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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

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Josh finds Babe after his unsuccessful talk with his two biological parents.  She asks what he is doing there.  He admits to her that he had nowhere else to go.  She hugs him and acknowledges that it probably did not go well.  He tells her she should have seen how Mama Erica and poppa Jeff made their futile attempt to bond with him.  She tells him that she’s sorry but maybe he should consider that at least they made an effort.  He tells her that the only regret anybody in this town has about him is that he did not go down on the plane.  She tells him she is not part of that and does not feel that way.  Erin is at the door to the roof of Fusion and observes them together.  She returns to her desk downstairs and JR asks her if she’s seen his wife.  She tells him that Babe has been through a lot and maybe he should trust her and not be suspicious.

Adam tells Krystal that it looks like Tad the Cad is up to his old tricks.  She tells him she does not believe that Tad’s personal life is any of their business.  He then asks her who this “poor wife” Tad is messing around with is.  She asks him why he is asking her.  He tells her they both know the reason he is asking her.

Zach arrives at the marina to confront Tad.  He punches Tad’s lights out and Tad falls to the ground.  He tells Tad that he will not let him get Dixie charged with murder.

Meanwhile, Kendall shows up at the casino to confront Dixie.  She asks Dixie to tell it to her straight and asks her if she is in love with Zach.  Dixie asks Kendall what she’d do if Dixie was but does not answer the question.  Kendall tells her she is not going to do anything.  Dixie is.  Dixie is going to stay away form Kendall’s husband.  Dixie then tells Kendall that she only has a friendship with Zach.  Kendall tells Dixie that she will stop at nothing before she will let Dixie make goo-goo eyes at Zach.  Dixie then tells Kendall that Zach loves his wife.  Kendall asks Dixie why, then, Tad suspects her and Zach.  Dixie tells Kendall that Tad needs to mind his own business.  Kendall asks Dixie if it is a lie that Tad saw her with her tongue down Zach’s throat.  Dixie confirms to Kendall that they only kissed once and asks her why she doesn’t trust her husband.  If she doesn’t, then she does not deserve him.  Kendall then asks Dixie if she is implying that if she doesn’t deserve him, then she (Dixie) wants him.  Dixie tells her damn straight.  She then tells Kendall that she is tired and has to shower and tells Kendall where the door is.

Zach tells Tad that his show stops there.  Tad tells Zach that if he wanted to get him nailed for assault it would be very easy.  There are witnesses all around.  Zach tells Tad that he knows nothing about the murder investigation or about Zach’s’ relationship with Dixie so Tad better leave Dixie alone and leave Kendall alone.  Tad responds that if Zach slips up, then he will go straight to Derek and tell him what he knows.

Adam tells Krystal that it is very obvious that she would know if Tad is seeing a married woman because she and Tad are very close.  She tells him she has no clue with whom Tad is sleeping.  He then tells her that they should focus on their own sleeping arrangements.  He kisses her.  Suddenly, Colby comes out onto the patio yelling that somebody has ruined her clothing by washing them in hot water and putting them in the dryer.  Krystal tells her that she’s sure that it was a mistake.  Sydney did not mean to do anything and she will talk to Winifred.  Colby tells them that she knows that Sydney wants to ruin her clothes and ruin her because she is jealous.  At that point, Sydney enters.  Winifred is behind her and seems to really disapprove of what her niece did.  Krystal tells Colby that she can kiss her “sweet sixteen” party good-bye.  Adam then tells the two young girls that they can resolve this like the adults they almost are.  Sydney then shows them that Colby wrote WHITE TRASH on Sydney’s clothes.  They argue about all the terrible things they have done to each other and nobody can break up their fight.

At Fusion, JR tells Erin that Josh could have gotten Babe drowned in the ocean so she needs to know who he really is.  Erin reminds him that he intended to kill Babe and asks him how he judge Josh.  He tells her Josh is a player.  He gives everybody the puppy eyes and he cannot be trusted.  He tells Erin if she does not attempt to talk to Babe and confront Josh, then he will.

