AMC Update Friday 8/18/06

All My Children Update Friday 8/18/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Colby is at home on the terrace dancing when she bumps into Sydney, who is carrying a tray of food. Colby makes a snide remark and sees Krystal. She wants to talk to Krystal about her party. Referring to Krystal as "Mom," Colby asks her if she'll please uncancel her party.

Sean is lying on a couch at Jack and Erica's place listening to loud music. Jack turns down the music to talk to him about his stay with them. Sean say he knows Erica doesn't want him there so he'll pack up and leave. He got a new car and a credit card from his mom and he has plans to go to Memphis to see where Elvis lived. There's a knock on the door. It is Amanda there to see Lily. Sean eyes Amanda and says to himself that the king can wait.

Annie is in Ryan's office telling him about her call from Terry. She is very nervous and says they have to leave. She'll kill Terry before he gets near her little girl. Annie says Terry promised he would see them soon. She worries that he may be watching them. Ryan assures her that he called Aidan and learned that Terry is not in Pine Valley. Annie says she doesn't know who she can trust anymore. Ryan swears on his child's life that she can trust him.

Lily is in her room putting up a profile on an online dating site. She includes her picture, describes her autism disorder and says she is looking for someone like her – someone who is not normal. Amanda knocks on her door and goes into her room. Amanda says what Jack did sucks. Lily says her dad helped her but Jonathan lied. She explains she's on the Web searching for someone like her. Amanda

Jack is again talking to Sean, asking where else he plans to visit. Sean doesn't know. He looks on the floor and sees an earring.

Colby is shown missing an earring. Krystal agrees to the party but shows Colby a budget and says she has to stick to it. Colby protests, saying this will buy nothing – not a band or even a costume change. She'll have to turn tricks to get the rest. Krystal says it's Sydney's 16th birthday too so the party will be for her as well. Colby says she'd rather die.

Jonathan is at ConFusion. Kendall walks in and asks him what he's doing there. Jonathan is surprised that Kendall hasn't heard what happened. He explains that he's not impaired anymore. Kendall asks if anyone knows. Jonathan says nearly everyone knows, including Lily. He's lost her. He thought he could help Lily but it blew up in his face. Jonathan says he's not sorry for what he did. He didn't want to lose her and knew he would if he changed. He says he would do anything for Lily.

Erica knocks on an open door and steps into a casino hotel room. She finds Zach in bed with Dixie. She says she saw the disgusting footage on television and wanted to see for herself. She tells Zach she knew he would hurt her daughter Kendall again. Zach walks into the room and wants to talk to Zach and Dixie, who is now out of the bed and in her robe. Derek asks Erica to let him have some privacy and she leaves, telling Zach and Dixie she hopes the next time she sees them they'll be in front of a judge. Dixie asks Derek if he wouldn't mind leaving as this is a private moment. Derek says he knows this is what she and her boyfriend wanted to happen. He asks for their cooperation, but Dixie asks why she should cooperate. He doesn't care about her finding Kate. She tells him to stop harassing them and find her daughter. She shoves a box at him and photos of children fall to the floor. One of the children is Annie's Emma.

Emma is talking to her mother, asking her why she is so scared. Annie reassures her that everything is OK. Emma leaves the room and Annie tells Ryan she and her daughter have to leave town. Ryan says he thinks they should stay in Pine Valley. If and when Terry returns his guys will be waiting for him. Annie asks if he wants her to use her daughter as bait. She says her child is her priority. Her greatest fear is that Terry will get Emma to leave with him and will molest her. A delivery person brings a box to the office that was delivered to the penthouse. Ryan opens it and finds a framed photo of Terry with Emma along with a note. The note asks Annie to tell Emma he'll see her soon.

Amanda asks Lily what she thought about before going to sleep and right after waking up. Lily admits she was thinking about Jonathan, but she made herself stop. Amanda says it doesn't matter that she and Jonathan are different. All that matters is that they are crazy about each other. She urges Lily to give Jonathan another chance. Lily says she and Jonathan are too different to be together. Amanda says Jonathan is devastated over losing her. She urges Lily to go see him. Lily says she doesn't want to see him. He lied to her. He can't love her anymore. He's changed and he's different. She begins to get agitated and throws things around the room. She yells at Amanda to get out. Jack comes into the room to try to calm things and Amanda walks out.

