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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Jonathan and Annie are in Ryan’s office when Ryan tells Annie she has to trust him.  The only way to get her ex caught is to lure him back to town.  Hearing that, Jonathan asks his brother if he realizes what he is saying when he suggests that they encourage that sick-o to come to Pine Valley.  He reminds Ryan that Annie’s daughter is not the only person who is in danger and upon whom Terry McDermott has preyed.  He asks Ryan how he is going to protect Lily from Terry if he’s in Pine Valley now that Jack won’t let him near Lily.

Lily is in her room Instant Messaging a person who identifies himself as Asperger boy.  Little does she know that it’s Terry.  Terry has a picture of Lily and his daughter Emma on his desk near the computer. 

David Hayward is in Dixie’s room looking for any clues that might help him get closer to Dixie or finding Kate.  He notices pictures of several little girls in a folder and one of them is the same little girl that he saw in the park with Annie.

At Fusion, Babe and Josh are talking and indicating that they really like each other.  Krystal overhears them at the door and knows that this guy is really attached to her daughter.

Jeff talks to Erica about their son.  He informs her that he believes that the first person whom Josh will listen to and who means more to him than anybody else is Babe Chandler.  Hearing that, Erica tells Jeff that Babe Carey is trash and she will not accept, for a moment, that she is “right” for their son.  She reminds him that Babe is married to JR, the drunken monster that she enabled to get away with attempted murder on Kendall.  She kidnapped Bianca’s baby.  Her father is a diabolical low life doctor who has no social skills.  Her mother is a tramp and a scheming low-life, trailer trash bimbo.  Jeff argues that Erica needs to see the look in Josh’s eyes when he looks at Babe and how he lights up when she enters the room.  He knows that Babe was instrumental in getting Josh to listen to them when they got rescued from the island.  Erica maintains that Babe is trouble and must not get involved with their son. 

Krystal overhears the entire conversation between her daughter and Josh.  She informs Josh that he is looking for love in all the wrong places.  Hearing that, Babe urges her mother not to antagonize Josh because he is her friend.  She doesn’t want Krystal making him uncomfortable but Krystal tells Josh that she wants him to fly his private jet out of town only this time he needs to stay out of town and leave her daughter alone.

When David is snooping around Dixie’s room and discovering the pictures of Kate (who may be Annie’s daughter, Emma), JR walks in and demands to know what David is doing in his mother’s room

At Fusion, Krystal tells Josh that she knows he must be very used to getting whatever he wants.  Her daughter, on the other hand, has had to earn her way in the world.  She tells him that he will not get to have his way with her daughter.  She asks Josh why he cancelled his plans to go to Geneva and take the job in medicine that his rich father offered him.  Josh informs Krystal that her daughter offered him a job at Fusion that he preferred.  Babe urges her mother to stop grilling Josh but Josh tells her it’s ok and admits to Krystal that if Babe was his daughter, he’d want to protect her from somebody like himself.

Jeff tells Erica that regardless of her very strong opinion about Babe and her family, that Josh is going to make his own decisions, whether they like it or not and the only thing their son may have to hold onto right now is his friendship with Babe.  He tells Erica that he appreciates the fact that she’s had an ugly history with Babe but they must both realize that, as far as their son is concerned, Babe may be his only savior.  Hearing that, Erica tells Jeff that she realizes and appreciates that he has done lots of charitable work in his medical career but he’s gone too far if he thinks that they can trust Babe Carey Chandler.  She concludes that she will have to protect her family from Babe all by herself and she walks away.

At Jack and Erica’s house, Colby visits Sean Montgomery.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to get involved in any of her “problems” but she tells him that he is the master problem solver.  She realized that when she saw how he finagled his way around his aunt Erica when she was ready to throw him and his friends out of the house.  She tells him that she is planning to have a party that is crazy fun.  She tells him that it will be the coolest, but for reasons beyond her control, there will be some “losers” that will be at the party.  She tells him that she needs his help getting rid of the losers.

Lily is writing IM messages to the stranger online, still having no clue who he really is.  She is sharing many things about herself with him, including how she is alone and needs human contact.  While Terry is typing, he is smirking.

Jonathan informs Ryan and Annie that Terry McDermott will know where to find Lily and if they lure him into Pine Valley, they might as well hang a target around Lily’s neck.  Ryan tells Jonathan that he will have top security all around to protect Lily and anybody else on whom he could set his sights.  He tells Annie that it is the only way that Annie and Emma can be safe and it’s the only way to protect other innocent young girls.  Annie reiterates to Jonathan that all she wants is to have Terry put behind bars where he cannot hurt any girl, including Lily.