On the roof, Babe asks Josh to tell her exactly what Jeff and Erica said and did.  He tells her that they acted all nice and it was nothing more than guilt.  Not long ago, he was the son that nobody wanted.  She tells him that things could change in time.  He tells her that throughout his life he has been alone.  He goes on to say that they knew that they were his parents long before they found out all the terrible things that his “psycho dad” and yet, they didn’t tell him that they were his biological parents.  He was especially alone after Greg died and he could have used some family then but no one was there for him…not even Grandpa Joe.  He then tells her that she has been the only person who’s been there for him and he believes that she is not just obligating herself.  He really believes in her sincerity but he realizes that she is committed to JR so he will take off.  She then tells him that she does not want that.  She did not go head-to-head with JR just so that she could wave Josh good-bye.

Downstairs in the Fusion office, JR tells Erin that he’s tried to be tolerant and respectful of Babe’s choices.  She tells him that he must accept Babe and Josh’s friendship.  He tells her that he does not believe that Josh wants only friendship with his wife.  He is in love with her.

Babe tells Josh that she thinks he needs to work out his issues and stay in Pine Valley.  She really thinks he should stay and take some time to figure out what it means to have found his new family.  He asks her what value there is in staying in town when he has Jamie and Joe Martin breathing down his neck.  She tells him in that case, he can get another job.  She tells him that she knows of the perfect company and job for him.  He asks her what she has in mind.  She tells him to take a wild guess.

Colby wants her father to fire Sydney and send her packing but Adam tells Sydney and Winifred that maybe he can work something out and not have to go that far.  Winifred then instructs her niece to thank Mr. Chandler for giving her another chance.  Sydney thanks him.  They leave together and Adam informs his daughter that Sydney is an excellent student and on sports teams at school and is a hard working, responsible employee at all the jobs she’s had.  That is why he hired her to work for him this summer.  He thought she’d be a good influence on his daughter.  Hearing that, Colby acknowledges that her father believes that she does not have her priorities straight like Sydney does and he must be ashamed of her.  Maybe she should get out of his house.  He then tells her that he does not feel that way.  He is proud of her and wants her to stay in his home.  She asks him for how long because his wife wants her gone.

Krystal goes to talk to Tad.  She is upset that Dixie implied that he’s messing around with a married woman.  She tells Tad that Adam has been asking her who the woman is.  She asks Tad if he told Dixie about their night together and he informs her that Dixie walked in and saw them together.  Hearing that, Krystal is very upset and tells him that she does not want to have to try to sleep at night and wonder when Dixie is going to walk in and attempt to blow Krystal’s marriage to bits.  She is also wondering why Tad is so angry at Dixie.  He tells her that it’s entirely possible that Dixie and Zach did kill Madden.  She then asks Tad why it is that he’d care if they did since they agreed that did that deserves a reward and a ticker tape parade.

Kendall tells Dixie that if she does not stay away from Zach, she will be sorry.  Dixie then asks Kendall if that is a threat.  She tells Kendall that she is her mother’s daughter.  Kendall has everything.  She is rich and has a successful career and a loving husband and family yet all she thinks about is herself.  Zach could be facing murder charges and has nothing and all she can think about is whether Dixie jumped him.  There is a knock at the door and Zach enters.  Dixie turns to Kendall and asks her if she wants to watch while Dixie seduces her husband.  Kendall is finally speechless.

Babe and Josh come down from the roof to see JR talking to Erin and looking very worried.  Erin then tells Josh that she’d like to show him the way out.  He then informs them that Babe was just giving him a full tour and was going to set up his office.  Erin can’t believe what she is hearing.  Babe then informs Erin that their company is expanding and going into the area of cell phone advertising that none of them know anything about.  She thought that as supervising producer of New Beginnings, Josh would have the background and experience they need to help Fusion to make that adjustment.  Hearing that, JR asks Babe what has happened.  She does not answer but tells Erin maybe she could get Josh started on his employment forms.  Erin and Josh leave Babe and JR alone.  He asks her how she could do that.  He tells her that he is not going to tell her who she can be friends with or who she can work with but he’d like something in return.

