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All My Children Update Tuesday 8/15/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Erica returns home and is outraged to find that there is a wild party full of young people drinking, playing loud music, and running around her home scantily clad in revealing swimwear.

After the court hearing when Jack has agreed to drop the petition to declare Lily incompetent and annul her marriage to Jonathan, Jonathan agrees to his end of the bargain.  He’s told Jack that if he drops the petition, then he will admit to Lily that he has recovered from his intellectual disability and is faking his condition.  He admits to Lily that he is “back.”  He assures her that he loves her no matter what and he did what he thought was right.  She is not ok with that and concludes that he has fooled her just like Terry the predator did.  She has, once again, failed to accurately read his facial expression and see him for what he really is.  She is rocking back and forth and is very upset.

At the Fusion office, the staff watches the television news report that affirms that Zach has cheated on Kendall with Dixie and their marriage will end.  Not knowing about the agreement Zach has with Kendall and Dixie to “pretend” to be having an affair with Dixie for the soul purpose of having an alibi for the court so that they can beat the murder charges, the Fusion women watch the show shocked.  They are all very surprised since they have not heard from Kendall or from Zach that they are breaking up nor that he has actually slept with Dixie.

Zach and Dixie talk alone in her hotel room.  She tells him that he seems to be the only friend she has right now.  He’s the only person in the world who realizes that one can make a mistake and be forgiven but she realizes that Kendall loves him and he loves her.  Dixie tells Zach that maybe in another world, without Kendall, they could have a relationship.  He then tells her that if she is uncomfortable with the “arrangement,” then maybe they shouldn’t do what he planned.  She tells him that they kind of have to since they need an alibi.  He tells her that he does not want to take advantage of her when she may be falling for him.  She tells him that it’s better than going to prison and asks what choice they have.

A guy at the wild party in Erica’s home comes forward and informs her that he is her former stepson, Sean Montgomery, Bianca’s half brother.  Colby and Sydney come and greet Erica and she notices that they’ve been using her lipstick and are wearing her jewelry.  Erica then tells the partiers that they had better get out of her home.  If they do not, then she will call 911.  They all leave.  Only Sean is left there.  She tells him that Jack never told her that he is coming to visit.

Jonathan tells Lily that after the surgery, with remembering and realizing what his father did to him, there was an empty hole in his heart that nothing could fill, but she did.  She did what no drug or surgery or therapy could do for him.  She’s made him feel more real than he’s ever felt in his entire life.  She rocks back and forth and tells him that it is not real to her.  He’s lied.  He’s made himself less in order to be with her.  He’s held himself back as if she’s done something wrong.  He protests to her that it’s not like that.  She did not do anything wrong.  He wants her to give him a chance so that they can be together and share their lives together.  She runs out of the room to her father.  She admits to Jack that he was right.  She cannot trust Jonathan.  Jack tells Jonathan he better not go after his daughter.  It’s over.  Jonathan is left alone and devastated.

The Fusion women are really surprised to hear the news report that Zach has left Kendall for Dixie.  Babe doesn’t really buy that.  Simone lashes out at Babe, telling her that she bets Babe is reveling in Kendall being publicly humiliated.  Kendall tells them that it cannot be true.  David walks in and tells her that it is. 

After Lily has abandoned Jonathan, Ryan and Erin come to console their brother and tell him he did nothing wrong and he mustn’t lose heart.  He tells them that he just wants to be alone.  They tell him they want to be there for him but they leave after he tells them he wants to be alone and will call them later.  Alone, he cries.  Amanda then walks in.  He tells her that he’s already told people that he wants to be alone.  She tells him that she is not leaving.

Alone with Sean Montgomery, Erica concludes that his mother, Barbara has lousy parenting skills, when she sees the lifestyle he now has.  He does not seem to realize how inappropriate it was to invite people into, and have the party in her home unannounced.  She tells him that she believes that his mother would like to at least know that he’s arrived in town safe so she’d like to call her.

