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Written By Jenn
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Ryan goes to Fusion and asks Babe if she’s seen Kendall.  She informs him that she has no clue where Kendall is.  She expresses her discontent with Kendall by saying she bets Kendall is around nearby making somebody’s life miserable.  She leaves and Ryan does not know where to find Kendall.

Kendall is up on the roof with Zach.  They are kissing and being intimate.  She tells him that she wants this to end soon.  As soon as he’s in the clear, this phony affair he has with Dixie will end.  Unbeknownst to them, Josh is watching them.

Di and Del rush to Dixie’s hotel room and tell her she must move all of her stuff out and leave town.  They inform her that the prosecution has found an eyewitness to what has happened and it’s Tad.  Derek is going to subpoena Tad to testify against her.

Tad is visiting with JR.  He tells him that he has no choice except to testify against his mother.  JR tells Tad he won’t let that happen.  No way is Tad going to send his mother to prison.  Hearing that, Jamie enters and tells Tad he agrees and won’t go any easier on Tad than JR will.

Kendall and Zach are kissing and Josh watches but then he turns and walks away.  Kendall tells Zach that the problem is that all of this absence is making her love him more and it’s making it more difficult to put up this “I hate you” front.  He tells her he will be home as soon as he can for her and Spike.  He asks her if Spike misses him.  She tells him of course and asks him who else will teach Spike all the rules of hockey.  She tells him that the only thing that enables her to keep up this “front” is knowing that he will come home to her and that he loves her.  He tells her it will be over soon.  She tells him it will as long as Tad does not ruin it for them.

JR tells Tad he cannot make up lies about Dixie that will send her to prison.  Tad tells JR he has no intention of lying about anything.  Jamie tells Tad he may not know what he saw and cannot prove that Dixie killed Madden.  Tad tells them both that he has no intention of hurting Dixie but he did see Zach and Dixie dumping something that looked like a body into the trunk of her car.  JR protests that that does not mean that they buried Greg.  He tells them that after observing them putting the body in Dixie’s car, he waited and right about the time they all knew that Madden disappeared, Dixie and Zach were nowhere to be found.  He followed them into town and found Dixie’s car at the casino where he looked in Dixie’s trunk and saw that it was empty.  JR and Jamie cannot accept that and believe that Tad only wants to get Dixie in trouble.  He protests to both of them, however, that regardless of how angry he is at JR’s mother and Jamie’s stepmother, he would never do anything to hurt her.

After hearing Di and Del inform her that Tad is going to tell the jury that he saw her murder Greg, Dixie asks how Tad could hate her so much that he’d make up lies to get her in trouble.  Di tells her that she cannot spend any time or energy thinking about that now.  What she must do is think only about saving herself.  And the only way she can do that is to run.

Ryan finds Zach and Kendall together on the roof.  He asks them what they think they are doing.  He reminds them that they are all working really hard and putting themselves out so that Zach and Dixie won’t have to go to jail.  Kendall tells Ryan that nobody has seen them together out here.  Zach makes a joke.  Ryan tells him that he may think this is funny but they are both very lucky that the only person who’s had a chance to see them out there kissing, (and proving that they are lying to everybody about their marital problems) is himself and that he is on their side.  Little do any of them know that Josh also saw them.

Josh returns downstairs to the Fusion office and does not tell Babe what he saw.  He is in no mood to talk after what he’s just seen and he gets up to leave.

Dixie tells Di and Del that she cannot leave town.  She cannot abandon her family again.  Di protests that they are her family and they all understand why she must do what she’s doing.  She tells Di that she cannot abandon JR again.  Di protest that JR would not want her to go to prison and he’ll have to understand but Dixie reveals to her sister and brother that she cannot “do this” to Zach.  Di asks her why she would risk her own life and freedom and go to prison for a man.  She reminds her sister that she once did that for a man and had to learn the hard way that it’s not worth it.  Dixie tells Di that Zach has been like a rock to her.  He’s been supportive and loyal.  He’s the only person who understands her and she won’t bail on him.  Hearing that, Di concludes that Dixie must be in love with Zach.

