AMC Update Wednesday 8/16/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/16/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At ConFusion, Erin sits down to talk with JR who is sitting alone.  They look to be ready to put a plan into motion to “smoke out” Babe and Josh.

Babe walks into the Fusion office and notices that Josh is tired.  She tells him that it’s ok to be tired if you are a doctor but the business world does not allow any rest.  She admits to him that she is joking and he is doing a great job.

Jamie and Aidan are playing basketball and Jamie asks why Aidan is not working with Tad to uncover evidence to exonerate Dixie of murder charges.  Aidan replies that he was asked not to investigate the murder.  Tad comes along and admits that it was his doing.

Kendall goes home and frantically goes through all of Zach’s things and tears them up.  She is very upset, yelling that he is a scum-sucking jerk and she will never forgive him for what he did.  Ryan and the nanny wonder why she is behaving this way.  Zach walks in to see his wife totally freaked out.  She tells him that he does not live there anymore.  She means it when she says if he comes one step closer he will be sorry.  He tells her that they need to talk.  She tells him that he has a lot of nerve to get himself and Dixie on television getting it on and he lied to her.  She knows he really did sleep with her and she will never forgive him.

Jamie tells Tad that he knows that Zach Slater has pushed him over the edge and asks why he is taking that out on Dixie.  He tells Tad that he really believes his father has gone too far not to want to go to bat to help Dixie beat the charges and asks what made him so bitter.  He tells him that he is working with Aidan alone.

Kendall sounds serious when she tells Ryan that she wants him to break Zach’s kneecaps.

Jamie tells Tad it’s ok of he is angry has lost all respect for Dixie but he cannot sit by and let her get charged with murder.  He asks how he could let her get framed and do 20 years to life.  Tad tells his son that even if he completely hated Dixie, he loves his son and would never do anything to hurt anybody who means something to him.  He tells Jamie that he has to learn the same thing that he has been telling Kendall she has to learn.  Anybody who looks hard at Dixie must know that she will only bring hurt on anybody who cares about her.  Jamie asks his father what he is talking about.

Kendall is grabbing lethal weapons and breaking things while Ryan and Zach try unsuccessfully to get her to calm down.  Across the hall, Annie and Rachel (Spike’s nanny) know that they better back off because Kendall is having some real issues.

JR tells Erin he is not insane or drunk or out of control in any way.  He tells her that he is very close to getting Josh fired from Fusion.  She tells him that it might not go over well with Babe.  He tells her that he may be making drastic measure but he has to do something.

At the Fusion office, Babe shows Josh a blank sheet of paper and asks him what he sees.  He tells her it’s a blank hole.  She admits that it’s the scariest thing she could ever imagine.  She tells him that when she started working there, she was terribly afraid of having to come up with ideas on her own.  She tells him that it also became the most exciting thing she could do.  She tells him to think of all of the people whose lives are totally boring and unfulfilled.  She tells him that he is a real inspiration to her.  She reminds him that only a few months ago, she was working slinging drinks in some low life bar and now she is working and having all her own ideas.  She tells him that he’s never before been intimidated by any blank sheet of paper and she knows that whatever he does, whenever he decides to do it, will be amazing.  He smiles at her and asks her to stop and also informs her that he will never get over her.  He tells her that she is the only person whom he really believes is sincere in caring about him.

Ryan goes to see Annie and asks her if Emma is ok.  She says yes.  She’s found a dance class.  She then asks him if he is ok.  As they hear Kendall yelling, throwing, and destroying things, he tells her that his ears could be better but he’s not going to worry.  He’s ok but he’s a little worried about Kendall.  She tells him that he’s taking all of this really well.  He admits to her that it is not himself who is getting his heart smashed.  She then tells him that she knows that he has feelings for Kendall.  It’s pretty obvious because his eyes light up whenever he hears Kendall’s name and she asks him what he id going to do about that.

Inside, Kendall tells Zach that he is a pathetic liar.  He tells her that she can stop because they are alone now.  There are no more witnesses whom she has to convince with her “act.”  Hearing that, she asks him why he does not believe that she meant every word.

In response to her insight about his feelings for Kendall, Ryan tells Annie that he is sorry.  He thought that she was a “corporate” communicator and not a personal one.  She tells him that she can tell that he has a heart pumping and mind blowing sensation for Kendall.  He admits to her that he and Kendall have a history and there might be a spark left.  She then asks him if he thinks that history could repeat itself.

Kendall tells Zach that she thought that his plan with Dixie was something that they would discuss before she turned on the television and saw that the plan was already in place.  He tells her that the only reason it happened was because David Hayward filmed them without them knowing.  He tells her that he loves only her.  He kisses her and it looks like she’s going to calm down and believe him.

Babe and Josh sit together and he asks her about Kendall and Erica.  She tells him she cannot help him with the two of them.  He tells her that he cannot get over how his mother and sister act as though they want him to be part of their family.  He asks her if it is just a total spin.  She admits to him that she believes that Kendall and Erica are sincere that they want to be close to him.

Erin tells JR if he can handle his mom and Zach all over tabloid television, then saving his marriage must be simple.  She tells him that she can step up to Babe and Josh.  She’s going to see if she can “get attention” from Josh.  It’s not just for his benefit.  It’s for herself also.  She wants to get to the bottom of this and find out if Josh is really the creep of whom they need to be suspicious.  She gets up and tells JR she is on her mission.