Back at Fusion, David hugs Babe and tells his daughter he is very happy to see her again.  She finds out that her father has taken the picture of Zach with Dixie and sent it to the media.  She asks why he has done that.  He tells her that he wants the world to know what Slater is up to and what kind of people both he and Dixie are so he took the picture with his little camera phone.  He then tells Kendall that he believes that she deserves to know the truth.  She is a beautiful woman who was almost murdered and gave birth to a baby.  She deserves to know what kind of a person Zach is.  He and Dixie have played them both (David and Kendall) and there is not a chump alive who would believe that Zach and Dixie are innocent of the murder charges.  Ryan walks in with Erin and asks David what he’d think if “this chump” believes otherwise.  Kendall tells them that she has to go find Zach, and Ryan tells her that he will go with her.  They walk to the elevator and as the door opens, reporters and cameramen ask Kendall what her reaction is to the news.  She tells them that if they want her reaction that they can go with her as she confronts her husband and his mistress. 

Lily returns to Jack and Erica’s home.  She is already upset and now, to see the effects of the party, she can see that everything is out of order and she freaks.  Erica tells her stepdaughter that everything will be ok.  She promises that they will put everything back in order.  Lily tells her stepmother that some things cannot be put back to where they were before.  Lily then runs off to her room.  Erica then tells Jack that she assumes that he’s “won” in court, when she notices how upset Lily is.  Lily screams from the other room.

Amanda asks Jonathan to talk to her.  He tells her that he did what he thought was the right thing to do.  He was happy, even when he was pretending to be slow and he knows that Lily was, too.  For the first time in her life, she felt normal.  After all the things he did, he never again expected to feel normal but he did when he was with her.  She brought him out of all of those dark places.  He needed her as much as she needed him.  He asks Amanda how he can be “good” without her and what Lily will do without him.

Lily is in the bottom of her closet and Sean is leaning over her.  She rocks back and forth and tells him to go away.  Seeing a strange young man in her room is a little too much for her.  He attempts to “calm her down.”  Jack then walks in and demands that Sean get away from Lily and not touch her.

Sydney and Colby look at pictures from the party on Sydney’s cell phone.  Sydney concludes that Sean is a hotty and he is all hers’ because she saw him first.  Colby tells Sydney that a guy like Sean wants a woman of adventure: somebody who finds dead people sticking their hands through the ground in parks.  Sydney laughs at that but Colby tells her that it was her brother’s mother who was arrested for killing the guy who was buried in the park and she has made herself a publicity queen.  She concludes to Sydney that she will never be famous or exciting the way Colby is.

Dixie asks Zach that without this “fairy tale”, what are the odds of beating the charges.  He admits to her that they are not good.  She tells him that although she might be a bit emotionally overwrought to be “pretending” to have a thing with him, she can do whatever it takes.  She tells him she can have her feelings without acting on them.  She tells him that for somebody as selfish as Kendall to actually agree to go through with this, it must mean that he is pretty amazing.  There is a knock at the door and Dixie answers it.  Kendall walks in and slaps Dixie across the face.  The news people and cameramen stand behind her and seem to be totally convinced that this “infidelity” is real.  She tells Dixie that she could not choose between her loser ex-boyfriend and her loser ex-husband so she had to go after Zach…a married man.  She tells Dixie that she just watched her play “tonsil hockey” with her husband and to not deny what is going on.  Dixie seems confused until Kendall assures her that the picture was on the TV.  Ryan urges Kendall to calm down.  Kendall does not listen and reminds Dixie that she gave her baby up for adoption and is unfit to be a mother so she has to turn to a married man.  Dixie then reminds Kendall that she stole a baby from Greenlee and had Greenlee’s husband father her child.

Amanda tells Jonathan that she understands what it’s like to have a sick abusive parent and how one blames themselves for the faults of the parent.  Throughout her life she thought there was something wrong with her and that she might have been the cause of her mother’s mental illness but she now knows that her mother had issues long before she was born and they had nothing to do with her.  She tells Jonathan that he is a great guy and he was, long before he married Lily.  He tells her that he has hurt Lily and has done a terrible thing.  She tells him that what he was willing to do for Lily, what he was willing to sacrifice for her, is the most romantic and incredible thing she has ever heard of.  She tells him that she is only sorry that Lily cannot see that.  He tells her that he’s worried that Lily will never understand or forgive him.  She tells him that he needs to have faith.

At Jack and Erica’s home, after Sean meets Lily, Jack tells him he needs to take his stuff to Reggie’s since Reggie is away with his basketball team.  Sean then tells Jack that he did a really good job fathering Lily.  He leaves and Erica tells Jack that this is a terrible thing that has happened.  Jack made a tragic mistake trying to break up Lily’s marriage with Jonathan.  She asks him if he can see what it’s done to Lily. 

