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All My Children Update Thursday 8/17/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At Confusion, Kendall and Ryan enter together.  Zach is talking to JR at a table about Dixie.  Di is with Aidan.  Julia is with Jamie.  Babe is with Josh.  Observing JR sitting and talking to Zach and knowing that Kendall will soon see them together, Babe tells Josh that this is not good.  Kendall is going to go off on Zach when she sees him talking to JR.  Kendall approaches the two of them and makes a comment about the man who tried to kill her clinking glasses with the man who stabbed her in the heart.  Zach tells his wife he wants to talk to her but she is too angry and only wants to rub his nose in her interest in Ryan.  Zach follows her.  Ryan tells Zach he’s heard Kendall.  She wants him to leave her alone.  She tells Zach they are done and he may go and sleep with Dixie and get out of her life.  Zach announces to everybody that he made love to the beautiful Dixie Martin the night that good doctor was killed and that does not make either of them murderers.

At the police station, Derek and Livia talk in the interrogation room.  She tells him that her clients, Zach and Dixie, slept together the night Greg was murdered and so they could not have killed them.  She tells him that she has a witness.  Derek tells her he does not buy that and asks her to bring her witness in to talk to him.

Dixie is alone in her hotel room observing the news report of Kendall going off on her for supposedly sleeping with Zach and she knows that Kendall might be serious about hating and distrusting her husband.

After Zach makes his speech at ConFusion, JR approaches him and tells him he’s a low life to sleep with his (JR’s) mother

Kendall takes Ryan aside and admits that she is concerned about Zach.  They have obviously upset him but at the same time, she has similar trust issues about Zach and Dixie.  Ryan tells her that they know what they have to do in order to help Zach beat the murder charges.  She tells him she knows but asks him if he’s up to it.  He tells her he is and he will see her and Zach through this.

JR confronts Zach and asks him if he takes advantage of women when they are vulnerable and when they are down.  He storms off.  Babe follows JR and tells him he can’t do this now.  She tells him they need to talk.  He tells her there is nothing to talk about and she then asks him if he is going to drink or punch somebody or worse.  He tells her he just wants to go check on his mother and see if she is all right.

Jamie, Julia, Aidan, and Di discuss all of the drama.  Jamie is upset but Aidan tells him there is nothing he can control so they all need to just enjoy themselves.  Not far away, Erin observes Aidan with Di and does not look happy.  Jamal tells her that she needs to lighten up and have fun.  She tells him she’s not much in the party mood.  He tells her that he will go and talk to Aidan and tell him that their (his and Erin’s) kiss was all an act.  She tells him that would be sweet but unnecessary.

In the interrogation room, Derek tells Livia that Zach would not leave Kendall’s bedside when she was in a coma and pregnant with somebody else’ child and there’s no way that he would have gone off on that very night to bed Dixie.  She tells him that Zach’s marriage is not working and he might have “needed” Dixie and she-him.  Derek tells her that he does not buy that for a moment and when he gets to the truth he’s going to bury Zach and Dixie deeper than they buried Greg Madden.

At the bar, Julia asks Jamie if he wants to leave.  He admits that he does and they depart.  Alone, Di tells Aidan that he is not on any “hook” unless it’s attached to a bungee cord.  He tells her that the same applies to her. 

Josh finds Babe and asks if she is ok.  She tells him that she was hoping that JR would want to talk about what just happened.  She tells him she will go up to the office and finish up some work and she will see him tomorrow.  Erin approaches Babe and asks if she can ask her a question.  Babe says sure.  Erin asks Babe if she is having an affair with Josh.  Babe tells Erin that she is married and has only hired Josh to work at Fusion because he’s good at what he does.  Erin then tells Babe that’s totally cool and she will stay out of her business.  As soon as Erin’s back is turned to her, Babe turns around and notices Erin talking to Josh.

Julia goes with Jamie to shoot hoops.  She wants to play but he has his mind elsewhere.  He sits on the bench.  She asks him if he is worried about Dixie, JR, or the stars.  He tells her it’s his dad.  He’s holding onto a secret and not doing a very good job.  She asks him what it is.  He tells her that Tad thinks he has some reason to believe that Dixie is guilty.

JR enters Dixie’s room and gives his mother a hug.  He tells her he wanted to see if she is all right.  He asks her if she was really “with” Slater, that night.  She replies yes.  He then tells her thank God.  At least, that way, she has an alibi and is in the clear.  She asks him if he’s ok with it.  He admits that he is not but he’s in no position to judge her personal life.  He tells her that he hates the fact that Slater took advantage of her.  She tells her son that Zach is not that way.  He is a kind and gentle man who would never do anything like that.  Hearing that, JR tells his mother that he can clearly tell that she is falling for Zach.

Kendall observes Zach by himself while she is with Ryan.  She tells Ryan that she has a lot of mixed feelings.  She can see that Zach is hurt.  She’s not ok with it.  He tells her that he will help her and see her through this.  She stands up, tells everybody she wants to celebrate and the drinks are on the house.  Everybody cheers.  She then proposes a toast to the person who murdered Greg Madden.  She tells them that they not only rid the world of one gutless snake, they also flushed another one right out into the open.  Josh walks over and tells Kendall it was really out of line for her to toast the killer of his “father.”  First she says she wants to be his sister and then she has to pull this.  She apologizes to him and tells him she opened her big mouth without thinking.  He walks away.  She tells Ryan that she really went too far.  He tells her that Josh will get over it.  She then reminds Ryan that in order for them to accomplish what they intended, it has to get back to Derek and the DA.  They are going to have to “push this farther” in order for it to work.  She asks Ryan if he’s ready and he tells her to “push away”.