Colby tells Krystal she can't share her party. Sydney is hired help. She's not the same as her. Krystal tells her to learn to share it or forget it. She says they'll have to learn to get along because they'll be spending a lot of time planning the party. Krystal walks out and Colby complains how pathetic this is. She says Krystal just feels sorry for Sydney. Sydney boasts that she's going be the hot one at the party and she'll be center stage.

Jonathan is packing things at ConFusion and talking to Kendall about Lily. He tells Kendall he'll be looking for another job as he knows he has lost his job here. Kendall says she is not going to fire him. She believes he did what he did for Lily and that he loves her. She says Lily loves him and she hopes she forgives him. Erica, who has just walked in, says she hopes the same thing. Jonathan tells Erica he wishes her husband shared her enthusiasm, but he thinks Lily will never forgive him. Kendall says he would be surprised what a woman will forgive. Jonathan walks out and Erica turns her attention to Kendall. She tells Kendall that she is well rid of Zach. Erica says Zach flaunted his relationship with Dixie on TV and she won't let him humiliate her. Kendall says Zach isn't having an affair. It was just one time. Erica says she just caught the two of them in bed together. Kendall says he wouldn't do that. Erica tells her she's not alone. She has her baby and Ryan, who still loves her. Kendall says Ryan's feelings have nothing to do with this. Erica asks her why she pines after a man who treats her like dirt when she has a caring man like Ryan. Kendall tells her to stop.

Zach tells Derek that they have an alibi and that he's trying to make two innocent people look guilty. Dixie comments that she's not innocent. Derek asks if there's something she's not telling him. Dixie says he can just look at her life. She gave her child up to that monster. Her family hates her. She broke up a marriage.

Ryan tells Annie that when he ran away he never got away. He never had peace and she won't either. She'll always live in fear of Terry. He urges her to take Terry on and bring him down.

Jack tells Amanda he doesn't know if Lily will be OK. He realizes Amanda talked to Lily about Jonathan. He orders her never to mention Jonathan again. Amanda tells him he doesn't get it. She walks out. Jack asks Sean to put off his trip to see Elvis and he'll handle Erica. Jack goes upstairs and Sean jumps onto the couch. Colby comes to the door looking for her earring. Sean gives it to her. She asks Sean about himself and he explains he is a born healer. He was a donor baby made to save his sister's life. He suggests they go out but Colby says she is busy doing some serious party planning. She asks for a rain check and invites him to her party. After Colby leaves, Sydney calls Sean and says she forgot something at his party. She asks to come over and get it.

At ConFusion, Amanda tells Jonathan she saw Lily and it wasn't good. Amanda tells him that Lily will come back to him. She needs him.

Lily is in her room counting and rocking back and forth. She gets a response to her profile. Someone named "Little Helper" says he's not autistic but works with autistic kids. Lily writes back and says she needs to have someone like her. She gets another response from "Asperger Boy." He explains he has a similar disorder and is not normal either. Lily writes back

Colby goes home and cheerfully greets Krystal. Krystal asks what has gotten into her. Colby says she's been healed by a born healer. Meanwhile, Sydney is over with Sean inviting him to her party.

Derek leaves Zach and Kendall and they talk about the situation they are in. Kendall angrily goes to Zach's office and turns on the in-room monitors. She finds Dixie and Zach sitting on the bed. She watches as Dixie stands up and puts her arms around Zach's neck.

Ryan asks Annie if she's going to fight or hide. Annie says if she stays she'll have legal problems. Terry could have her arrested. Ryan promises that Emma will be protected and he'll make sure Terry is put away. He asks who would grant custody to a child molester. Annie says she won't let him do this anymore. She'll work with Ryan and Aidan and if Terry comes to Pine Valley he'll be in for a big surprise. They hug and Erica walks in on them. She comments that she went from one hell to another.

Lily asks Asperger Boy if people confuse him and lie to him. A laughing Terry is shown to be the person she is writing to.

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