In Dixie’s empty room, JR tells David he is not leaving until JR knows David is not taking something that does not belong to him.  He pins David is a strangle hold and discovers that he’s ready to take some pictures of a little girl who may very well be JR’s half sister, Kate. 

Josh informs Krystal that the night when JR played the CD that revealed to him and to everybody at the party that Greg Madden was not his real father but a “scientist who conducted an experiment and that fact that he was not even supposed to be born,” he was devastated.  Krystal admits that she cannot imagine how he would feel.  He informs her that Babe was the only person there who respected him, listened to him, and did not want to tell him how to feel.  She may have saved his life.  Krystal reminds Josh that he almost took Babe’s.  He admits that he was not thinking clearly after what had happened that night.  He should have checked the gas gauge and used better judgment but he did not ask Babe to come with him.  She insisted.  He apologizes to Krystal for putting her daughter in danger but he reminds her that they were saved because, in large part, Babe had so much courage and good energy.  He tells her he knows where her daughter got that.  He tells the two of them that he has work to do and he will let them talk alone.  Krystal admits to her daughter that Josh is a real charmer.  Babe tells her mother that she knows he can appear to be a pushy arrogant pain in the butt, but he is a quality person and she likes him.  Krystal stares at her daughter and has a thought.  Babe asks her mother what is on her mind.  Krystal tells her daughter that she believe she should fire Josh.  That is the one thing she must do in order to save her marriage and have some sanity in her life.

At Jack and Erica’s, Colby tells Sean that his plan is perfect and he is brilliant.  She now has a way to pull off this day that she’s been waiting on for such a long time.  She thanks him and leaves.  There is a knock at the door and Sean answers the door to find Jonathan there.  Since Sean doesn’t know Jonathan, asks him if he can help him.  Jonathan asks Sean if Jack is there.  Sean reminds Jonathan that he may not be able to locate Jack for him when he does not know Jonathan.  Jonathan informs Sean that he is Lily’s husband and he has urgent business with Jack.  He needs to find him because there is something Jack needs to know involving his daughter.

Annie and Emma enter Ryan’s office with a guard.  They tell Ryan that Emma found out that there was a carnival in town and she wants to go.  Ryan agrees that a carnival is a dangerous place for them to be but that he promises her that he will work something out.  Then he tells her that he never makes a promise that he cannot keep.

In Dixie’s room, JR pulls the pictures out of David’s hand and tells him that he is willing to stop at nothing just to “get” to JR’s mother.  David reminds JR that all is fair in love and war.  JR tells David that he’s not going to let David ruin his mother’s life.  He knows that if David cannot be happy, he won’t let anybody else be.  David tells JR that nobody has ever loved Dixie the way he does and if she thinks, for a moment, that Slater cares about her, she is so wrong.  Dixie will never know how he went to hell and back to bring Kate back to Dixie.  Hearing that, JR is stunned and he concludes to David that he was the one who buried Greg Madden.  David tells JR that he would never go to such an extent to “help” Dixie after the way she has treated him.

At Fusion, Babe tells her mother that she has good reason to have Josh working there.  He has a lot of business savvy, they are friends, and there is no harm.  Krystal tells her daughter that it’s plain to see that Josh is crazy in love with her.  Babe admits that he may have a “slight crush” on her but he is emotionally damaged after what has happened to him and for good reason.  Krystal then suggests that maybe she needs to find Josh a shrink but Babe cannot get involved in his problems.  It will ruin her marriage and her family.

JR tells David that he knows that David is a killer.  David tells JR that he would not step on a cockroach in order to help Dixie.  All he knows is that Dixie does not deserve that little girl.  He also tells JR that if he were smart, he would also forget about Dixie.  It’s obvious to see that she does not care about him either.  She has no consideration or thought for him or Tad, or JR or her daughter, or even that loser in Europe.  All she does is use people to get what she wants and she deserves to fry.  Hearing that, JR goes after David and is ready to kill him for calling JR’s mother a whore. 