Aidan finds Di and tells her that he might consider pursuing things with her.  She admits to him that she is not good at relationships.  He tells her that he is flexible and can work with many other cards on the table if she is interested.  She tells him that it sounds good but this subject needs another round.  Del finds her and tells her that Kendall’s recent behavior and the publicity about Zach and Dixie might enable Dixie to be cleared of murder charges.  She tells him that sounds good but she would prefer that they drop this subject for good.

Erin finds Josh and he tells her that he had a “hard day at the office.”  She tells him that she wondered whether there was something going on between him and Babe but Babe set her straight, she tells him.  She then indicates, now that she knows that Josh is free, that she might be interested in him.

In the Fusion office, Babe turns off her computer.  She looks at the screen and sees the message that the selected files had been deleted.  She screams, “No!” and slams her fist into the monitor. 

Jamie tells Julia that he believes that his father has some secret that he does not want anybody to know.  She asks if that means that Tad believes that Dixie and Zach are sleeping together and/or if they killed Madden.  He admits that Dixie had plenty of motives but many others also wanted Madden dead.  She asks him who he thinks killed the evil doctor.  He admits that he does not know.  She tells him maybe she did.

In the interrogation room, Derek asks questions of a witness who claims to have seen Zach and Dixie together the night of the murder.  Livia sits by the guy.  He tells Derek that he and his friends were playing poker until early in the morning, that night and he could see Mr. Slater in his view from the window.  Derek reflects to the guy that he must have lost a lot of money in his poker game when he was so busy watching Zach.  The guy admits to Derek that he always wins at poker no matter what.  He tells him that “fast Eddie” never caught on.  He would seat him in front of the window so that he could see the cards in his hand reflected in the window.  Derek asks the guy that if, while he was taking advantage of his friend, did he really know for certain that Mr. Slater never left his room.  He then asks the guy what the woman whom Zach was with looked like.  The guy looks at Livia and not at Derek, to indicate that his story might not be truthful and he may not have seen her.

JR meets with Dixie and tells her that he wishes she would get out of the hotel and live with him and Adam since they have plenty of room.  She laughs and tells her son that she knows Adam would not approve of that.  He tells his mother that she should spend quality time with little A.  Knowing that she chooses not to live at his home, JR concludes that the reason is because Dixie wants to be close to Slater and snag him from Kendall.

Zach walks up to Kendall and Ryan at ConFusion.  She kisses Ryan right in front of him.  At that moment, Zach admits that he is angry and Ryan tells him he needs to back off.  Zach reminds them that he is Kendall’s husband but she tells him that she doesn’t want to see him or know him.  Ryan then tells Zach he needs to back off because Kendall wants him out.  Zach slams his fist at Ryan and Ryan swings back which causes a big scene in front of everybody.  She demands that Zach get out and go sleep with Dixie.  The two men step outside to have a private conversation.  They know that neither is really angry with the other.  It’s all an act and they agree not to forget the point of all of this.

Dixie tells JR that she knows how to manage what she has to do.  He tells his mother that he loves her and no matter what she does or what she needs, he will be there for her.  She tells him that hearing those words from him means more to him than anything.

Erin lets Josh know that she might be interested in him and he tells her that he would be no good for her.  She needs to go find herself somebody who is fun and not a walking minefield.

Aidan and Di talk about all of the things they can do together.  She suggests stargazing.

Babe yells at the computer as if it was a person who stole the files from her.  She demands that it give her back her files.  Josh enters and tells her it works better when she tickles the mouse.  He can tell that she hurt her wrist.  She tells him that she knows how to save her files.  She’s done it every night.  She believes that she made the mistake and hit DELETE.  He tells her that there is a demon at her workstation.  He knows that she has enemies and so he installed a system that would save all of her files whenever she closes them.  He shows her how she can click and see that everything she wrote is saved.  He tells her everything is ok with her files but she did some damage on her hand and has a bruise.  He tells her that it sounds like Erin might be interested in him.  Babe tells him that he might want to consider Erin.  She’s smart, funny, attractive, and available.  Josh tells her there is one problem, however, Erin is not the one that holds his interest. 

Julia admits to Jamie that she had motive to kill Greg.  He had the gall to tell her that she would be an unfit parent.  He tells her that she would not kill a man.  She reminds him that she killed a man once before.  He tells her that he knows she could not have done it but he could have.  She reminds him that he was with JR that night.  He tells her that brothers many times lie for each other.  They both wonder if Dixie and Zach might have killed Greg together.

In the interrogation, Livia’s witness tells Derek that he saw a woman with blond hair, slicked back.  He also expresses his “opinion” about how sexy she was.  He identifies all of the details he noticed about her.  Livia tells Derek this witness sounds solid, believable, and very “jury friendly.”  She tells him that now might be the time to drop the charges against her clients.  Derek tells his sister, he doesn’t plan to right now.

Ryan and Zach agree to go through with their plan.

JR reminds Dixie that maybe she should not trust Slater.  He is in love with Kendall.  She urges her son to trust her and realize that she knows what she is doing.

At ConFusion, Kendall sits alone while Zach and Ryan are outside having their private conversation.  Ryan comes to take her home.  Upstairs, in the Fusion office, Babe and Josh hold hands and it looks like they really like each other but she has to go home to her family.  Jamie and Julia huddle together on the park bench.  JR leaves Dixie’s hotel room.  Before he goes out the door, she holds out her arms and JR hugs his mother.  Di and Aidan go to the rooftop and play around.  Kendall and Ryan return home.  Zach walks behind them alone.

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