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In a hotel room, Babe and Josh discuss how they are going to get a contract with a famous celebrity to market their products.  They are not certain how they are going to do it but are determined not to give up.  A guy walks in looking strung out.  It looks like he is their celebrity.  He tells them they have a limited time to impress him or he will tell them to kiss off.

Ryan and Annie go to the carnival with Emma.  They believe that they are watching Emma and nobody else is spying on her.  Unknown to them, David Hayward is lurking around behind them, spying on them and on Emma

At the hospital, Julia is talking to Jamie while he’s at the gym pumping iron.  Brooke is observing her and when she gets off the phone Brooke demands to know that she wants from her son.

Kendall is with her son, alone in her home when she looks out the window.  Zach is gone and she is not ok with that. 

Zach goes to Dixie’s hotel suite and notices that JR is lying on the bed, unconscious with blood trickling down his face.  Tad walks in, assumes that Zach is responsible for what has happened to JR and grabs him by the collar.  Dixie comes in and asks what has happened.  When Tad accuses Zach of assaulting him, Dixie demands to know what Tad’s problem is.  Hearing that, he asks her how it’s not enough that she sleeps with this guy and covers for him but she is now defending the guy who tried to kill her son.

Simone goes to visit Kendall and Spike.  She tells her that she is very concerned about the public exposure of Zach and Dixie’s lip lock.  Kendall does not admit to Simone that it’s an act and tells her she does not want to think about it.  In response to that, Simone tells her that she was walking past a pastry shop and looked in the window and saw a big chocolate cake with white chocolate icing.  She pulls out a piece for Kendall to sample.  They talk about how Spike is not talking.  In response to that, Simone talks to the baby about how he has to forget about his big bad step-dad who is a no good, lying cheater.  Hearing that, Kendall asks Simone to stop talking about that but Simone won’t stop.  She goes on about how Zach is a low-life horn dog who abandons Kendall in the hospital after she’s been put in a coma to go shack up with Dixie.  Kendall tells Simone she does not want to hear Zach’s name again.  There is a knock on the door and Kendall answers it.  It’s Derek Fry.  He tells her they must discuss Zach’s involvement in the case.

At the hospital, Jeff talks to his father about Josh.  Joe tells Jeff that he does not want to give up on having his grandson working at the hospital because he really has a gift for medicine.  After talking to Babe, Jeff realizes that they cannot push Josh into medicine.  He tells his father that there is somebody they should talk to who is close to Josh.

As the guy gets up to leave, Babe starts talking to the guy about her knowledge of the music industry.  She captures his interest.  He offers Babe and Josh jell-o shooters.  They are made of rum, tequila and vodka.  He then asks them to give him the date and time of their birth so that he can analyze their astrological charts.

At the hospital, Julia tells Brooke that she does not have to tell Brooke what a wonderful, smart, talented and handsome son she has.  Jamie is an adult, willing and able to make his own decisions.  Brooke tells Julia she realizes that but Jamie is making the wrong decision.  She reminds Julia that Jamie quit his job at the hospital because of her.  Julia reminds Brooke that Jamie chose to quit because Joe wronged him.  He had every right to quit his medical position at PVH and is considering practicing medicine elsewhere.  Hearing that, Brooke tells Julia that she is seducing Brooke’s son and it must stop.

Ryan, Annie and Emma are at the carnival and their bodyguard notices that David Hayward is following them.  She remembers him as the guy who was being a jerk to Emma at the park the other day.  Ryan realizes he knows this man and demands that David gives him an answer for why is there.

Derek tells Kendall that he has to do this investigation.  She tells him her husband is not there right now and she cannot help him.  She goes on to tell him that Livia is going to clear Zach of all charges.  He tells her that there are some unanswered questions, in regard to her husband, that he needs to get to the bottom of.

After hearing that Jeff has observed that Babe is really close to Josh, Joe tells his son that maybe his grandson is not in such great hands with her.  They cannot trust her.  Jeff tells his father that he really wants to find a way to get close to his son and if Babe is the key to enabling them to bond with him, then they must stop their grudge and their judgmental attitudes about her.

Brooke tells Julia that she (Julia) has lived a lot more life than Jamie has.  She’s been married and widowed and on the run for nine years.  She realizes that Julia needs to get her life back but she cannot do that with Brooke’s son.  Julia protests to Brooke that she is talking about her son as though he is a child.  Before they can continue the conversation, the emergency medics haul JR in the door on a stretcher.  Tad, Dixie and Zach are with him and notice that he is in critical condition.  Julia and the doctors rush to help him.  Tad tells Dixie that she is a worthless mother to let Zach anywhere near her son.  Brooke then tells Tad he must stop obsessing about Zach and Dixie and concentrate his energy on making certain that JR is alright.  Julia calls Jamie and informs him that his brother has just been admitted.  He’s had a serious injury and Jamie must get there ASAP.

Babe and Josh drink the shooters with the rock star.  He seems to want to talk to them.  Josh encourages him to talk to Babe alone.  She tells him that she needs Josh to join them because she and Josh are business partners so if he does not do it with both of them, they cannot do it.  He is impressed by her knowledge of cosmetics and music.

