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All My Children Update Thursday 8/24/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Di goes to see Annie at Ryan’s home.  The guard follows her to makes certain that Annie wants her there.  Annie informs Di that she really believes that Ryan Lavery knows how to take care of a woman.

Ryan returns to the condo and admits that he may be in love with Kendall.

At the hospital, Jamie informs the others that JR named David as the person who assaulted him.  They all ask if it’s true and David admits that it was he who put JR in the hospital.  When JR wakens, he asks Dr. Jeff where Babe is noticing that she is nowhere to be found.  Jeff assures JR that his wife is in no danger.

Babe is showering after getting drunk with Josh.  It looks like they both want to do something more than shower.  He looks ready to kiss her when he turns off the shower faucet.  She looks like she wants to but turns away from him.  He turns the water on again and attempts to forget about what he wants to do.

Jamie tells Adam, Krystal, Tad, Dixie and Zach that David admitted to attempting to murder JR.  David defends himself telling them that it was an accident and that JR attacked him first.  Julia asks David why he didn’t call the cops if what he said is true.  David replies that it was because of Dixie.  He did not want to cause her any more stress than she already has to deal with under the present situation.  Adam and Dixie go to talk to JR.  Tad and Jamie demand that they get the truth out of him.  Adam and Dixie ask their son how the fight started.  He replies that Hayward called his mother a whore.  He hit David first.  Adam tells him he should have killed David.  Dixie asks Adam to shut up and not make this worse.  JR tells them that David came after him and hit him hard enough to knock him out.

Babe gets out of the shower, puts on her robe and attempts to call JR, but he’s not answering his phone.  Josh gets out of the shower and tells her that it was not very successful to attempt to sober up in the shower.  She admits that that is true.  They are still happy to be together and believe that they pulled off a very successful business deal.  She tells him that she went after what she wanted and landed it.  Babe dances around and tells him she feels strong and powerful and as thought the world is her oyster.  She is still under the influence and she falls over and laughs.  Josh tells her she needs to slow down.  He tells her that not long ago, they were upstairs and she was so unhappy, due to her situation.  He remembered asking her when she would start living her life for herself and not for everyone else.  He asks her what else happened when they were drinking and she does not remember that he kissed her.

While Di is visiting Annie, she asks when she will get to see Emma.  Annie tells her she will wake up soon.  She also reflects that Di knew what a low life sleaze ball Terry was but Annie did not listen.  Di assures her that she did not see it until it was too late.  They both admit that Terry gave them no cause for alarm.  He seemed very charming and like a great catch.  Nobody would have had a clue what he really is.  Di assures Annie that he won’t be able to hurt her or Emma ever again.  Annie admits to Di that she does not know how to tell a good guy form a sleaze ball and questions her judgment.  She wonders how she will be able to see the signs in the future.  Di tells her that she will not find a better man than Ryan and that he is a great catch for her.

Ryan is kissing Kendall and it looks like they may be ready to sleep together.  Somebody is watching them with binoculars but they can’t see who it is.  Ryan then tells her they must draw the blinds so that nobody can spy on them.  She asks him if he believes that Derek is too smart to buy the alibi or that Zach is not guilty.  He tells her that there are many witnesses who are willing to testify that they saw the two of them together shacking up.  Kendall asks what if Derek refuses to believe it.  She tells him she cannot just wait for something to happen.  She has to do something to make Derek believe Zach’s alibi.

Tad confronts David and asks what has happened.  He remembers seeing pictures on the floor of a little girl who may be Kate.  Davie acts like he did not see the pictures.  He tells them that it’s fine with him if they contact the cops because Chief Frey should know what is going on.  He could care less if Derek nails Dixie and Zach for murder.  Derek enters and tells them that he has another crime to investigate.

Babe tells Josh that he is right.  She has not been this happy since her wedding.

David tells Derek the story about the struggle he had with JR.  Derek does not do much at that point.  Adam then demands that David stay away from his family.  David seems pretty calm and sure of himself.  He tells Zach he knows what he is doing and he leaves.  Jeff asks Tad if he is ok, knowing that Tad is not.  Tad does not respond and walks away.  Jamie approaches his mother and tells her he still has not figured out why she is there.  She does not respond to that question.  Julia approaches Brooke and Jamie.  Jamie tells them he is going to go and talks to his brother.  Brooke tells Julia that she still intends to talk to her about Julia’s “dating” her son.  Julia tells Brooke that she knows that Jamie loves his mother and she does not want him to feel as tough he’s put in the middle of a problem that they have with each other.

Krystal asks Jeff Martin if he knows where her daughter is.  She knows that her daughter and his son spend a lot of time together.  Jeff tells Krystal that he has no clue where her daughter is but he has more important things to attend to.  Her daughter’s father almost murdered her (Babe’s) husband.  He also tells her that he is glad that his son has her daughter as a friend.  He likes Babe.  She is good for Josh.  Krystal tells him that’s great but vice isn’t versa.

Babe locks the door in Josh’s suite so that he cannot come in or hear her conversation and she leaves another message for JR telling him that she landed a business deal and she will be home as soon as she can.  She comes back into the main room to see Josh.  She tells him she owes him so much.  He tells her no, she does not.  She tells him it’s not just about the rock star and coming there and Josh’s backing her up.  She admits to him that he could have really “taken advantage” of her while she was drunk.  She tells him he’s really been a good guy and she really appreciates that.  Hearing her call him “good” he jokingly asks her not to let that get around.  She admits to him that her mother thought that he was waiting for a chance to “pounce.”  He tells her that he is not going to make any cheap attempts to get her into bed.  She tells him that she will be certain to tell her mother about that.  He tells her that he likes her and doesn’t need her to change or do anything she’s not ready to do.