At Fusion, Babe tells her mother that she has to go through this “Josh thing” with JR on a regular basis.  She doesn’t want to be justifying herself to her mother also.  She tells her that she wishes both her mother and husband would trust and respect the fact that her relationship with Josh does not go beyond friendship.  He needs a friend.  He doesn’t have the social privileges so many others have and maybe she needs a friend now also.  Krystal tells her daughter that she knows that she must be attracted to Josh.  Babe then angrily tells her mother that she is not that shallow.  She is married.  She only has romantic and sexual needs for JR.  Josh is her friend.  All she has is little A who is not old enough to share and discuss her feelings with and if anybody thinks that JR would discuss feelings with her, they need to wake up and know better

JR is ready to murder David.  They struggle in Dixie’s room.

Krystal tells Babe that maybe she should realize that JR has good reason to be suspicious of her “friendship” with Josh.  She asks Babe if she might not have similar suspicions if JR got chummy with some hot young woman at his place of employment.  Babe tells her mother she never thought she’d hear her taking JR’s side.  Krystal tells her daughter that she cannot go on having the “husband” at home and the “hunky friend” at work.  One of them will have to go.

JR believes that he has subdued David.  David lies on the floor looking unconscious.  JR tells David that he’s going to prison but unexpectedly, David sits up, tells JR he does not think so.  He flings up his leg and drops JR to the floor.

At Fusion, Babe tells her mother that she is very disappointed that her mother does not trust or respect her judgment.  She demands that Krystal leaves so she can finish her work.  Krystal leaves.  Josh enters and asks Babe if she is all right.  She tells him there’s nothing like having the mother she’s always been able to count on believing these things about her.  Krystal then gets on the elevator and sees Erica.  Erica physically pulls her onto the elevator to confront her.

Jack returns home to see Jonathan and tells him he’s not going near Lily again.  Jonathan tells Jack he is not there to see Lily.  He is there to see him.  There is something very important he must discuss with him.  Meanwhile, Lily is upstairs on her computer Instant Messaging with Terry (unknown to her that he is Terry).

Ryan tells Emma that he made arrangements to have the carnival open an hour early for the four of them.  He tells her that the carnival opens in a half hour and asks if she is ready to go. 

In Dixie’s room, David pounds JR into the ground until JR lies unconscious with blood trickling down his face.  Right near him, on the floor, there are scattered pictures of Kate (or Emma).

Sydney goes to talk to Sean outside of Jack and Erica’s.  He seems just as friendly to her as he has been to Colby.  She informs him that she has some real problems with Colby.  He laughs.  She tells him that she is going to find a way to put that “trashy little brat” in her place.

 Inside Jack’s house, Jack tells Jonathan that because of him (Jonathan) Lily is stuck inside her room all alone and refusing to talk to anybody.  Jonathan tells Jack that that Lily was happy with him, whether he wants to admit it or not.  He asks Jack just how happy Lily is now.

In her room, Lily types to the anonymous individual that maybe she cannot be happy like “normal people” can be.  He admits to her that he has a similar situation in his own personal life.

In Ryan’s office, he tells Annie that Emma is a delightful little girl and obviously does not take after her father’s side of the family.  Annie admits to Ryan that Terry is not Emma’s biological father. 

Babe tells Josh that throughout her life, Krystal has been her sole supporter and she cannot deal wit having her mother doubting her and undermining her judgment.  He tells her at least she knows that Krystal is her real mother and she won’t have to hear that she was the product of some scientific experiment.  She laughs and admits that is true.

On the elevator, the two respective mothers argue about how their respective child is the “victim” of the other.  Erica tells Krystal that her daughter is a worthless little tramp who is going to corrupt her son.  Krystal tells Erica that her son is a horny home wrecking sleaze ball that is going to hurt her daughter.  While they are arguing, the elevator has not moved.  Josh is trying to get onto the elevator.  Babe is on her cell phone leaving a message for JR who is not answering because he’s lying on the ground after David has beaten the living daylights out of him.  The elevator door opens.  Babe and Josh hear their respective mothers arguing and decide they won’t to deal with them.  He tells her they should just take the stairs.  They depart together.

At Jack’s, he refuses to listen to Jonathan when Jonathan tells him that he must protect Lily from Terry the predator.  Jack tells Jonathon that he will protect his own daughter, not only from Terry but from Jonathan as well and he pushes Jonathan out the door.  Upstairs, Lily and the “unknown person” are discussing their intimate thoughts and feelings.  Terry suggests that maybe they should meet. 

Ryan and Annie take “Emma” to the park while David follows them and spies on the little girl.

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