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Erin is with Jonathan and Lily at their apartment. She is giving them an idea of what Lily might be asked at the competency hearing. Erin, playing the role of Jack's attorney, states that Lily needs a guardian and is incompetent. Lily asks if they're going to say it just like that. Erin says Jack wants her marriage annulled and will do whatever it takes. Erin tells Lily she's a competent young woman.

Jack is at home writing on a legal pad. He crumples a piece of paper and tosses it to the floor. Erica picks it up and tells him she knows he think's he's protecting Lily. Jack says they've been over this and he's made up his mind. He says Jonathan is hiding his recovery and he wonders what else he's hiding. Ryan arrives and tells Jack that he has to stop this. He says Lily should not be declared incompetent. What Lily and Jonathan have is a miracle, he says. Jack tells Ryan that his brother is recovered and is lying to Lily. Ryan doesn't believe it. Jack tells him that when someone lies and manipulates his own son he can come and talk to him. Ryan leaves. Erica tells Jack that she's doing everything she can to win her son back and he's doing all he can to chase his daughter away. She says she tried to protect Josh and it almost cost her her child. Jack says he's afraid he may have already lost Lily. Erica says this could break her. Jack says he's made his decision. Erica says by doing this he's saying he never believed in Lily.

Amanda goes to Jonathan and Lily's place and gives Lily a coin that she says her father used when he argued court cases. Amanda leaves with Lily while Jonathan and Erin stay behind to wait for Ryan. Jonathan asks Erin how Jack could do this. Erin says they're going to fight it. Jonathan says this will kill Lily.

JR and Babe walk arm-in-arm into Fusion. JR tells her he hates leaving her. Josh walks in and asks if he hates leaving Babe or hates leaving her with him. JR and Josh trade barbs until Babe says it's enough. Josh realizes that Babe wants them to start over, and he offers JR his hand. JR takes it and they shake hands. JR says he'll do whatever Babe wahts. Babe thanks Josh, and Josh says he'll do whatever the boss lady wants.

David and Tad are at the yacht club. Tad offers to buy David a drink even though it's 9 o'clock in the morning. He tells him he'll need it once he finds out who's been nailing the woman of their collective dreams.

Zach and Kendall are at home and Kendall is asking what his plan is to get cleared of the murder charges. She says whatever it is she'll go along with. Zach says it won't be clean or easy. They have to prove Tad is right, that he and Dixie are having an affair.

Tad tells David that Dixie is not pining for him but rather is wrinkling the sheets with Zach Slater. David asks why he wants him to think Dixie is having an affair with Slater. Is it so he'll step aside and give Tad a clear shot with Dixie? Tad tells David he's in denial and takes a swig of liquor. Tad says Dixie is lost to them. Tad tells David to picture Zach and Dixie in bed. All these years he thought one of them would be the winner but they're not even in the race. JR arrives and David tells him his stepdad is walking on the wacky side. David leaves and Tad tells JR to sit down. He has something to discuss with him. JR asks Tad if he's sure about Zach and his mom. Tad says his mother has made her choice. JR tells him to stop Dixie and win her back.

Zach tells Kendall that someone will testify that Dixie could not have burried Greg Madden because she was in a motel with him. Kendall tells him it would give them analabie but would people believe it? Zach says they would believe it? Kendall asks why she feels this is so dangerous. Zach says because it is. Kendall says the whole world would think he broke her heart. Zach says they would not be surprised. Kendall says it would kill her to turn her back on him. Zach says he doesn't want to be away from her but she'll have to push him away. Kendall says if it will clear his name she'll agree, but she wonders why he needs an alibi if he didn't kill greg Madden. Zach says he would look guilty of adultery but is innocent of killing Madden. Kendall hugs him and asks if she can take it. Kendall says she can handle this. She asks him to make love to her.

Babe and Josh are looking over an ad campaign on the computer but don't like the music with it. They listen to a song on an MP3 player and agree it would be perfect, but Babe knows they couldn't get this group to agree to do a song for a national ad campaign. It would cost a fortune. Josh tells her to hand him the phone. He calls someone and offers a media campaign to use their song.

At the courthouse, Livia runs through some trial questions with Lily. Livia asks Lily about the color red and Lily explains that she wears sunglasses to block the red and it allows her to function. Livia says she's sorry Jack doesn't see what she sees. Lily is the most competent young woman she knows.

Ryan arrives to find Jonathan and Lily waiting for him. Ryan asks why Jack would think Jonathan is recovered. When Erin hesitates in her answer, Ryan figures out that Jonathan is indeed back. Jonathan is speechless but acknowledges the truth to Ryan when Ryan presses him. Jonathan explains it happened when he got hit on the head in New York. He says he's doing this because he loves Lily and wants to keep her happy. Erin says what Jonathan is doing is amazing. Ryan admits to being blown away but he's not angry. Jonathan says he's not tring to take advantage of Lily. Ryan says he sees two people in love and the only person Jonathan is hurting is himself. Jonathan says he won't let Lily be alone again. Ryan says they'll fight and help Livia win her case.

JR says this thing with Kate and Madden has his mom crazy but Tad could get through to her. Tad says Dixie has made her choice. Derek approaches and presses Tad to tell him what he knows. Tad blows him off and Derek says he won't stop until he talks. After Derek leaves, Tad tells JR to protect his mother.

At the court hearing, Jack's attorney begins questioning a series of witnesses about Lily's competency. Julia testifies about Lily's abilities in life skills class. Erin testifies about hiding Jonathan but says Jonathan is now as healthy and happy as anyone she knows. Lily testifies that she has trouble understanding people's emotions and is anxious by loud sounds, but Jonathan taught her to be unafraid. She says she has a lot of issues but has methods to deal with them. Amanda testifies that Lily is amazing with numbers at ConFusion. Livia asks Jack if he hates his daughter's husband. Jack says he hates what Jonathan is doing to his daughter. He says his daughter is trapped. Livia says Lily doesn't feel trapped. JAck says that's even more proof that she needs help. Livia suggests that Jack can't let his daughter go. Jack's attorney recalls Lily and asks her about running away to New York. As Lily twists and turns Amanda's coin in her hand, she testifies about her experience in New York. She is asked about something that scared her, and she talks about Terry. She says he gave her alcohol and took off her shirt because he asked her to. Lily gets increasingly agitated as the attorney questions her. Jack stands up and asks to take a break. Lily cries that she doesn't need help. She's an adult and she's competent and can run her own life. She drops the coin, which rolls across the floor and falls. Jonathan rises and asks for this to stop. Livia asks for a recess and the judge calls for a break.

Someone unknown enters Jack and Erica's home and walks around holding onto a duffel bag. He picks up a photo of Jack and Erica and stares at it.

Tad tells JR that he always has and always will love Dixie. David goes to Dixie's room and bangs on the door, declaring he wants answers.

Kendall and Erica are walking into Fusion. Josh informs Babe that they can use the band's song and Babe gleefully hugs him. Kendall and Erica walk in to see the embrace.

Jack walks into a courthouse room and finds Jonathan. Jonathan tells him that it's over. He has won.

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