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All My Children Update Monday 8/14/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

David knocks on Dixie's room at the casino and finds Zach inside alone. David says he heard he was having an affair with Dixie. Just then Dixie walks in and Zach puts his arm around her. Zach tells her that good news travels fast. David knows about them. Dixie looks confused. David asks what the hell is going on. He tells Dixie this doesn't make sense. Zach is married to Kendall. He says he could understand her being with Tad but not Zach. He says this must be a sick joke. Dixie tells David she and Zach got close when she was searching for Kate. David says he's been helping Dixie look for Kate too. Dixie thanks him for that, but she has found that Zach makes her feel happy and alive.

At Fusion, Erica and Kendall have just walked in on a hugging Babe and Josh. Erica is visibly upset. Kendall tells Josh to step away from the tramp. Erica asks Josh if he realizes what Babe did to his sister Bianca. Josh says he took this job to help Babe. Simone and Dani walk in but Erica signals for them to leave. She asks Josh if she can talk with him. Josh says Babe never lied to him or tried to run his life. Josh walks out and Babe tells Erica he needs some alone time. Erica asks Kendall to check on her brother while she deals with "this." Babe asks if Erica can't say her name. Erica says the name Babe is so close to a term of endearment that it sticks in her throat. David calls her an unfaithful slut. Zach and Dixie kiss in front of David, who snaps a picture with his camera phone.

During a courtroom recess, Ryan tells Livia that Jonathan loves Lily. Lily is talking to Erin and Amanda and wonders if she ruined everything. She wonders where Jonathan went. She insists she is competent. Jonathan is with Jack in the witness room. Jonathan tells Jack that he won. Is he happy now? Jack says he might have saved his daughter from being destroyed. Jonathan tells Jack that he's the one who destroyed his daughter. Was it worth it? Back in the courtroom, Lily is wondering why her father and Jonathan haven't returned. Erin tells Lily that Jonathan is happy and that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Lily says she and Jonathan are a perfect match and that's the best feeling in the world. Jonathan tells Jack that he loves Lily. She needs him and he makes her happy. Jack says he'll make sure that he never gets near Lily again.

A stranger has entered Jack and Erica's residence and proceeds to let several people in. They pass cans of beer to each other.

Ryan tells Livia that he wants Kendall to be happy so he'll pay whatever it costs for the defense to get Zach freed from suspicion of Greg Madden's murder.

Lily tells Amanda and Erin that if the judge declares her incompetent he'll annul her marriage. She says she would be miserable without Jonathan. Jonathan tells Jack that Lilly is not a little girl anymore. She's different because of her autism and her needs are different, but he sees a beautiful mind. He loves Lily and wants to help her get through life because she helped him. He tells Jack that they sleep with a board between them. When she allows him to touch her hand it's a miracle. Jack tells Jonathan he doesn't deserve his daughter. Jonathan says he loved her so he lied to her. He criticizes Jack for wanting Lily to be declared incompetent and not normal. What father does that to his daughter?

Dixie asks David where he gets off. She says he has no say in her life. She found someone she can trust and there's nothing David can do. David says he could keep her out of prison for killing Greg Madden.

Erica asks Babe if this is payback. Babe asks Erica if she thinks she is so powerful she can bring her down. She tells her to bring it on. It doesn't matter how Erica feels because Josh likes her. Erica says Josh is way too smart to ever trust Babe. She asks why Babe is so concerned about a man who is not her husband. Erica says she'll never forgive Babe for what she did to her family.

Kendall and Josh go to the Fusion rooftop where they see Simone and Dani talking. Simone and Dani leave them alone. Kendall recites to Josh all the horrible things she did to Erica when she first came to Pine Valley. But she says Erica is a force of nature and will never give up. Josh says all Erica is to him is a former boss. Kendall says Erica is not the same woman who went into the abortion clinic and the hatred he feels toward her will mellow. She tells him that Erica was terrified when Josh's plane went down. She says if he doesn't want to come toward them, will he at least let them come toward him. Josh dismisses the question and says there's something he has to take care of.

In the courtroom, Jack stands and tells the judge he wants to dismiss his petition. He has made a big mistake and apologizes for wasting the court's time. Lily smiles and realizes that this is over. She asks where Jonathan is. She wants to go home now. Jack tells her that Jonathan is in the witness room. Lily runs eagerly to him. When she sees him in the room she tells him that he did it. She's competent. She raises her palm to him and says now they can be together forever.

Ryan tells Erica that Jonathan has given up so much for Lily. Erin says what Jonathan has done is amazing. She tells Ryan that Jonathan loves Lily like he loves Kendall. Erin thinks it's romantic that even though Zach is standing in Ryan's way, he's still helping him.

Jonathan shuts the door to the witness room. He talks to Lily in his stuttering voice. She suggests they go have some milk and sugar cookies, or go dancing. Jonathan says they could dance like they danced at ConFusion. He'll remember that the rest of his life. He tells Lily she has given him the best memories of his life. He says he lost his heart when he fell in love with her. Lily says she trusts him more than anyone. Jonathan reminds her of the day he got into a fight with Terry he hit his head. Then he collapsed and something happened. He starts talking in his normal voice and tells her something happened that day. Lily is getting nervous and suggests they go home. Jonathan says he needs to tell her this first. He says the Jonathan who fell down and had a seizure isn't the same anymore. He says it changed him and he's so sorry. Tears run down Lily's face as she says her dad was right. He has been lying to her.

Livia finds Jack in the courthouse hallway and asks if he considers this a victory. Jack says it is because he's getting his daughter back. She says this is not a victory to Lily. She's losing the most important thing to her.

Jonathan tells Lily that she felt they fit together and he didn't want to take that away. Lily says it was all an act. Jonathan says he doesn't want to set her back. He still loves her. They can still fit together. He still wants to be without her. Nothing has changed. He asks if she'll still be his wife.

Erica goes home and finds a houseful of rowdy teens partying and making a mess.

Zach explains to Dixie about the alibi he cooked up. He says the story will be that they were together the whole night and couldn't have buried Madden. Dixie says this could ruin his marriage. Zach says Kendall is on board and is cool about it. Dixie wonders if Kendall is OK with it since she told her that she's falling for Zach.

Kendall goes to Fusion where Simone and Dani are watching television. The commentator on "PA Today" is starting to recite a story about Erica Kane's son-in-law. Simone and Dani try to shield Kendall from the TV but she insists on watching it. The story is about Zach Slater's affair with his co-defendant in the murder case. A photo of Zach and Dixie kissing is flashed on the screen. Kendall looks distressed.

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