After Kendall and Zach kiss, he tells her that it might be “bad for business” if the neighbors and bystanders think they’ve made up.

Annie tells Ryan that he’s been so kind and generous to her that she wants to find a way to thank him.  She tells him that he barely knows her yet has done everything in his power to protect her and her daughter.  He has given them refuge from her perverted ex-husband and found her a job so if there is anything she can do to help him with Kendall or with Jonathan and Lily or with anything or anybody, he needs to let her know.  She leaves and Zach enters.  Ryan notices that Kendall was serious when she told Zach she was angry with him and he indirectly indicates to Zach that maybe he wants Kendall for himself.  Ryan then enters her house.  She tells him she wants him to tell her that this is just a horrible nightmare.  She is worried that she cannot go though with this.  He tells her that “that performance right now” was just unbelievable and to think that it was all a total fake.  He indicates that he knows it was.  She is having doubts about Zach.  She tells Ryan that what is a “fake” is an imposter claiming to be her loving husband.  He tells her that they are no longer being seen and heard by witnesses.  He thinks he did his part and so did she.  He admits to her that he is concerned.  He knows if she kicked Zach out of her life, it would kill her.  He knows that Zach and Dixie did not sleep together and he knows that she does not believe it for a moment either.

At Fusion, Babe tells Josh that as much as she’d like to rip Kendall’s head off with a weed whacker most of the time, she does believe that she and Erica are sincere about wanting Josh to be part of their family.  He tells her that he has already heard the “poor adopted girl who bonded with mommy” speech form Kendall.  He’s not moved by it.  She tells him that Kendall and Bianca have a fierce sisterly loyalty for each other.  She wishes she had a sister to bond with the way that they do but she does not.  He has that chance, however.  She tells him that they can end this conversation but she’d like him to give it some thought.  Erin enters and comments that they cannot tear themselves away from each and asks them if they want to join her at the bar.  They decline her invitation and tell her that they’re ok right where they are, with each other.

At the bar, JR sits alone and watches all the people.  He sees Di and Julia together.  Di makes a “Freudian slip” to the bartender that Julia wants a “Martin” meaning a martini.  Julia admits to Di that she was very embarrassed to have Brook English catch her red handed with her son.  Di reminds her that Jamie is no child.  Julia tells Di she knows that he is not.

Tad indicates to Jamie that he has some real issues involving trust and Dixie. 

Ryan tells Kendall that when she was in a coma, Zach sat by her side every day.  He did whatever he had to do in order to comfort her and nothing stopped him.  Neither a SWAT team nor court order nor her mother could keep him from her side.  He did not run to Dixie.  There is no Zach and Dixie.  There is no affair.  He can tell that she does not trust her husband.  He tells her that all he wants her to do is tell him how he can help her and how he can make her world right.  She tells him that the best way for him to make her world right is to be a good father to their son and other that that, she has nothing to ask him for.  She admits that the thought of her husband making it with the town hussy is not ok.  He tells her that she has had so many schemes and he knows that she is in love with Zach.  He then tells her that if there is one thing he knows the difference between it’s reality and falseness.  She then smiles at him and tells him he is amazing and she is so lucky to have him.  He is ready to dive in and do anything to help her whether that is being a co-parent and co-conspirator.  She wishes she could do that and clone herself so that there would be one of her for him and one of her for Zach.  He then laughs at the thought of there being two Kendalls.  He says that mankind could not handle that.  He puts his arms around her.

JR walks over to talk to Zach.  Zach tells him that he better watch it or he won’t hesitate to hurt him.  He tells JR that maybe instead of judging him he should be thanking him.

Erin walks by and tells Di she knows that she (Di) jumped on Aidan’s bones.  She tells her that she is done with him and now they can enjoy their conquests.  Hearing that, Julia concludes to Di that she did not know that she was “doing” Aidan Devane.

Tad tells Aidan that it’s amazing that after all that he and Dixie have been through, he has been playing the fantasy of the two of them in the back of his head and he’s sick of feelings stupid.  Aidan then tells Tad that love can make you do crazy things.  Tad asks him why he cannot do anything like a normal person.  Aidan tells Tad that for all people, love means risk and he knows that Tad is hiding his feelings.  Jamie then approaches his father to warn him that his mother may be giving him a call since she just walked in on Jamie and Julia doing the wild thing.  Tad then asks Aidan if he can tell him about his “hot date” with Di.  Aidan gets ready to go without answering that and Tad asks him if he’s thinking of making a go of it with Di.  Aidan asks Tad if he has a problem with that and Tad replies no.

When Annie is in Ryan’s penthouse, she gets a phone call.  It’s Terry.  She is horrified that he’d be able to find her phone number.  She asks him what he wants.  He tells her that he wants to say goodnight to his daughter and wants her to put Emma on the line.  She demands to know where he is.  He tells her closer than she thinks.  Emma calls to her mommy.  Terry asks if that is his daughter.  She tells him he better not come near her.  Terry tells her that Emma’s daddy will see her very soon and he hangs up.

Di tells Julia that sex with Aidan was super fun and crazy just as Aidan and Jamie find their women.  Erin spies on Di with Aidan and Julia with Jamie.

Babe and Josh come downstairs and she inquires if he thinks that Zach and Dixie are having a secret affair.

Zach admits to JR that he and Dixie are pretending to have an affair so that they will have an alibi for the cops.  Finally, JR is ok with what he is hearing.

Zach looks up and sees Kendall and Ryan enter together. 

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