Colby tells Sydney that only she can give a guy like Sean a “good time.”  Sydney tells Colby that anybody can give somebody a “good time.”  It means nothing.  She tells her that Sean gave her “that look” also.  Colby tells Sydney that she has family ties with Sean so they are practically engaged.

At Fusion, David tells Babe that he really loved Dixie and did more for her that anybody could ever know but she betrayed him.  He tells his daughter that maybe she can stand by that type of betrayal but he cannot.  He leaves.  Babe asks Simone, Erin, and Danielle if they really believe that Zach slept with Dixie.  Simone tells Babe that she is a fine one to judge other people’s personal lives.  She is trash.  Simone goes off on Babe.  Babe then tells Simone she needs to shut her freaking mouth for a change.  She tells them all that she is not happy that Kendall has been devastated by her husband cheating on her.  If it were up to her, then we would all be happy.  Nobody would hurt or disrespect or deceive anybody.  She wishes the others would realize that she has a son to raise and work to do in order to provide for herself and her family just as all people do.  She is building a real life and is too busy to get off on other people’s pain, the way Simone seems to.  She tells Simone that she does not need her for a friend.  She tells Simone that she would like to believe that it’s her grief that makes her so bitter and angry and hateful and spiteful.  She’s endured Simone’s backstabbing, stealing files, and being totally unbearable to work with and she’s really tired of it.  She goes on to say that the reason she (Babe) hired Josh in the first place was so that maybe they could get things done a little more efficiently than they have been recently.  All of this hateful, immature behavior is not good for business or anything else and she wishes it would end.  It’s more than she can take.  She goes away, on the verge of tears.  At that point, Simone does not argue back and the others are silent, looking like they might have listened to Babe.

Dixie lashes out at Kendall telling her that she is trash and following in her mommy’s footsteps.

Erica tells Jack that maybe Jonathan lied to Lily because he loves her and wants her to feel good about herself.  She asks if he really believes that Lily will be able to accept losing him and forget this.  She tells him that she’s seen how profoundly Lily has grown up and how her self-confidence and independence has been enhanced by being with Jonathan.  She tells Jack that he has to realize she is not a helpless little girl.  She’s an adult.  She can make her own decisions for her life.  She loves Jonathan.  He loves her and now her heart is broken because of Jack’s “decision” on behalf of his daughter.  Jack then tells Erica that Lily will get over Jonathan just as she did with Aidan and with Sam and all the other boys she’s been interested in.  He tells Erica that, when she gets over this, maybe she can find somebody closer to her age that is not a psycho freak like Jonathan.  Erica tells Jack, however, that she wishes he could see that things are not better now that Lily is without Jonathan.  She then tells him that she has had enough of family life for one day.  She’s been dealing with Josh, then Jack makes his unilateral decision about Lily’s life, and now she has to deal with his unruly nephew.  She tells him if he’s so great with running a family, then he can do it on his own.  In the meantime, she has a show to do.  She goes out the door.

Jonathan is devastated.  He holds his head in his hands asking what he did.  Amanda holds his head in her arms and comforts him.

Lily is in her room rocking back and forth and counting.

Colby concludes to Sydney that Sean is part of the social circle that includes her.  Sydney needs to realize that Colby and the others have lives and Sydney cleans up after them.  Sydney does not seem to accept that.

Babe is working alone.  Danielle gives some information to Babe that she needed.  Erin comes over and attempts to talk to her and find out what she is doing and if she could use some help.  Simone then comes forward and asks the others if they’d like to order a pizza.  It will be her treat.  It seems as though Babe’s speech may have really gotten though to her co-workers.  Babe looks at Simone and tells her that a pizza sounds great. The women exchange looks that indicate that the pizza is a peace offering and has been accepted as such. 

In front of the reporters, Kendall tells Zach she is done with him.  He tells her that he will take her home and let her calm down.  She tells him he better not think that he is coming home with her.  She will burn his clothes and change the locks.  If he thinks that she is forgiving him, he has another think coming.  She’s going to sue him and take away his casino and everything else he owns.  He better not think he’s coming near her son ever again.  All he gets to “keep” is this “stupid little ho.”  Dixie tells Kendall that she (Kendall) is the “ho.”  Kendall looks like she’s ready to physically attack Dixie when Ryan and the others pull her away.  Kendall, Ryan and the media leave the room.  Alone with Zach, Dixie asks if they have succeeded or if his wife acted too convincing.

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