lily was not the only one.  Jack is beginning to listen to her.  Upstairs, “Asperger boy” informs Lily all about his social problems and how he is affected by his disability just like she is.

Josh tells Babe that his sister is a liar.  Kendall’s husband is a murderer and he refuses to do anything to let them get away with killing Madden.  He doesn’t care who he would be doing the favor for.

At the station, Zach finds JR and Jamie going through his desk drawer and informs them that he can tell that Tad has split town.  They inform him that Tad has loyalty to Dixie and they do not believe that Zach understands the concept of loyalty.

Ryan explains to Kendall that he believes that maybe Zach set JR up.  He wasn’t about to get him in trouble for that.  He wanted to make JR pay for what he did to her, even if it meant falsely accusing him of killing Madden.

Josh goes to his father’s burial sight.  He looks like he might be ready to cry as he sifts through the dirt.  Babe comes and notices him.

Kendall tells Ryan that he is unbelievable.  Hearing that, he asks her if she means a good or a bad unbelievable.  She tells him it’s totally awesome unbelievable that he is not going to let JR get away with what he did to her.  He’ll find a way to make JR pay the piper but they better make certain that Dixie never finds out what they did to her son.  He tells her she need not worry right now.  She tells him she is not worried about anything.  She feels totally invigorated.  Ryan tells Kendall she must realize that he found the CD hidden in the closet behind the humidifier.  That means that Zach must have put it there and he must have killed Madden and framed JR.  Kendall tells him she does not have a problem with that.  Somebody must have attempted to frame Zach.

Zach tells Jamie that if they are accusing him of murder, they are also implicating Dixie and it is just like JR to always cast suspicion upon people he loves.

Babe tells Josh that she believes that he has soul and spirit and she knows that he cares about people and loves them.  He is not afraid to hurt or need or give.  She tells him that he has done extraordinary things for her that nobody except her mother has ever done for her.  She tells Josh she believes that he is the golden child.  He just does not realize that.

At ConFusion, Colby and Sydney are arguing and putting each other down.  Sydney shows Colby a picture she took of her (Colby) drinking as proof that she’s breaking the law.  She could send it to anybody, including Colby’s daddy and Krystal.  She tells Colby if she does not get the dress that she wants, then she will send the pictures wherever she wants.  Colby tells Sydney that a low life like her cannot wear a dress like the one she wants.  Sydney tells Colby she can see that the reason she does not want Sydney to have that dress is because she knows that Sydney would look so hot in it that nobody would give Colby the time of day when they see Sydney in is.  Not far away, Jonathan tells Sean that he will let him get away with his violation of the law this one time but if he ever does it again, he will call the cops and get him arrested.  He must agree to never do it again and he must help him protect Lily.

Jack tells Annie that he knows all about how the Lavery boys love to “bend” the law.  She tells him that they intend to protect Lily from her predator ex-husband.

Upstairs, “Asperger boy” talks to Lily about what it means to be an adult.  He tells her that she understands his disability, unlike his parents who want him to see a shrink in Philly.  He tells her he doesn’t want to see the doctor but he will go there if he can see her.  She then asks him if that means that he wants to be her boyfriend.

JR tells Zach if he wants to go, he can take the tape and go but if he bolts, he is busted.  Jamie then asks him to sit down.  He informs Zach that he and JR do not think that Dixie is guilty of anything except shacking up with a low life.  JR distracts Zach and Jamie presents the tape that he’s found in Derek’s office.

Kendall tells Ryan that maybe JR planted the CD on Zach and then got it planted back on him.  He concludes that it’s kind of like “what goes around comes around.”  She tells Ryan that she is not naďve.  She knows her husband is not exactly like Mr. Rogers.  He might very well be capable of some pretty slimy things but she does not believe that Zach would ruin their future.  She says so what if the cops found one tiny finger print of Zach’s in Madden’s coffin and Ryan found the CD.  It does not prove that Zach is guilty.  It just means that somebody wants to believe that he is.  She tells him that obviously Zach and Dixie wanted a fake alibi.  At that point, she admits that she has her doubts about Zach.  She asks Ryan if Zach killed Greg Madden and if he lied to her again.

JR and Jamie see Derek return to the station with Amanda and know that they may not have found the tape in time.

Josh and Babe realize that they are hot for each other.

Colby tells Sydney that that outfit will never help her.  She could light herself on fire and still never be able to find a guy but she could check behind a dumpster out back and she might be able to find her date there.  Sydney tells Colby that she really needs to get a clue.  Sean comes up and puts his arms around both of them.

Jonathan finds the waitress who served the underage drinkers and tells her he realizes that the club was short-handed and she was busy but if she cannot spot a fake ID, they will have to let her go.  Jamal finds Jonathan and tells him he’s been on the look-out for Terry but he has not shown up yet.

Annie gets ready to leave Jacks’ home.  He tells her that he will just hope that her ex-husband gets caught soon.

Upstairs, Lily reads as “Asperger boy” tells her he’s never had a girlfriend before.  She confirms to him that she would really appreciate having a friend or boyfriend who accepts her the way she is and not because she is incompetent.  She tells him that the “rules” dictate that they meet in a crowded public place.  He tells her that he might get too nervous in a crowd and have a meltdown so he tells her maybe some other time.  Lily thinks that he is going to log off and she does not want that so she asks him to wait.  She tells him that she would be ok with meeting him alone somewhere and they should make plans to do so

Kendall cries on Ryan’s shoulder, telling him that she cannot believe that her husband would betray her.

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