David explains to Ryan and Annie that he heard a 911 call that somebody had a heart attack at the carnival so he came and attempted to do something about it.  They tell him they do not buy any of that.  Ryan tells Annie and the guard that Hayward cannot be trusted.  He does admit, however, that he cannot imagine how he could be a threat to Annie’s daughter.  David then reminds them that they have a lot of trouble on their hands.

At Kendall’s, Simone tells Derek that she realizes that he is trying to solve a murder mystery but he needs to realize that Kendall has been through enough.  He tells them that he realizes that but he finds it a little beyond credible that Zach would be sleeping with Dixie when Kendall was in the hospital and in a coma.  He knows that it would be completely out of character for Zach to be cheating on his wife when it was obvious he could not leave her side.  Kendall tells him that the thought of it is repulsive to her but she can tell that maybe Derek is ready to drop the charges against Zach.

At the hospital, Tad tells Dixie that he cannot believe how she can have such utter disregard for her son’s tragic injury.  When JR is fighting for his life, all she can do is fawn all over Zach.  Adam and Krystal arrive and ask how JR is.  Joe and Jeff tell them that they have it covered.  Adam demands to know what Zach did to his son.  Tad tells Dixie if she makes up one more story, he’s going to throw up.  Hearing that, she tells Tad she cannot believe what has gotten into him.  They used to be family and if he has something to say to her, he needs to talk to her directly.  He calls her into a room and tells her that she has lied to him for the last time.  She gave him her word that she was not sleeping with Zach then he turns on the television and sees the big exposé of them getting it on.  Hearing that, she admits that she has been seeing Zach but she is devastated by being unable to find Kate.  Nothing and nobody can fulfill the empty hole that Kate left in her heart and asks if he wants to deny her any happiness I her life.  He tells her he does not wish to do that but he cannot believe that she could be so cheap as to be interested in Zach.  He tells her that he can see that she is in love with him.  She does not deny it.  He asks her how she could be in love with the likes of Zach Slater.  She tells him that there is nothing much to love about him (Tad) these days.  He asks her whose idea it was to bury Greg Madden alive.  He asks if she helped Zach or did she just sit and watch.  He asks if she was so hung up and starry-eyed over Zach that she just sat by and thought it was ok to bury a man alive.  She protests to Tad that she is sorry but she’s been alone for too long.  She just wants a little love and a little companionship.  He asks her if that is a justification to commit homicide.  Her little “thing” with Zach has ruined their last chance to get their baby girl back.  Hearing that, she tells him he is evil.  He tells her no that she is evil and it is taking everything he has in him to keep from punishing her.  He leaves.  Dixie looks devastated.  And Zach walks in and puts his arms around her.

JR moves his head in his hospital room.  Jamie enters and asks his brother to wake up and tell him who did that to him.  JR then mumbles and says: “picture.”  Jamie asks what picture he is talking about.  JR then opens his eyes and says Kate and then he says Hayward.

At the carnival with Annie with Ryan, David tells him that this pretty lady has the right to know what kind of a man she is entrusting with herself and her child.  He ruined a woman’s life.  He falsified death to his wife when she became pregnant with his child and he’s done many other reprehensible things.  Ryan demands that David Hayward shut up.

The rock star talks to Babe and Josh and tells them that he will agree to do the marketing deal with them.  They are both pretty intoxicated on booze.  She admits that she is wasted.  He tells her in that case, they have to get her home.  She tells him no.  JR cannot see her like this.  He asks if she trusts him to take care of him.  She is falling over and laughing and admits that she may have to.

Derek tells Kendall and Simone that he still has to get some answers from Zach and from Dixie.  He leaves and Simone tells Kendal that the thought of Zach “boffing” Dixie and burying Greg alive creeps her out.  Kendall then tells Simone that she needs to be alone.  Simone leaves.

At the hospital, Krystal attempts to get hold of Babe.  She leaves a message that there has been an accident.  Little Adam is fine but Babe must call her mother as soon as she gets the message.

Zach attempts to comfort Dixie after Tad has blasted her.  Brooke goes to see if Tad is ok.  He admits that he does not know how it got to this.  He is falling apart and cannot hold it together.

In response to Ryan confronting him, David tells Annie that she might get to witness Ryan’s violent streak.  He then gets a call on his beeper and tells Annie that she might want to depend upon “Bluto” over there in order to be safe.  David takes his call and leaves.  Annie tells Ryan that it would take something very heavy to remove the chip from that guy’s shoulder.  They go off and enjoy themselves with Emma.

Babe and Josh are acting crazy while drunk.  They are laughing and having lots of fun.  He pushes her into the shower and she pulls him in with her.  They are getting all wet and Babe has dropped her cell phone that she had in the shower with her.  Babe removes her shirt and starts to look at Josh in a lustful way. 

Zach asks Dixie what Tad said to her.  She tells him it’s not what Tad said.  It’s the look in his eyes.  She’s worried that Tad is going to do something.  She does not know what it is but it’s going to be terrible.

David goes to the hospital and asks what has happened.  Jamie tells him that he knows he almost killed JR.

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