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All My Children Update Monday 8/21/06


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Erica finds Ryan with Annie in his office. Ryan tells her he has been expecting her. He suggests Annie take Emma to the park. Erica tells Annie she also has daughters, and one of them is the mother of Ryan's son. Erica tells Annie that she must get to know Kendall. Annie leaves with Emma. Erica asks Ryan if he loves Kendall. He admits that he does. She tells him she can't help Kendall but he can. She calls Zach a lying cheat and tells Ryan she found him in bed with Dixie. She urges Ryan to get Kendall away from Zach.

Josh is helping Babe at the computer at work when Jeff arrives. Josh suggests Jeff leaves but Jeff says he won't leave until Josh hears what he has to say. Jeff tells Zach he disappointed him and he's sorry. He doesn't want this to derail his career in medicine. He urges Josh to come back to the hospital. He and Joe will back off and he'll hardly see them. Josh says he's already at work and Jeff is in his way. He walks out of the room. Babe tells Jeff that if he doesn't back off he'll push Zach away. Rather than push him into a career he should buy him a beer or play golf wiht him. Jeff tells her she's right.

David approaches JR at the terrace at Chandler mansion. David tells him if he cares about his mother he would get her away from Zach. David asks him if he's afraid to take on Slater, or is it that he just doesn't care about his mother? JR tells David that he should just move someplace else. No one wants anything to do with him. He's worthless. David says what if he knows where Kate is? David says he has solid information on Kate. If he leaves his mother will never forgive him. JR tells him hes mother has a lead. David asks what it is. JR wonders why he cares if he already knows where Kate is. JR says his mother and Zach click. Zach came up with some juicy information about Madden. He taunts David, saying that he's just worried his mother will not need him after she finds Kate. Krystal walks in as David walks out. JR boasts that David is down for the count.

Dixie is with Zach at her casino room. She is wondering if Derek will drop the charges. What if their alibi doesn't work? How long will Kendall be able to put up with this? Kendall is watching on the monitor. Dixie looks through photos of little girls. Zach tells her they'll find Kate as soon as this is over. Dixie says she hopes she'll realize which one is Kate if she looks hard enough. She and Zach hug as Kendall looks on, showing concern.

Zach goes to his office and finds Kendall, realizing she was watching them on the monitor. Kendall asks him what he was doing in Dixie's bed. Zach says it was for Derek's sake. He didn't know that Erica would find them. Kendall frets that Dixie is the one having all the fun and she just gets frustration. Zach says they have to continue this charade until Derek believes their alibi. Kendall says she's not happy with it but she'll go along with it. She urges him to find a way to convince Derek fast.

Jeff tells Babe that he hardly knows Josh, but he realizes Babe is close to him. Babe says they're not that close. Jeff asks her to show him who Josh is. Tell him what she knows about him. Make him understand who Josh is. Babe tells Jeff a little about Josh's personality. After talking, Jeff tells her he'd like to stay in touch with her.

Ryan tells Erica there's a chance Kendall will forgive Zach. He can't rush in before she has a chance to recover. Erica suggests he take Kendall and Spike to Paris to see Bianca. Ryan says maybe in a few months. Spike is too small now. Ryan says he'll spend time with Kendall and if she wants to step it up he's just across the courtyard. Erica urges him not to sit back and wait. He needs to shove Zach out of the picture. Ryan says Kendall doesn't know what she wants. Ryan says if fate gives them another chance he'll step it up. Erica asks if he's trying to get over Kate with Annie. Ryan says Annie is an employee who's going through a hard time and he's trying to help her out.

Kendall takes a key and walks into Dixie's room. A startled Dixie is still sitting on the bed looking at photos. Dixie says they shouldn't be seen together. Kendall says she wants to talk about the affair. She knows Dixie wants to make it real. Dixie tells her if she has a problem she should talk to her husband. Kendall asks her to play the part in public but not in private. She tells her she was watching them on the monitor. Dixie says she can spy all she wants but there's nothing going on. She urges Kendall to trust her husband. Kendall tells Dixie that Zach will never fall for him. Dixie says there's nothing then for her to worry about. Kendall tells her she would do anything to get what she wants. Dixie says all she wants is to find her daughter. Kendall says she's using her daughter to get her hands on Zach. She says if Dixie goes too far and she decides she doesn't want Zach, she'll tell everyone the alibi is a lie.

Livia goes to Zach's office to tell him that the charges against him will not be dropped. She asks if there's any chance police will find evidence against him. Zach says they won't find anything because there's nothing to find. Livia says he must have been set up. The DA will argue that his alibi is bogus. She says his odds are not good. The testimony of a desk clerk will not stand up to solid forensic evidence.

JR tells Krystal that Babe is closer to Josh than ever and he's trying to win her. He doesn't like that Babe hired Josh. He asks Krystal for help with Babe. Krystal asks JR what Josh is giving Babe that he is not. He says he's doing everything Babe has asked him to. He says Josh wants Babe and he hates him. Krystal says he's doing the right thing by taking the hands-off approach. JR says he won't just hand Josh the field.

Babe tells Jeff that Josh is difficult and now he's impossible. Jeff says he wants him the way he is. Babe says he's ready to explode and will think he and Erica are faking their interest in him. She says when Josh trusts you he can be sweet. She tells Jeff she's not going to be Jeff's way to Josh. Josh is her friend. Jeff is not.

Annie is at the park with Emma. David arrives and is soon hit by Emma's ball, causing him to spill his coffee. Emma approaches David and says she's sorry. David makes a snide remark and Annie tells him he doesn't have to be rude. The bodyguard Dennis approaches and tells David to stay away from the child. Annie tells Dennis they're fine.

Erica and Jeff meet at the park and she asks about his meeting with Josh. She wonders if he explained things. Jeff says no but he's getting to know someone who's close to Josh -- Babe Chandler.

Josh returns to Babe and asks her about Jeff. At first he says he doesn't want to know what Jeff said but then asks Babe to tell him. Babe says Jeff wants to make things work but doesn't know where to start. Josh says he hasn't a clue. Babe tells him to figure it out and fill him in. Krystal walks in and finds the two of them together. Josh asks what he would do without Babe.

Annie returns to Ryan's office with Emma and tells him about a jerk she met in the park.

Dixie puts her pictures of the little girls in her desk and leaves. David comes to the room and searches through her drawers, finding the photos. He sees the photo of Emma and realizes it's the girl from the park.

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