Colby tells her father that she does not completely believe him when he says he loves her.  He has missed out on so much of her life.  She wants him to be at her sweet sixteen-birthday party.  He tells her that he knows she’d like half of Pine Valley’s under age crowd to be there also.  She tells him that it would mean more than anything to her if he is there and that he must talk to Krystal about reconsidering and letting her have her party.  He tells her that he wants her to make him some promises.  He wants her to make some major efforts to get along with Sydney and to get along with Krystal.

Krystal concludes to Tad that the reason he is angry at Dixie is not because of the murder.  It’s because of sex.  She tells him that he does not have a leg to stand on.  She tells him that she loves Adam and does not want to lose him and if he keeps pushing Dixie, she will come back and use against Tad the fact that he slept with Krystal.  If Dixie gets her fill of Tad’s nastiness, she will go straight to Adam since she will have nothing to lose because she’s ready to go off to prison anyway.

After Zach enters Dixie’s room, Kendall tells them that maybe she should apologize.  She did not know that they had an appointment.  She walks out the door and tells Zach that Dixie is all his.  Alone with Zach, Dixie tells him that she does not understand Kendall.  He reminds her that Kendall has had a bad year.  She lost her best friend, almost died, and almost lost her baby.  Dixie reminds him that Kendall has him and her son, her career and family.  He tells her he realizes that but he wishes she would give Kendall a break.  He then tells her that he went and confronted Tad and he wonders why Tad is angry with her.  She then tells him that as messed up as Tad has been behaving; he’s right about one thing.  She is guilty for what happened to Madden.

Krystal asks Tad what he is telling her.  She asks what he is holding onto and why is he acting like this.  He tells her that he is just sitting back and letting one domino fall on another until everybody gets what he deserves.  She then asks him what his plans are for Dixie.

Dixie tells Zach if he was smart, he would walk out the door right now.  He tells her that he cannot just abandon her.  She is a guest at his casino.  She tells him he needs to get back to Kendall and does not need any more problems.  He does not need any more of her.  She asks him to please go home to his wife.

At Fusion, JR tells Babe that he wants her to go home with him to catch the fireflies with little A.  She kisses her husband and tells him if he would just give her a few minutes to go over a few things.  Erin and Josh are watching them.  Babe then tells Josh that she will take him on the official tour and he won’t get his own office.  They go off together and Erin asks JR how Josh could manage to do that and why is he so smug.  He tells her that he’s not going to undermine Babe’s choices.  She then concludes that she really appreciates the fact that he is fighting for his marriage.  When problems happen, he doesn’t just go bungee jumping with the first “chick” that walks in the door.  She tells JR that maybe she can pull some strings to get Babe to see what a sleaze ball Josh is. 

Colby agrees, to her father, to make an effort to get along with Sydney and with Krystal but she will only do her part if Krystal stays out of her plans for her party.  He asks her if she wants the party at the mansion or at the Valley Inn.  She tells him that she wants it in NYC at the most posh, most elegant club with all of the biggest stars in attendance.  She wants a live band and a limo, a designer gown, and a “hot” new Broadway choreographer to help her with her “solo dance.”  Adam laughs, tells her that that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he tells her that it isn’t happening.  He leaves and Colby gets on the phone to call Hollywood records.  She tells them that she is related to a famous singer and she would love for him to come and play at her party, whatever it costs.

Krystal asks Tad just how he plans to “take care” if Dixie.  He tells her she can let him worry about that and he gets up to leave.  She calls to him to urge him not to do anything crazy but he is gone and doesn’t hear her.

Dixie is alone in her hotel room, going through Greg Madden's files and looking at pictures of little girls who might be Kate. 

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