Tad tells Kendall and Zach that they must realize how serious this is and how they cannot make light of it.  He informs them that Tad is going to testify for the prosecution that he saw Zach and Dixie together.  Zach makes jokes and doesn’t appear scared.  He leaves.  Alone with Ryan, Kendall tells him that she realizes that he was just looking out for her and wanted to protect Zach.  She agrees with him that they have to shut Tad up.

JR tells Tad that he is only looking to get even with Dixie for sleeping with Slater.  Hearing that, Jamie reminds JR that this is his dad and not JR’s.  Tad tells JR and Jamie that he had no idea that Derek was going to bug his house.  He’s supposed to know those things since he is a PI.  He tells them that it’s bad enough that Dixie is sleeping with that jack ass but now she has ruined his only chance of finding Kate.  He has not been able to think straight throughout all of this.  He tells them that he had hope about finding Kate and he was ready to stop at nothing.  Hearing that, Jamie then asks his father why he did not tell him or JR that their half-sister was out there and that she had been given up for adoption.  He tells them that he wanted to, but each time that he looked at their faces and remembered how badly Dixie had hurt them, he couldn’t do it.  Tad tells them that he does not have any choice now except to testify about what he saw.  Derek has threatened him with all kinds of charges if he does not.  JR then informs Tad that he has another choice.  There are ways for him to disappear.

Josh goes alone to the park where Greg was buried alive.  He relives giving everything he had, with the medical team in a futile attempt to save his “father’s” life.  Babe finds him and asks him if everything is ok.  He asks her if she thinks that any part of Greg is in there.  He asks if she thinks he had a heart.  He remembers that they buried his ashes in that very place.  He tells her all about how ashes are not all soft and feathery but are coarse.  His ashes are buried in the ground there at the park.  Hearing that, Babe tells Josh that he is scaring her.  He tells her that he now knows who killed Greg and he needs to know what to do.

Zach comes to Dixie’s room.  Di and Del depart and ask her to let them know what she wants them to do.  She dismisses them.  Alone with Zach, she asks him if he heard Tad confirm that he saw the two of them.  Knowing that she’s about to leave town with the help of Di and Del, he tells her that running is not the answer.  He tells her that their only hope is in preventing her ex-husband from testifying against her.  She tells him there’s no way he won’t because he hates her.  In response to that, Zach tells her that even if she can’t shut Tad up, he might know how he can.

Having no idea what Josh has just seen, Babe assumes that he is accusing JR of killing Dr.  Madden.  He admits to her that his “issue” has nothing to do with JR.  He tells her that he won’t argue with anybody about what a sick individual Greg Madden was.  He did terrible things to many people but regardless, he did not deserve to die this way.  He tells her that were it not for Greg Madden, he would never have been born and he reveals to her that he believes that it was Dixie and Zach Slater who killed him.  He reminds her that Dixie has motive to kill Greg, after Greg took her daughter from her.  He informs Babe that many people have helped Zach and Dixie concoct the whole thing about their affair so that Babe’s mother-in-law can get away with murder.

Tad tells JR and Jamie that he realizes that he has to leave Pine Valley tonight.  He cannot be charged as a fugitive for leaving town until he’s been served with a subpoena so he must get out before that can happen.

Dixie tells Zach that she’s hurt Tad enough and he does not deserve more suffering.  He tells her he does not understand.  She’s done everything to apologize and make amends to Tad for what has happened to Kate and asks what could possibly justify what he is now doing to her.

Tad confirms to JR and Jamie that he will not let Dixie get convicted but if he testifies against her, that’s what will happen.  He tells them that he will not be responsible for taking Dixie away from her sons again regardless of everything that has happened.

Dixie tells Zach that she has robbed Tad of his right to be a father.  She gave their child to strangers and has hurt him beyond words and she cannot cause him more pain.  She begs Zach to leave Tad alone.

Kendall asks Ryan if he can motivate Tad to shut up since they used to be friends.  He tells her it’s not that simple.  Tad would not lie.  She tells him that it’s entirely possible that he would want to get revenge on Dixie if he believes that she slept with another man after what she already did.  She knew if she were in Tad’s position, she might be motivated to do worse than he is doing.  So maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to let Tad know that Dixie and Zach’s affair is all one big act.  It might motivate him to reconsider his plans to hurt her.

