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All My Children Update Monday 8/28/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan arrives home to find Annie is working with the potted plants on his patio. She tells him the plants need some work. He figures out that Terry called her again. He asks if Terry took the bait. Annie says he did, and she could hear the steam coming out of his ears when she reminded him that Emma was not his biological daughter.

Tad tells Derek he can’t believe he would do this to him. He says the tapes he got from the bugging of his house are worthless.

Kendall arrives at Fusion to find Dani, Erin and Simone looking at the new fall line. Josh walks in and asks to talk to Kendall alone. He tells Kendall that Erica busted into his room to have breakfast. He realizes that Kendall and Erica have a connection but all he sees in Erica is a model who chose a cover of a magazine over him. He says he had a real mother but she’s gone, and the man he thought was his father is gone too. He’s now all alone. He has only one connection. Kendall thinks he’s referring to her and says she’s touched. Josh says he didn’t mean her. He’s talking about Babe.

Colby tells JR in front of Babe that Babe was with Josh on their overnight trip. JR glares at Babe and tells Colby to leave. After she leaves, Babe tells JR to tell her what he’s thinking. Get it out. JR says she told him all about her trip but didn’t mention Josh. Babe says she would have told him Josh was with her had she reached him on his phone. Then when she got back she found out he was hurt. JR asks Babe how she spent her night with Babe.

Kendall tells Josh she doesn’t know how to respond. The thought of Babe makes her ill. Josh says Babe is the only one who makes him care. Kendall tells him not to ask for her help with Babe. JR may kill someone yet. Josh asks Kendall to stop freezing Babe out and be nice to her. Kendall says Babe trashed their family. He says she should extend herself. That’s what family does. Erica tells Josh he’s a Kane through and through.

Erica is at home and finds Sean. She asks him if he’s reached his mother yet. He says she’s not picking up the phone. Sean wants a sandwich but Erica tells him to clean up the mess he made first. When Sean leaves the room, Erica tries to call Barbara and says she’ll call every hotel in Europe until she finds her. She hears loud music. Jack walks in and asks to talk to Erica about Sean. Erica wants to talk about Sean leaving, but Jack says he’s not leaving. Sean returns and mentions that Lily’s husband has been standing outside for some time.

Ryan gets on the phone and finds out Terry is still in Ireland. He tells Annie he can bump up security, but she claims she is not afraid of him. Annie asks Ryan how Spike and Kendall are doing. Ryan says they’re doing fine, but suspects there’s something else she’s after. He asks her what’s she’s really asking. She asks him how he can protect Spike and Kendall from the monster who buried a man alive.

Tad tells Derek his high-tech stakeout is worthless without a court order. Derek says he got a court order weeks ago after listening to Tad’s jailhouse conversation with Zach and Dixie. He knew Tad knew more than he let on. Derek says he know Tad saw Zach and Dixie slide a body into a trunk. Zach says it’s all lies. Derek insists this case is over. Tad angrily grabs Derek by the collar. Police move in and draw their guns. Tad questions Derek’s friendship and loyalty and asks what happened to privacy. He lets go of Derek and begins throwing things around the room, looking for the bug. He finds one in his lamp. Zach tells Derek that Tad is upset that he slept with Dixie and Dixie gave Kate away. Derek suggests Zach make a deal with the DA. Zach leaves and Tad apologizes to Derek. He says this thing with Dixie has really affected him. Derek says he likes Dixie and he always has and he doesn’t want to do this to her. Tad asks how do you go from a woman like that to someone who could bury a man alive. He asks how Kendall could leave a woman like Kendall and sleep with his wife. He corrects himself… ex-wife. Tad says that is why he did what he did. He admits to making up the story. It’s nothing but a lie.

Jack brings Jonathan into his house and accuses him of being a stalker. Jonathan insists he only wanted to make sure Lily was safe. He’s not there to see her. Jack says he doesn’t believe anything he says. Lily doesn’t want to see him. Lily comes downstairs with her hands over her ears, claiming the noise is too loud. Erica tries to calm Lily and takes her back upstairs. Jonathan and Jack have more words and Jonathan leaves. Erica returns and tells Jack that Jonathan is just trying to protect Lily. Jack sarcastically thanks Erica for her support. Jack asks her if it’s that difficult to stand behind her. Erica says she used to be able to count on Jack before they were married. He was much more available to her then. Now they could not be further apart. Jack says he’s trying to make things work. Erica says the tabloid reporters are after her about this story with Greg Madden and he is not helping her through this. Jach reminds her that he has a daughter in crisis. Erica tells him he ripped Lily out of the arms of the man she loves. Jack asks her how she can be so supportive of a murderer and so hard on everyone else, including his brother’s son. Erica says she has nothing against Sean but his timing is bad. Everything is in chaos right now. Jack says that doesn’t mean they throw Sean out when he has no place to go. Erica says she can’t talk to him when he’s like this. She walks out.

Ryan tells Annie that Zach would never hurt Kendall and Spike. He would never put the woman he … he stops himself, referring to Kendall as the mother of his child. He says he would never put her in danger. Ryan insists Zach will be let off. Annie says even if he’s innocent, he still cheated on Kendall. Isn’t their marriage finished? She asks why Kendall would stick with a man who cheated on her when she could have a man as wonderful as Ryan. Ryan says Kendall still loves Zach.

Kendall reminds Josh that she is family and Babe is not even his girlfriend. Josh says if he’s forced to choose between Babe and Kendall, he’ll choose Babe.

Babe tells JR about how she fell asleep on the couch and had some awesome banana pancakes the next morning. JR asks her if she ordered the pancakes. Babe asks why he is grilling her. Is he accusing her of hiding something? JR says yes, he is. Babe asks what she’s guilty of. JR says Josh is in love with her. Babe says that doesn’t matter to her. Josh is her good friend. She tells JR that she vowed to love him for the rest of her life, but that didn’t stop him. JR asks if she’s referring to him trying to kill her. She says she can’t stop thinking about it. JR walks out, saying he’s going to see his son. Colby walks in and asks Babe to treat her like an equal. Babe orders Colby to stay out of her business. Colby tells her Josh is totally her business.

Erin corners Dani at Fusion and asks about her sexual encounter with Josh. Dani says it happened once and it’s over.

Zach walks into Fusion and informs Kendall that his and Dixie’s coffins have been nailed shut. He tells her that Tad saw him and Dixie at the airport with Madden’s body. Kendall accuses Zach of being forced into this by that slut. He wouldn’t even be charged if it wasn’t for Dixie. She tells Zach she wants him out of here. Zach leaves. Kendall thanks Josh for his support and complains that Zach is still defending Dixie. Babe walks in and says she has an idea for the rock song. Kendall dismisses her and leaves.

Tad urges Derek to drop this because if it goes forward the prosecution will look bad. Derek tells Tad he could be charged with obstruction of justice and perjury and could lose his PI license at the very least. Derek says this is an obvious lie and won’t fly. Tad asks Derek if he’ll let this one fly but Derek says he can’t do that.

Annie tells Ryan she heard a news report that there’s an eyewitness to the burial of Madden. She says it is the woman’s ex-husband.

Josh is working with Babe at the computer. Babe is distracted by him is obviously having thoughts about him other than professional. She snaps at him and he takes a break. She remembers their encounter in the shower.

Josh goes to the rooftop where he finds Kendall and Zach kissing passionately. He hears Kendall asking what they should do now. Zach says he didn’t come this far to lose her now.

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