At Ryan’s house, Emma comes downstairs to see Annie and Di.  Annie lets Di take her up to her room and talk to her.  When Annie is alone, she hears a knock on the door.  It’s David Hayward.  He tells her that he was a real jerk at the carnival and he would like to apologize if she will let him.  He tells her hat he did not mean to scare her or her little girl and if she is in some sort of trouble he’d like to help.  She tells him that Ryan is looking out for her and she doesn’t need David’s help.  He tells her that he knows that he and Ryan made it clear to her that they hate each other’s guts, but when he saw her daughter, she reminded him of his own little girl whom he lost.

At the hospital, Derek tells Zach that he looks very suspicious.  He tells him no wonder Kendall didn’t “look back.”  Tad hears that and asks Derek what he is talking about.  Derek informs Zach that Kendall is into “recycling.”  She gave Ryan a lot more than a “warm welcome” the last time he saw them together.

At Kendall’s, she tells Ryan that she does not want to use him.  He is nothing to her except for her son’s father.  He has no “vested interest” in her.  He tells her that his son’s mother deserves to be happy.  She then asks him why he ever fell in love with her, way back when.  He makes a joke telling her that he thinks it was her hot fudge pudding that she made.  She tells him that she needs him tonight and she asks him to come to bed with her.

Josh surprises Babe with banana pancakes.  She is very surprised and does not remember ever telling him that they were her favorites.  He also just so happened to order peanut butter with them, almost as if he knew that that is her favorite thing to have with the banana pancakes.  She asks him if this is his attempt to sober her up.  She asks him to try some but he tells her that his arteries are clogging just by looking at the pancakes.  He then agrees to take just one bite.  She then tells him that they have to split this 50/50.  She admits to him that she has never been happier.

JR is in his hospital room admitting that his head really hurts.  Jamie tells him that David must have been packing a sledge hammer.  JR tells Jamie that he remembers David finding some pictures in Dixie’s room that looked like they were of Kate.

Kendall and Ryan are in her room, under the sheets.  Somebody spies on them, assuming that they are having sex but they are only putting on a show.  Meanwhile, outside, the spying continues.  Ryan then goes outside with a trash bag, shirtless and yelling, so that the spies can hear him.  He is screaming that Kendall had better be naked in there because here he comes.  When he goes back in, he does not go in her room.

JR tells Jamie that he could see, in Hayward’s eyes, that he did it.  He killed Greg Madden.

David tells Annie if his daughter had lived, she would be about Emma’s age.  He admits that one never gets used to losing a child.  He still gets jealous of those parents who get to take their children to the park and listen to them laugh and have fun with them.  But that’s no excuse.  He takes a stuffed animal out of a bag and tells her that she must give it to Emma.  Di comes out and demands to know what David is doing there.  He leaves and Annie asks if she shares Ryan’s opinion of David.  Di tells her she does.  David is a jerk.  At that moment, the phone rings and they know that it’s Terry.  He asks Annie if she did what he asked by showing Emma the picture and telling her how much daddy loves her.  He tells her he’s kind of surprised that she has not run off again.  She tells him that she refuses to run because of him.  She goes on to tell him that she’s told their daughter that her father has done really bad things.  He asks if she is poisoning his daughter against him.  She tells him it’s his own fault and he had better stay away from them.  He smirks and tells her he will call again.  She is shaking when she gets off the phone.  She confesses to Di that she did not exactly tell Emma what her father did.  She just told Terry that.  Di then asks Annie what she meant when she said that Emma is not Terry’s daughter.

Adam tells Tad that Dixie’s personal life is none of his business.  She can sleep with whomever she wants and it’s none of Tad’s business either.  Zach tells Tad maybe he needs to listen to Adam.  Zach tells Adam that he used Dixie and threw her away and he knows what Zach is doing to her.  Zach tells Tad he needs to shut up.  Tad tells Zach if he pushes it any further, he will put the noose around Zach’s neck himself.  Zach better not think that he won’t.  Derek then faces Zach and tells him he loves a good mystery.  He leaves and tells him he will see him soon.

When Annie has heard Di’s question about Terry not being Emma’s father, Emma comes down the stairs.  Annie takes her upstairs and asks Di to do her a favor and forget that she has heard that.

Ryan puts baby Spike to bed and he tells Kendall that he noticed a reporter spying on them who will give some really juicy reports to Derek.  She then tells him she doesn’t want to mess up their friendship or their bond as Spikes’ parents.  He jokes to her about that but she tells him that he cannot sleep in the chair.  He needs his rest.  He needs to get into bed with her.  She tells him she promises not to kick him and to keep her hands to herself.  He then comes and lies in the bed.  She tells him he owes her.  He tells her he owes her Spike’s college tuition.  They attempt to sleep but cannot.

JR lies in his hospital room and calls for Babe.

Babe and Josh are together and she tells him that her mother told her that it won’t be long before she travels and has all the success she wants and needs.  She tells him that because of him, she is now happy and is starting to believe that she actually deserves all of this.  He tells her that she does deserve it and this has been one of the most fantastic days of his life.  He tells her that he did not even kiss her but it was great.  Although they did not do anything, they had such a great time together.  He admits that he has never had a woman whom he has enjoyed being with, who has been a friend to him and who he has cared about as a person.  She falls asleep and they huddle together.

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