AMC Update Friday 8/25/06

All My Children Update Friday 8/25/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is at home when Zach angrily barges in the door. He asks Tad what games he's playing with Dixie. What does he want from her?

Dixie finds JR walking around in the hospital. JR is worried about Babe, thinking something happened to her.

Babe comes home and Krystal hugs her, happy to see she's OK. Babe says she left town on a business trip. Krystal realizes she was with Josh and says she might as well divorce JR now and get it over with. Babe gives her an angry look.

Josh goes to his room and finds Erica waiting for him with his favorite breakfast. She says since she's inside his room he can't slam the door in her face. She tells him she has all his favorite foods, but Josh tells her to eat it in the hallway. He needs to crash. He falls onto the bed. Erica says she knows he's angry at her. He's had to take in so much. She says she wants a relationship with him. She asks if they can just talk about anything. Josh tells her she'll never guess where he was last night. He tells her spend the night with Babe and it was fantastic. Erica doesn't say anything. Josh tells her that Babe accepts him and has never lied to him. They have a real connection and real feeling. Erica says she used to do this to her mother. Josh tells her to spare him the "we are so much alike" crap. Erica says they are alike. She says she wants to be a part of his life on any terms he wants. She offers him the breakfast, but he tells her to taste it first in case she poisoned it. He pours some of the juice into a plant. Erica says she would never poison him. Josh says she didn't want him to live either. He tried to terminate him. He says she doesn't get a beginning with someone she tried to terminate. He opens the door and slams it in her face when she walks out.

Kendall wakes up next to Ryan. She thanks him for spending the night. He says he'll do it anytime. Kendall begins to worry after realizing Spike hasn't made a sound all night. Normally he wakes up in the middle of the night crying. They look in the crib and find Spike is fine, but Kendall thinks something could be wrong since he didn't wake up and cry. She wonders if they should take him to the doctor. Ryan says Spike looks happy to him. As Kendall tends to Spike, he cries, and Ryan tells her she just woke him up. Ryan assures Kendall that Spike is OK. He slept through the night. That should be good news. Kendall says she's an idiot. She is glad he was there to talk her down. She says she can't imagine life without Spike. She's so happy they have him. She apologizes to Ryan for making a scene over nothing. She says it can't be easy for him to faking a fling with her. He can't keep giving and not getting anything in return. Ryan says all he needs is Spike. Knee-deep in parenthood is exactly where he needs to be. He tells Kendall that he's playing hooky from work and suggests they take Spike to a park. They have fun looking through Spike's clothes and get silly while changing diapers, but plans change when Ryan gets a business call.

Babe tells her mother she is overreacting. She says she can handle Josh. Krystal is appalled that Babe spend the night with him. Colby is eavesdropping from the hallway. Babe tells her mother she loves her husband and Josh is a friend. Josh knows that JR is her one and only. Krystal asks if anything happened. Babe says it was just business. She says she left messages with JR but he didn't call her. Krystal tells her that was because JR was in the emergency room. Babe's daddy put him there. Babe says she's going to kill David. Krystal suggests Babe give JR some extra TLC. He's been asking about her since he woke up. Krystal says JR will pick up when he sees her. She suggests Babe not give him the details of her night with Josh. The last thing he needs to hear is that she was playing pajama party with Josh.

Adam tells JR at the hospital that Babe has arrived home and she is fine. JR runs into David and tells him he's going down. He'll make sure of it. He'll also make sure David gets put away for Greg Madden's death. David says there is zero evidence against him but a lot against his mother. David tells JR to grow up and realize his mother has done some bad things. David walks away. Adam tells JR to keep his distance from David. He's fresh off an attempted murder charge and doesn't need to get in any more trouble. JR says he can't stand still while his mother goes down for David's crime. Dixie says she's not going down for anything.

Zach asks Tad why he's implying to everyone that Dixie is guilty of murder. Zach tells him that he's lost Dixie. He doesn't deserve her and never did. Tad suggests they talk about what Zach deserves. Tad says Zach and Dixie killed Madden, but Zach denies it. Tad says he knows they weren't in a motel room the night Madden was buried alive. Zach asks Tad how far would he go to make Dixie look guilty. Would he plant evidence? Tad says he doesn't have to fabricate anything. Zach is the one who buried Madden. He saw him do it.

Babe says there was no pajamas and no party. They worked. Krystal asks Babe to tell her that they had separate rooms. Babe turns to walk away without answering and runs into Colby. Colby expresses surprise that JR was hurt and says he could have died. Krystal says JR is on his way home. Colby asks if a package arrived. It is her dress for her party. Krystal says it did but it's on its way back to the over-priced store. Colby protests, saying that is not fair. Just because Krystal is sleeping with her dad doesn't give her that right. Babe orders Colby not to disrespect her mother. JR and Adam arrive home and Babe hugs her husband. JR asks her where she was all night.

Dixie finds David at the hospital and says she wants to talk about the two of them. She says she's sorry. David says he put her son in the hospital and she's apologizing to him? Dixie says she doesn't like that he hurt her kid, but she has to commend him for helping her find her daughter. David says he's done some stupid things for her but killing Madden was not one of them. Dixie says Madden's murder is not the point. She knows he had he had hopes for them when she returned. David tells her she led him on and used him. Dixie says she's sorry and hopes he can forgive her. She would like their friendship back. David tells her he cares about her and he's willing to be friends. Dixie tells him that's great and walks away. David says to himself that Dixie put on a good performance, almost as good as his. He will make sure she never gets Kate back.

Tad says he went to the airport the night Madden disappeared and saw Zach and Dixie put something big and bulky into the trunk of Dixie's car. He knows it was Madden's unconscious body. Tad says he followed them in traffic and lost site of them, but found Dixie's car at the park. He checked Dixie's trunk and it was empty. Tad asks Zach how he did it with just Dixie. Did he hire some people to help? It was an almost perfect plan to scare Madden and get the information out of him. The problem was it didn't work. Zach says he didn't know how much he hated Dixie until just now. Tad says this isn't about hate. He doesn't want to put Dixie in prison.

Josh reminds Erica that she poisoned the man he thought was his father. If he hadn't have been there he would have died. Josh says he would have sworn that Erica was the one who killed him.

Babe tells JR about her experience with the rock star. She admits she drank shooters and was too tipsy to drive home. JR says he just wishes he had known where she was. He left messages for her. Babe admits she drowned her cell phone in the shower. JR says he's glad she's home and he's proud of her. She totally scored on her trip. Adam and Krystal bring little Adam to Babe and JR then leave with him to take him to the park. Adam invites Colby but she doesn't want to go. She complaints that Krystal is being unfair about her dress. The three of them leave, and JR tells Babe he doesn't want to be without her ever again.

JR and Babe are kissing when Colby walks in. She tells Babe it was awesome she and Josh got to hang out with the rock star. JR says Josh wasn't there. Colby says she could have sworn she heard Babe tell Krystal that Babe spent the night with Josh.

Zach tells Tad that he's lying. He hates Dixie and is trying to take her down. He says Kate is better off with a stranger. No child should have a parent like him. Tad tells him to never mention his daughter again. Zach tells Tad to leave it alone and stay away from Dixie. Tad asks if Zach is going to bury him alive if he doesn't. Just then Derek walks in. Derek says he had Tad's house bugged and he just gave them everything he needed. He's going to be the chief witness for the prosecution.

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