Di goes to Aidan and tells him he must do something to prevent Tad from ruining her sister’s life.  Tad could not have seen her sister and Zach stuff Greg’s body into the trunk of a car.  He asks her what she thinks he could do to prevent Tad from testifying if she hasn’t been able to talk him out of it.  She reminds Aidan that he has bigger fists than she has and something has to be done in order to prove that Tad is a liar.  He tells her that Tad might not be lying. 

Babe tells Josh he has no idea how many stories she’s heard from everybody about what a saint Dixie is.  She asks him if he believes that she would bury Greg alive.  He tells her that apparently Dixie has given up her halo.  She asks if he hates her husband enough to send his mother to prison.  He tells her this has nothing with JR.  He’s going to ruin his “ties” with his other family if he implicates Kendall’s husband but he’s not going to let the person who buried Greg alive get away with it.

Krystal enters to find Tad, JR and Jamie together.  She tells the three of them that she can see that they are all about to get into a lot of trouble together.

Di tells Aidan that she does not care who buried Madden, who is lying or who is telling the truth but she knows that Tad is trying to rip her sister to shreds.  He’s turned into a total creep.  He asks her why she is vilifying Tad.  She asks him why he is vilifying Dixie.  She then concludes that she will protect her sister without his help.  She gets up to leave and he asks her what she plans to do.  She tells him that she will do whatever she needs to do in order to protect Dixie, even if it means she must take the fall for her.

Realizing that Tad may not want to disclose his secret to her, Krystal tells him that she wishes him well and advises him to travel light.  He then tells her that he hopes that Adam treats her right.  She tells him, before he leaves, that she really hopes that he knows what he is doing.  JR then pulls out a wad of cash from the safe for Tad to take so that he doesn’t have to make any withdrawals form the bank.  He reminds him that cops look for those kinds of things.  Tad thanks him.  JR thanks Tad for doing this for his mom and for his family.  JR and Jamie both hug Tad and tell him they love him.  He goes out the door.  They ask what, if anything he wants them to tell Dixie for him.  He tells them to just tell her that he is sorry.

Kendall tells Ryan that there are ways for Tad to go to the cops and confess that he was lying about what he saw and then he might be able to be Dixie’s hero again.  She confirms to Ryan that she only wants to protect Zach and she will go talk to Tad herself if need be.  Ryan stops her and tells her she cannot.

Aidan asks Di if she would really be willing to go to prison in Dixie’s place.  He tells her she must think before going doing anything rash.

Kendall tells Ryan she does not like that look on his face.  He tells her he wants her to promise not to waste her time with Tad.  She asks how he knows it would be a waste of time.  He tells her no matter what she tells Tad, he will not change his mind.  She asks Ryan how he is so certain that Tad will not change his story.  Ryan then confirms to Kendall that Tad is not telling a story.  Zach really did bury Greg.

Zach tells Dixie that Tad was very upset and threw things all around his house when Derek confronted him and told him he’d subpoena him.  It did not sound like Tad wanted to testify against her.  She then concludes that she will figure out how to prevent Tad from talking but she suspects that Zach may have already done something.  He then asks her to let him take care of it and assures her it will be just fine.  He goes out the door.

Babe tells Josh that he cannot go to the cops.  If he sends Dixie to prison, it will destroy JR.  She realizes she cannot ask him to do this but JR has come such a long way, she tells him.  If his mother goes to prison, it will ruin him.  She tells Josh if he cares about her, he won’t hurt JR this way.

Alone in the Chandler house, JR tells Jamie that Tad really took a bullet for the family and asks why he doesn’t feel relieved.  Jamie tells JR it’s because Dixie could still go to prison and the cops have proof of what she and Zach did.  JR then asks Jamie what if they don’t.  At that point, they have a meeting of the minds and they go out the door together.

Tad walks into his home but before he can get through the door, “somebody” knocks him on the head and he falls to the floor.

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